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Cherry Creek: 1st and Steele Apartments Update #1

Recently, a new high-rise project has broken ground in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. Back in December, we announced the 1st and Steele Apartments getting developed by Zocalo Community Development, the same developers of Cadence, 2020 Lawrence, and Solera. This is a 12-story, LEED-Gold building, that will provide the Cherry Creek neighborhood with 185 rental units. Here’s the rendering for a refresher.


Currently, site excavation has commenced for the underground parking structure. Here are a couple of pictures I snapped on the way home today. Across the street, in the first photo, is the Steele Creek Apartments project, also rising 12-stories.

2014-07-16_1stSteele-01 2014-07-16_1stSteele-02

The intersection of First Avenue and Steele Street is going through an incredible transformation. Around the 1st and Steele Apartments, there are two other major projects currently under construction: a 12-story apartment building, the Steele Creek Apartments, and an 8-story office building, 100 Saint Paul. That’s 149,000 square feet of new office space and 435 residential units getting added to this one intersection. That’s pretty incredible, especially for Cherry Creek! Completion for this project will be around the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2015.

Cherry Creek: Adolph Coors Foundation Final Update

For our last update in our Cherry Creek series, we are going to look at the first complete project since the boom took off in this neighborhood. The Adolph Coors Foundation building was a relatively quick build; containing 2 floors of office space, totaling 27,000 square feet, above 10,830 square feet of ground floor retail. Our only coverage on this project was the announcement post which can be found below:

New Cherry Creek Project: Adolph Coors Foundation

Here are some ground level pictures of the project. The street level of this building has been done very well with floor-to-ceiling windows, which are very inviting to the pedestrian.

2014-06-10_AdolphCoors-01 2014-06-10_AdolphCoors-02

For being three-stories, Davis Partnership, the project’s architect, did a great job with adding setbacks, making this building not a typical box. The facade of this building is also very well done with stone and metal paneling.

2014-06-10_AdolphCoors-04 2014-06-10_AdolphCoors-03

The Adolph Coors Foundation was one of the first buildings to kick off in the Cherry Creek boom; also one of the first to finish. Cherry Creek is beginning to transform into a very pedestrian friendly, urban district making this a very exciting time for this neighborhood!

Cherry Creek: Steele Creek Apartments Update #2

Staying in the Cherry Creek neighborhood for a while longer, let’s head on over to East First Avenue and Steele Street to check in at the Steele Creek Apartments. Back in January, this project was just a hole in the ground with some foundation work going in. Now, six months later, another tower crane is on site, and this project has begun to go vertical.

The concrete structure has risen four-stories out of a total twelve. The impact this building will make, and is currently making, at the intersection of East First Avenue and Steele Street, is phenomenal. It will appear a little out of place when it tops out, but that won’t last long with 100 Saint Paul under construction and another 12-story tower proposed across the street.

2014-05-27_88SteeleCreek-02 2014-05-27_88SteeleCreek-03

Here is a more overall view of the project taken from the East parking deck at Cherry Creek Mall. You can fully see the great impact this building is making from this vantage point!


This development is a great step in helping fully utilize the land in Cherry Creek North making it become another great, dense urban neighborhood.

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #2

Along with the significant amount of residential development going up in Cherry Creek, there is a notable amount of office space under construction. Construction has commenced on 100 Saint Paul, one of the largest office projects under construction in Cherry Creek. Excavation has been taking place and there is now a giant hole in the ground.

Paired with the hole in the ground is a new red tower crane! That makes a total of seven tower cranes in the Cherry Creek neighborhood alone, leaving quite the impressive sight!

2014-05-27_100SaintPaul-01 2014-05-27_100SaintPaul-02

Here is a view inside the hole. 100 Saint Paul will feature two underground levels of parking with eight floors of office on top. The size of the site is also worth a mention; it is very large, taking up almost the whole block between 1st and 2nd Avenue along Saint Paul.

2014-05-27_100SaintPaul-04 2014-05-27_100SaintPaul-03

100 Saint Paul will be adding 149,000 square feet of office space, along with 14,000 square feet of retail, to the Cherry Creek neighborhood. For more details on the project, including renderings, head on over to our announcement post.

Cherry Creek: The Residences at Fillmore Plaza Update #1

Next up on our Cherry Creek tour: The Residences at Fillmore Plaza. This is a very unique project due to the fact that it is being built on top of an existing parking garage! Since our previous update, the new structure has topped out and we are able to see some of the materials that will be used for the facade.

Here are two ground level photos of the project. The facade is comprised of glass curtain walls on the corner, and metal paneling throughout the rest of the building. Each unit will also feature a balcony facing north.

2014-05-10_FilmorePlazaResidences-02 2014-05-10_FilmorePlazaResidences-01

This project now brings the existing structure up to 8-stories with the southern portion of the garage still used for public parking. Here are some views from a neighboring parking garage.

2014-05-10_FilmorePlazaResidences-04 2014-05-10_FilmorePlazaResidences-03

The Residences at Fillmore Plaza will be adding 26 apartment units to the Cherry Creek neighborhood and are expected to be delivered by this summer.

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Update #2

Today we are going to kick off Cherry Creek week! A full week dedicated to all of the great infill development going on in the Cherry Creek neighborhood! Our first stop will be at 250 Columbine: an 8-story, 80,000 square foot office and 80-unit condo development. Last time we checked in at 250 Columbine, it was still a hole in the ground.

The two floors of underground parking have recently been completed and the southern portion of the office building has started to go vertical, breaking street level. Here are some above views of the project.

