It’s been five months since we last visited Dairy Block, and it is more than due for an update. In fact, we have a two part series that will explore both the exterior and interior of the project. If you haven’t been in the area recently, Dairy Block is really taking shape with most of the exterior and streetscape is complete.

For this update, we are going to be focusing on the exterior of Dairy Block. Let’s start out at 18th and Wazee Street where the office component resides. The offices are complete and tenants have already started to move in. The facade is sharp with dark grey brick on part of the building along 18th Street, and red brick down Wazee and along the rest of the 18th Street side.

Moving around the block towards 19th Street, you are greeted by The Maven Hotel, which is nearing completion. Even though Dairy Block is a single structure along Wazee, the office and hotel components have completely different facades and styles making them feel like separate buildings. This helps break up monotony and is also an easy way to identify which use each side of the building is.

The Blake Street side of Dairy Block turned out great. It blends into the rest of the block nicely yet keeps the modern appearance from the rest of the project.

Now let’s explore the amazing, new streetscape along Wazee Street. 15 foot sidewalks, plus an amenity area, are consistent along the entire block making this a pedestrian’s dream. Some of the final touches, such as the streetlights, are still underway but the sidewalk is open to the public.

While you are enjoying the wide sidewalks, there are some great features along the building that really make this project great; like a metal waterfall that extends to the height of the building.

Or the protruding brick facade on the outside of The Maven Hotel which is well lit thanks to the new street lights and lamps on the project itself.

Do you remember what was here before Dairy Block? There wasn’t a whole lot. I think we can all agree that this project has improved not only Wazee Street, but Lower Downtown in general. Coming up next, we will explore the interior of Dairy Block, including the alley!