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Golden Triangle: Denver Art Museum Offices Final Update

It is already time to wrap up the Denver Art Museum Office project! We announced this project last May and less than a year later the 50,000 square foot office building is already complete! We, here at DenverInfill, only had one update on the project but, as always in the final update, you can track the progress of this project below.

New Golden Triangle Project: Denver Art Museum Offices

Golden Triangle: Denver Art Museum Offices Update #1

This new building is right next to the new Clyfford Still Museum along Bannock Street. Just like its neighbor, it has a very minimalist, horizontal design with some hints of multiple colors in the glass, which we will get to later.

04-03-2014_DAMOffices-01 04-03-2014_DAMOffices-06

Here are two additional views of the building from both the alley and looking south down Bannock Street. Another interesting feature of this building is that every side has a different design; there is a lack of uniformity that compliments the overall design.

04-03-2014_DAMOffices-03 04-03-2014_DAMOffices-02

Now for a close look at the glass. At first glance and from a distance, it’s hard to see the multiple colors. However, when you are walking beside the building you will notice there are blue and purple glass panels scattered throughout the facade. Neat!

04-03-2014_DAMOffices-05 04-03-2014_DAMOffices-04

Even though we didn’t cover this project through all of its construction phases, we are very happy to see it complete! The old office building, where the Denver Art Museum had their offices before, at 414 14th Street is now empty and is going under a huge renovation. We will have more on that in the near future!

Golden Triangle: Museum Center + The Art Hotel Update #3

In the last five months, since our previous update, the Museum Center & Art Hotel project has really started to take off. Situated right along Broadway, it has been very exciting seeing this project go vertical, taking out what used to be one of the worst parking lots in the Golden Triangle.

These first two pictures do not show much of the project but I posted them for a reason. Remember that not-aesthetically-pleasing blank wall of the Denver Art Museum parking garage that faced Broadway? I was standing on top of that blank wall while taking these pictures; it’s almost completely covered up!

04-01-2014_ArtHotelOffice-02 04-01-2014_ArtHotelOffice-01

Now for some street-level photos. The four-story, 50,000 square foot Museum Center office portion of this project has started to top out across the site. Since this is a steel build, we will see this structure go up very quickly. The Art Hotel will rise from floors five through nine and will have slightly smaller floor-to-ceiling heights than what you see now.

04-01-2014_ArtHotelOffice-03 04-01-2014_ArtHotelOffice-04

Here is one more view of the project from the parking garage attached to the History Colorado Center. I bumped up the resolution on this picture so you can see more detail. Make sure you click to embiggen!


The Museum Center & Art Hotel project is, in every single way, a great project to occupy this once empty lot. Even the four-story portion of this project has a huge impact along this stretch of Broadway, and I encourage you to check it out the next time you are in the area. You will be impressed, I guarantee it.

Spring 2014: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census

It has been 7 months since our last ‘hole-in-the-ground’ census and as new projects have started to take off in the past couple of months, there are fresh new holes scattered around the Downtown Denver area. This census will exclude Cherry Creek and will focus on Downtown Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods. In this census, I will give a brief description of each project along with a link to access all of the previous posts associated with that project. Let’s begin!


Golden Triangle | 16-stories | 224-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env01

28th and Broadway

Golden Triangle | 7-stories | 200-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-01

3Hyatt House / Hyatt Place

Central Downtown | 21-stories | 361-rooms | Hotel

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-02

4Triangle Building

Union Station | 10-stories | 220,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-01

51601 Wewatta

Union Station | 10-stories | 300,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-02

6Galvanize 2.0

Lower Highland | 4-stories | 76,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-02

That’s a lot of infill going vertical this year! If you looked closely at both 8th and Broadway and 1601 Wewatta, tower crane bases are up at each site! We should see those cranes up within the next month or so!

New Golden Triangle Project: Ten10 Brownstones

Downtown Denver’s Golden Triangle district is getting a new for-sale 17-unit project, Ten10 Brownstones, at the northeast corner of W. 10th Avenue and Bannock. Here’s a Google Earth aerial with the site outlined:

Currently on the site is a small commercial building and house. Here’s a photo Ryan took recently showing the project site:


The units will have an exterior of brick, sandstone, and glass. River Studio Architects did the design. Here are three renderings from the project website:

Bird’s-eye view of the 10th and Bannock corner looking northeast:

10th Avenue elevation:

Corner elevation:

Ten10 Brownstones should be finished late 2014.

New Golden Triangle Project: Kirkland Museum

Denver’s Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is moving from its home in Capitol Hill to a new facility to be built in the city’s burgeoning Golden Triangle Museum District.