2014-05-10_250Columbine-02 2014-05-10_250Columbine-01

250 Columbine is introducing something very unique to the Cherry Creek neighborhood and Denver in general: high density condo units. While this may not be a current trend in development here in Denver, it is always nice to see new condo units! For additional information on 250 Columbine including pricing and floor-plans, head on over to their website.

West Colfax: April 2014 Construction Update

If you happen to take a walk between Sloans Lake Park and Federal Boulevard, you’re going to see and hear a ton of construction going on. I’ve previously reported on three projects in the area, but thought I’d give you a mini tour of everything that’s going on in the neighborhood while updating you on those three projects. First the map:

Aerial with buildings

All of the parcels I’ve highlighted here are in some state of construction. The parcels outlined in red are mixed use developments that are underway: The St Anthony’s Hospital Redevelopment (#1) and Mile-High Vista (#5). The orange parcels are all townhome developments; thirteen projects averaging 6-8 units with. I’ll update you on the Framework project (#2) that I wrote about in an earlier post and show some pictures of the radical changes happening on 17th Ave (#3). Finally, there’s a bit of an unknown, the site at Federal and 16th avenue (#4) has recently been scraped in preparation for sale.

Project #1 – St Anthony’s Redevelopment (see my orignial post)

There currently isn’t much in the way of building happening at the old hospital site, but there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation going on. All the buildings that are to be taken down have been demolished (minus an old maintenance building on 17th Avenue being used for a construction office) and the site is currently being regraded. Cameron Bertram of EFG, the owner’s representative, says that by mid-summer we should see utility work well underway and by fall the new city streets will be put in place. EFG currently has four of seven blocks under contract and is nearly ready to close on another. The Kuhlman Block Alliance will be developing the northeastern-most corner with a boutique hotel in the existing Kuhlman Building, restaurants, retail and apartments. Trammell Crow Residential will be developing two interior blocks with nearly 370 apartments. Finally, Littleton Capital Partners will be developing a retail anchor on the southern-most block facing Colfax. This block will contain a renovated 4-story office building, a retail pad, and a 12-screen Alamo Drafthouse Cinema as the anchor tenant. Here’s a rendering of the cinema block from Colfax and Raleigh Street taken from EFG’s website

2014-04-10_Alamo Drafthouse

Project #2 - Framework at Sloans Lake (see my original post)

Over at Framework, there is much work underway. The first phase is mostly framed and the developer has informed me that he will be breaking ground the second phase very soon as the first phase is already completely pre-sold. Here’s a shot of the first building (along 18th avenue).


The three-story buildings are strikingly noticeable among the primarily 1- and 2-story single family homes in the area, and given their location at the top of a small hill, can be seen rising up from the neighborhood from Sloans Lake Park two blocks away. This project was the first townhome development in the area, and has since spawned a flurry of construction on neighboring blocks; thirteen townhome projects are now underway in the immediate vicinity.

Project #3 - 17th Avenue

A radical change is occurring on the north side of 17th Avenue where five adjacent lots are in varying stages of construction by five different developers. What was once a 1- and 2-story single family street is rapidly getting an urban makeover.

2014-04-10_17th St Projects 2014-04-10_17thSt

Project #4 – A high profile site gets scraped.

On the triangular site overlooking the Federal Boulevard/Colfax interchange once stood a small institutional building. Recently, the owner scraped the building in order to better sell the property. The remainder of this 2+ acre site is covered with an asphalt parking lot, with spectacular views of Mile High Stadium, Downtown and Southeast Denver (not that the asphalt cares much). I personally hope someone snatched up this gem of a property and turns it into something worthy of this extremely prominent site. Here’s a panorama of the site taken from Grove Street.

2014-04-10_Federal Site

Project #5 - Mile High Vista (see my original post)

Last, but not least, is the Mile High Vista Project.  As you can see in the pictures below, the 7 story workforce housing component of the development has topped out and is being skinned and finished. Five stories of housing sit atop a two story podium of parking, resident amenities, and office space. The building is slated to receive a LEED Platinum rating, which is highly commendable for an affordable housing project.

2014-04-10_Mile High Vista 2 2014-04-10_Mile High Vista

In front of the apartment building (anchoring the corner of Colfax and Irving) is a two-story steel frame building that is to become a brand new 25,000 sq.ft. Denver Public Library branch. Construction of the branch had been delayed for some time due to some soil issues, but after a redesign of the foundation they are now making significant progress and hope to open next year.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the neighborhood; as you can see, it’s rife with construction activity, redevelopment and densification. Check it out and stay tuned.

New Cherry Creek Project: 360 South Monroe

The infill boom keeps on rolling in Cherry Creek! With over 350 residential units already under construction, another new infill project has broken ground on the eastern side of Cherry Creek in the Alameda Triangle.

The project will sit at 360 South Monroe; at the intersection of Cherry Creek Drive North and Monroe Street. The building will take up two thirds of the block and will run along the diagonal portion of Cherry Creek Drive North. Here is a map with the site outlined.

I stopped by the site this weekend to check in on the progress of this project. Right now, excavation, drilling, and foundation work has begun. I suspect in the next few months we will see one or two tower cranes installed on site due to the large scale of this building.


Now for the good stuff, renderings! We have three perspectives to share with you today. Here is the building viewed from Cherry Creek Drive North looking northwest. As you can see, 360 South Monroe will rise a total of 8-stories.

Here is the view from Dakota Street.

And here is the view from South Monroe Street.

360 South Monroe will provide the Cherry Creek Neighborhood with 297 rental units with structured parking underground. Completion is expected around mid 2015.