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Arapahoe Square: Alexan Arapahoe Square Update #4

Back in August, we announced that Alexan Arapahoe Square was going to start any day. Since then, the surface parking lot and small warehouse have been completely removed. Excavation should start within the coming weeks.

Goodbye surface parking lot!


Alexan Arapahoe Square will provide Arapahoe Square with 355 apartment units contained in a 13-story building.

Arapahoe Square: Alexan 20th Street Station Update #1

The Alexan 20th Street Station project in Downtown Denver’s Arapahoe Square district is now under construction.

Announced just a few months ago, this 12-story, 354-residence apartment community by Trammell Crow Residential is located on California Street between 20th and 21st Streets. Here are a few shots of the early stages of site excavation.

View looking south. On the left is the alley side of the parking garage at 21st and Welton, and rising beyond it is One Lincoln Park:

View looking northwest at the Federal Building:


View straight down California Street with two of Downtown’s more prominent skyscrapers, 1999 Broadway and 1801 California, in the center.


Let’s end with a special bonus photo, thanks to DenverInfill reader Tim W.


From his view high above, we can not only see the Alexan 20th Street Station site in the center foreground, but we can also see another infill project under construction: the Renaissance Downtown Lofts at Stout and Broadway on the left with the red fence.

Another surface parking lot has been eradicated in Arapahoe Square!

Arapahoe Square: Alexan Arapahoe Square Project Update #3

Alexan Arapahoe Square is getting closer to starting. Yesterday, a press release came out regarding a land sale for the Alexan Arapahoe Square site. According to the document, construction is slated to start this month with completion in October 2018.

Here is a photo of the site, taken last weekend. As you can see, it’s a pretty desolate area along Welton Street.


As a refresher, here is a rendering of the 13-story, 355-unit building, courtesy of Kephart the project’s architect.


Our next update on this project will be when the parking lot is stripped away and there is a hole in the ground!

Arapahoe Square: Renaissance Downtown Lofts Update #1

Another new housing development in Downtown has moved to under-construction status; this time, it’s the Renaissance Downtown Lofts project by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. As we reported in our initial post, this new infill project will bring 101 affordable housing units to the Arapahoe Square district.

Here are a few photos of the fenced-off site where construction work is getting underway.


Don’t be alarmed by the fact that the construction fence wraps around the historic (but vacant) Carson Press building in the second photo. All of the plans for this project show the Carson Press building intact and not part of the Renaissance Downtown Lofts project. Perhaps since it is vacant it has been temporarily leased as the construction office.

It is good to see the former uses at this site, an ugly surface parking lot and a vacant bank branch building, replaced with a new six-story building that provides homes for lower-income residents!

New Arapahoe Square Project: Alexan 20th Street Station

Trammell Crow Residential, developer of the Alexan brand of apartment communities, is planning another project in Downtown Denver, this time at 20th and California streets in the Arapahoe Square district. Known as Alexan 20th Street Station, the development will cover the entire half block along California Street between 20th and 21st streets, a 50,068-square foot parcel.

We’ve outlined the project site on the Google Earth image below:

As this aerial photo clearly illustrates, this project will fill a sizable hole in downtown Denver’s biggest parking crater. Fortunately, several of the other undeveloped sites in this sea of asphalt have projects proposed on them, including Renaissance Downtown, 21st and Welton, and even another Trammell Crow Residential project, Alexan Arapahoe Square. The “20th Street Station” part of the project name references RTD’s 20th and Welton light rail station, located 200 feet from the development site.

Alexan 20th Street Station will consist of a 12-story building that rises 144 feet in height and contains 354 residential units. The average apartment size will be 783 square feet. A total of 393 automobile parking spaces is planned, for a parking space/unit ratio of 1.11.

The following rendering is courtesy of our friends at Kephart, the project architect, showing the California Street side of the building with 20th Street on the right. While this rendering does represent the most recent version of the project’s design, some minor changes may occur given that the development is still under review by the city. This is a very high-resolution image, so click/expand for the full effect!


According to Trammell Crow Residential’s website, this project is expected to get started later this year and be complete by fall 2018.

Arapahoe Square: Alexan Arapahoe Square Project Update #2

When we announced Alexan Arapahoe Square, it was in a very preliminary design phase with little detail associated with it. Back in August, we received a refined rendering of the project, thanks to the good folks at Kephart, but some details were still unclear, such as a construction timeline.Today, we are very excited to share the final renderings, along with the important details of Alexan Arapahoe Square.

