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New Curtis Park Project: S*Park

Construction on a new ultra-green condominium and townhome development, S*Park, is underway on the edge of RiNo in Denver’s historic Curtis Park neighborhood.

Located on the full city block bounded by 25th, Lawrence, 26th, and Arapahoe streets, S*Park will provide eight townhomes and 91 condominiums comprised of a mix of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom units. S*Park is being developed by Treehouse Brokerage and Development in partnership with Tres Birds Workshop.


The green nature of this project is evident in several ways. Rooftop solar panels will generate electricity for the development while the exterior facade will incorporate reclaimed brick from former Denver buildings. A landscaped park in the center of the block will provide outdoor space for residents, and a greenhouse/restaurant and urban garden will anchor the site along 25th Street. Ground-floor commercial spaces at 26th and Lawrence will help connect S*Park to the walkable shops and restaurants on Larimer Street one block away, while the project’s three-story building heights, setbacks from the street, and front lawns mirror the lower-scale residential character of the neighboring blocks. Here’s a bird’s-eye view rendering of the project, courtesy of Treehouse and Tres Birds Workshop. Lawrence Street is on the left, Arapahoe on the right, and 26th Street at the top:


This block, along with the adjacent block to the northeast, once contained public housing owned by the Denver Housing Authority (DHA) that was demolished in the 2000s. As an interim use for the site, DHA partnered with the Colorado Renewable Energy Society to develop Sustainability Park, a three-year pilot project that featured a variety of “earth-friendly technologies and strategies for renewable energy, efficient resource use, sustainable design, urban agriculture and transportation.” Sustainability Park was the inspiration for the S*Park name and the development’s strong emphasis on sustainability and urban agriculture. The project’s next phase on the vacant block between 26th and 27th, as well as the undeveloped parcel at 27th and Arapahoe, hasn’t been designed yet but will be similar in scale to the current phase and will also feature a mix of condominiums and townhomes including a number of affordable income-restricted units under the city’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.

Let’s take a tour of S*Park using the above image, starting in the upper right (26th and Arapahoe) and moving clockwise. At that corner are eight three-story townhomes featuring rooftop decks and tuck-under garages, followed by a three-story condominium building and then the urban garden at the corner of 25th and Arapahoe. On the Lawrence Street side is the greenhouse/restaurant and two more three-story condominium buildings in the middle of the block. Finally, at 26th and Lawrence, the building will include ground-floor commercial units with two-story condominiums above. For the site plan and unit floor plans and pricing, visit this page at the S*Park website. Here are a few more renderings, courtesy of Treehouse/Tres Birds:

Two-story condos above ground-floor commercial spaces at 26th and Lawrence:


Exterior of condominiums along Lawrence:


Exterior of condominiums and townhomes along Arapahoe:


Interior park:


Ground-floor unit interior with park view:


Parking for the condominium units, greenhouse/restaurant, and commercial spaces are provided underground along the Lawrence Street side of the block. I recently had the opportunity to tour the site, thanks to Clem Rinehart, owner of Treehouse Development.

Here’s a big panorama showing the excavation for the underground parking on the half block facing Lawrence:


The Arapahoe side of the block:


Mid-block along 26th Street is a large beautiful tree that will be preserved:


We will stop by S*Park in a few months with another update as construction continues.

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Final Update

As new projects are starting along the Welton Corridor, in the Five Points-Curtis Park neighborhood, some are beginning to wrap. Today, we are going to visit the completed 2460 Welton project also known as The Wheatley at Five Points. We had pretty extensive coverage on this project, which was announced back in June 2014:

New Curtis Park-Five Points Project: 2460 Welton

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2460 Welton Update #1

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2460 Welton Update #2

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Update #3

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Update #4

The Wheatley features two types of residential units, 14 for-sale townhomes, and 84 rental apartments, and ground floor retail. Comparing to the rendering, the project came out almost exactly as expected. The dark paneling on top of the town homes is positive change, as it adds more contrast to the roof-line.



Here are two more photos of the completed project. Landscaping was just starting to go in when I took these pictures and should be nearly complete present day.

2016-08-21_TheWheatley-01 2016-08-21_TheWheatley-03

The Wheatley complements the neighborhood nicely from a scale and design standpoint. It also features for-sale and rentals in one project, which isn’t very common. Overall, this is a great piece of infill!

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2300 Welton Update #3

Staying in the Curtis Park-Five Points neighborhood, let’s head over to Park Avenue West and Welton Street to check in on the 2300 Welton project. As a refresher, this is a 223-unit apartment project contained in a four-story building.

Framing for the building is complete with the facade nearing completion. Here are two photos looking from both Park Avenue West and 24th Avenue along Welton Street.

2016-08-18_2300Welton-02 2016-08-18_2300Welton-03

2300 Welton features a neat entrance to the courtyard, which tunnels through part of the building. It’s pretty hard to spot until you are close to it.

