As we have been keeping you up to date with the extreme amount of infill going up in Denver, 1144 Fifteenth keeps climbing its way onto the Denver skyline and has now reached a major milestone: the core has topped out! For our twentieth update, we are exploring Denver’s newest skyscraper-in-the-making from various angles around Downtown Denver and talk about the progress of the tower.

With over five miles walked to capture this project, let’s begin our journey at Auraria. From here, you can see the broad side of 1144 Fifteenth, which will be a spectacular wall of glass once complete.

Before leaving Auraria, below is a panorama taken from the Tivoli Garage.

When looking up at tower, you are not greeted with just a straight wall of glass. 1144 Fifteenth has multiple setbacks, edges, and new-to-Denver geometry.

Even though the skies started clearing, the glass facade was still reflecting the clouds to the east giving the glass facade an icy, silver look. One neat element of having an all glass facade is that the tower will never be one solid color.

Now that we have a better view in regards to the height of 1144 Fifteenth, let’s talk about the core and overall height of the project. As you may have noticed in the photos, the black tarps on the core have been taken down and it looks like there is no more vertical work on the core to be done. Even though the core has topped out, the steel will rise approximately 35 feet higher for the mechanical penthouse, crown, and parapet.

So how does its height stack up to, say, its immediate neighbor, the Four Seasons? 1144 Fifteenth will top out at 603 feet, taller than the roof of the Four Seasons (565 feet) but shorter than the overall height (641 feet) when you include the spire. The photos below, taken by Ken with his wonderful view of the project, show that the core is close to the overall height of 1144 Fifteenth.

Continuing around Downtown Denver, here are some various views from Lower Downtown along 15th Street…

… and from Curtis Park, along with Cherry Creek.

Last but not least, let’s end our journey with one of the best skyline views around Downtown Denver, at Diamond Hill.

Of course we can’t end there. We have some bonus photos for you! First, here a panorama from Diamond Hill which really shows how much development is going on from Union Station to Downtown Denver.

Next up is the view from Sloans Lake which hasn’t really changed since the Four Seasons and Spire were built. Now, we can see 1144 Fifteenth nicely filling in a gap on the skyline.

Finally, here are two photos, stacked on top of each other, showing the amazing transformation of the Denver skyline over the span of eight years. The top photo was taken in the winter of 2009, the bottom on Sunday.

We hope you enjoyed our thorough journey exploring 1144 Fifteenth. We have many more updates coming your way this week!