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Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Final Update

We are long overdue for some ‘final updates’ here on DenverInfill with one of those projects being Broadstone Blake Street, which completed around April of this year.

Announced in 2012, DenverInfill followed this project for two years, closely watching an ugly surface lot across from Coors Field transform into a high density, urban development. Here are all of the previous updates for Broadstone Blake Street:

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Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Update

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Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Update #3

Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Update #4

Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Update #5

Now to the pictures, which I actually took back in April when Broadstone Blake Street just opened. This project rises a total of seven-stories and is providing the Ballpark neighborhood with 164 apartment units.

2015-04-27_BroadstoneBlake-01 2015-04-27_BroadstoneBlake-04

The main entrance, along with some walk-up units, line Blake Street with the parking ramps along 22nd Avenue. The parking garage location is a strategic move by the developers as Blake Street is closed off for the majority of Rockies games.

2015-04-27_BroadstoneBlake-02 2015-04-27_BroadstoneBlake-03

The Ballpark neighborhood is riddled with parking lots creating huge holes in our urban fabric. With three significantly sized projects now complete, we can only hope more projects will be coming to this neighborhood soon. For amenity and leasing information, check out the project’s website.

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Final Update

Back in late 2012, DenverInfill annonced a new project that was going to carry on the task of helping fill in the Ballpark / Arapahoe Square neighborhood. As we all know, these two neighborhoods are cursed with large parking craters that ultimately hurt Downtown Denver’s urban fabric. With 2020 Lawrence wrapping up, Legacy 22nd, now known as Point 21, started to take off. Below, you can click through the links and read through this project’s story; from exisitng buildings on site to construction activity to, now, the final product.

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Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #1

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #2

Summer 2013: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #3

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #4

Point 21 rises a total of six-stories and provides the Ballpark neighborhood with 212 apartment units. Let’s start off with a photo showing the project from Larimer Street. This is a great example of what an urban neighborhood should contain: a great street, in this case Larimer Street, sporting healthy ground floor retail with residential units lining the streets behind.


Point 21 takes the entire half block along Lawrence Street with a very large setback in the middle, where the amenity deck and parking ramps are located. On both corners of the block, this project appears to be two buildings eliminating the visual of a large, overbearing street wall of apartments.

2015-04-23_21Lawrence-01 2015-04-23_21Lawrence-03

2015-04-23_21Lawrence-02 2015-04-23_21Lawrence-04

New projects around the Ballpark and Arapahoe Square neighborhood have tapered off for the time being but I would expect another wave to commence soon, given Downtown Denver’s hot rental market. Welcome to Ballpark, Point 21!

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #4

Heading back over to the Ballpark neighborhood, we are going to check in at Legacy 22nd, going up at the intersection of 21st and Lawrence Street. Over the past couple of months, Legacy 22nd has topped out at six-stories and we are now able to see some of the elements on the facade.

Here are two corner views of the project looking down Lawrence Street; one from 22nd Street and the other from 21st Street. For the majority of the facade, blonde brick will be used which you can see in the second picture.

2014-06-25_Legacy22nd-03 2014-06-25_Legacy22nd-04

Looking at the project from Larimer Street, the one-story retail buildings now have a significant backdrop also making them blend in better with the streetscape.


Now for the important part of the project: the impact at the street level. The new view down 21st Street is getting more impressive but the view down Lawrence is beginning to get incredible. In the past 5 years, three new buildings ranging from six to ten stories have gone up in this view: Solera, 2020 Lawrence, and now Legacy 22nd.

2014-06-25_Legacy22nd-05 2014-06-25_Legacy22nd-02

Legacy 22nd is another great step in repairing the urban fabric of the Ballpark neighborhood. We should see this project complete around fall-time.

Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Update #5

It is always exciting when a project tops out because it gives us a great idea and view on how the infill contributes to the urban fabric of Downtown Denver. Recently, Broadstone Blake Street has topped out at six-stories.

The empty lots right across from Coors Field have always seemed to be prime land for development yet, for so many years, they remained undeveloped. Back in 2012, Alliance Residential took action and proposed the six-story, 226-unit apartment building on a gravel lot that was used for parking during baseball season. Fast forward 26 months and a six-story building now stands on this site! Here are some pictures of the recently topped out building.

