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Golden Triangle: Kirkland Museum Update #1

You may recall the good news from this past February that Denver’s Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is planning to move into a new building at 12th and Bannock in the Golden Triangle Museum District, plus physically relocate Vance Kirkland’s original 1911 studio building from its current site at 1311 Pearl Street to the new site and incorporate it into the project. At that time, only a quick concept sketch of the new building was available from Olson Kundig Architects.

For this update, we’re happy to report that the architects have been busy working on the design and there’s now this new rendering to share, courtesy of Olson Kundig and the Kirkland:


Groundbreaking is scheduled for 2015 with the Kirkland’s new open set to open in 2017.

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2460 Welton Update #2

Here’s a brief update on the new residential project at 2460 Welton in the Five Points district, featuring a new rendering of the project, courtesy of Craine Architecture. Here’s the view along Welton:


Our last update on this development was in October when construction started.

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #5

It was only three weeks ago when we reported that the old industrial building at the corner of 15th and Little Raven had been demolished to make way for The Confluence, a proposed 34-story apartment tower in Downtown Denver’s Central Platte Valley district.

Clearing a property of an existing building or other site improvements is not the same thing as a new project being under construction, at least not by DenverInfill standards. There are several examples of sites that were cleared in the pre-recession era whose projects never made it out of the ground.

That won’t be the case for The Confluence, however, as excavation for the tower’s foundation appears to have begun:


It will be fun to watch this tower climb and take its place in the downtown skyline, but some patience will be required before that happens: work putting in the tower’s three levels of underground parking will probably take a good part of 2015. The project is slated to open in early 2017.

Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #4

A lot has happened over at the 1601 Wewatta site since we last toured the big hole back in April. There is no longer a hole in the ground and the building has risen over half way up!

Standing at six stories out of a total of ten, 1601 Wewatta is already making a huge impact along 16th Street and Chestnut Street.

2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-01 2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-02

If you remember from the renderings of the project, the front of the building, on Wewatta Street, features a curved facade with a plaza in front. Here you can see that taking shape.

2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-03 2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-04

1601 Wewatta should be topping out at 10-stories within the next couple of months with the stone and glass facade following shortly.

Union Station: The Triangle Building Update #6

Since our last update in September, The Triangle Building, located at 16th Street and Wewatta, has topped out at 10-stories, and the glass facade has started to go up.

One unique feature of the Triangle Building is its very sharp edges, which heavily contrast the curvy Gates building across the street. Just this fall, Wewatta Street has gone under a huge transformation, which you can see in the second photo. It’s amazing what a difference two buildings can make.

2014-12-07_Triangle-01 2014-12-07_Triangle-03

Here are two additional views of the building. Once the clouds cleared, the glass reflected a great deep blue sky.

2014-12-07_Triangle-04 2014-12-07_Triangle-02

Progress is quickly being made on the Triangle Building. I’m sure within the next few weeks, the glass facade will reach the top of the building; we will check back then!

Union Station: 17W Update #2

Two weeks ago in our Update #1 on Holland Partner Group‘s 17W development, we shared with you a new rendering of the project.

Not only are we happy to report that the project’s sleek updated design is the work of Denver-based Davis Partnership, but the good folks at Davis have also provided us with two additional renderings to enjoy.

Here is a view of the project from the corner of 17th and Wewatta, next to RTD’s Wewatta Pavilion:


The development features three 10-story towers rising above a 3-level base. As shown in the image above, two of the towers are parallel to Chestnut and Wewatta, with the third tower spanning the width of the block facing 18th Street. Here is the view from the corner of 18th and Wewatta, with 18th on the right and Wewatta on the left:


Whole Foods is planning a 56,000 square foot flagship store on the ground level facing the 17th Street Promenade. 17W is expected to break ground Spring 2015.

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #4

The old warehouse at the corner of 15th and Little Raven was demolished this morning:


This clears the site for the construction of the 34-story Confluence tower to begin. Our last update (#3) on the project was just a few weeks ago. Here are two updated renderings of the proposed tower via the project architect (Gromatzky Dupree & Associates) website:



We’ll post our next update when full excavation for the tower’s three levels of underground parking is underway.

Uptown: Alexan Uptown Update #1

Back in March, we announced a new project bringing 372-units to the Uptown neighborhood. As of October 31st, a fence has been put up around the parking lot and workers have started to rip up the asphalt.

As I was shooting some snowy aerial video footage at Benedict Fountain Park today, I stumbled across a frame that perfectly highlights the project site. You can clearly see how large of an impact this project is going to have in the neighborhood as it’s taking up the entire half block. The project site is the leftmost parking lot in the photo.


Being kitty corner to One City Block, this part of Uptown is turning into a great, tight-knit urban community!