255 Saint Paul Update #1

Since our announcement back in March, 255 Saint Paul has been making great progress and has made some exciting milestones over the past couple months. As a refresher, this project will be providing 84 apartment units and 42,000 square feet of ground floor retail to the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

First and foremost, the project site now has a red tower crane, so it is time to update the shot we took down 2nd Avenue back in the winter. In the photo below, there are six tower cranes between 1st and 3rd Avenue west of Adams Street; there are two additional tower cranes to the south that are not pictured. That means there are now eight tower cranes in Cherry Creek, a new record!

As we mentioned in the announcement post, half of Cherry Creek Square has been demolished and the other half is under renovations. Here is a current progress photo of the renovation taken from 3rd Avenue and Milwaukee Street.

Excavation for the underground parking is still underway but is mostly complete. The foundation is also starting to go in with the first signs of the core peeking out of the ground.

There are many more projects to be visited for updates in Cherry Creek North, which we will be focusing on throughout the week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Joseph May 17, 2017 at 9:16 am

    As part of your Cherry Creek updates to come, any idea as to what’s going on in the lot across from Civica on Fillmore? After the old building was demolished it became a parking lot, which several weeks ago was fenced off; this leads me to figure they’re planning to start something there soon.

    I also noticed that at the future site of the UC Health on Cook and 1st, the Xpresso coffee kiosk was removed within the past two weeks and the existing merchants are preparing to close up shop.

    You might be interested in knowing that at the future Alexan, the underground parking garage that will be shared by the businesses in the adjacent building on Cook (including TruFit gym) was supposed to initially open ahead of time but the city has refused to allow that until facade work is completed. I believe this building is behind schedule; there was apparently an issue with the elevator shaft being too shallow and having to be corrected several months back, among other things.

    I had heard the businesses at Detroit and 2nd will be leaving by the end of June, after having been given a bit of a reprieve last fall.

    What I hope you can get more info on is what the timeframe is for the ANB building’s retail. Other sites like BusinessDen have reported phase II will begin in June, which I assume involves full scale demolition of the current two tier retail structure as they prepare to make that underground parking with one level of retail at street level. I haven’t yet noticed any signs on the merchants’ windows announcing they’ll be moving though. That is undoubtedly going to make 2nd Avenue a bit of a nightmare right now. I’m excited about all the progress but as someone who lives here at times it can be insanely frustrating when you’re living in a constant construction zone!

    • UrbanZen May 22, 2017 at 5:00 pm

      If I’m not mistaken, that’s the site for 235 Fillmore, a potential 7-story office building with some ground floor retail. I wouldn’t be surprised if they worked out a deal with Civica to use the lot as temporary parking for the Civica construction workers until they’re ready to move forward with their development. I don’t think I’ve seen any renderings for the project though and don’t know how solid the proposal is. But Cherry Creek is on fire right now, so…

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