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Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #2

Good news! DenverInfill has learned from Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, the brokerage firm handling leasing for the proposed 1401 Lawrence office tower, that the official groundbreaking for the project will take place on October 1, 2014. For more about this project, visit our last update here.



By the way, the tower has gained a floor since our last report. It now will be 22 stories tall and contain 298,000 square feet of office space and 8,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. Toronto-based First Gulf Corporation is the developer. For more information including a downloadable PDF with additional building details, visit the First Gulf’s project website.


New Central Downtown Project: 1144 15th Street

A major new office tower is proposed for Downtown Denver: 1144 15th Street.

To be developed by Hines, 1144 15th will provide 640,000 square feet of office space in a 40-story glass tower rising up from 15th Street between Arapahoe and Lawrence Streets, sharing the block with the Four Seasons. Here’s a Google Earth aerial with the site outlined:


Here are a few renderings from the project’s website. Pickard Chilton is the project architect.

View looking west from a few blocks to the east:


Skyline panorama also looking west:


Nighttime view looking east from Auraria Parkway:


Wide skyline panorama looking east:


According to the Denver Business Journal, Hines is planning to build the tower as a 100% speculative project based on the strength of the Downtown market. Construction is scheduled to begin May 2015 with completion in mid-2017.

This isn’t the first time Hines has proposed this project. Twice since the early 2000s, Hines had marketed a tower at this location, but with a pre-leasing requirement that never materialized. From our DenverInfill archives, here is an image of the proposed tower (then known as 1100 15th) from 2001:


What an exciting project! We will keep you posted as more details about the project become available over the coming months.  

Downtown Denver: Aloft Denver City Center Update #3

Let’s head on over to Central Downtown Denver and check in at the aLoft project going up on 15th and Stout Street. As a refresher, the aLoft hotel will rise six stories and provide Downtown Denver with 140 new hotel rooms.

As of this weekend, the structure has gone up two stories; which is already twice as tall as the building that used to stand on this site! The parcel, of 12,500 square feet, has quite a small footprint but the aLoft will feature all of the standard amenities, including a fitness pool / spa.

03-31-2014_aLoft-01 03-31-2014_aLoft-02

The building will be comprised of a one-story podium with five-stories of timber structure above. Here are some pictures of the project from a neighboring parking garage. There are currently three surface parking lots that are around this project. The aLoft is a great step in the right direction, but wouldn’t it be great if these other lots got developed as well?

03-31-2014_aLoft-03 03-31-2014_aLoft-04

This project is already having a very positive impact on the 15th Street corridor. We should see this project complete later this year.

Spring 2014: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census

It has been 7 months since our last ‘hole-in-the-ground’ census and as new projects have started to take off in the past couple of months, there are fresh new holes scattered around the Downtown Denver area. This census will exclude Cherry Creek and will focus on Downtown Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods. In this census, I will give a brief description of each project along with a link to access all of the previous posts associated with that project. Let’s begin!


Golden Triangle | 16-stories | 224-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env01

28th and Broadway

Golden Triangle | 7-stories | 200-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-01

3Hyatt House / Hyatt Place

Central Downtown | 21-stories | 361-rooms | Hotel

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-02

4Triangle Building

Union Station | 10-stories | 220,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-01

51601 Wewatta

Union Station | 10-stories | 300,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-02

6Galvanize 2.0

Lower Highland | 4-stories | 76,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-02

That’s a lot of infill going vertical this year! If you looked closely at both 8th and Broadway and 1601 Wewatta, tower crane bases are up at each site! We should see those cranes up within the next month or so!

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update

In 2008 before the recession, Shea Properties announced plans for a two-tower mixed-use project on Block 109—specifically, the half block facing Curtis between 17th and 18th streets. At that time, the project consisted of a 24-story office tower at the 17th Street corner and a 31-story combination hotel/condominium tower on the 18th Street corner. We did two blog posts on the project which you can read here and here. Unfortunately, the project was put on hold due to the financial crisis later in 2008 and the great recession that followed.

It appears the 999 17th Street proposal may be coming back. Davis Partnership Architects, the firm that designed the 2008 version, has recently published new design versions of the project on their website. While still a two-tower design, the program and scale of the project has changed somewhat.

Under the new design, the 18th Street corner features a 28-story, 360-unit apartment tower, and the 17th Street corner features a 9-story office tower with a striking angular glass design. Both towers include ground-floor retail and a seven-level parking garage anchors the center of the block between the two towers. An amenities deck is located on the 8th floor above the parking garage.

Here are some renderings from the Davis Partnership website:

Apartment tower at 18th and Curtis:

Office tower at 17th and Curtis:

Amenities deck above the parking garage:

As of today, no development application for this project has been submitted to the city. The fact that the design has been updated since the recession, however, may indicate that the project could be coming back as an active proposal in the near future. Let’s hope! This would make for an excellent addition to Downtown Denver and remove a half-block surface parking lot in the process!

Central Downtown: Two Tabor Center Update

It has been almost exactly six years since we have mentioned anything about Callahan Capital Partner’s Two Tabor Center project. This project was last proposed before the economic recession in 2008 (with previous iterations going back to the 1980s) but it never made it out of the ground. At the time, Two Tabor Center was proposed as a 43-story, 840,000 square foot office tower.

Today we have some potentially exciting news on the project. Two Tabor Center has a new, updated design! These renderings do come with a disclaimer: they were obtained from the Davis Partnership website and we have no information as far as a construction schedule or how active this proposal may be. The new tower design features a 31-story tower that would rise 420 feet and provide Central Downtown with 700,000 square feet of office space.


Here is an additional rendering of Two Tabor Center’s roofline. This is far from just another glassy box and will be a nice refreshing design on our skyline!

As of today, there hasn’t been a development application submitted to the city. However, with new designs, there is hope that Two Tabor Center could be coming back as an active proposal! What an excellent addition to Downtown Denver if it does!

Downtown Denver: Aloft Denver City Center Update #2

Back in August we covered a bunch of projects that were still in the ‘hole-in-the-ground’ phase. One of those projects we had a quick snapshot of was the aLoft hotel going in at the corner of 15th and Stout. The old Burger King building has been demolished for quite some time and now we are starting to see some things go vertical!

Let’s head down to the site. Most of the underground work is complete, and the core is finally rising! Right now you are only seeing the underground facilities which do not occupy the whole footprint of the site. The rest of the building, however, will utilize the full site.


Outside of the fence, all you can see right now is the core above street level but I’m sure we will see the rest of the building go vertical in the very near future!


The aLoft Denver City Center will rise a total of six stories and provide Central Downtown with around 140 new hotel rooms. I am very excited that this corner is finally getting some much needed infill!

Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #1

About a month ago, we posted about First Gulf Corporation’s proposed 21-story office tower at the corner of 14th and Lawrence. Today we have a bit more information about the project to share with you.

In addition to the two renderings provided in our October post, here are two more images showing the proposed tower within its Downtown Denver context. First, this view looking southeast from the 14th/Larimer corner towards Lawrence Street:

Next, a broader view of the Lawrence Street side of the building, looking northwest, with 14th Street on the left edge of the image:

Finally, over this past weekend, a new large sign promoting the project has been installed at the site.

Even though this project is directly across the street from my office window and will partially block my skyline view, I think this project is great! It beats looking at a surface parking lot by a mile high.