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Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #4

Eviva Cherokee in the Golden Triangle neighborhood is starting to make quick vertical progress. Rising up 18 stories with mostly a glass facade, Eviva Cherokee will have a huge impact on the neighborhood from both a height and materials perspective.

Here is the view of the project from Cherokee Street. The concrete structure is now up five stories with the enclosure on the parking garage underway.

2016-04-27_Evivia-03 2016-04-27_Evivia-04

Eviva Cherokee doesn’t take up the entire half block of Cherokee between 12th and 13th Avenue as Dozen’s restaurant sits on the corner. This keeps the footprint of this project slightly smaller than what we have seen elsewhere in Downtown Denver.

2016-04-27_Evivia-01 2016-04-27_Evivia-02

Most of you are probably looking at the parking garage enclosure gritting your teeth but let me put your mind at ease. We saw the same thing over at the Steele Creek Apartments in Cherry Creek. It looked exactly like what you see above but it was treated upon completion.

2014-09-28_SteeleCreek-01 2015-10-21_88SteeleCreek-01

The glass facade will be the next major milestone with this project. We will swing back around when the first glass goes up!

Golden Triangle: Via Final Update

Let’s finish up the week with Via, formally known as 8th and Broadway. This 7-story, 200-unit apartment project recently finished, filling in a sizable gap along both Broadway and Lincoln Street.

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Golden Triangle: 8th and Broadway Update #1

Let’s start out with the Broadway side of this project. There is a little street wall of buildings between 8th and 9th Avenue that Via contributes to nicely.

2016-02-15_Via-01 2016-02-15_Via-02

Because of the existing retail on site, Via is an L shaped project; wrapping around the bank fronting 8th Avenue and Broadway.

2016-02-15_Via-03 2016-02-15_Via-04

On the Lincoln side, this project is pushed right up to the property line creating a great street level experience. As far as the facade materials are concerned, there is quite a bit going on. Black, red, and white stucco with brick mixed in definitely makes Via stand out in this part of the Golden Triangle.

2016-02-15_Via-05 2016-02-15_Via-06

That’s a wrap on all of the major infill going up in the Golden Triangle. Have a great weekend!

Golden Triangle: Joule Final Update

I’m sure by now you have guessed the theme of the week: bringing you up to speed with all of the projects around the Golden Triangle. With an 18-story project, Eviva, just getting out of the ground down the street, Joule, formally known as EnV and 1000 Speer, is now complete with residents already occupying many of the units. Joule is a 16-story project providing 224 units to the Golden Triangle.

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Joule features a color we don’t often see around Denver: white. Most of the building fronting Speer Boulevard has a white stucco facade. It may seem that the parking podium, covered with wood screening, also fronts Speer Boulevard however, that’s not the case. There is an alley between Joule and Speer Boulevard, making it a possibility that the podium will be covered by another project in the future.

2016-02-15_Joule-01 2016-02-15_Joule-02

Here are two views from the Sunken Gardens Park. The south end of the project features brown brick and a glass curtain wall.

2016-02-15_Joule-06 2016-02-15_Joule-03

Joule has a great presence along Speer Boulevard, which is already scattered with many projects of similar size.

2016-02-15_Joule-09 2016-02-15_Joule-05

Finally, a look at the Cherokee Facing side. The glass, brown brick, and white stucco contrast the various beige high rises around the Golden Triangle. Joule is quite a refreshing sight from a materials standpoint.


Joule has great colors, material, and scale for the Golden Triangle. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #3

Moving right along in the Golden Triangle, let’s check out the progress of Eviva Cherokee; an 18-story, 274-unit apartment project going up in a sea of surface parking lots.

The concrete structure for the two-story townhomes, along Cherokee Street, is in place with the parking and apartment structure rising behind and above it. One exciting element, that we won’t see for a while, is the all glass facade this project will feature. It will contrast the brick, stone, and stucco facades scattered throughout the neighborhood.

2016-02-15_EvivaCherokee-01 2016-02-15_EvivaCherokee-02

There is still a lot of work to be done, but an 18-story project going up is a refreshing sight to this part of the Golden Triangle.

New Golden Triangle Project: Legacy on Speer

One of the largest surface parking lots in the Golden Triangle may be developed in the near future.

Legacy Partners, developers of the recently completed Point 21 project on Lawrence Street, has announced plans for a 322-unit apartment project, Legacy on Speer, located on the five-sided block bounded by 14th Avenue, Fox Street, 13th Avenue, Speer, and Galapago Street. Here’s the site outlined on a Google Earth aerial plus a special drone-view perspective from Ryan:



The Legacy on Speer apartments will consist of a seven-story building, with five levels of residential units on top of a two-story podium that contains about 445 parking spaces for a residential unit/parking space ratio of approximately 1.40. Ground-floor residential units will wrap the parking around the building perimeter to provide an attractive pedestrian-oriented presence along the sidewalk. The project also features two interior outdoor courtyards and a pool/outdoor amenity area on the third level for residents, along with a clubhouse and fitness center.

The following images are courtesy of KTGY, the project architect.

Corner of Speer (left) and West 13th Avenue (right):


Speer frontage with Galapago Street at far left:


Corner of  14th Avenue (left) and Galapago Street (right):


Site plan:


DenverInfill has been tracking this project since early 2014 when the project was first submitted to the city. At that time, the development excluded several parcels at the Fox/14th corner, resulting in an awkward L-shaped building configuration. Since then, the project’s footprint has expanded to include the entire block, resulting in a better project. Currently, the site is an ugly mishmash of parking lots, as this Google Street View photo shows:


Construction is expected to begin later in 2016.