2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-01 2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-04

Broadstone Blake Street has a very positive impact along both 22nd and Blake Street, not to mention, the scaling and design are great for this intersection.

2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-02 2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-03

Within the next few weeks, workers will be starting on the brick facade and we should see this project complete by late fall!

Ballpark: Walnut Flats Update #2

The Ballpark neighborhood has a lot going on with several infill projects going up. Let’s head down Walnut Street to check in at the Walnut Flats project between 27th and 28th street. As a refresher, this is a 169-unit, five-story apartment project that will span across the entire half block along Walnut Street.

This project has recently begun to go vertical. The 224 parking spaces will be structured underground with apartment units on all five floors above.


The Walnut Flats are right on pace with Legacy 22nd and should also be complete around the late fall.

Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Update #4

Today we are going to look at another great infill project we haven’t visited in a while: Broadstone Blake Street. This project, situated directly across from Coors Field, has started to move forward at a brisk pace and has almost topped out!

As of right now, Broadstone Blake Street has risen a total of five stories with one more to go. This project is beginning to make a huge impact along Blake Street!


Speaking of a huge impact, here is a picture looking north down Blake Street. Broadstone Blake Street fills in a key lot in the Ballpark neighborhood and is a great contributor to helping Coors Field feel like a great urban ballpark!

The construction time-frame for the 164-unit apartment project has been changed a few times however, judging by the pace of construction, we should see this building complete by late fall!

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #3

It has been almost a year since we’ve checked in over at the project going up on 21st and Lawrence. Since then, a lot has happened and the project has started to go vertical! As a refresher, Legacy 22nd is a 6-story apartment project that is going to provide the Ballpark neighborhood with 212 rental units.

Here are some recent photos of the project. This is quite the busy block! There are two cranes on site, the elevator cores have topped out and the wood framing has started to go vertical. The structure of Legacy 22nd will be a one story concrete podium with five floors of wood framing.


Here’s a fun little bonus picture I have for you today. This was taken from the roof of Uptown Square and you can clearly see all of the recent development that has been going on in the Arapahoe Square and Ballpark neighborhoods. The elevator cores at Legacy 22nd are barely peaking out above the Stout Street Lofts. Make sure you click to embiggen to see the full picture! (Disclaimer: When I made this panorama, I caught word that Legacy 22nd was going to be called 21 Lawrence, and then found that to be untrue. In the picture it is still titled 21 Lawrence.)

With Legacy 22nd going up, Lawrence Street between 20th and 22nd feels very different and much more urban! We should see this project complete in the late fall.

Ballpark: The Douglas Final Update

It is time to wrap up one of the most prominent projects being built in the Ballpark neighborhood: The Douglas. Taking up an entire city block of ugly surface parking, The Douglas has made a huge impact along all four corners it stands on: Park Avenue and 24th Street, Larimer and Walnut Streets. We had pretty extensive coverage of this project here on DenverInfill so you can track its entire progress by visiting the posts below:

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Now for the photos of the complete building! We will start out by visiting each corner of The Douglas. The walk-around will start at Park Avenue West and Walnut Street and go clockwise around the city block ending at Park Avenue West and Larimer Street. Crews are still adding the finishing touches on the northeast side of the building however, residents have started to move in and most of the building is open and ready to lease!



While walking along The Douglas, you are greeted with a great street presence that goes along the entire block. At 5-stories, this building closes in the street very well and feels very urban.

Here are some pictures of the detailed brickwork that makes up most of the facade. There are various types of brick and patterns scattered throughout this project.


The Douglas is a great win for both Downtown Denver and the Ballpark neighborhood. Not only did it take away an entire block of surface parking but it is also adding 310 residential units to an already thriving neighborhood. Welcome to Denver, The Douglas!

Ballpark: Broadstone Blake Street Update #3

Back in January, the Broadstone Blake Street project was just a hole in the ground. Finally, this project broke street level and we are starting to see it go vertical!

Underground parking structures always take longer than the main structure. It seemed like this project was put on-hold but there was just a bunch below grade work going on.


As a refresher, Broadstone Blake Street will provide the Ballpark neighborhood with 164 rental units in a 7-story apartment building. Construction is expected to be complete by early 2014.