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New Jefferson Park Project: Decatur Point

A new apartment project known as Decatur Point is under construction in the booming Jefferson Park neighborhood west of Downtown.

Located at the northeast corner of Decatur and W. 27th Avenue and reaching north to W. 28th, the 5-story complex will include 203 apartment units. The project site is outlined on this Google Earth aerial:

Construction started in 2015 and is being developed by Riverpoint Partners. The following renderings, provided by Craine Architecture, illustrate the new development’s design. This first image shows the proposed view from the corner of W. 27th and Decatur looking northeast:


A pool and outdoor deck area on the second floor span over a vehicle access drive:


The development includes 218 automobile parking spaces (1.07 parking space/unit ratio) located on one underground level and on the ground floor. Eleven 2-story townhome units, the leasing office, a coffee bar, and the residential lobby wrap the ground-level parking on all but the alley side of the building. Decatur Point will also include 132 bicycle parking spaces.

Levels 2-5 contain the apartment units with the pool and an outdoor courtyard located on the second floor and a “sky lounge” on the fifth floor.

Construction is expected to be completed in Fall 2016.

Jefferson Park: Row Houses at Jefferson Park Update #2

Across the street from Element 47, along Frontview Crescent Drive, the Row Houses at Jefferson Park are starting to take shape with residences starting to move into the north half of the development. As a refresher, this is a 29 unit for-sale project. For site plans and the original renderings, make sure you visit our announcement post.

Frontview Crescent is a very interesting sight. On the south side you have a street wall of new townhomes and on the north side you have a similar row of townhomes with a four-story apartment building in the back. As far as parking goes, residents have access through a driveway part way through the block.

2014-04-22_RowhomesJP-01 2014-04-22_RowhomesJP-04

The south side of the project is still under construction however, we should see this part complete within the next couple of months.

2014-04-22_RowhomesJP-02 2014-04-22_RowhomesJP-03

Most of the for-sale units going up in Denver, at the moment, are townhome developments much like this one and Jefferson Park is seeing a huge influx of these developments much like Lower Highland!

Jefferson Park: Element 47 Update #3

Continuing on in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, there is quite a bit of infill near the park itself. A couple of blocks away from the park, Element 47 is starting to shape up and is nearing completion.

Here is the first building that was completed in Element 47 on the intersection of West 23rd Avenue and River Drive. The facade of each building is composed of paneling and stone; which isn’t used much in the new projects going up.

2014-04-16_Element47-01 2014-04-16_Element47-02

Element 47 is in a slightly unusual location, with a large portion of the project facing Interstate 25. We typically do not like surface parking incorporated in any infill development however, these lots face the highway and are tucked away.

2014-04-16_Element47-04 2014-04-16_Element47-03

There are parts of Element 47 that feel like a true urban project, the buildings that face West 23rd Ave, Bryant, and Frontview Crescent Drive however, in the middle of the project, I couldn’t help feeling like I was in a suburban apartment complex. When Bryant Street turns into Frontview Crescent Drive, there is an option to go straight into Element 47 where you are greeted with surface parking and a turn around loop in front of the leasing office. This part of the project had much more potential to still feel like a true urban part of the neighborhood.

2014-04-16_Element47-05 2014-04-16_Element47-11

Buildings four and five are still under construction but should be completed in the coming months. Building five, facing Frontview Crescent Drive, also appears to have townhome units in the front. This block already has townhome units along the entire south side, so this should fit in nicely.

2014-04-16_Element47-09 2014-04-16_Element47-06

2014-04-16_Element47-10 2014-04-16_Element47-07

Element 47 is providing the Jefferson Park neighborhood with 265 apartment units and 4,000 square feet of retail. We should see full completion around late summer.

Jefferson Park: Clay\28th Final Update

Just west of 2785 Speer, there is a new infill development that has been complete for a few months. Clay/28th is a rare development given the rental boom we are currently in; providing the Jefferson Park neighborhood with 21 for-sale units.

Clay/28th has a very similar design to B-Street LoHi, with the striped grey metal paneling. Underground parking access is on West 28th Avenue with four-stories of condos above.

2014-04-11_Clay28-01 2014-04-11_Clay28-02

Here are two additional views of Clay/28th along Clay Street. The main entrance to the building is up a stoop along Clay.

2014-04-11_Clay28-03 2014-04-11_Clay28-04

Multifamily for-sale projects are few and far between around Downtown Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods. As few units as this is, it’s good to see a complete for-sale development!

Jefferson Park: 2785 Speer Update #3

For my next few updates, we are going to be looking at some of the major projects happening in the Jefferson Park neighborhood which has seen an influx of infill development ranging from townhomes to large multifamily projects. First up on the list is 2785 Speer. This is a 325-unit apartment project going up right along Speer Boulevard between Zuni and Bryant Streets.

