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Five Points-Curtis Park: 2560 Welton Street Project Update #1

Back in June, we took an early look at 2560 Welton and provided some very preliminary renderings. As a refresher, this is quite a large project for the already booming Welton corridor; providing 130 apartment units, 15,388 square feet of office space, and 9,266 square foot of retail contained in a 8-story structure.

In this project update, we have some very refined and detailed renderings that give us a better insight to what 2560 Welton will look like. All of these renderings are courtesy of Craine Architecture. One great amenity, as you can see in the renderings below, is the light-rail stop right outside the front door providing residents easy access to Downtown Denver.

2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-01 2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-03

The base of the building will follow the neighborhood’s character, featuring a brick facade. Although the material is unknown, white paneling will be used on floors four through eight.


The construction time-frame for this 2560 Welton is still unknown but we will keep you in the loop as soon as we find out more information.

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Update #3

Let’s swing on over to the booming Five Points – Curtis Park neighborhood, where a lot of residential units are going up along the Welton Corridor. 2460 Welton Street is a mixed 14-unit townhome/84-unit apartment project that will be providing a total of 98 units to the neighborhood.

2460 Welton, designed by Craine Architecture, features a great curved corner treatment, mimicking buildings such as the historic Rossonian. This project is officially topped out at 5 stories and we should see the facade going up any time now.

2015-11-19_2460Welton-02 2015-11-19_2460Welton-01

The historic Welton Corridor is great for so many reasons. One of them is the incredibly easy light-rail access to get to Central Downtown making this a very well connected neighborhood!

New Five Points-Curtis Park Project: 2810 Welton Street

Throughout the past few months, we have covered some large scale infill projects along the Welton Corridor: , and . Today, we are announcing something a little different: a small, narrow infill project between 28th and 29th Street along Welton.

Located only a block away from the 27th and Welton light-rail station, here is an aerial with the project site outlined.


All of the information for this project is contained in this document from the Landmark Preservation Commission. This project will take up two parcels, 2810 and 2812 Welton Street. The existing structures on site (the white single family home) will be demolished to make way for 2810 Welton. Here is a Google Street View image of the site.


We have some very preliminary renderings of 2810 Welton Street which were approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission with conditions. This means the design and massing will be refined over time. Again, for full details of this project and approval conditions, head on over to the submittal documents.

2810 Welton Street will rise a total of five-stories, with the top two floors set back. The first and second floor of this building are intended for retail and business use with three floors of apartments on top. The square footage and unit count of this project is currently unknown.

2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-01 2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-02

2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-04 2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-03

2810 Welton is very preliminary as developers and financials still need to be lined up. However, finding these kinds of submittals show how strong the momentum is to develop the Welton Corridor.

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2300 Welton Update #2

Cranes are beginning to pop up all over Downtown Denver, in almost every neighborhood. Over in the Welton Corridor, a new crane has been erected as work continues on the 223-unit affordable apartment project. Here are some photos of the new crane from this past weekend.

2015-08-05_2300Welton-02 2015-08-05_2300Welton-01

As of today, there are two more cranes that recently went up, and two new crane bases that we have yet to cover. Can you guess where they are?

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Update #2

Staying in the Five Points – Curtis Park neighborhood, there is another project well underway along the Welton corridor; just across the street from the now under construction, 2300 Welton Street.

When we visited Five Points last weekend, we noticed that this project has officially broken street level. Here are some photos of the project site. As a refresher, 2460 Welton street is a 96-unit project featuring 14 townhomes and 82 apartment units.

2015-06-18_2460Welton-02 2015-06-18_2460Welton-01

That’s a wrap on our Welton Corridor update spree. There are a total of 319 units under construction along Welton Street with more residential, office, and hotel units on the way!

New Five Points-Curtis Park Project: 2560 Welton Street

The Welton corridor, running through the Five Points neighborhood, is booming with new development. Going exactly one block down from the Rossonian project, which we just announced yesterday, another high-density project is in the works.

2560 Welton Street will eventually occupy another very large hole (surface parking lot) in the urban fabric of the Welton corridor. Here is an aerial with the site outlined.


