More Tower Cranes Up Around Denver!

We all love tower cranes! They are a great gauge to show how much a city is developing, and there’s been at least one tower crane up in Downtown Denver at any given point in time for over a decade. Last spring, in our census, there were a total of 10 tower cranes around Downtown Denver. That number has dipped slightly at the start of this year, as projects have started to finish, but fear not! More are on their way. Let’s look at the most recent additions!

Museum Center + Art Hotel



The tower crane at EnV is not up yet, but the base has been set, so we are still going to count it. We should see the crane up within the next couple of weeks.


2100 Delgany 


Here is a bonus photo of the tower cranes for 20th and Chestnut, The Platform, and Verve!

Over the next few months we should see tower cranes start to go up for 1601 Wewatta, The Triangle Building, and the Hyatt Place / Hyatt House. The boom keeps on rolling!

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  1. mckillio February 21, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    The crane for EnV has been up for a couple of days now.

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