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Lower Highland: The Lab on Platte Update #3

Continuing our updates of infill projects along Lower Highland’s historic Platte Street is The Lab on Platte, a 73,000 square foot office building tucked in between I-25 and the Denver Beer Company. Back in July, excavation for the project had just begun. The project has since topped off and is coming along nicely:



The Lab on Platte creates a nice street wall along I-25!

Lower Highland: The Boathouse Update #2

The Boathouse is a small 10,000 square foot office building being constructed on a sliver of land next to the historic 19th Street Bridge over the South Platte River. In July, the steel skeleton of the building was starting to go up. Now, most of the facade is in place and the project is closing in on its anticipated early 2015 opening.



We’ll check in on Boathouse in the spring for its final update.

Lower Highland: Galvanize 2.0 Update #4

Galvanize 2.0 on Platte Street in Lower Highland is coming along nicely. Our last update on Galvanize 2.0 was in July when the structure topped off. We now have glass!

View from Platte Street:


View from Commons Park:


Galvanize 2.0 appears to be on pace for a spring 2015 opening.

Lower Highland: Galvanize 2.0 Update #3

Construction on Galvanize 2.0 on historic Platte Street is coming along nicely. In our last update in November, the building foundation was being excavated. Since then, the project has topped off at its four-story height!




Featuring around 70,000 square feet for offices, classrooms, and meeting spaces plus a ground-floor restaurant, Galvanize 2.0 is aiming for an early 2015 opening.

Lower Highland: The Lab on Platte Update #2

In our first update on The Lab on Platte, a 73,000 square foot, four story office building being developed at 17th and Platte behind the Denver Beer Company, we noted that the old janitorial supplies building that occupied the site was under demolition.

With this short update, we can report that construction of the building’s foundation is now underway!



As can be seen in the images above, excavation and the shoring walls are now underway. We’ll stop by The Lab on Platte in a few months when it starts to go vertical. The project is slated for opening in April 2015.

Lower Highland: The Boathouse Update #1

In our first post on The Boathouse, I mentioned that construction was already well underway. Here’s some proof!




The Boathouse is planned to be completed by January 2015.

New Lower Highland Project: The Boathouse

Some infill projects are bigger than others, but even the smaller projects help fill in missing bits of the urban fabric and energize their surroundings. In the case of The Boathouse, a new 10,400 square foot office project in Lower Highland at 1850 Platte Street, that means putting a cool new micro-building on a vacant sliver of land. Nautical-themed projects are rare in arid, landlocked Denver, but this one is kind of appropriate given its location on Platte along the Platte. Here’s the site outlined on a Google Earth aerial.


The Boathouse, developed by Grand American, Inc., features four floors total—parking and lobby space on the ground floor and three levels of offices above—in a building that offers nice views of Commons Park and the Downtown Denver skyline. Here are two renderings, courtesy of the project architect, Shears Adkins Rockmore; the first image shows the view from the Platte River side, the second image shows the view from the Platte Street side.



Construction on the project is already underway and I bet our project-updating-expert Ryan Dravitz will have some pics to share with you before too long. 

Lower Highland: The Lab on Platte Update #1

Today we have a short update on The Lab, a proposed 73,000 square foot, four-story office building at 17th and Platte Street behind the Denver Beer Company. Details are available in our first post on this project last October.

It appears the project is moving forward, as the old janitorial supplies building that occupied the site is now mostly history. As of this morning, here is the site:


We’ll keep on eye on this project and let you know when construction of the new building is underway.