Alexan Arapahoe Square Update #5

Our next stop in Arapahoe Square is literally across the street from our previous update. Since construction started back in October 2016, Alexan Arapahoe Square has been making great progress; from site demolition to erecting a tower crane to foundation work, it is now starting to go vertical. This project will eventually provide Arapahoe Square with 355 apartment units contained in a 13-story building.

Today, we have a short update as it is just getting out of the ground. The first floor is nearly complete with work beginning on the second. In the second photo, the light-rail train provides a good sense of scale.

Next up, one more project that is starting to go vertical in Arapahoe Square!

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  1. Jeffrey March 30, 2017 at 6:40 am

    Why the exclamation mark? This part of town is developing in a depressing direction.

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