Trammell Crow Residential is planning a 355-unit apartment project, contained in a 13-story building over at 22nd and Welton Street. Here are the latest renderings thanks to Trammell Crow Residential, the developer and Kephart, the architect.


So what exactly changed since the last set of renderings? Not a whole lot regarding materials, massing, and color scheme.


However, these new renderings give us new perspectives and the context around Alexan Arapahoe Square. As you can see, there isn’t a lot of high or tall density around this project, so it will definitely have a huge impact on the area.


Now for the good details. Trammell Crow Residential is planning on acquiring the land, and breaking ground in June; that’s two months away! The first of the 355-units are planned to lease in December 2017 with total completion in August 2018. The average unit size will be 780 square feet. See you in June!

New Arapahoe Square Project: 21st and Welton Apartments

Lennar Multifamily Communities has submitted plans to the City of Denver for an 18-story, 329-unit apartment project on Welton Street between 21st and 22nd streets in a particularly parking lot-infested section of the Arapahoe Square district. Here’s the site outlined on a Google Earth aerial, followed by a Google Street View image:



The following rendering shows the Welton Street side of the building, with 22nd Street at left and 21st Street at right. All images presented below are from project documents submitted in January to the Denver Planning Board and are preliminary and conceptual in nature and are subject to further modification and refinement. RNL Design is the project architect.


Preliminary plans show the project stacking up as follows:

The ground floor includes leasing office, lobby, and building services near the 21st Street corner, a little over 4,000 square feet of leasable retail/restaurant space near the 22nd Street corner, and about 40 motor vehicle parking spaces in the center and rear. Levels 2, 3, and 4 would each contain 120 additional parking spaces, for a grand total of approximately 400 spaces for the storage of private automobiles. Over 30 motorcycle/scooter spaces would also be provided. The preliminary plans do not indicate how bicycle parking will be accommodated.

Level 5 contains over 3,000 square feet of indoor tenant amenity space and over 20,000 square feet of outdoor amenity space including a pool, lounge and landscaped areas, as well as about 20 residential units. Level 6 includes over 3,000 square feet for a fitness center and another 21 residential units, while Levels 7 through 18 provide the remaining 288 residential units. Level 17 also includes some indoor and outdoor tenant amenity space.

Here are all four corner perspectives:

22nd and Welton:


22nd and alley:


21st and alley:


21st and Welton:


A timeframe for project construction is currently unknown.

New Arapahoe Square Project: Renaissance Downtown Lofts

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has been busy building transitional housing around the downtown area, with recent projects including Off Broadway Lofts, Renaissance Riverfront Lofts, Renaissance Uptown Lofts, and Renaissance Stout Street Lofts. The Coalition continues their important mission with their latest proposed development, Renaissance Downtown Lofts.

Renaissance Downtown Lofts will be located at 2075 Broadway on a triangular parcel at the corner of Broadway and Stout near 21st Street in Downtown Denver’s Arapahoe Square district. Here’s the site outlined on a Google Earth aerial:


The project consists of a 6-story building with 101 affordable apartment units on the upper five floors, with the ground floor accommodating 29 vehicle parking spaces and about 7,000 square feet of lobby, administrative offices, and support functions. The project also includes 40 bicycle spaces within the development for tenants and an additional 10 exterior bicycle spaces for visitors.

Here are a few renderings, courtesy of Christopher Carvell Architects. Please note: these renderings were provided as part of the project’s development application to the city and are preliminary design concepts subject to further modifications and refinement.

Broadway and Stout corner facing west:


Stout Street view with vehicle entry:


Bird’s-eye view looking southwest towards downtown:


An abandoned bank drive-through facility currently occupies the site. The Renaissance Downtown Lofts will provide not only much-needed housing options for Denver’s homeless, but also some solid urban form on a block that suffers from severe parkinglotitis.

We will post more information on this project as it becomes available.

Arapahoe Square: Alexan Arapahoe Square Project Update #1

A few weeks ago we announced a new 12-story, 353-unit apartment project going up in Arapahoe Square. As a project moves through the development review process, some of the first things that usually get refined are the design and massing.

Today I have a new, more refined rendering to share with you thanks to Sarah Van Severen of Kephart, the architect firm behind this project. One of the largest changes in this revision is the facade color. Instead of a solid color throughout the building’s facade, it is now broken up with lighter colors on the street level. According to Kephart, the colors for this project are not quite final and will be tweaked more in the coming weeks.


Here is the preliminary rendering for a comparison:


Project updates are always a good sign of a development moving forward. I’m sure we will have a groundbreaking date the next time we visit this project!