Golden Triangle: Museum Center + The Art Hotel Final Update

This update might be a little past due, but this project is just too good to not feature for a final update. For years, a surface parking lot fronted Broadway between 12th and 13th Avenue with a blank wall behind it. This thin parcel had proposals in the past but nothing stuck until spring of 2013 when Corporex Colorado and Mile High Development decided to build an office and hotel building. Named the Museum Center + Art Hotel, a sleek infill project was born and kicked off in the fall of 2013.

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Golden Triangle: Museum Center + The Art Hotel Update #5

The Museum Center + Art Hotel is 9-stories tall featuring 50,000 square feet of office space and a 165-room boutique hotel. It’s not very often we get a thin building here in Downtown Denver, given we have a lot of land and surface parking. The Museum Center + Art Hotel breaks that mold as you can see below. Looking at the project from 13th Avenue and Broadway, you can see the thin profile and unique shape of the building start to unfold.

2016-02-16_ArtHotel-01 2016-02-16_ArtHotel-02

Looking at the project from a little bit of a higher prospective, we can see all of the facade materials in play. The office portion has a very reflective glass curtain wall. The hotel contrasts the glass with mostly brick and stucco finishes. There is also an outdoor bar / restaurant on the forth floor; where the red umbrellas are in the second photo.

2016-02-16_ArtHotel-03 2016-02-16_ArtHotel-04

Looking from 12th Avenue and Broadway, we can start to see that this project is very asymmetrical, featuring different shapes and elements on each side. The glass curtain wall juts out and forms a point at the intersection while the hotel facade is mixed with glass and brick from the ground level.

2016-02-16_ArtHotel-05 2016-02-16_ArtHotel-06

Here are two more photos showing the back side of the project, from 13th Avenue. The structure between the Art Museum Condos and the Museum Center + Art Hotel is a parking garage that is used for visitors and residents.

2016-02-16_ArtHotel-07 2016-02-16_ArtHotel-08

I will wrap up this final update with one last picture, looking directly at this project, from 13th Avenue and Broadway.


Thin buildings add a great element to the street level, as they are not nearly as imposing as a wider, longer building. These kinds of projects also take up those hard-to-develop small surface lots. Overall, I am very happy with the outcome and hope to see something similar on smaller surface lots around Downtown Denver.

Golden Triangle: Kirkland Museum Update #2

Denver’s Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is now under construction in the Golden Triangle Museum District!

DenverInfill stopped by the site at 12th and Bannock last weekend to check out the beginning of construction activities. A groundbreaking ceremony was held back in September. For more information on this exciting project, please check our Update #1 post or visit the Kirkland’s project web page.

Here’s the latest rendering, courtesy of the Kirkland Museum:


Rendering of the new Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, 12th & Bannock, opening 2017—including Vance Kirkland’s original studio (at right). Elevation looking southwest on Bannock Street by Olson Kundig.

This first photo shows the Bannock and 12th Avenue corner where work on the new Kirkland Museum is underway. The tower crane in the background is for the Eviva Cherokee apartment tower on the other side of the block.


Taking a peek behind the fence we see that excavation work is just getting started:


We’ll keep you posted as construction continues through 2016. The new Kirkland Museum is scheduled for completion in 2017.

Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #2

For our last crane post of the week, we are going to head over to the Golden Triangle and check out the new, tall tower crane at the Eviva Cherokee project. As a refresher, this is a glassy 18-story, 274-unit apartment project, going up in an area riddled with surface lots. For more details and renderings, head on over to our announcement post.

Here are some shots of the newly erected tower crane. Thanks to DenverInfill reader Brent Butzin for sending these over!

2015-08-06_EvivaCherokee-01 2015-08-06_EvivaCherokee-02r

And a unique prospective from the Ralph Carr Judicial Complex:


That’s a wrap for our new-tower-crane coverage around Downtown Denver! What an exciting week.

Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #1

It’s official: Another ugly surface parking lot has been eradicated from Downtown Denver!

This time, it’s in the Golden Triangle district, where Eviva Cherokee, an 18-story, 274-unit apartment tower has recently broken ground on a parcel along Cherokee Street between W. 12th and W. 13th avenues. Here’s the site from this morning:


This project brings much-needed density to the interior of the Golden Triangle near the Museum District where an unfortunate concentration of surface lots has persisted for decades. Most new high-rise development in the Golden Triangle in the recent past has tended to be located around the neighborhood’s perimeter. Eviva Cherokee helps change that. Cherokee Street is turning into a pretty neat higher-density urban street with EnV Denver under construction, the Prado, and a string of mid-rise condo projects developed in the 1990s.

Eviva Cherokee is being developed by the Integral Group with The Beck Group‘s Denver office handling the architectural design and general contractor duties.


The tower includes two-story townhomes along a portion of the Cherokee Street frontage and a number of amenities on the 6th and 7th levels that include a fitness center, conference and business center, swimming pool, sun deck with barbecue grills, sports bar area, and interior/exterior lounge areas for socializing. The building will be skinned with high-performance floor-to-ceiling glass and is targeting a LEED-Gold certification.

Eviva Cherokee is expected to open in Fall 2016.