Since Greystar Speer Boulevard was moved to “under-construction” status back in January, work has been progressing quickly on the project site. There are now two tower crane bases on site, and one tower crane was just installed over the weekend. In this update, we are going to check out, as you probably already guessed, the new tower crane.

Here is the new crane, looking east from Speer Boulevard. The new tower crane is significantly taller than its surroundings and our best guess for this is because the second crane will be shorter than this crane.

Like its neighbor Joule, Greystar Speer Boulevard will feature an above ground parking podium, so minimal underground work is needed. There isn’t much vertical action just yet, but drilling and foundation activities are currently underway.

Lastly, here is a panorama of the entire project site from across Speer Boulevard.

Our next project update will also explore two additional tower cranes going up in the near future. Can you guess the project?