Over the past few weeks, we have been checking in on a lot of the smaller infill projects that are helping repair Denver’s urban fabric. As we all know, there are also a handful of very large projects that are also eradicating surface lots into something much more useful. Piggybacking on our update of SugarSquare, arguably one of the smallest infill projects going up in Downtown Denver, we are now going to swing by 1144 Fifteenth, the largest project going up in Downtown Denver.

Since we last visited 1144 Fifteenth, in November, the project has progressed significantly. So much in fact, the tower’s core is now visible on the Denver skyline.

Let’s talk about the core. In the photos below, you can see that there is a fairly large setback. After the 12th floor, the core had its first setback because the elevators for the parking structure didn’t need to go higher. As it kept rising, more setbacks occurred because not all of the elevators will go to all 40 floors. Having a certain range of floors assigned to each elevator helps relieve elevator traffic in the tower. The core is almost topped out with approximately five more floors to go.

Not only is the core going vertical. The steel structure, for the office floors, is quickly catching up. Here are two views of the tower looking southeast from Lower Downtown and the Central Platte Valley.

As you can see below, the core is catching up to the tower crane. We have word that the tower crane will be jumped within the next week or two; perhaps being the tallest structure in Denver for a short amount of time.

Let’s move in closer and check out what is going on at the street-level. The 12-story parking structure is now completely enclosed in glass. The facade for the parking structure will match the rest of the tower, making it unnoticeable from the street.

Look up!

The back side of the project is also coming along nicely. The parking structure will have a blank wall facing the Four Seasons, which will hopefully be covered up soon by a future development on this block.

Let’s wrap up this update with two views of 1144 Fifteenth from Larmier Square.

The main structure is currently at 23-stories with 17 more to go. The exciting news is that 1144 Fifteenth is expected to top out by the summer!