A new project, that is already under construction, completely slipped under our radar and was found by accident when out taking photos for this week’s updates. Luckily, before the new project was too far along, we have some progress photos and details of this new development. The Anna & John J. Sie Foundation, the founding donor of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, is building new offices in the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

Just like our announcement yesterday, this new project is just east of the Cherry Creek North border, one block to be exact, at East 2nd Avenue and Adams Street. Here is a map showing the outline of the project site.

Details of this project are a little hard to come by however, the project’s architect, Saiber Architecture, provided some details on the five-story building. The Global Down Syndrome Foundation Offices will occupy 25,000 square feet on three floors, the ground floor will contain a coffee shop and vocational training for those who are served by the foundation and fifth floor will feature a private residence.

Here are three renderings courtesy of Saiber Architecture. The second image shows the ground level and main entrances and the third photo shows the rooftop deck of the private residence.

Since this was a dirt lot to begin with, there was no prior demolition needed for construction to start. GH Phipps, the project’s builder, has been making great progress. Excavation for the two levels of underground parking is currently underway and nearly complete. A tower crane base was also recently installed on the site.

The construction timeline is currently unknown, but typically a project this size should take approximately 14-18 months with completion around mid to late 2018.