MSU Denver Aerospace Update #1

The Metropolitan State University of Denver‘s new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building is under construction!

Excavation recently started for the 142,000, four-story facility at 7th and Auraria Parkway. Check out our first post on this project for renderings and more.

I stopped by the site the other day and snapped these photos:

It’s great to see Auraria continuing to grow! The new facility is on pace for a 2017 opening.

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  1. Trucker Mark March 30, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Another Auraria Campus parking lot bites the dust, which is great if you live within walking, biking, bus, or light rail distance of school but not so great if you live on the entire side of metro-Denver which doesn’t have any trains and won’t have for many years either, the same side of the metro-area where bus service has been repeatedly cut and RTD projects long-ago approved sit waiting for lack of funds ever since someone greatly underestimated the cost of building light rail across the entire metro-area more than a decade ago.

    Meanwhile on my side of the campus off-street parking rates have nearly doubled over the last 4 years, a considerably larger increase than my monthly income has risen by. When will the campus build a subsidized garage on my side of the campus as it is an awfully long walk for an old truck driver all the way from any of the existing parking garages to the CU Building?

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