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Lower Highland: LoHi City View Apartments Update #1

Back in Fall of 2012, we announced a new apartment project that was going up on the east corner of 17th and Boulder Streets. The existing structures on this parcel were razed around the same time of our announcement and the site had been used as staging for the B-Street LoHi project next door.

Over the past couple of months, excavation had commenced, the underground parking structure started going in and as of last weekend, the project has started to rise above the street level. LoHi City View will rise a total of five-stories.

04-04-2014_LoHiCityView-01 04-04-2014_LoHiCityView-02

The current development in Lower Highland and Jefferson Park is astounding whether its new townhomes or multifamily housing projects. LoHi City View will provide 100 apartment units to the Lower Highland neighborhood with completion still about a year out.

Spring 2014: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census

It has been 7 months since our last ‘hole-in-the-ground’ census and as new projects have started to take off in the past couple of months, there are fresh new holes scattered around the Downtown Denver area. This census will exclude Cherry Creek and will focus on Downtown Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods. In this census, I will give a brief description of each project along with a link to access all of the previous posts associated with that project. Let’s begin!


Golden Triangle | 16-stories | 224-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env01

28th and Broadway

Golden Triangle | 7-stories | 200-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-01

3Hyatt House / Hyatt Place

Central Downtown | 21-stories | 361-rooms | Hotel

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-02

4Triangle Building

Union Station | 10-stories | 220,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-01

51601 Wewatta

Union Station | 10-stories | 300,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-02

6Galvanize 2.0

Lower Highland | 4-stories | 76,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-02

That’s a lot of infill going vertical this year! If you looked closely at both 8th and Broadway and 1601 Wewatta, tower crane bases are up at each site! We should see those cranes up within the next month or so!

Lower Highland: Galvanize 2.0 Update #2

Galvanize 2.0, the 4-story, 76,000 square foot project with office and ground-floor restaurant/retail uses located on historic Platte Street in Lower Highland is under construction! Here’s a view from last weekend:

For renderings and additional details on the project, visit our Update #1.

That’s all—just a quick post to keep you up to speed on all the city-building going on in Downtown Denver!

Lower Highland: 2930 Umatilla Update #1

There comes a point in every infill project’s construction stage where the presence of the new building under construction has a noticeable impact on its surroundings. That point has arrived for 2930 Umatilla, a 5-story, 21,000-square foot office and retail building currently under construction on one of Lower Highland’s most eclectic blocks. Let’s take a look.

Here’s the view of the project from Umatilla Street looking east, with Linger immediately to the left and Line 28 in the background on the right:

Here’s the western view from in front of Line 28 on Boulder Street looking up the hill at the eastern side of 2930 Umatilla:

In this photo, we actually have two infill projects in view. In addition to 2930 Umatilla in the background, the construction work in the foreground is a five-story, four-unit stacked flats project called Rise at LoHi.

Finally, this is the view from a bit farther down Boulder Street looking west:

It’s amazing the intensity of development in Lower Highland.

Lower Highland: Tejon 34 Update #2

Way back in 2011, in a general Highland project update, we covered the first phase of a townhouse development; Tejon 34. At the time we updated this project, the first phase was just wrapping up and later we found out that this project has mulitple phases providing a total of 28 for-sale units to the Lower Highland neighborhood.

Phase two of this project is now complete and sits right behind phase one, creating an alley between them. The alley’s primary function is a driveway for residents to access their garages. Just to the east of the second phase, there is a central couryard which will end up being completely closed in with units on both sides.


Here is a look down the alley. On the left you can see phase one, on the right phase two. The third phase is under-construction just to the north and is currently wrapped in scaffolding.


Here are some additional shots of the third phase along Tejon Street. This phase is right next to the first phase of Tejon 34 which sits on 34th Avenue and Tejon Street.


There is only one more phase of this project that needs to be built for a complete buildout of this project. There is already a construction fence around the site so hopefully we will see this start very soon!

Lower Highland: Galvanize 2.0 Update #1

The Galvanize 2.0 project in Downtown Denver’s Lower Highland district is moving forward! Today, we have an update and some new renderings. Visit our first post for an introduction to the project.

Galvanize 2.0 is a new 4-story mixed-use office/retail project with 76,000-square feet of rentable space near 17th and Platte Street on the eastern border of Denver’s Lower Highland district—right along the western edge of the South Platte River. Galvanize is a collaborative office community and entrepreneurial co-working environment for innovative/start-up companies.

The small building that previously occupied the property has been demolished, and the site is being readied for construction of the new building, starting December 2013. The project is scheduled for completion in late 2014. Some of the exposed steel and accent wood from the old building has been salvaged and will be featured in the new building.

Here are two new renderings of the Platte Street side of the building, courtesy of Nichols Partnership and Open Studio | Architecture (click to embiggen).

This project has many exciting components. The ground-floor side facing Platte Street includes a space for a restaurant to engage with the vibrant Platte Street frontage, and the Platte River side/garden level will serve as the new home for the Galvanize gSchool program. Galvanize will also occupy Floors 3 and 4, with the Platte River/Cherry Creek bike path system providing a strong link to their Golden Triangle facility at 11th and Delaware in the historic Rocky Mountain Bank Note Building. The remainder of the building will be available for lease to other new start-up companies, and also includes a fitness center and a bicycle facility.

The building will have two front doors, fronting both Platte Street and the Platte River, with terrace and patio spaces facing the river and providing great views of the Denver skyline, along with improvements to the trail along the west side of Platte. Galvanize 2.0 should be finished by late 2014.

Lower Highland: Lumina Update #1

Back in June we announced what was going to replace the former Pagliacci’s building: a 61-unit 5-story boutique apartment building. Let’s head on over to the site to check out what’s going on.

Just like the LoHi City View project, earth moving has begun and shoring walls have started to be put in. A hole in the ground is a sure sign that this project be built. Here are some pictures of the site.

Lumina is one of the more unique projects, architecturally speaking, going up in the Lower Highland neighborhood. If you don’t remember what the final product will look like, fear not, you can head on over to our project announcement post. Lumina is expected to be complete around late summer / early fall 2014.

Lower Highland: Skyline View Apartments Update #3

Continuing on our Lower Highland / Jefferson Park infill tour, let’s head over to Zuni Street to check in at the Skyline View Apartments site. Last time we visited this project in April, just the concrete podium was up with the timber structure just starting to rise on the second level.

The wise always say, ‘a watched pot never grows’ and seeing how I haven’t been by this site since April, the saying has some merit. This project is just about complete and we are now able see some of the materials that are being used; a combination of brick, stucco, and metal paneling.

The Skyline View Apartments look very out of place right now because there are few high density buildings along this stretch of Zuni Street. Seeing how the Lower Highland neighborhood is a hot spot for development right now, I wouldn’t be surprise if this changed in the near future!