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La Alma/Lincoln Park: Denver Health Support Services Update #1

Since its announcement in November, the Denver Health Support Services building has made some significant progress. As a refresher, this is a 9-story, 180,000 square foot office building which will also contain 6,000 square feet of ground floor retail.

It appears the main building, core, and parking structure are going up using a precast system. This means large pieces are assembled offsite and then put together on the project site. It would also explain why there are two cranes on site; more lifts are required.

2016-03-29_DenverHealth-02 2016-03-29_DenverHealth-03

One advantage to a precast build is a rapid construction timeline. In five months, demolition, excavation, and foundation have taken place with the building now vertical five-stories.

2016-03-29_DenverHealth-04 2016-03-29_DenverHealth-07

From a materials standpoint, this project will feature red brick, and glass; much like some of the new buildings on the Denver Health campus.

2016-03-29_DenverHealth-05 2016-03-29_DenverHealth-06

The office building will take up the entirety of this lot which means there is still a lot of work to be done. As soon as the first section tops out, the cranes will move back and repeat the same process.

2016-03-29_DenverHealth-08 2016-03-29_DenverHealth-01

Fast builds and a good looking building. You can’t ask for anything better than that!

New La Alma/Lincoln Park Project: Denver Health Support Services

Denver Health has been busy expanding and modernizing their campus over the past decade and that progress continues with their new Support Services building located at 601 Broadway.

The Denver Health Support Services building will be a 9-story structure at the corner of 6th Avenue and Broadway. Previously occupying the 1-acre site were a surface parking lot and a small office building that were demolished this past summer. Here’s the project location:


Anchoring this busy intersection soon will be a 137-foot tall office tower that consolidates numerous administrative and support functions for Denver Health into one building. The new Support Services building will provide approximately 180,000 square feet of office space on six levels (Floors 4 – 9) and about 6,000 square feet of retail and lobby space on the ground floor. Vehicle parking will be provided by 257 spaces located on three levels: all of Floors 2 – 3 and a third level that’s roughly half underground and half ground-floor. Thirty bicycle parking spaces will be included.

Below is a rendering of the development, courtesy of project architect Davis Partnership:


Construction started in October and the project is slated for completion in early 2017.

La Alma / Lincoln Park: South Lincoln Redevelopment Update #3

The South Lincoln redevelopment keeps on going in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The project is being developed in six phases with the first phase starting at 1099 Osage. As of today, Phases One through Three are complete and construction has commenced on Phase Four. In this update, there will be a map with the site outlined for each building we will visit.

First up, we will be looking at the second, southernmost, building in Phase Two. The first building was complete in our previous update; for a refresher, head on over to that post here. The second building in Phase Two is situated on the intersection of West 10th Avenue and Navajo Street.


This four-story building has quite the presence with its vibrant colored facade. With residents already moved in, this building completes Phase Two of the South Lincoln Redevelopment.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-03 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-01

Included in the southern portion Phase Two is a landscaped courtyard with both common meeting spaces and a children’s play area. Detached from the main buildings, there are also a few townhouse units to the south.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-02 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-13

Next up is Phase Three. This building sits on West 10th Avenue and goes roughly halfway down Mariposa and Navajo Street.


Each building in this redevelopment has a different style of architecture and color scheme. Compared to the buildings in Phase Two, this building is much more neutral with splashes of red and blue color. Phase Three is the largest single building in the redevelopment so far.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-05 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-07

Parking can be accessed halfway down Mariposa Street where there is both surface and underground parking. The common outdoor area for this building is still under construction but is starting to shape up nicely.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-08 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-10

Speaking of landscaping, Phase Three will have a community garden and a lot of green space in front of the building along Navajo Street.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-09 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-11

Last but not least, the first half of Phase Four has begun. This phase sits directly across the southern portion of Phase Two along West 10th Avenue between Navajo and Mariposa Street.


Fitting the form of all the other phases, this building has topped out at four stories. Given each phase in this project is designed differently, this building is the most straight-edged out of all the rest.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-12 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-17

This lot in Phase Four will also have townhome units and an open landscaped area, similar to what we saw in Phase Three.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-14 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-16

The streetscape all around this project is excellent with ample bike parking (still under construction) and seating around each building. West 10th Avenue will be the main street through this development so each building is right up to the property line giving these two blocks a very urban feel.

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-04 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-06

Here are two pictures looking down Navajo Street (left) and West 10th Avenue (right). Look at that density!

04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-15 04-02-2014_SouthLincoln-18

The scale of this project and how quickly it is getting built is nothing short of incredible. Being situated right by a light rail station, residents will also have quick and easy access to downtown. All six phases of this development are expected to be complete by 2016.

La Alma / Lincoln Park: South Lincoln Redevelopment Update #2

Back in February, when we last visited the South Lincoln Redevelopment, most of the buildings for the first three phases were still under-construction and major street-scape work had not yet started. Now, six months later, we are finally starting to see how this redevelopment is taking form. Just like the last update, I am going to be using maps to navigate you around this project. Let’s begin!

Just up the street from the 10th and Osage light rail station, and just behind the Buckhorn Exchange, a new building named The Mariposa is complete and residents have already moved in!

This building, rising 4-stories, has a giant metal flower structure in its front plaza area and solar panels on its side giving this building a very unique look; perhaps the most unique out of all the phases so far. You can clearly tell huge improvements have been made to the sidewalks complete with bulb-outs, improved street lights, and soon to be trees and planters.

Parking is in the rear of the building and is covered up along the sidewalk. There will be a future phase going in behind this building creating an alley but we’ll get to that later.