2016-08-18_2300Welton-08 2016-08-18_2300Welton-04

The Park Avenue West side of the larger structure is nearly complete with landscaping and some minor facade work that still needs to be done.

2016-08-18_2300Welton-06 2016-08-18_2300Welton-07

The smaller building that sits across the alley, along Park Avenue West, is also part of the 2300 Welton project. It can be seen in this rendering.

2016-08-18_2300Welton-05 2016-08-18_2300Welton-01

2300 Welton started leasing this month and should be open by the Fall, which is when we will visit it for a final update.

Curtis Park-Five Points: The Lydian Update #3

Today we have a quick update on The Lydian, formally known as 2560 Welton project; an eight story mixed use building which will contain 129 apartment units, 15,000 square feet of office, and 10,000 square feet of retail. When we last visited this project in June,  site preparations were underway.

Present day, excavation is nearly complete and a tower crane base sits on site! I’m sure we will see the red tower crane go up within the next couple of weeks.

2016-08-17_2560Welton-01 2016-08-17_2560Welton-02

This site was a surface parking lot for many years. We are glad to see it go! The Lydian should take around 12-16 months to complete.

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2560 Welton Street Update #2

Work has officially begun at 2560 Welton Street in the Curtis Park-Five Points neighborhood. This project will have a huge impact on the transit-connected Welton Corridor by adding 130 apartments, 15,300 square feet of office space, and 9,266 square feet of retail contained in a 8-story building. As a refresher, here two current renderings of 2560 Welton Street courtesy of Craine Architecture, the project’s architect.

2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-01 2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-03

The site has been cleared, heavy construction equipment has been moved onto the lot, and excavation has commenced.

2016-06-07_2560Welton-01 2016-06-07_2560Welton-02

This is very exciting news for the Welton Corridor as multiple projects are starting and wrapping up this year!

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2560 Welton Street Update #1

Back in June, we took an early look at 2560 Welton and provided some very preliminary renderings. As a refresher, this is quite a large project for the already booming Welton corridor; providing 130 apartment units, 15,388 square feet of office space, and 9,266 square foot of retail contained in a 8-story structure.

In this project update, we have some very refined and detailed renderings that give us a better insight to what 2560 Welton will look like. All of these renderings are courtesy of Craine Architecture. One great amenity, as you can see in the renderings below, is the light-rail stop right outside the front door providing residents easy access to Downtown Denver.

2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-01 2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-03

The base of the building will follow the neighborhood’s character, featuring a brick facade. Although the material is unknown, white paneling will be used on floors four through eight.


The construction time-frame for this 2560 Welton is still unknown but we will keep you in the loop as soon as we find out more information.

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Update #4

Let’s swing on over to the booming Five Points – Curtis Park neighborhood, where a lot of residential units are going up along the Welton Corridor. 2460 Welton Street is a mixed 14-unit townhome/84-unit apartment project that will be providing a total of 98 units to the neighborhood.

2460 Welton, designed by Craine Architecture, features a great curved corner treatment, mimicking buildings such as the historic Rossonian. This project is officially topped out at 5 stories and we should see the facade going up any time now.

2015-11-19_2460Welton-02 2015-11-19_2460Welton-01

The historic Welton Corridor is great for so many reasons. One of them is the incredibly easy light-rail access to get to Central Downtown making this a very well connected neighborhood!

New Five Points-Curtis Park Project: 2810 Welton Street

Throughout the past few months, we have covered some large scale infill projects along the Welton Corridor: , and . Today, we are announcing something a little different: a small, narrow infill project between 28th and 29th Street along Welton.

Located only a block away from the 27th and Welton light-rail station, here is an aerial with the project site outlined.


All of the information for this project is contained in this document from the Landmark Preservation Commission. This project will take up two parcels, 2810 and 2812 Welton Street. The existing structures on site (the white single family home) will be demolished to make way for 2810 Welton. Here is a Google Street View image of the site.


We have some very preliminary renderings of 2810 Welton Street which were approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission with conditions. This means the design and massing will be refined over time. Again, for full details of this project and approval conditions, head on over to the submittal documents.

2810 Welton Street will rise a total of five-stories, with the top two floors set back. The first and second floor of this building are intended for retail and business use with three floors of apartments on top. The square footage and unit count of this project is currently unknown.

2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-01 2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-02

2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-04 2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-03

2810 Welton is very preliminary as developers and financials still need to be lined up. However, finding these kinds of submittals show how strong the momentum is to develop the Welton Corridor.

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2300 Welton Update #2

Cranes are beginning to pop up all over Downtown Denver, in almost every neighborhood. Over in the Welton Corridor, a new crane has been erected as work continues on the 223-unit affordable apartment project. Here are some photos of the new crane from this past weekend.

2015-08-05_2300Welton-02 2015-08-05_2300Welton-01

As of today, there are two more cranes that recently went up, and two new crane bases that we have yet to cover. Can you guess where they are?