Union Denver Update #10

Formally known as Pivot and Seventeen W, Union Denver, occupying a full city block in the Union Station neighborhood, has been making great progress. All three towers have topped out, and interior finishes are underway. For this update, we are going to go inside the infill thanks to Dan Johnson and Gregory Mikulecky of Holland Partner Group.

Tower One, of the three towers, is open and already has residents moving in; Holland was able to get special waivers to open this tower while the others are under construction. The other two towers are phased to open later this year and in early 2018. Besides the shared podium, each tower has its own address and is made to run independently from each other.

Let’s dive into the project starting with the lobby at Tower One. When you walk in, you are greeted with a pleasant gathering space with some very neat hanging lights. There is no formal leasing office; however, leasing consultants will also meet prospective residents in this area.

Tower One also features a 24-hour concierge and front desk. Again, since each tower is made to run independently, each has their own mail room. The mail room in this tower is perhaps the nicest mail room I’ve ever seen; I could sit in here with a cozy chair and a book.

Moving up to the amenity level, let’s first stop at the fitness center. Because there are 579 units in this development, which will eventually house over 700 people, the fitness center has to have a fairly large capacity. This room should handle it just fine with over 6,000 square feet dedicated to fitness machines and weights alone. Below this room, there are lockers and a yoga studio which are not pictured below.

The great hall, which is still under construction, is another very large gathering space, which will house resident activities and even features a small movie/presentation area where the lit wooden stairs are located. A projector, located above the seating area, can be accessed by residents with a screen that can be lowered from the ceiling. A dedicated movie theater room is also located on this floor.

Next to the great hall sits a shared kitchen and game area. Due to the construction, the two areas are currently separated but will become a single, large room once the project is complete.

The pool and main outdoor area reside on the same floor as all of the other amenities we just covered. This outdoor area includes a large saltwater pool, which will be heated year round, hot tub, gathering spaces, ample poolside seating, and a barbecue area.

Finally, let’s head up to the top floors and look at a couple of units. The finishes are modern with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and marble counter-tops. In addition, the apartments feature a Nest thermostat and are setup for automation with devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

As far as views are concerned, Union Denver is nestled in the center of the Union Station development area so you get a great urban/new construction view when looking out the window.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Union Denver is opening in phases with full completion anticipated at the beginning of 2018. On the ground floor, the flagship Whole Foods is expected to be complete later this year.

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  1. Ronan June 8, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Thanks for the update. I live near this and have passed it each morning going into work for the last year and a half. It’s been really impressive to see how this entire streetscape has changed with the Ashley, the new hotel, and the DaVita/Apartment complexes going in across Chestnut from this.

    Have there been any renderings of the green space on the east side of this property? It’s been hard to tell from the renderings I have seen what exactly they are doing to landscape and orient it. The underground Union Station walkway runs the course of it. That includes periodic skylights and at least two large, ugly white emergency exit staircase that juts out just below the “UNION” sign on this building. There are benches and flowers around it, but I’m interested to see how they finalize that. Any idea? I think a mural or vegetation on the side of the emergency exits would help – if that isn’t against code.

  2. ERomero June 8, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    I really enjoy the posts where a project begins coming together to it’s final form. Thank you for this!

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  4. Landon June 12, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    wondering at what point denver will reach a glut of high end downtown rentals. unfortunately few are for sale thus hard for people to ‘buy in.’

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