The Kirkland is currently located in an easy-to-miss spot at 13th and Pearl. Its new home of 19,000 square feet will be at the northwest corner of W. 12th Avenue and Bannock and will double the museum’s current space and give the museum a higher-profile setting among  its cultural peers. Here’s a Google Earth aerial with the Kirkland’s new location outlined in yellow:

The museum’s new location is across Bannock Street from the Clyfford Still Museum and the Denver Art Museum’s new administrative office building. An ugly surface parking lot and an old structure currently occupy the property. The new museum building will anchor the corner at 12th and Bannock, with a small portion of the site reserved for some off-street parking. Here’s a Google Earth Street View image showing the corner:

The new Kirkland Museum will be designed by Seattle-based Olson Kundig Architects. While the new building itself hasn’t yet been designed, Olson Kundig has prepared the rendering below as a conceptual design for the new structure:

An interesting aspect of the Kirkland Museum project will be the relocation of Vance Kirkland’s original 1911 studio building from its current site at 1311 Pearl Street to the new site on Bannock. The relocated 3,011-square foot Arts & Crafts-style studio will be incorporated onto the northern end of the new Olson Kundig building, providing an intriguing architectural contrast between the two while preserving the artist’s original space as part of the museum’s new home.

Construction on the new Kirkland Museum is anticipated to begin in 2015 with completion in late 2016 or early 2017.

New Golden Triangle Project: EnV

Before the great recession, you may have recalled a project that was in the works named 1000 Speer. The 20-story residential tower went through several design concepts; however, the project never got off the ground. Today, I am happy to announce that a new version of 1000 Speer, now named EnV, has broken ground!

The parcel for EnV has a very unique shape due to the diagonal of Speer Boulevard. The building will sit on the square portion of the parcel with green space filling in the rest.

EnV will provide the Golden Triangle with 224 luxury rental units in a 16-story, 187-foot tall building with 5 levels of above ground parking. This project will also feature 4 town-home units facing Cherokee Street. The building’s main amenities, such as the pool and recreation center, will be located on the 6th floor. Here are a couple of renderings of the project looking north and northwest from around 9th Avenue. The project architect is Page Southerland Page, out of their Denver office.


Here is an additional view of EnV from the Sunken Gardens Park across Speer Boulevard looking towards Downtown Denver.

Before construction began, the Montessori Academy of Colorado occupied part of site with a surface parking lot along Speer Boulevard. This new building will be huge improvement and will have a very positive impact along Speer Boulevard.


Snavely Group is the developer for EnV and site demolition has already begun to make way for the 16-story building. Within the next couple of weeks we will head down to the site and see what progress has been made for EnV’s first construction update!

Golden Triangle: Denver Art Museum Offices Update #1

Back in May, we announced a new project that’s going up in the Golden Triangle Neighborhood, along Bannock Street, right behind Denver Art Museum’s Hamilton Building. As a refresher, this project is a new 50,000 square foot administrative office building that will house around 100 museum employees, a research library, and 9,000 square feet of exhibit storage. The current administrative offices for the Denver Art Museum are located at 414 14th Street in a wonderful historic building. Upon relocation to the new administrative building, the historic building will undergo restorations. We will have a separate post on 414 14th Street over at DenverUrbanism in the next week or so! Now for the infill!

The structure itself is topped out at 2-stories. The scale of this building fits in very well with its surroundings: A single story historic building to the south and the 2-story Clyfford Still Museum to the north.


Here is an additional shot of the building along Bannock Street. When this building is complete, it will have more of a minimalist, horizontal look, taking after the Clyfford Still Museum.

The Denver Art Museum Offices are expected to be complete by Spring 2014.

Golden Triangle: Museum Center + The Art Hotel Update #2

A little over a week ago, we announced the groundbreaking of the Museum Center & Art Hotel project along with a new rendering. Now it’s time to finally add this great project to the list of construction updates! Let’s take a look at what’s going on down at the site.

First off, let’s start with a picture of the blank wall we will never have to look at again! The Museum Center & Art Hotel will rise a total of nine stories, clearing the blank wall plus more!

These guys do not waste any time! Earth moving has already begun and the surface parking lot is already gone! Here are a couple shots of the site: one from the ground at 12th and Broadway, and one from the  Civic Center Cultural Complex Parking Garage, which will provide us with some awesome views of this project!


Since there isn’t any underground parking for this project, there isn’t much excavation that is going to be required which in turn, we should see this project go vertical fairly quickly!