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New Five Points-Curtis Park Project: 2300 Welton

March 2 UPDATE:

We’ve received word from the developer of 2300 Welton that the renderings featured below from the Humphries Poli website are rather old (Summer 2013) and are conceptual in nature. The project’s design has evolved since then. We’ve added captions to these renderings to make that clear as well. The development has a few milestones yet to be completed before the project can move forward, and the developer hopes to share new information about 2300 Welton with us in the near future.


Great news for the Welton Corridor in the Five Points-Curtis Park neighborhood! A new apartment project is proposed on a half block gravel lot which is, believe it or not, even worse worse than a surface parking lot.

First, let’s start off with an overview of the location with the project site outlined. 2300 Welton will sit between Park Avenue West and 24th Street along Welton Street.


This project will have a huge impact along both Park Avenue West and Welton Street; it activates a part of the Welton Street Corridor that has been barren and desolate for many years along with continuing the street wall along Park Avenue West. Here are three renderings of 2300 Welton courtesy of Humphries Poli Architects.


Project rendering dated June/July 2013.


Project rendering dated June/July 2013.


Project rendering dated June/July 2013.

Back in the Fall, I took some site photos of 2300 Welton. As you can see, this site a sizable crater along a great corridor that’s begging to be built on!

2015-02-26_2300WeltonSite-01 2015-02-26_2300WeltonSite-02

2300 Welton is a workforce housing project and will be providing the Five Points-Curtis Park neighborhood with 223-units. The construction time-frame is still unknown but we will keep you posted when this project moves forward!

New Curtis Park-Five Points Project: 2400 Washington

Denver-based Palisade Partners is planning a new 26-unit townhome project at the corner of 24th and Washington in Denver’s historic Curtis Park-Five Points neighborhood. The site is outlined in yellow on this Google Earth aerial:


The development is being designed by Craine Archtecture. Here is a rendering of the project, courtesy of Craine:


For more information, please visit the project website: The development is planned to be completed by late 2015.

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2460 Welton Update #2

Here’s a brief update on the new residential project at 2460 Welton in the Five Points district, featuring a new rendering of the project, courtesy of Craine Architecture. Here’s the view along Welton:


Our last update on this development was in October when construction started.

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2460 Welton Update #1

As of recently, the Five Points neighborhood is starting to experience a housing boom, especially along the Welton Street Corridor. Back in June, we announced a new project, going up on the intersection of 25th and Welton Street, that will provide the neighborhood with 96 new units of housing.

Over the past few weeks, the project has broken ground, fences have been put up and excavation has begun. There will be two parts to this project: 14 townhome units and 82 apartment units. According to the site plan, the townhomes will be along Welton towards 24th Street and the apartment building will sit at the intersection of 25th and Welton Street.

2014-10-28_2460Welton-02 2014-10-28_2460Welton-03

Here is a closer look at 2460 Welton, just peeking over the fence.


As I was taking photos of this site, I realized that this project has one of the greatest amenities: a rail station less than a block away. This will be great when you need to catch the D-Line into Downtown Denver! The LEED-Silver project has a long ways to go with an anticipated completion about a year out.

Curtis Park-Five Points: Mile High United Way HQ Update #2

What was a steel shell back in March, the three-story Mile High United Way Headquarters is now an almost fully enclosed building four months later! Situated along Park Avenue, between Stout and California Streets, this office project really shaping up and only has a couple months until completion!

The 63,000 square foot office building has topped out and the facade, comprised of blonde brick and glass curtain walls, is nearly complete. Here are two prospective of the building from California and Stout Streets along Park Avenue.

2014-07-06_MileHighUW-01 2014-07-06_MileHighUW-04

The back of the building will be used for parking and is comprised mostly with a blonde brick facade. However, the glass curtain wall along Stout Street adds a great modern touch to the building.

2014-07-06_MileHighUW-03 2014-07-06_MileHighUW-02

The Mile High United Way Headquarters contributes to the once broken street wall along Park Avenue West. There might still be a lot of work to be done but this is a great step in the right direction. Completion for this project is expected around this fall.

