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New City Park West Project: The York

Let’s start the week off with some new infill! Over the past couple of months, readers have been asking about the hole along York Street between 17th and 18th Avenue. Starting back in September, this project, named The York, went through the review stage with the city and received an approval; Shea Properties promptly started construction. The site had three existing structures (two single story office buildings, and a car repair shop) that were demolished to make way for this new project.

Here is an updated aerial with the project site outlined. As you can see, the new aerials taken for Denver reflect that this project already started in the late summer.


Moving in a little closer, here are some fresh photos of the project from the street level. A large yellow crawler crane now sits on site.

2016_01_24-TheYorkSite-01 2016_01_24-TheYorkSite-02

Finally, peeking over the fence, we can see that excavation is well underway with the foundation starting to go in. It will still be a couple months until this project is at street level.

2016_01_24-TheYorkSite-04 2016_01_24-TheYorkSite-03

How about some details and renderings? The York is going to consist of 212 apartment units over 237 parking spaces; giving it a parking ratio of 1.11. The project will also feature internal courtyards and several retail units facing the park. Below are two renderings courtesy of Oz Architecture, the designer of this project. The York has very similar features to One City Block over in Uptown.



This project adds density to a part of City Park West that is scattered with surface parking lots and single story structures. We will visit this project again once it’s out of the ground!

Infill Construction Photos–East of Downtown

While there may not be a lot of new projects being announced these days, we still have a number of infill projects that are under construction in the Downtown Denver area. Thanks again to Vicki for the photos, here’s a sampling of projects from the Uptown, Curtis Park-Five Points, City Park West, and Ballpark districts:

Urbans@Lawrence (26th and Lawrence):

Trellis (next door to the above Urbans project):

Traverse (25th and Champa):

2428 Champa (next door to Traverse):

Cornerstone Residences (Park Avenue and Curtis):

25th and Washington:

Chroma Townhomes (25th and Larimer):

Rocky Mountain Children’s Hospital (19th and High):

Uptown Apartments (19th and Clarkson):

Nice to see all that brick!

I know there are a few more infill projects under construction out there that I haven’t recently posted a photo of (or at all). If you’d like to contribute to DenverInfill, please email me your well-composed, higher-resolution photos or send me a link to where the photos reside on a photo-sharing account, and I’d be happy–and thankful–to post them. Please also include the project name/location too.

Infill Construction Photos!

Thanks to Vicki H. who’s been sending me photos from the center city districts east of Downtown for a couple of years now, today we’ve got a bunch of infill construction updates!

First, the Park Avenue Apartments (formerly Uptown Apartments) project at 19th and Washington in the Uptown district (Project #20):

Also in Uptown, the big East Village redevelopment project has finally moved across to the southwest side of Park Avenue, with that project’s “Block 4” now starting construction next to Benedict Fountain Park (Project #1):

Speaking of the East Village redevelopment project, on the other side of Park Avenue in the Curtis Park district, construction of “Block 3” is nearing completion (Project #8):

I dig the architecture.

Also in Curtis Park are two new projects I don’t have on DenverInfill yet! First is a 6-unit townhome project at 22nd and Emerson:

and a condo/townhome project of some kind at 25th and Washington. This project is right up against The Point project and nicely completes the block. At the corner is a historic Denver Fire Department station:

In the Capitol Hill district, the new Argonaut Liquor (Project #10) opened two days ago at Colfax and Clarkson! Here’s the new building:

Finally, a new project not yet on the City Park West district page is the new Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, located at the corner of 19th and High. Construction has recently begun:

Do you live or work near an infill project that I haven’t posted a photo of recently? If you’d like to be a contributor to DenverInfill, please send me an email (feedback “at” denverinfill “dot” com) with the photos or a link to where I can download them. Please just make sure they are higher-resolution, well-composed photos (no camera phones or shots taken through the car windshield, etc.) to maintain the high quality of this website. I will greatly appreciate it!

City Park West Infill Update

Continuing on with our updates of infill projects in Downtown Denver’s city center districts, today we’ve got City Park West. Here are some new photos (all photos courtesy of Vicki H. except for the FirstBank picture, which is courtesy of Nathan R.):

1740 Franklin:

St. Joseph’s Office Building & Parking Garage:

Gilpin Grove:

Franklin Square:

The Edge at City Park:

FirstBank at Colfax & Franklin:

All of these new images have been added to the City Park West district page which, by the way, I’ve also upgraded with the new color aerial photo.

