There comes a point in every infill project’s construction stage where the presence of the new building under construction has a noticeable impact on its surroundings. That point has arrived for 2930 Umatilla, a 5-story, 21,000-square foot office and retail building currently under construction on one of Lower Highland’s most eclectic blocks. Let’s take a look.

Here’s the view of the project from Umatilla Street looking east, with Linger immediately to the left and Line 28 in the background on the right:

Here’s the western view from in front of Line 28 on Boulder Street looking up the hill at the eastern side of 2930 Umatilla:

In this photo, we actually have two infill projects in view. In addition to 2930 Umatilla in the background, the construction work in the foreground is a five-story, four-unit stacked flats project called Rise at LoHi.

Finally, this is the view from a bit farther down Boulder Street looking west:

It’s amazing the intensity of development in Lower Highland.