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Golden Triangle: Kirkland Museum Update #2

Denver’s Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is now under construction in the Golden Triangle Museum District!

DenverInfill stopped by the site at 12th and Bannock last weekend to check out the beginning of construction activities. A groundbreaking ceremony was held back in September. For more information on this exciting project, please check our Update #1 post or visit the Kirkland’s project web page.

Here’s the latest rendering, courtesy of the Kirkland Museum:


Rendering of the new Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, 12th & Bannock, opening 2017—including Vance Kirkland’s original studio (at right). Elevation looking southwest on Bannock Street by Olson Kundig.

This first photo shows the Bannock and 12th Avenue corner where work on the new Kirkland Museum is underway. The tower crane in the background is for the Eviva Cherokee apartment tower on the other side of the block.


Taking a peek behind the fence we see that excavation work is just getting started:


We’ll keep you posted as construction continues through 2016. The new Kirkland Museum is scheduled for completion in 2017.

Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #2

For our last crane post of the week, we are going to head over to the Golden Triangle and check out the new, tall tower crane at the Eviva Cherokee project. As a refresher, this is a glassy 18-story, 274-unit apartment project, going up in an area riddled with surface lots. For more details and renderings, head on over to our announcement post.

Here are some shots of the newly erected tower crane. Thanks to DenverInfill reader Brent Butzin for sending these over!

2015-08-06_EvivaCherokee-01 2015-08-06_EvivaCherokee-02r

And a unique prospective from the Ralph Carr Judicial Complex:


That’s a wrap for our new-tower-crane coverage around Downtown Denver! What an exciting week.

Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #1

It’s official: Another ugly surface parking lot has been eradicated from Downtown Denver!

This time, it’s in the Golden Triangle district, where Eviva Cherokee, an 18-story, 274-unit apartment tower has recently broken ground on a parcel along Cherokee Street between W. 12th and W. 13th avenues. Here’s the site from this morning:


This project brings much-needed density to the interior of the Golden Triangle near the Museum District where an unfortunate concentration of surface lots has persisted for decades. Most new high-rise development in the Golden Triangle in the recent past has tended to be located around the neighborhood’s perimeter. Eviva Cherokee helps change that. Cherokee Street is turning into a pretty neat higher-density urban street with EnV Denver under construction, the Prado, and a string of mid-rise condo projects developed in the 1990s.

Eviva Cherokee is being developed by the Integral Group with The Beck Group‘s Denver office handling the architectural design and general contractor duties.


The tower includes two-story townhomes along a portion of the Cherokee Street frontage and a number of amenities on the 6th and 7th levels that include a fitness center, conference and business center, swimming pool, sun deck with barbecue grills, sports bar area, and interior/exterior lounge areas for socializing. The building will be skinned with high-performance floor-to-ceiling glass and is targeting a LEED-Gold certification.

Eviva Cherokee is expected to open in Fall 2016.

Golden Triangle: EnV Update #2

Back in October, we took a look at EnV from the sky to see how it contributed to the Golden Triangle neighborhood. Since then, the structure has continued to rise with some of the brick and glass facade beginning to show.

Here are two photos of EnV, looking north and south, from Speer Boulevard. With two more floors to go, the building has not quite topped out at 16-stories. Even at 14-stories, EnV is already making a huge impact along the the boulevard.

2015-02-03_EnV-01 2015-02-03_EnV-02

Looking at EnV from Cherokee Street, you can start to see the brick and glass facade behind the scaffolding.

2015-02-03_EnV-03 2015-02-03_EnV-04

As a refresher, EnV will provide the Golden Triangle neighborhood with 270 rental units with completion later this year.

Golden Triangle: Museum Center + The Art Hotel Update #5

Let’s visit the Golden Triangle neighborhood and check in at the Museum Center + Art Hotel project. Just like the Hyatt Place / Hyatt House, we can now see some of the facade elements on the building.

This project has been topped out for a while now, at 9 stories, and the tower crane has since been taken down. A lot is going on with the facade with a mix of stone, glass and paneling, but given all of the different architecture styles on this stretch of Broadway, this building fits right in.

2015-01-19_ArtHotel-03 2015-01-19_ArtHotel-01

Here is an above view of the project. There are still fences at the street level however, from this angle, you can tell that the pedestrian interaction with this building is going to be excellent!


The Museum Center + Art Hotel is expected to open sometime in March. Stay tuned for a final update!

Golden Triangle: Kirkland Museum Update #1

You may recall the good news from this past February that Denver’s Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is planning to move into a new building at 12th and Bannock in the Golden Triangle Museum District, plus physically relocate Vance Kirkland’s original 1911 studio building from its current site at 1311 Pearl Street to the new site and incorporate it into the project. At that time, only a quick concept sketch of the new building was available from Olson Kundig Architects.

For this update, we’re happy to report that the architects have been busy working on the design and there’s now this new rendering to share, courtesy of Olson Kundig and the Kirkland:


Groundbreaking is scheduled for 2015 with the Kirkland’s new open set to open in 2017.

Golden Triangle: EnV Update #1

It’s hard to believe that we have not posted an update on EnV yet, minus featuring it in the Spring 2014: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census. However, I have a special post to kick off EnV’s first update.

Recently, I have expanded my horizons with photography and decided to take to the skies. Shawn Murry of CloudBase Aerial Imaging was our go-to for aerial perspectives and he has provided us some fantastic photos in the past. We will continue partnering with Shawn and look forward to many more great photos. Not to mention, Shawn has much bigger cameras in the air! Having two eyes in the sky allows us to provide aerial photos more frequently, which is never a bad thing!

Now onto EnV. Since the spring, the building has gone up eight stories and is really starting to have a presence in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. EnV will rise a total of 18-stories, meaning what you see today is just under half the total height. The structure will be concrete with a glass facade. Here are four perspectives of EnV from the air.



As I have been out practicing and flying around for fun, it is truly amazing what you can capture from a higher prospective. Here are two bonus photos from some recent flights.


EnV still has a long journey ahead but we will be keeping a closer eye on it as it is now rising at a quick pace.

Golden Triangle: 8th and Broadway Update #1

Ten months ago, we announced a new project going up on the corner of 8th Avenue and Broadway, taking up a large L-shaped parking lot and single-story 7-11. Since then, the project has broken ground, and the parking lot is completely gone with a hole in the ground.

The seven-story building has started to break street level, and a tower crane is now on site. Because of the building height, we should expect this to be a concrete structure. Here are some pictures of the site, right before the rain came! The picture on the left is from 8th Avenue and Lincoln, the right from Broadway between 8th and 9th Avenue.

2014-08-17_8thBroadway-02 2014-08-17_8thBroadway-01

The 8th and Broadway project will contain 200 rental units with 240 parking spaces, and 4,420 square feet of ground floor retail. What a huge improvement to this intersection!