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Cherry Creek: The Rollnick Hotel Update #1

Another hotel kicks off in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood! Replacing an old office building, the Rollnick Hotel is going to contain 200 rooms in an eight story building. This is the third hotel in Cherry Creek that is under construction.

As with all new projects, drilling and foundation work are the first steps. Excavation will go down two stories for the underground parking structure.

2016-06-11_RollnickHotel-01 2016-06-11_RollnickHotel-02

Once these hotel projects are complete, Cherry Creek will have an additional 525 new rooms; assuming no more hotels are announced in the next year or so.

Speer: Country Club Towers Update #4

Over in the Speer neighborhood, the County Club Towers are trekking along. When we first announced the project, there was a lot of uncertainty with the massing and materials, but we finally have a good idea of what’s going up.

To start, here is a unique vantage point I have been using for this project. The west tower is poking out just above the trees and will be very prominent when it approaches its final height.


Going down to the ground level, we can see that the west tower is up eight stories; 26% of its final height. Here are three things that have already exceeded my expectations with this project. Number one: the towers will not be a flat. Each unit will be facing at an angle making the tower look jagged.

2016-06-22_CCT-03 2016-06-22_CCT-02

Number two: The podium facade has the same brickwork, color, and patterns, as the surrounding historic Country Club Gardens.


Number three (this one is very important): The east and west towers will be significantly set back from the podium making these more point towers than large 30-story walls.


The eastern portion of the podium is close to topping out with one more floor to go. It should only be a few weeks until the east tower starts to go up.

2016-06-22_CCT-05 2016-06-22_CCT-06

As a bonus, here is a mock-up of the facade minus the concrete wall to the left; that’s the foundation for another building.


Like The Confluence, the Country Club Towers are going to make a significant impact on the Central Denver skyline. From what we are seeing, these will be slender towers, and feature a very unique look when complete.

Summer 2016: Central Denver Tower Crane Census

Happy first day of Summer readers! Back by popular demand, we are going to start the week and season off with a tower crane census. There was a lot of crane action going on over the weekend so this will be a fun census. All of the tower crane photos, with the exception of one, were taken on Saturday for an accurate count; even though the count is going to be tricky.

This census is for tower cranes only. The self erecting cranes (cranes without a ladder mast or cab) on smaller builds are not counted.

Why tricky? Let’s start out with tower crane number zero. As I got down to the Union Station neighborhood, workers were taking down the crane at Union Tower West. As much as I would love to count this, this crane has been completely taken down.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-09 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-03

Let’s move the count in a positive direction. One and Two belong to Pivot.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-23 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-10

Three and Four are for 1709 Chestnut. The second tower crane for this project wasn’t up on Saturday but it should be complete today.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-05 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-08

Tower crane number Five belongs to the 16th and Wewatta Hotel and Office Complex.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-12 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-11

The Confluence offers tower cranes Six and Seven. As a bonus, they were jumping the south tower crane over the weekend.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-06 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-22

Number Eight belongs to 28th and Vallejo and, since this is a Central Denver census, Alexan West Highlands brings number Nine to the table.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-07 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-20

I forgot the memory card for my other camera before I went up to take this photo so here is number Ten, belonging to Modera River North, in cell-phone-picture fashion.


I said out loud, “No! What are you doing? I have a census to do…” as I saw what was going on at Dairy Block. A tower crane taking down another tower crane is not a sight we see everyday. Unfortunately, I can only count one for Dairy Block bringing the total up to Eleven.


Twelve and Thirteen, belonging to 999 17th Street, are nicely tucked away in Central Downtown.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-13 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-14

1144 Fifteenth claims number Fifteen with Le Meridien / AC bringing the number up to Sixteen. If you look closely in the first photo, you can see the south tower crane for The Confluence continuing to jump itself.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-15 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-17

Seventeen belongs to the rare luffing jib over at SkyHouse. I’m sure number Eighteen, at Alexan Uptown, will be taken down very soon.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-18 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-02

Number Nineteen is working hard at Eviva Cherokee with Twenty and Twenty-One helping build the twin 30-story Country Club Towers.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-21 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-01

Last but not least, Twenty-Two stands tall above the Alexan Cherry Creek site. After a five hour tower-crane-spotting hike, I forgot to take a current picture of this one but trust me, it’s still there.


