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New Westwood Project: Westwood Crossing

By José Esparza

Westwood Crossing is a new, mixed-use community to be located at 3390 West Alameda Avenue at the southwest corner of Irving Street in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood. The project will include 98 affordable apartments and 5,109 square feet of ground-floor office or retail space within a four-story building. The project site is outlined in the Google Earth aerial below:


Westwood Crossing will be constructed only one block away from the Terraza Del Sol project already underway and being developed by Gorman & Company, Inc. The two projects will bring dramatic change to the commercial area along Alameda between Federal Boulevard and Morrison Road.

The commercial space will be available to non-profits providing services to residents and the community. The spaces could also be leased to small business, insurance brokers, CPAs, attorneys, architects, artists, etc. Of the 98 apartment units, 22 units will be one-bedroom, 57 units will be two-bedroom, and 19 units will be three-bedroom apartments.

The renderings below are courtesy of the project architect, Lewis Himes Associates.

Corner of S. Irving and W. Alameda Avenue:


Commercial spaces at the western end of the building along Alameda:


Notable amenities include a physical fitness center, a great room with large screen television, a community kitchen, a kids’ playground and temperature-controlled storage units for residents.

Westwood Crossing is designed to meet the Enterprise Green Community criteria, which will result in lower energy costs for residents and a healthy living environment.

McDermott Properties has developed over 2,813 affordable apartments and concentrates its activity on Colorado’s Front Range, with projects ranging from Brighton to Colorado Springs with a concentration of projects in the Denver metropolitan area. Westwood Crossing will be managed by ComCap Asset Management, a company affiliated with McDermott properties.


José Esparza came to Denver in 2011 to study urban planning. He attained a BS in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a MURP from the University of Colorado Denver. Currently, José is Executive Director of West Community Economic Development Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit in west Denver, and serves on the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

New West Highland Project: Alexan West Highlands

By Matt Levesque

A new project, Alexan West Highlands, is starting construction on the southeast corner of West 38th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard. The project is being developed by Trammell Crow Residential and is slated to include approximately 322 units, 33,780 square feet of retail/office space and 500 parking spaces. The project broke ground this summer following the demolition of the two small office buildings and parking lot that occupied the property. The structure will be five stories in height along West 38th Avenue, stepping down to four stories on the south side of the development along West Clyde Place.


Here are a few renderings of the project, courtesy of Shears Adkins Rockmore, the project architect:

38th and Lowell corner:


Clyde Place corner:


Interior courtyard:


This is a view of the construction site for Alexan West Highlands from the intersection of 38th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard.


Moving dirt to make way for the 5-Story Alexan West Highlands.


The units are planned for a late 2017 delivery.


Matt Levesque is a resident of Sunnyside and has diversified experience in government, real estate, and information technology industries. He is an advocate for building a better city through the development of walkable communities and smart urbanism.

New West Highland Project: Highland Place

By Matt Levesque

Highland Place has added 68 residential units residential units to the popular West Highland neighborhood. The Highland Place project is located at 3372 West 38th Ave (38th Avenue and Julian Street) and is outlined on this Google Earth aerial photo:


Here’s a view of Highland Place from the intersection of 38th Avenue and Julian Street.


This project was completed in early 2015 and is currently leasing. The project, designed by Kephart, includes two stories of apartments located above 11,200 square feet of retail space and two levels of parking. Built on just under an acre, it includes 68 units averaging 640 square feet and 127 parking spaces for residents and shoppers. The unit mix is 20 studios, 38 one-bedrooms, and 10 two-bedrooms. This development replaced a stand alone restaurant and parking lot.


Matt Levesque is a resident of Sunnyside and has diversified experience in government, real estate, and information technology industries. He is an advocate for building a better city through the development of walkable communities and smart urbanism.

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Final Update

At the corner of First Avenue and Saint Paul Street stands the second new office building Cherry Creek has seen this decade. Wrapped in glass and masonry, the 8-story, 149,000 square foot office building is open for business and makes a huge impact in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

Announced back in 2013, DenverInfill has visited this project four times. Check out its history below:

New Cherry Creek Project: 100 Saint Paul

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #1

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #2

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #3

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #4

Developed by The Pauls Corporation, 100 Saint Paul is another Cherry Creek project that is built up to the maximum allowed height for this parcel. Along with some great density, 14,000 square feet of retail line Saint Paul Street with 450 parking spaces below ground.

2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-01 2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-02

Here are some closer views of the street level and ground floor retail.

2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-03 2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-04

Let’s take a quick peek into the past. In 2013, a single story Firstbank branch stood on this prominent intersection.


Fast forward to 2015, the new 100 Saint Paul features deep blue glass curtain walls, outdoor space on the top floor, and a rotunda that starts on the ground level and climbs up the whole building. I think we can all agree that this is a huge improvement!

2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-06 2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-05

The back side of the building is a little more simple with hopes it will be covered up with more high density development across the way.


Here is one last shot of the project. The north side of First Avenue has a very prominent street wall, which 100 Saint Paul helps complete. Behind it is the 12-story 1st and Steele Apartments, which is still under construction.


As Cherry Creek keeps on booming, I am sure we will see a lot more sleek, glassy buildings in the near future! Welcome to the neighborhood 100 Saint Paul!

New Cherry Creek Project: Civica Cherry Creek

Outside of our last post, reporting that Cherry Creek has three more projects in the works, another project is coming to the Cherry Creek North neighborhood. Back in May, it was reported that Schnitzer West had purchased property at 230 and 250 Fillmore Street where the popular Wizard’s Chest stands. First, let’s start out with a street-level view of where the new office building is going.


