New Project: Stor-All Storage

We don’t normally cover new mini-storage facilities on DenverInfill, but because of this project’s visibility from the Park Avenue and Wewatta viaducts, we will in this case.

A new 7-story Stor-All Storage facility is under construction on Fox Street in the Union Station North district. Here’s a Google Earth aerial showing the outline of the entire property.

The mini-storage building itself will occupy only the center of the property, with its northern end aligned to the south side of W. 30th Avenue. The remaining property to the south near W. 29th Avenue will become a landscaped lawn, and the rest of the property north of the building will hold a 28-space surface parking lot and stormwater detention open space.

The building will contain 225,000 square feet of space and rise 84 feet in height.

Thanks to DenverInfill reader and nearby resident Matthew S., we have these two construction photos to share with you.

We don’t have a rendering of the project but based on plans submitted to the city, about 60% of the ground-floor facade along Fox Street will be storefront glass, with the remaining 40% a cobblestone block material. On levels 4 through 7, large windows will occupy all four corners of the building. The rest of the building’s facade will be solid EIFS in various colors.

Running immediately behind the building (visible in the images above) are RTD’s commuter rail tracks servicing the B and G lines.

Based on the construction progress, we anticipate the project being completed around the end of the year.

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  1. sophia May 10, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    As well you shouldn’t cover these massive pieces of development crap. These are only built because the apartments built in Denver are too small to store peoples’ belongings. They are currently constructing one in Globeville instead of a grocery store, or anything else halfway decent.

    • W May 11, 2017 at 4:14 pm


      A few issues with your arguments:

      1) Developers contract what the market demands. The market is not at a place yet in Globeville where it can support a grocery store. If you do not like that, your anger should be directed at grocery stores- not developers. Even if a developer put up a retail space in Globeville large enough to fit a grocery store, they will not be able to find it

      2) Apartments across the world are too small to fit all of a person’s belongings. It is a nature of the product type. If developers were to build larger apartments, they would have to charge more for them. Apartments are priced out on a per sauce foot basis. What that means is that as the square feet of an apartments gets higher, so do the cost to rent the apartment.

  2. Cyrus May 12, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Maybe the answer is Americans are to good at consuming and over stuff themselves so that their belongings don’t all for in an apartment large enough to live in.

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