This project was a bit tricky to photograph due to the layout, topography of the area, and tall fences around the project site however, since 2785 Speer has started to go vertical, we are able to see some of the project elements from afar. These first two photos are taken from Bryant Street. One tower crane is still on the western portion of site and the elevator cores have started to go in.

04-10-2014_2785Speer-01 04-10-2014_2785Speer-06

Looking towards Zuni Street, along Speer Boulevard, the east building has risen three-stories with two more to go. Looking up towards Bryant Street, you can see the foundations for the west building have started to go vertical.

04-10-2014_2785Speer-02 04-10-2014_2785Speer-03 

Here are two additional pictures of the east building. The ground floor of each building will also have retail totaling more than 10,000 square feet.

04-10-2014_2785Speer-04 04-10-2014_2785Speer-05

Building along Speer Boulevard is a challenge due to the busy and diagonal nature of the street. This project will help bring a new life to this portion of Speer Boulevard and will provide a great ‘entrance’ into the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

Jefferson Park: Row Houses at Jefferson Park Update #1

It’s not only the Lower Highland neighborhood that’s experiencing an infill boom. Just to the south, the Jefferson Park neighborhood has a significant amount of infill going in, ranging from townhomes to several hundred unit apartment buildings. Today, we are going to take a quick peek at the ‘Row Houses at Jefferson Park’ project.

As a refresher, this is a 29-unit for sale townhome project. This project broke ground in April and since then, some great progress has been made. Most of the structural work along Frontview Crescent Drive is complete, with some finishing materials starting to show, and site prep has begun for the units along Clay Street.

These homes are right across the street from the huge Element 47 project, which we will also update you on very soon! With all of the new infill, this area of Jefferson Park will be more active than it ever has been. This project is expected to be complete around April 2014.

Jefferson Park: 2785 Speer Update #2

Just in case you weren’t entirely convinced from our last update that the 2785 Speer project was back and fully under-construction, this update should change your mind! When we visited this site back in June, a lot of earth moving was taking place and there were still piles of rubble around the site from the previous buildings. However, there was no sign of vertical construction.

Fast forwarding to present day, a real construction fence now wraps around the site, a tower crane is up, and concrete pouring has begun for the foundation and the first floor.


Because of the very large site 2785 Speer is taking, two blocks, an additional tower crane will be needed. On site, there is a base for a second tower crane which we should see go up very soon! When is the last time you have seen a tower crane, let alone two tower cranes, along the west side of Speer Boulevard?


The 325-unit 2785 Speer project is one of the first high density urban developments along this stretch of Speer Boulevard and I am very excited to see what kind of impact these two buildings will have. The estimated completion date for this project is around this time next year.

New Jefferson Park Project: 24 Jefferson Park

Denver’s Jefferson Park neighborhood is quickly becoming the next Lower Highland in terms of infill development. There are plenty of big and small projects under construction with more in the works. In this post, let’s take a look at 24 Jefferson Park, a new 28-unit townhome complex along the south side of W. 24th Avenue between Clay and Bryant streets. Here’s the site outlined on a GoogleEarth aerial:

Here are a couple of renderings (click/expand to view at max resolution), thanks to Sara at Kentwood City and project architect John Matthews, Jr. of M-A Architects. The project is being developed by Sagebrush Companies.

Site work and demolition has begun. Here’s a recent photo of the property:

24 Jefferson Park is planned to be completed by Summer 2014.

Jefferson Park: Element 47 Update #2

It’s been a while since we’ve done an update on Element 47. A lot of progress has been made on this project and it is beginning to really transform this part of the Jefferson Park neighborhood. Let’s take a look!

Building one, located on West 23rd Avenue and Alcott Street, has topped out and the facade has just started to go up. Remember, there are a total of 5 buildings in this development each rising 4-stories.


Wood framing has started to go up on buildings two, three, and four which run along Bryant Street / Front View Crescent. Between the five buildings, this centrally located building will contain the club house, pool, and other various amenities.


Work has not begun on building five but, given that earth-moving equipment has moved on the site where it will stand, I’m sure we will start seeing this rise soon. It’s hard to miss this project along the pedestrian trail that runs along Interstate 25. The area in front of the buildings, which is technically the back, will be used for parking which will only be visible from the trail and highway.


While walking across the 20th Street highway bridge, I noticed that Element 47 is contributing to the street wall along Interstate 25. Here’s a little bonus photo of Element 47 with both the Highland Pedestrian Bridge and the new 15th Street bridge under construction in the foreground!

Element 47 will add 265-units to the Jefferson Park neighborhood with 4,000 square feet of retail. Construction is expected to be complete by early next year.