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Curtis Park-Five Points: Mile High United Way HQ Update #1

In my previous post, I hinted at the progress, in the bonus panorama picture, of the Mile High United Way Headquarters building going up along Park Avenue. Fortunately, when I was out and about taking pictures of all the great infill, I stopped by the Mile High United Way site!

Here are two views of the project along Park Avenue: one from California Street and the other from Stout Street. It’s amazing what a difference even a steel shell can make along a street.


Let’s get a closer look at the site. The structure has topped out at 3-stories and metal framing has started to go up for the outer walls and facade.


This project has moved forward at a very brisk pace since our announcement last June. Mile High United Way is expected to move into their new 63,000 square foot building by late fall.

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  1. Ryan says:

    The announcement mentions that the current United Way location is going to be replaced with apartments. I don’t see anything on the map, is that still in the works?

    • Ken Schroeppel says:

      We haven’t done a post on that yet simply because there’s so little information on the project until the MH United Way HQ is finished.

  2. Michael in Curtis Park - Five Points says:

    Should be a boost to the area! We are excited to see it completed. Hey a Cool fact for many of you who may not know…. Did you know Curtis Park is really part of Five-Points? As is RiNo. The new, hip, RiNo Arts District is really part of Five Points! I always thought Five Points was just the Welton District. I was wrong. Way wrong! Now you know too!