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Denver Union Station Update #124

In case you haven’t already checked out Ryan’s fantastic photos—and time lapse video!—of Amtrak’s return Friday night to Denver Union Station, please do so over at DenverUrbanism.

Great job, Ryan! And congratulations to Amtrak and to the entire Denver Union Station project team. The next milestone for the Union Station project is May 9 when Wynkoop Plaza and RTD’s underground Union Station Bus Concourse will open.

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  1. Bill Spriggs says:

    Fantastic photos of the Great Train Hall, Ryan. Being stuck here in autocentric Nevada makes me long for a city that appreciates transit and all that the future holds. I’ll be home soon. Sigh

  2. timothy says:

    Great looking station! Denver should be proud of such an addition. I can’t wait to see the Union Station functioning with all it will offer.

  3. Peter Batty says:

    Nice pictures! I also took some HDR photos the same evening which you can see at

    And also a video of the train leaving at

  4. Jim Nash says:

    Very nice work, Ryan. Lit up, the canopy begins to speak for itself as a destination. Iconic.

  5. David Pressley says:

    Are there any interior photos of Amtrak’s ticketing and waiting area back in Union Station or are they still in ‘temporary space’ even back at Union Station?