The Coloradan is trekking right along. Since our update in January, the tower crane has been erected and the underground levels are starting to go vertical. We also have a special treat at the end of this update!

Let’s start out with photos of the new, red tower crane. Because of the needed height clearance, due to the surrounding new infill, this is one of the tallest tower cranes in the Union Station neighborhood.

Moving closer to the project site, here are two ground level photos of The Colroadan.

When looking at the project from the commuter rail pedestrian bridge, you can get a better idea of what’s going on in the hole. The first underground floor is starting to go up along with, what appears to be, four cores which will be used for elevators and stairwells.

As a bonus, here is a new high resolution rendering of The Coloradan, thanks to East West Partners. In this rendering, you get a more detailed look of the Terra Cotta facade and rooftop amenity deck. In addition, East West Partners recently launched a website for The Coloradan allowing prospective buyers to register for their formal interest list.

Click here for a very large resolution photo of the rendering below.

Not only is The Coloradan taking one of the last developable large blocks in the Union Station neighborhood, it is also providing for-sale housing which is much needed in Downtown Denver. A win all around!