Since our announcement back in March, 255 Saint Paul has been making great progress and has made some exciting milestones over the past couple months. As a refresher, this project will be providing 84 apartment units and 42,000 square feet of ground floor retail to the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

First and foremost, the project site now has a red tower crane, so it is time to update the shot we took down 2nd Avenue back in the winter. In the photo below, there are six tower cranes between 1st and 3rd Avenue west of Adams Street; there are two additional tower cranes to the south that are not pictured. That means there are now eight tower cranes in Cherry Creek, a new record!

As we mentioned in the announcement post, half of Cherry Creek Square has been demolished and the other half is under renovations. Here is a current progress photo of the renovation taken from 3rd Avenue and Milwaukee Street.

Excavation for the underground parking is still underway but is mostly complete. The foundation is also starting to go in with the first signs of the core peeking out of the ground.

There are many more projects to be visited for updates in Cherry Creek North, which we will be focusing on throughout the week. Stay tuned!