Alexan Cherry Creek Update #6

Today we have a quick update on the Alexan Cherry Creek project, an eight-story, 164-unit apartment project going up between East Ellsworth Ave and East 1st Avenue along Cook Street.

Back in January, we reported that the structure was more or less topped out and that exterior work had just begin. Now, we are starting to see a lot of the facade elements come into play. The project side closest to East 1st Avenue is the best corner to see how the final project is going to look. From the cream colored brick, to the dark paneling contrasting the brick, this project is looking sharp. In addition to the brick and dark paneling, the top floor will feature wood paneling.

Alexan Cherry Creek is expected to open later this year. We will swing back around when this project is complete.

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  1. Richard June 1, 2017 at 9:46 am

    This project seems like it has been taking awhile to complete. I remember going to the title office across the street when I bought a house in October 2015 and they were almost finished digging out the underground parking garage. If they finish later this year that’s 2+ years. By comparison the Halcyon Hotel started construction after they demolished the post office in January 2015 and opened for business last August (17 months).

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