As I was editing these photos last night, my wife nicely told me that she spotted one for Tennyson Place in Berkeley last month. After reviewing her phone picture footage, that brings our final total to Twenty-Three. Sorry, I don’t have a current photo of this one.

That’s a lot of tower cranes and about the peak number we are going to see this year. Our previous census, back in 2013, featured ten tower cranes with around three up in Cherry Creek at the time. 2016 has significantly more construction activity as the boom keeps on rolling!

Cherry Creek: Alexan Cherry Creek Update #2

Alexan Cherry Creek has been making steady progress since our last update in the winter. This project features three levels of underground parking, which will be utilized by residents along with retail and office tenants of 3300 East 1st Avenue, so it’s expected that construction will take a little bit longer.

Before we get around to the pictures, we have a huge, refined rendering of the project. Thanks to Andy of Shears Adkins Rockmore, the project’s architect, for the rendering! Make sure you click to embiggen.


Alexan Cherry Creek is currently up to the ground level, with most of the underground structure complete. From here, it will go vertical eight stories and end up providing 164 apartment units to the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

2016-06-11_AlexanCherryCreek-01 2016-06-11_AlexanCherryCreek-02

Expected completion of this project is around mid-2017. The Cherry Creek boom keeps on rolling!

Speer: Speer Boulevard Apartments Final Update

Back in December 2014, we provided some renderings of a project going up on the triangular parcel bound by Speer Boulevard, 6th Avenue and Grant Street. We didn’t have any posts of the construction progress as some projects slip through the cracks, with all of the infill going on, but today we are going to take a look at the completed project.

The Speer Boulevard Apartments, now known as Gables Speer Boulevard, features 211 apartment units contained in a six story building. Because of the triangle shaped lot, this project has some neat perspectives. On one side of the street, the building looks very slender and comes together on the corner. Across the street, you get the full picture and see that it runs up to the property line on both Grant and Speer Boulevard.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-04 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-03

The facade is made up of dark paneling, stucco, and brick broken up throughout the project. It looks very balanced and the neutral colors compliment each other nicely.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-01 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-02

Here is one last street level perspective looking southeast along Speer Boulevard.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-07 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-08

We don’t get a lot of new projects along the Cherry Creek River but it’s always neat when we can use it as a foreground for infill photos!

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-06 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-05

In my opinion, this project looks sharp. The colors are neutral, with both light and dark elements, it has clean lines, and features a very balanced facade. I would take this project over the gas station that used to sit here!

New Cherry Creek Project: 155 Steele

The Pauls Corp, developer of Via and 100 Saint Paul, grabbed another piece of land in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood across the alley from their recently completed 100 Saint Paul office project.

Located between 1st and 2nd Avenue along Steele Street, 155 Steele is proposed as a 155-unit condo building. You heard that right, for-sale condos! Here is a Google Earth aerial with the project site outlined.


There is an existing retail building on site that used to be a restaurant and temporary housing for FirstBank as 100 Saint Paul was under construction. This will be demolished to make way for 155 Steele.


While we don’t have multiple renderings of this project just yet, here is a teaser courtesy of The Pauls Corp. This rendering suggests that the 155 units will be contained in a 10-story building and, while the materials are still unknown, the facade will feature light and dark colors. The project architect is not yet known.


Construction for 155 Steele is still a little bit out as pre-sales are going to begin around the summer of 2017; pricing details have not yet been released. We will keep you posted as soon as we receive more details on this project. Stay tuned!

New Cherry Creek Project: Marriott Moxy Hotel

More hotels are coming to the Cherry Creek North neighborhood! Along Joesphine Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, Marriott is bringing an international hotel brand new to Denver. The Moxy brand is millennial focused, boutique hotel concept geared towards the budget savvy traveler. This will be one of the first ‘budget friendly’ hotels to come to the Cherry Creek area.