DenverInfill Update: Uptown/City Park West Construction Photos

Let’s next check out some of the urban infill construction activity taking place in Downtown Denver’s Uptown and City Park West neighborhoods.
Emerson Uptown Lofts at E. 17th Avenue and Emerson Street (3 stories, residential):

St. Joseph’s Hospital Medical Office Building at E. 18th Avenue and Gilpin Street (5 stories, office and parking garage):

1740 Franklin near E. 17th Avenue and Franklin Street (5 stories, residential):

The Gathering Place near E. Colfax Avenue and High Street (3 stories, residential):

Many thanks to Vicki for all four of the photos in this post!

Downtown Denver: Rebuilding the Core

New City Park West Project: The Edge at City Park

There’s a new urban infill project coming to the City Park West neighborhood. The Edge at City Park is a 29-unit condominium project located at 1855 Gaylord, one block from the western end of City Park, Denver’s largest urban park.

The Edge at City Park consists of the conversion/renovation of an existing vacant office building at the site into 13 units, along with the construction of a new 5-story building on the parking lot next door that will hold another 16 units. Here’s a rendering of what the project will look like in the end:

For photos of what the property looks like now, check out the City Park West page, where we’ve already added The Edge at City Park as project number 17. As you can see, this project will greatly improve the conditions on the block.

For more information about The Edge at City Park, check out the project website,, which includes floor plans, pricing, and more.

Downtown Denver: Rebuilding the Core.

New City Park West Project: Gilpin Grove

Another new urban infill project is coming to the City Park West district near Downtown Denver. The Gilpin Grove townhome project will be located mid-block on Gilpin Street between 16th and 17th Avenues. The project includes two 3-story buildings for a total of 10 units sharing a common private driveway. The units range within the 1,400-1,500 square foot range with two bedrooms, terraces and two-car garages. The project is being developed by Sprocket Design-Build, Inc. Construction is expected to begin Summer, 2007.
Here’s a rendering of the project design along with the site plan. Images courtesy the developer’s website.

Downtown Denver Infill Projects: 2007.01.28 Construction Photos

Here is another set of photos to document the status of some of the urban infill construction projects in the Downtown Denver area. These photos were taken this past week by my friend Rob.

24 Walnut (3-story, 29-unit townhomes) in the Ballpark district:

Blake 27 Brownstones Phase II (120 brownstone and condominium units) also in Ballpark:

1740 Franklin (5-story, 16-unit condominiums) in City Park West:

Lombard Gate (4-story, 9-unit condominiums) in Curtis Park-Five Points:

RiverClay (6-story, 60-unit condominiums) in the Jefferson Park district:

Metroview (3-story, 8-unit townhomes) also in Jefferson Park:

Ayr on 29th Lofts (4-story, 20-unit condominums) in the Highland district:

Highlands Vista (3-story, 6-unit townhomes) in Highland:

Confluence Heights (4-story, 24-unit condominiums) in Highland:

Wyandot Overlook (4-story, 15-unit condominiums) in Highland:

Downtown Denver Infill Projects: 2007.01.20 Construction Photo Sampler

There are currently about 45 urban infill projects under construction in the Downtown Denver area covered here at Today I’ve got a sampling of some of those projects. Photos were taken 2007.01.19. Click on the photo to enlarge.

One Lincoln Park (31-story, 184-unit condominiums) on Block 177 in Northeast Downtown:

Grant Park (8-story, 112-unit condominiums) on Block 033-B in Upper Downtown:

Hilton Garden Inn (12-story, 225-room hotel) on Block 172 in Upper Downtown:

Sugar3 (10-story residential/office/retail mixed-use) on Block 019 in Lower Downtown:

816 Acoma (16-story, 224-unit apartments) in the Golden Triangle district:

Piranesi (5-story, 44-unit condominiums) also in the Golden Triangle:

Strada Flats (4-story, 30-unit condominiums) in the Capitol Hill district:

Emerson Uptown Lofts (3-story, 33-unit condominiums) in the Uptown district:

St. Joseph’s Hospital Office Building (5-story, 152,000 SF) in the City Park West district:

Urbans @ Glenarm (3-story, 5-unit townhomes) in the Curtis Park-Five Points district: