Staying in the Cherry Creek neighborhood for a while longer, let’s head on over to East First Avenue and Steele Street to check in at the Steele Creek Apartments. Back in January, this project was just a hole in the ground with some foundation work going in. Now, six months later, another tower crane is on site, and this project has begun to go vertical.

The concrete structure has risen four stories out of a total twelve. The impact this building will make, and is currently making, at the intersection of East First Avenue and Steele Street, is phenomenal. It will appear a little out of place when it tops out, but that won’t last long with 100 Saint Paul under construction and another 12-story tower proposed across the street.

2014-05-27_88SteeleCreek-02 2014-05-27_88SteeleCreek-03

Here is a more overall view of the project taken from the East parking deck at Cherry Creek Mall. You can fully see the great impact this building is making from this vantage point!


This development is a great step in helping fully utilize the land in Cherry Creek North making it become another great, dense urban neighborhood.