Next up, we are heading across the street to the south side of 10th Avenue along Navajo.

This multicolored 4-story building is much larger and is a half a block long. Construction for this phase should be wrapping up very soon.

Directly east of this building, another lot has been cleared and construction for another phase has commenced.

Last but not least, let’s head over to phase III. This is the largest of all the buildings in the first three phases.

There is a pattern between all the phases, they all are 4-story buildings yet each building is unique in shape, color scheme, and facade.

Somewhat kitty corner to phase III, another huge site has been cleared for another future phase which is outlined here.

And a picture of the site which sits right behind 1099 Osage.

The South Lincoln Redevelopment will have a total of six phases. One phase is complete, two are very close to completion, and site preparations have begun for two more phases. This is a huge project! Residents in these buildings will also have quick access to the 10th and Osage light rail station which has been a very underutilized station in years past.

La Alma / Lincoln Park: South Lincoln Redevelopment Update

Today we are heading over to the La Alma / Lincoln Park neighborhood to check in on the South Lincoln Redevelopment. Back in May of 2011, the Denver Housing Authority gained funding for this redevelopment project and since then, there hasn’t been a break in construction.

First stop on our South Lincoln Redevelopment tour, I am going to give you a quick refresher on the completed 1099 Osage project; an 8-story senior housing building. I highlighted it on our handy map so you can get a feel for its location in entire redevelopment.

Back in 2011 and 2012, I did a bunch of updates on just 1099 Osage. Since then, multiple phases have kicked off hence why I am now covering this redevelopment as a whole. Here is a current picture of 1099 Osage. If you want a more in depth look at the building, it can be found here.

Next, we will be looking at Phase II which includes the 81-unit ‘Mariposa Apartments’ (highlighted on our map).

Wood framing is nearly complete on these buildings and installation of the glass has begun. These two buildings alone are a drastic improvement over the existing structures on site. We’ll check back in a couple months to see what the facade is going to be comprised of.



Last but not least, construction for Phase III has commenced and staging for Phase IV has begun.

As you can see, the elevator core with a little bit of wood framing is all the progress seen so far with this phase. Still, this is a great sign of progress!

The South Lincoln redevelopment is a huge and very exciting project for the La Alma / Lincoln Park neighborhood. I was very surprised when I saw how much was actually under construction. I also had the opportunity to talk to a couple insiders. It looks like the redevelopment going to keep trekking forward through all six phases!

1099 Osage Update #5

This may be one of the final updates on this project as it is almost complete. We will take a more detailed look at the building in this update to give you more of an all around view. This is the first project that kicked off the South Lincoln Redevelopment and there are more projects to come in this area.

First off, we will be looking at the front from Osage Street. This building has great street presence and is the tallest in the surrounding area. Given the master plan of the project, more buildings of this scale will add a great urban density feel to the area. The facade also catches the eye as each floor doesn’t line up with the other. It adds a neat effect when looking at it.


Looking closer at the building itself, you have a great glass wall at the entrance and some very colorful, ‘urban’ art that crawls up the entire length of the building. This is something I didn’t expect when I went to take pictures. It really makes this building stand out even more, in a positive way.


Now to the back of the building. On the left, you’ll see that the artwork continues. This was taken as far back as possible; from the 10th and Osage lightrail station. Nevertheless, I found a way to get to the back so we can take a better look. On the right you see the building in the background of the train tracks. This is clearly dominating the area even being only 8-stories.


The back looks a lot like the front. I was able to get a closeup of the art on the back which, in contrast, is very different from the front. As it still catches the eye, it is a lot harder to see because of the tracks behind the building and the limited accessibility to get behind the building.

As the South Lincoln Redevelopment continues, I share with you this last picture which I took to show you the density of the area around 1099 Osage. For now it is only one 8-story building but there will be much more going in around it which is very exciting for this downtown neighborhood. On a side note, those slanted rectangles on the top are solar panels which is a huge win for any new development.

1099 Osage Update #4

In the past couple months not much has changed externally on this project but the facade is beginning to go up.

Here’s a first glance taken on the corner of 11th Avenue and Osage Street.

There’s a nice glass wall connecting what looks like two parts of the building.

Here’s an overall view of the project with the new facade.

I like the wall this building creates. The roads end at the tracks right behind this building.

Now that school is back in session I will be down by Auraria more often. Hopefully in the next few days we will be taking a look at the projects going on around there.


1099 Osage Update #3

Since my last post in May, we found out that the South Lincoln Redevelopment gained funding and 1099 Osage is one of many buildings in that development.

The tower crane has been taken down and the building is starting to take form quickly.


Compared to what this project looked like back in May, it is no longer just a shell. Siding and windows are now being installed.


Looking down Osage Street this building has quite the street presence with more of similar size to come in this area.


Just across the intersection on 11th and Osage Street, there are plans to build a community pool. Crews were busy getting that underway.


The South Lincoln Redevelopment has acquired $22 million from HUD and there will be continued coverage of this area on DenverInfill. Here is once again the rendering for the entire site:


As you can see 1099 Osage is only a small portion of this entire development but a great start to this entire project.

South Lincoln Redevelopment Gains Funding

Congratulations to the Denver Housing Authority for scoring $22 million from HUD for the continued redevelopment of the South Lincoln housing project in Denver’s La Alma/Lincoln Park district. Ryan and I have covered the proposed redevelopment and the under-construction 1099 Osage project herehere, and here. For the details on the federal funding and the project’s next steps, please check out John Rebchook’s report over at

To celebrate the federal funding, here’s the latest rendering for the entire redevelopment site: