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Arapahoe Square: Curtis Street Lofts Update #1

Staying in Arapahoe Square, there is another project we haven’t looked at in a long time. In fact, we haven’t done an update on it since its original announcement back in February. The old building on the site was demolished months ago, and the structure has been topped out for a while now. Let’s take a look!

As you can see, this is a very small project while at the same time, it makes a huge impact when it is surrounded by nothing but surface parking lots. Parking for residents will be accessible through the alley with entrances to the building along both 21st and Curtis Street. This building will also feature a rooftop deck which is why the slanted roof does not span across the entire front of the building.



The Curtis Street Lofts will provide the Arapahoe Square neighborhood with 12 rental units and should be complete around late spring!

Arapahoe Square: Renaissance Stout Street Lofts Update #2

It has been quite a while, possibly a little too long, since we have checked in at the Renaissance Stout Street Lofts. Back in May, when we last took a look at this project, the underground parking structure was complete and the building had barely risen above street level.

As of Sunday, the apartment building has been topped out for quite some time, the tower crane has been removed, and we can start to see what exterior materials are being used. Here is a view of the Renaissance Stout Street Lofts from the alley side. Access to the underground parking will only be accessible through the alley.


The entrance to the building is along Stout Street and is set back from the sidewalk.

The building occupies almost the entire half block between 21st and 22nd along Stout Street. On the intersection of 21st and Stout, the two-story Urban Peak building occupies the remainder of the block. If you look closely in the second picture, you can see the brick facade has also started to go up!


The Renaissance Stout Street Lofts is a great project in many ways. It gets rid of a very ugly parking lot in Arapahoe Square, where parking lots are in ample supply, and it provides Downtown Denver with some more mixed income housing, which is always in short supply. Out of all of the new apartment units that are under-construction or recently completed, only 5% of those are mixed income units, while the rest are market rate. This project will provide the Arapahoe Square neighborhood with 78-units and should be complete around April.

New Arapahoe Square Project: Park Row

Just down the street from the recently announced Glenarm Grove project, there is another townhouse project planned for the Arapahoe Square neighborhood! Situated on Glenarm Place and Park Avenue West, Park Row is a 15-unit for sale development that is taking up another ugly, empty lot along Park Avenue West. Here is a map with the site outlined.

Each 1,450 square foot unit, with the exception of one 1,705 square foot unit, will be designed as a live-work space with an office on the first level, which can also be used as a third bedroom. Every unit will have three floors of living space, a rooftop deck, and a maximum of two parking spaces. Park Row is designed by Tennant Arkitecture; here is a rendering courtesy of their website.

Park Row will have six units facing Glenarm Place, five units facing Park Avenue West, and four units facing the alley. Here is how they will be configured.

Construction is expected to start later this year with completion in early 2014. Right now the site is a dirt lot in a very lonely area of Downtown Denver. Luckily this will change soon!

Units in Park Row will range from $249,000-$389,000. Before construction has even started, every single unit has been reserved and this will most likely be fully occupied upon completion!

New Arapahoe Square Project: Glenarm Grove

Today let’s take a look at a new project going up in the Arapahoe Square neighborhood. In the Clements Historic District there was one parking lot that needed to be filled to fully complete this neat little district. Sprocket has begun work on a townhome project that will occupy this parking lot. These townhomes, named Glenarm Grove, will be situated between 21st and 22nd Street along Glenarm. Here is a map with the site outlined.

Glenarm Grove is a Landmark Approved project so it will fit very nicely in the Clements Historic District. This project will include a total of 8 townhomes, each having its own garage for parking and storage. Each unit will vary between two and three stories with select units sporting rooftop decks and/or patios. Here is a preliminary rendering of the project.

The parking lot has already been taken out and construction has commenced!

It’s always great to see another parking lot disappear even though there is still a sea of parking lots just across the street, let’s hope those will get some attention soon! Units will be priced in the high 200′s to low 300′s.

Arapahoe Square: Renaissance Stout Street Lofts Update #1

As you may have learned from the tower crane census I posted in March, the Renaissance Stout Street Lofts has a tower crane on site and construction is in full swing. Let’s take a look at what they are doing!

As a refresher, this the site. There isn’t much around it and just to the east there are still seas of parking. This is a great development taking another step to help rectify the surface parking lot problem in Arapahoe Square.

The underground parking structure has started to go up along with the elevator cores. There will be one underground floor of parking with 5-stories of residential on top.


Continuing with the high-resolution bonus photos, here is a shot of Arapahoe Square looking down 22nd Street. You can see the the Renaissance Stout Street lofts, The Douglas, the recently completed completed 2020 Lawrence and soon Legacy 22nd and the Curtis Street Lofts will rise! Lots of infill!

There is a lot of infill going up northeast of Downtown Denver. It’s very exciting to see parking lots disappear in mass quantities. Renaissance Stout Street Lofts is expected to be complete by April 2014.

New Arapahoe Square Project: Curtis Street Lofts

At 21st and Curtis Street in the Arapahoe Square neighborhood, a small apartment project named Curtis Street Lofts has been planned. This is a 4-story building supplying Arapahoe Square with 12 rental units.

This may be a small building but, it is taking up a crucial corner on 21st and Curtis Street adding density to an area that needs some serious densification. There is an existing structure on site which you can clearly see that it doesn’t really contribute to the urban feel of downtown (unlike the giant 2020 Lawrence in the background).

Here are some elevations and a rendering of the Curtis Street Lofts courtesy of Sprocket (click to embiggen). For the construction / planning enthusiast, head on over here for the official development plan submitted to the city.


This is another great win for the Arapahoe Square neighborhood. Slowly but surely lots are disappearing making this the next greatest urban neighborhood of Downtown Denver!

New Arapahoe Square Project: Renaissance Stout Street Lofts

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has started construction on an apartment project between 21st and 22nd on Stout Street, known as the Renaissance Stout Street Lofts. This project will provide 78 units targeted for a variety of incomes including affordable housing. Amenities include a computer room, courtyard, social service workers easily available, and underground parking.

Let’s take a look at a few renderings courtesy of The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (click on the link for some groundbreaking photos as well). This is going to be a five-story structure taking up almost the entire length of the half block while being set back at the entrance. As seen in a lot of apartment designs lately, there will be a rounded facade on one corner.


Now for a look at the site. This is a very barren area of Arapahoe Square that has been riddled with parking lots for many years. Seeing another large lot disappear this close to central downtown is always exciting!


Groundbreaking was on January 30th and they are expected to open April of 2014. Empty lots are disappearing quickly in Arapahoe Square and we’ll be covering another one going away later in the week!

Arapahoe Square: 2020 Lawrence Final Update

Today I am wrapping up 2020 Lawrence as it has recently been completed. 2020 Lawrence has been through a lot before getting out of the ground considering years past. It all started back in 2006, before the economic meltdown, as a 60-unit 9-story condo building that took up only 1/4 of the block. Then in 2009, it was re-announced with design changes but nothing came out of the ground. Finally, in 2011, a half block long 231-unit 10-story apartment building finally broke ground. You can follow the legacy of this project here:

2006 Announcement

First 2020 Lawrence Condo Design

2020 Lawrence Project Underway

2020 Lawrence Update #1

2020 Lawrence Update #2

2020 Lawrence Update #3

2020 Lawrence Update #4

2020 Lawrence Update #5

2020 Lawrence Update #6 (Completed Night Lighting)

As we know, 2020 Lawrence is a pretty massive building taking up a huge gap in the Arapahoe Square neighborhood. Last time I did an update, we only saw a little bit of the facade complete which raised a lot of curiosity on how well the final product would turn out. Zocalo did a great job using some design elements around Arapahoe square and incorporating them into this project. A couple unique elements are the metal cladding with the metal flaring out of the bricks as well as the awnings that will soon have a little ground floor retail behind them. Combined, these add lot of character to the building.


2020 Lawrence has a very defined entrance and makes quite the presence at street level. This is a huge improvement from a parking lot!


Now for a look on the other side. Before judging the more plain nature of this side, remember there is an empty lot that sits right behind 2020 Lawrence we hope will be filled soon. The impact of this building can really be seen from this prospective especially paired with it’s neighbor Solera. There’s a lot of new density around here!


2020 Lawrence may have taken 5 years to get out of the ground with many changes but, it is a key infill project for the Arapahoe Square neighborhood. It’s helping activate areas of downtown that used to be a barren wasteland of parking lots. There are some more infill projects planned around 2020 Lawrence and it will be great to see more projects rise in the Arapahoe Square neighborhood! Welcome to the neighborhood 2020 Lawrence!