It’s always great watching a project get slowly unwrapped. Back in January, when we updated Zocalo’s Coda in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, most of the building was wrapped up in tarps, plastic and scaffolding. Slowly but surely, as the facade is nearing completion, everything is coming down to reveal this project’s true colors.

The back side, facing east, is still wrapped up but we can see some colors peeking through the plastic. If you look closely, there are red brick-like materials going up near the top.

2016-05-09_Coda-02 2016-05-09_Coda-01

The front side is where this project really stands out and excels. The 10-story glass curtain wall is very prominent and defines the west side of the building.

2016-05-09_Coda-03 2016-05-09_Coda-04

Talk about an incredible improvement along Steele Street. Two 12-story buildings have redefined the street wall and have added a significant amount of density to the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

2016-05-09_Coda-05 2016-05-09_Coda-06

To wrap up, here are two more photos of Coda. In the first photo, 100 Saint Paul and the Steele Creek Apartments rise the same height as Coda, making this area a nice cluster of brand new, high density development.

2016-05-09_Coda-07 2016-05-09_Coda-09

Coda is expected to open this summer which is when we will visit it next for a final update. The Cherry Creek boom keeps on trekking along!