Let’s start off with a Google Earth aerial of the site. Just like our post yesterday, the aerial still shows an existing building on the project site. The two story retail building has since been demolished.


The Marriott Moxy hotel will rise a total of eight stories and provide a total of 170 hotel rooms. Vision Hospitality Group will be running the hotel with GE Johnson behind the construction. Designed by JNS | Johnson Nathan Strohe, here is a rendering courtesy of the Denver Business Journal.


The project site is cleared and ready for excavation. The white building behind the project site is the 245 Columbine hotel which is nearing completion.

2016-05-09_2ndJosephine-01 2016-05-09_2ndJosephine-02

Construction is already underway and will take 14 months to complete. Opening for the hotel is expected around mid-2017.

New Cherry Creek Project: 235 Fillmore

With the popularity of Cherry Creek on the rise, we can expect more infill going in around the neighborhood. Directly across the street from Civica Cherry Creek, a new office project has been proposed and site work has already begun.

The new office building, located between 2nd and 3rd Avenue on Fillmore Street, will be filling in a fairly small parcel. When you look at the aerial, you will see there are existing buildings on site. A two-story retail building, named the Cherry Creek Plaza, stood on this site, and has been demolished.


Back in April, I snapped these photos of the demolition wrapping up. Present day, the site is cleared ready for excavation to commence.

2016-04-03_CherryCreekProject-01 2016-04-03_CherryCreekProject-02

While we don’t have any final renderings of the project, we found some plans submitted to the city, thanks to the good folks at BusinessDen. Here is what we currently know about 235 Fillmore:

The project will consist of 55,100 square feet of office space along with 9,000 square feet of retail. It crosses two zones, C-CCN-5 and C-CCN-7, meaning it will rise three-stories towards 3rd Avenue and seven-stories towards 2nd Avenue. The project is required to have 104 parking spaces; 105 spaces will be provided underground. Judging by the documents submitted to the city, this project will look a lot like 100 Saint Paul, with the step down in height and mostly glass facade.


As soon as we receive more information on this project, including official renderings, we will post it here. Stay tuned!

Cherry Creek: 3300 East 1st Avenue Retail Addition

As we all know, Cherry Creek is going through a significant infill boom with apartments, hotels, and office buildings going up all over the neighborhood. Along with the boom, there are also a few great minor projects that are underway which we will be focusing on in this post, primarily a project on 1st Avenue and Cook Street, the same block as the Alexan Cherry Creek project.

In any great urban neighborhood, the street level is the most important aspect given that’s where the pedestrians are. These new immaculate, glassy buildings have the potential to be a total failure if there are blank walls along the street, or small parking lots occupying the corners. Luckily for the Cherry Creek neighborhood, that’s not the case.

Developers in Cherry Creek are actively pushing retailers and projects to the corner to help improve the urban form of the neighborhood. Two very recent examples are the Room and Board on 2nd Avenue and Detroit Street and the Restoration Hardware on 1st Avenue and Fillmore Street. The Room and Board expanded to the street corner, supplanting the surface parking lot next door and the Restoration Hardware was extended from the Cherry Creek Mall and pushed to the street edge along 1st Avenue.

2016-05-09_RoomandBoard 2016-05-09_RH

1st Avenue, with wide roads and complicated intersections, is a bit messy to pedestrians but that’s not stopping anybody from making it a better street for those on foot. Built in 1980, 3300 East 1st Avenue was built with parking and easy automobile accessibility. Present day, the parking structure that was built with this building is being replaced by an 8-story apartment project, and the office building is now receiving a ground floor retail addition.

2016-05-09_1standCook-01 2016-05-09_1standCook-03

Along with the retail addition, new curbs, sidewalks, and landscaping are also going in, drastically improving this stretch of 1st Avenue.

2016-05-09_1standCook-04 2016-05-09_1standCook-02

A neighborhood that was once automobile oriented is slowly turning into a multi-modal corridor. Now all we need to work on is some dedicated transit to serve this area better!