Given that high density is the forward direction Cherry Creek is moving, some sacrifices such as this one must be made. Fear not, the Wizard’s Chest will have a new home along South Broadway and will stay in Cherry Creek until December. Here is an aerial with the project site outlined.


Civica Cherry Creek will be following and maximizing the height according the new zoning guidelines we outlined in our last post. A seven-story structure will rise closer to Second Avenue and will step down to five stories towards Third Avenue. The building will provide the neighborhood with 105,000 square feet of boutique office space with a rooftop deck and an underground parking garage. We have one preliminary rendering of the project courtesy of Schnitzer West.


With news that the Wizard’s Chest is operating in Cherry Creek until December, we should expect this project to start in early 2016. As a fun little bonus, you can follow the construction of the new Wizard’s Chest castle going up on 451 Broadway here.

Another Wave of Development Coming to Cherry Creek

Back in 2013, we covered the first wave of new development in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, which brought in 250,000 square feet of office space, 80 condo units, over 500 apartment units, and 150 hotel rooms. But it didn’t stop there. In the summer, we announced another 291-units proposed for the neighborhood with 164 of them already under construction. Now, according to the Denver Business Journal, a third wave of development is coming.

BMC Investments, the same developers as the recently completed Steele Creek Apartments, is investing another 180 million dollars into the Cherry Creek neighborhood in the form of three projects: two apartment buildings and a hotel. The first project will sit at 240 Josephine and provide 165 hotel rooms. The hotel is going to be right behind to the still-under-construction 245 Columbine hotel.

The next two projects are going to be “condo-quality” for-rent apartments with ground-floor retail. There are no details on the height or unit count yet, but we do know their locations: 210 Saint Paul Street and 3000 East Third Avenue. To better orient you, I made a map with the project sites outlined. The leftmost project along Josephine Street is the hotel with the two apartment projects on the right.


Let’s quickly talk about the zoning for Cherry Creek as it gets a bit confusing. There are tiered height zones as you move north from First Avenue, starting at 8 stories and gradually stepping down to 4 stories. As you can see, the projects that started in the first wave of development didn’t adopt the new zoning but were close to the current guidelines.

So why are we talking about zoning in this post? Every single project in Cherry Creek, whether a new building or an addition to a parking garage, has utilized the entire allowable height which makes way for some great density.

Comparing our project map with the zoning map below, we can see the maximum height these new projects can utilize. The new hotel will be allowed up to 8 stories. 210 Saint Paul will also be allowed up to 8 stories and 3000 East Third Avenue will be allowed up to 5 stories.


BMC Investments has closed all three land purchases and is lining up construction financing. Stay tuned as we get more details on each of these projects. We are very excited to announce each individual one!

Cherry Creek: Steele Creek Apartments Final Update

Continuing on with a few more final posts, our next stop is the Steele Creek Apartments; located on the corner of First Avenue and Steele Street in the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood. Standing at 12-stories, this 250-unit apartment project is a bold statement for the neighborhood, and a huge leap in the right direction as far as density is concerned.

We, here at DenverInfill, followed this project closely and have quite a few updates on it. Check them all out below:

New Cherry Creek Project: Steele Creek Apartments

Cherry Creek: Steele Creek Apartments Update #1

Cherry Creek: Steele Creek Apartments Update #2

Cherry Creek: Steele Creek Apartments Update #3

Cherry Creek: Steele Creek Apartments Update #4

For this final update, I only have two pictures of the final product. Why only two? When we visited this project back in the Spring, it was very close to completion so, for the full tour of the project, head on over to our last update.

The building is a refreshing sight in Cherry Creek with glass curtain walls, a covered podium, and the maximum height allowed: 12-stories. Next door, the 1st and Steele Apartments are well underway and will eventually match the height of the Steele Creek Apartments.

2015-10-21_88SteeleCreek-01 2015-10-21_88SteeleCreek-02

Our next stop is another large project that is now complete in Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul.

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Final Update – Part 1

Let’s wrap up some projects in Cherry Creek that finished over the summer / early Fall. Back in 2013, the Cherry Creek North neighborhood started booming, along with the rest of Downtown Denver, adding a good supply of hotel, office and residential units.

250 Columbine, a mixed-use office and condo project, was one of the first projects to go up in the Cherry Creek boom. While the condo portion of the project is still under construction, the 8-story, 70,000 square foot office building is complete, hence why this is part one of the final update. Here are all of our previous updates on the project:

New Cherry Creek Project: 250 Columbine

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Update #1

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Update #2

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Update #3

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Update #4

So why is an 8-story building in Cherry Creek important when there is so much going on Downtown? Cherry Creek has always been Denver’s second largest urban district where true urban form is still practiced, unlike suburban office complexes such as Interlocken and the Denver Tech Center. Personally, I see Cherry Creek as Denver’s second Downtown; both unique enough to not take away interest from each other.

Now for the photos! First, let’s look at a before picture of the site before this project started.


As you can see, 250 Columbine adds a significant amount of density to this block, compared to what was there before.

2015-10-21_250Columbine-05 2015-10-21_250Columbine-03

It also adds quite a bit to the already established Cherry Creek mid-rise skyline.

2015-10-21_250Columbine-01 2015-10-21_250Columbine-06

The street level, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Columbine Street, is very inviting with ample seating and open space for pedestrians. In addition to a nice street presence, two restaurants, Blue Island Seafood & Oyster Bar and SOL Mexican Cocina, have opened up on the ground floor.


In part two, we will cover the condo portion of this project. Here is a glimpse of the progress from a couple of weeks ago.


Stay tuned!