According to the Five Points Business District, 2560 Welton will provide the neighborhood with 130 apartment units, 15,388 square feet of office, 9,266 square feet of retail, and 191 parking spaces in an 8-story structure. Here are some renderings of the project courtesy of the Five Points Business District, Shears Adkins Rockmore, and Craine Architecture.




2560 Welton Street will take a similar shape to Verve along Delgany Street, with a set-back middle portion. The 25th and Welton light-rail stop is right out the front door giving residents easy access to Central Downtown and eventually Denver International Airport, once the central rail extension takes place.

Here are two photos of the site. Even though these were taken last fall, nothing has changed except for a construction staging area in the middle of the lot.

2015-06-18_2560Welton-01 2015-06-18_2560Welton-02

Just like the Rosonnian, the timeline for construction is unknown however, Palisade Partners and Confluence Companies are working hard to make this project a reality. We will keep you updated as more details come in.

New Five Points-Curtis Park Project: The Rossonian

Today you get two posts in one day from your friendly DenverInfill contributor. Since November 4th, I have had ‘The Rossonian’ sitting in my drafts waiting for final renderings and details. Seven months later, we can finally announce the project here on DenverInfill, with credible details!

Located at 2650 Welton Street, there is a bold vision to redevelop the site around the Rossonian Hotel while incorporating the original structure, built in 1912. According to the Five Points Business District, Tim Walsh of Confluence Companies announced the project specifications back in April. This development will feature 105 guestrooms, two resturants, a jazz club, fitness center, 60,000 square feet of collaborative office space, and 152 public parking spaces. Below is a rendering of The Rossonian project, courtsey of the Five Points Business District.


Here are some front and back photos of The Rossonian site. Some demolition will be needed to make way for the 8-story structure behind the 3-story historic hotel.

2014-11-14_Rossonian-01 2014-11-14_Rossonian-02

When I took these pictures back in October, fall-time was in peak and Denver was truly shining that day. Here is a bonus picture with all things city-like: trains, great urban fabric, and skyscrapers.


A construction timeline has yet to be announced but the ball is rolling as companies are lined up to make this project happen. We will keep you updated as we get more details!

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2300 Welton Update #1

As you saw yesterday, the parking lot where 1144 Fifteenth Street is going to stand has now been relieved of its surface parking duties. 1.2 miles down the road, another large surface parking lot been cured of the known Denver disease, parkinglotitis.

2300 Welton is a 223-unit apartment project taking up the full half block between Park Avenue West and 24th Street along the Welton corridor. Heavy construction equipment has been moved on site and caisson drilling has commenced.

2015-06-18_2300Welton-02 2015-06-18_2300Welton-01

At this time, we do not have any final renderings of the project but head on over to our announcement post for a good idea of what 2300 Welton will look like.

New Five Points-Curtis Park Project: 2300 Welton

March 2 UPDATE:

We’ve received word from the developer of 2300 Welton that the renderings featured below from the Humphries Poli website are rather old (Summer 2013) and are conceptual in nature. The project’s design has evolved since then. We’ve added captions to these renderings to make that clear as well. The development has a few milestones yet to be completed before the project can move forward, and the developer hopes to share new information about 2300 Welton with us in the near future.


Great news for the Welton Corridor in the Five Points-Curtis Park neighborhood! A new apartment project is proposed on a half block gravel lot which is, believe it or not, even worse worse than a surface parking lot.

First, let’s start off with an overview of the location with the project site outlined. 2300 Welton will sit between Park Avenue West and 24th Street along Welton Street.


This project will have a huge impact along both Park Avenue West and Welton Street; it activates a part of the Welton Street Corridor that has been barren and desolate for many years along with continuing the street wall along Park Avenue West. Here are three renderings of 2300 Welton courtesy of Humphries Poli Architects.


Project rendering dated June/July 2013.


Project rendering dated June/July 2013.


Project rendering dated June/July 2013.

Back in the Fall, I took some site photos of 2300 Welton. As you can see, this site a sizable crater along a great corridor that’s begging to be built on!

2015-02-26_2300WeltonSite-01 2015-02-26_2300WeltonSite-02

2300 Welton is a workforce housing project and will be providing the Five Points-Curtis Park neighborhood with 223-units. The construction time-frame is still unknown but we will keep you posted when this project moves forward!