New Curtis Park-Five Points Project: 2460 Welton

There is exciting news coming to the Welton corridor in the Five Points neighborhood! Recently, Palisade Partners announced a new project going up at the intersection of Welton and 25th Street. Welton Street, east of Park Avenue West, has always been a patchwork of historic buildings and empty lots, creating huge holes in the urban fabric of this neighborhood.

Here is an aerial view of the neighborhood with the project site outlined. 2460 Welton will take up most of the lot, leaving the historic houses intact. One great feature about this location is its proximity to the 25th and Welton light rail station which will provide residents quick access to Downtown Denver.


Looking at the project site on Google Street View, you can clearly see that this is a site that has been longing for development. This parcel currently has no use, including parking, and has become a huge eyesore along the Welton corridor.


Last but not least, here is a rendering of the project, courtesy of Palisade Partners. 2460 Welton will feature 82 market-rate apartments in a five-story building and 14 three-story townhomes. Amenities will include a rooftop deck, community room and a fitness center. The design of the building is intended to capture elements from the historic Rossonian Hotel.


Last year, Mayor Hancock announced the Welton design / development challenge to advance the economic revitalization of the Five Points neighborhood. The development team for 2460 Welton accepted the challenge and was awarded a $100,000 grant! Palisade Partners is expecting to break ground this summer with completion around fall 2015.

Curtis Park-Five Points: Mile High United Way HQ Update #1

In my previous post, I hinted at the progress, in the bonus panorama picture, of the Mile High United Way Headquarters building going up along Park Avenue. Fortunately, when I was out and about taking pictures of all the great infill, I stopped by the Mile High United Way site!

Here are two views of the project along Park Avenue: one from California Street and the other from Stout Street. It’s amazing what a difference even a steel shell can make along a street.


Let’s get a closer look at the site. The structure has topped out at 3-stories and metal framing has started to go up for the outer walls and facade.


This project has moved forward at a very brisk pace since our announcement last June. Mile High United Way is expected to move into their new 63,000 square foot building by late fall.

New Curtis Park-Five Points Project: Mile High United Way HQ

Denver’s Mile High United Way organization is moving its headquarters from its current location at 18th and Central in Lower Highland to the Curtis Park-Five Points district just northeast of Downtown. The new 63,000 square foot, three-story office building will occupy the entire block face along Park Avenue between Stout and California Streets. Here’s a GoogleEarth aerial where I’ve outlined the project site:

Mile High United Way recently held the groundbreaking ceremony for the development and, if all goes as planned, they will move into their new building in the fall of 2014.

Here are two renderings of the project, courtesy of LoDo-based Davis Partnership. The first image is the view of the California Street corner, and the second image shows the Stout Street corner. These are nice high-resolution renderings, so click/zoom to enjoy at maximum size:

Once Mile High United Way moves into their new building next fall, their current location in Lower Highland will be redeveloped into new apartments (more on that later).

This project is significant in several ways. Not only does it provide an important charitable organization in our community a larger home in an area where their services are especially needed, but it also continues the revitalization of the Curtis Park-Five Points and Arapahoe Square districts. The property was owned by the Denver Housing Authority which has had plans for several years to put a future phase of their Curtis Park housing redevelopment on the site. DHA agreed to sell the property to Mile High United Way given the compatibility between the two organizations’ missions and that DHA wasn’t ready to develop the site yet anyway. DHA still owns the remaining undeveloped quarter of the block at 24th and Stout, and still plans to put housing there at some point in the future.

By taking up an entire block face along Park Avenue, this project represents another major piece in the transformation of Park Avenue from a street lined with deteriorating buildings and surface parking lots into a more vibrant corridor with a repaired urban fabric. By my count, the new Mile High United Way headquarters will be the thirteenth new infill project fronting Park Avenue between Colfax Avenue and Blake Street since 2000, with an additional half-dozen or so projects on blocks that are bordered by Park Avenue.

A welcome improvement to the Curtis Park-Five Points neighborhood!