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Speer: Country Club Towers Update #2

I have a quick post for you this weekend. The two tower cranes over at the Country Club Towers site are now up!

Here are two photos of the very tall tower cranes, from a distance. These photos don’t really show much of the site itself, but you can definitely see where these towers are going and what kind of gap they are going to fill. Remember, this is a twin 30-story building project!

2015-09-19_CCT-01 2015-09-19_CCT-02

Coming up next week, we have two ‘Inside the Infill’ posts, 1601 Wewatta and 1144 Fifteenth Street, as well as a bunch of Cherry Creek updates. Have a great rest of your weekend, DenverInfill readers!

Speer: Country Club Towers Update #1

Back in June, DenverInfill announced a very large project going up in the Speer neighborhood: twin 30-story towers containing 558-units.  After twelve years in the making, the Country Club Towers are finally becoming a reality.

I regret not following this project sooner given the logistics of how these buildings are going to rise. From demolition to preserving some of the original facades, site preparation is now mostly complete. As of this last weekend, there was a giant hole in the ground.


Let’s bring back the project timeline, with the present day highlighted. Shoring and excavation are underway and we should see a pair of tower cranes on site by mid-October.


After seeing how narrow and tight this project is, we will have to get more creative with our future updates and incorporate some aerial photography! Our next visit will be when the tower cranes are up.

New Berkeley Project: Tennyson Place

Infill is rising in all shapes and sizes around Central Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill and, in this case, Berkeley already have a solid fabric with very few open lots. Over on West 39th Avenue and Tennyson Street, an empty lot will soon be filled.

To get your bearings straight, here is an aerial with the project site outlined.


According to the press release, Tennyson Place, developed by Darell Schmidt of Allante Properties, will feature 81 ‘class-A’ apartments, contained in a five-story building with two levels of underground parking. Here are some exterior and street-level renderings of the project, thanks to Nathan Jenkins at OZ Architecture.

2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C5 2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C6

2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C7 2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C8

We also received a couple interior renderings of both the apartments and community area. Amenities will include a club room and lounge, fitness center, individual balconies, and a 1,900 square-foot rooftop patio.

2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C3 2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C2

The developer is still aligning financials and investors to break ground on this project, making the construction time frame unknown. Stay tuned for more information!

UPDATE: Construction of the below-grade parking garage is slated to begin in September.

New Cherry Creek Project: 351 South Jackson Street

The Cherry Creek residential boom continues with yet another apartment project on the boards. Located a block away from the 297-unit 360 South Monroe project, Gables Residential, the same developer of 360 South Monroe, purchased a 1.3 acre parcel at 351 South Jackson Street to develop another 242-unit apartment project.

351 South Jackson is located in a district named the Alameda Triangle, which is densifying rapidly. Here is an aerial with the project site outlined. There is a small building on the corner of South Jackson Street and East Dakota Avenue, belonging to the Colorado Private Reserve, which will be demolished to make way for this project.


Gables Residential will build both an 8-story and 12-story tower on this site. Here are two renderings of the project courtesy of the Denver Business Journal.

2015-07-24_351SJacksonRendering-02 2015-07-24_351SJacksonRendering-01

This is the third phase of Gables Cherry Creek, with 360 South Monroe being the first. The second phase, consisting of 127-units, is currently working its way though the city to get all of the necessary approvals. Gables Residential is anticipating a January ground breaking for 351 South Jackson Street with completion in late 2018.

New Cherry Creek Project: Alexan Cherry Creek

A 164-unit apartment project is taking over a one-story parking structure, in an already dense area of the Cherry Creek Neighborhood! Trammell Crow partners recently broke ground on an 8-story apartment building, named Alexan Cherry Creek.

As you can see in this aerial, there is already a lot of existing density along with a lot of new projects underway; The Steele Creek Apartments and the 1st and Steele apartments. The site for the project is outlined in yellow.


Alexan at Cherry Creek will neighbor an existing office building which is receiving a ground floor remodel to include retail. A parking structure will be incorporated in the new 8-story structure and will offer parking for office, retail and residential tenants. Here is a final rendering of the project courtesy of the Denver Business Journal.


Completion for this project will be mid-2017 with construction underway this month. Stay tuned for the first update!

New Speer Neighborhood Project: Country Club Towers

A very large apartment project is coming to the Speer neighborhood, close to the border of Country Club. To orient yourself with the neighborhoods around Central Denver, check out the City and County of Denver’s interactive neighborhood map. Since 2013, the Speer neighborhood has been part of Denver’s apartment boom, adding multiple 5- and 6-story buildings totaling around 350 units.

Twelve years ago, the Broe Real Estate Group had an ambitious plan to build two 30-story towers. Upon proposal, they received an approved development agreement with the City of Denver to build the 300-foot towers, which were consistent with zoning that has been in place for decades. As you can imagine, the neighbors, living in single-family homes and small condo units, were not happy about this proposal. Concerns over traffic, loss of views, and large shadows came up in the various public meetings the development firm held.

Broe trekked on with their plans and held a ground breaking ceremony at the Country Club Towers site this past Monday. Most of our readers have known about this project as it’s been in the works for a very long time. Because the design review for this project was very extensive, we here at DenverInfill wanted to make sure we gave you the final renderings and facts to avoid confusion down the line.

First, let’s start off with an aerial view with the site outlined. As you can see, some demolition was needed to make way for this project.


Without further ado, here are the Country Club Towers: a twin 30-story tower, 558-unit apartment project, designed by SCB Architects, developed by The Broe Group, and built by Swinerton. All of these renderings are courtsey of the project’s website.


Here is the ground floor, designed to fit in with the surrounding buildings.

2015-06-25_CountryClubTowersRendering-03 2015-06-25_CountryClubTowersRendering-02

2015-06-25_CountryClubTowersRendering-07 2015-06-25_CountryClubTowersRendering-09

The existing gardens will also be incorporated in this development.



Residents will be provided with 1,005 structured parking spaces giving the project a parking ratio of 1.8:1.


Last but not least, here is a detail shot of the east building. The Country Club Towers will feature a glass and masonry facade.


Swinerton has provided the public a construction timeline, which can be viewed below. Currently, excavation and shoring is underway with foundation work scheduled to start any day. We should see a couple of tower cranes on this site by October.


Country Club Towers is scheduled to be complete around mid-2017. We will get out there soon to take some photos for the first update!

Cheesman Park: The Amaranth Final Update

Formally know as the ‘Residences at the Gardens’, The Amaranth is now complete. As a refresher, this is a 7-story 156-unit apartment building at the intersection of 11th and Gaylord. Here is the coverage we had on DenverInfill for this project. It’s always neat to see the progress that has been made over the past 24 months!

New Cheesman Park Neighborhood Project: Residences at the Gardens

Cheesman Park: Residences at the Gardens Update #1

Cheesman Park: Residences at the Gardens Update #2

Now for a final look of The Amaranth. The Cheesman Park neighborhood has an interesting mix of density; from single family homes to towers rising over 20-stories. The Amaranth is right in the middle of the two, setting a great example of how density should be built in the central neighborhoods. The building rises four-stories with a three story setback making this project blend in very well with its surrounding density. Here are some overall and street level shots of the completed project.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-10 2015-04-15_Amaranth-13

2015-04-15_Amaranth-11 2015-04-15_Amaranth-12

Thanks to Mike Gerber of MGL Partners and Melanie of Greystar, we were able to get an inside look! The lobby features a large and open community space along with the leasing office.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-03 2015-04-15_Amaranth-01

The finishes in the apartments are very similar to what we have seen in other recently completed projects: high ceilings, hardwood floors, high end appliances, and very functional floorplans.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-08 2015-04-15_Amaranth-09

We, here at DenverInfill, always like a good rooftop view. Luckily, The Amaranth features a 7th floor amenity deck that looks over the Botanic Gardens. Here are a few pictures of the rooftop deck.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-07 2015-04-15_Amaranth-06

2015-04-15_Amaranth-05 2015-04-15_Amaranth-04

The Amaranth is now open with residents already moving in. For more details and leasing information, head on over to their website.

New Westwood Project: Terraza del Sol

By Jose Esparza

Mi Casa Resource Center, a 38 year-old resource center based in Denver with a mission to advance the economic success of Latino families, has partnered with Gorman & Company, Inc., a real estate development firm with a vision for strengthening neighborhoods through strategic investments, to provide 42 mixed-income housing units with the entire first floor being occupied by the offices of Mi Casa. The mixed-use development will infill a 56,190 square foot vacant lot at 3116 W. Alameda Avenue. Here is a Google Earth image showing the project location one block west of the Federal and Alameda intersection:



One of the unique aspects of the Terraza del Sol building is how it will incorporate a second floor Futsal court and playground. This is just one of the many ways Gorman was able to take community feedback and incorporate it into the design to create a building that gives its residents more than just a home.

The two renderings below of Terraza del Sol are courtesy of the project designer, Shopworks Architecture.



The construction of Terraza del Sol is expected to begin late summer or early fall 2015 with the hopes of opening its doors in late 2016.


Jose Esparza came to Denver in 2011 to study Urban Planning. He attained a BS in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a MURP from the University of Colorado Denver. Currently, Jose is Executive Director of West Community Economic Development Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit in west Denver, and serving on the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee.