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Prospect: Residences at Prospect Park Update #3

The Residences at Prospect Park project has been under construction for over a year now and it’s been a little over a year since our last update, so let’s take a look at how the development is coming along.

This is a long structure—stretching about one-eighth mile in length—partly due to the original platting of the area. The part of the Prospect district west of Huron Street was laid out as Hoyt and Robinson’s Addition to Denver of 1871 (resurveyed in 1875). For some reason, George E. Hoyt and William D. Robinson designed their plat with north-south blocks running 950 feet in length, with no east-west streets north of West 29th Avenue. Compare this to the standard 400-foot block lengths in most of Downtown. Extending almost three-quarters of the block length is the Residences at Prospect Park.

Work on the development has been moving along and it appears to be on pace for an opening in early 2016. Photographing the project at street level is difficult due to the length of the building and the narrow 40-foot Huron Street right-of-way width, but here goes:



I like this last shot with the Four Seasons in the background:


We’ll visit the Residences at Prospect Park one last time in the spring for its final update and include, perhaps, a cool drone-view photo from Ryan.

Prospect: The Casey Final Update

The Casey is a new apartment community at 21st and Delgany in the Prospect district that opened earlier in the year. To retrieve all of our posts on The Casey (previously known as 2100 Delgany), use the handy tag link below:

2100 Delgany

Let’s wrap things up with a few photos! First, the Casey’s main entry at the corner of 21st and Delgany:


Center of the building near the parking garage entry:


The view down Delgany Street and the nice street wall formed with the Metro Apartments on the left:


That’s it! Another empty hole in Denver’s urban fabric has been repaired and a few hundred more people now call Downtown Denver home.

Prospect: 3500 Rockmont Update #1

Let’s take a look at how things are coming along at 3500 Rockmont, a 16-building, 390-unit apartment complex under construction next to City of Cuernavaca Park on the old Mail-Well Envelope factory site in Downtown Denver’s Prospect district. Our only post on 3500 Rockmont was back in January 2014 when we announced the project. As you would expect, a lot of progress has been made on the development since then. Here are a few photos:



It’s sort of difficult to photograph this project given the amount of land that it covers and how little of it is accessible at the moment from Rockmont Drive. So let’s take a peek from above, thanks to this October 2014 Google Earth aerial:


Clearly, the buildings closer to the main entry (from where I took the photos above) are further along than those by the railroad tracks. It looks like 3500 Rockmont’s buildings will welcome their first residents in phases over the course of the next several months.

Prospect: The Casey Update #3

Since our last update on The Casey, formally known as 2100 Delgany, a lot of progress has been made over the past nine months, as you would expect. The six-story, 187-unit apartment project has topped out and is now only a couple months from completion.

First we will start with some shots from a nearby rooftop. As you can see, the structure is complete and closed in at six-stories. Workers have also started on the facade on the south end of the building.

2014-09-20_Casey-02 2014-09-20_Casey-05

The facade is mostly comprised of brick with some paneling and stucco mixed in. As far as the main structure, the first floor is concrete with five-stories of timber on top.

2014-09-20_Casey-03 2014-09-20_Casey-04

Last but not least, here is a view of the project from the Wewatta viaduct, heading down into Union Station and Prospect.


The next time we look at the Casey will be for the final update in a couple of months. See you then!

Prospect: Residences at Prospect Park Update #2

The Prospect neighborhood has started to become a very tightly knit urban area with street-walls of residential buildings at every turn. With very few empty lots left, the Residences at Prospect Park take up what was one of the largest dirt lots in the neighborhood.

This building, which will top out at five stories, is impressively long with a span of around 750-feet. To put things into prospective, that’s 36 feet longer than Republic Plaza, Denver’s tallest building, if it were laying down and double the length of projects such as 2020 Lawrence, and Legacy 22nd. Here are some recent photos of the project. Because of the size, there are a total eight stairwell/elevator cores going in.

2014-09-10_ProspectPark-04 2014-09-10_ProspectPark-03

2014-09-10_ProspectPark-01 2014-09-10_ProspectPark-02

The Residences at Prospect Park will contribute 296-units to the Prospect neighborhood and has an expected delivery of early 2015. The last time we visited this project was over a year ago so in case you need a refresher, make sure you visit our announcement and updated rendering posts!

New Prospect Project: 3500 Rockmont

At the site of the former Mail-Well Envelope factory immediately north of City of Cuernavaca Park in Downtown’s Prospect District is a new multi-family residential development: 3500 Rockmont. The project is being developed by Carmel Partners. Here’s a GoogleEarth aerial showing the site outlined in yellow (click to biggify):

The 3500 Rockmont project consists of 390 rental units distributed across 16 garden-style apartment buildings (three-story walk-ups) that matches the character of the nearby historic Platte Street. The project also features an approximate 10,000 square foot three-story clubhouse at the project’s entrance which will feature an outdoor deck with a pool, a spa, and an outdoor fireplace. Additional amenities at 3500 Rockmont will include a fitness center, clubroom, bike storage and repair room, a pet spa, and a roof deck with views of the Denver skyline. Here’s a site plan, courtesy of Carmel Partners:

The various buildings will be connected via landscaped walkways. Parking is provided through a combination of garages attached to the buildings, structured podium parking at the clubhouse building, and some surface lots.

Here’s a rendering of the pool area at the clubhouse building, which provides some sense of the scale and architecture of the overall development. The architect is KTGY Group.

After many months, environmental cleanup of the site was completed Spring 2013 and the industrial building on the property was demolished during the summer and fall. Construction began in September 2013 and the first residents should begin moving into 3500 Rockmont in September 2014.

Prospect: 2100 Delgany Update #2

Another project has made it out of the ground since our Summer 2013 Hole-in-the-Ground census! Today, we are going to head over to the Prospect neighborhood and take a look at the 2100 Delgany project.

As of right now, the concrete podium has been poured and the first elevator core is nearly topped out. Since this will be a 6-story building, we will most likely see timber framing for the other five floors. 2100 Delgany sits on a very uniquely shaped parcel of land and will only occupy the square portion of the lot, leaving a little triangle dirt lot. Even with the open space directly to the north of this project, 2100 Delgany will have a significant impact along Delgany Street.


Here is a little bonus picture I took as I was walking towards 2100 Delgany. Last weekend was crystal clear, before the snow and cold moved in, giving us a spectacular mountain backdrop! (Click for high-resolution greatness!)

There is still a lot of work to be done given its completion isn’t until late 2014. We will check back again in a couple months to see what progress has been made!

Prospect: 2100 Delgany Update #1

It was only two months ago when we first posted about 2100 Delgany, a new six story, 187-unit apartment project being developed by Mill Creek Residential in Downtown Denver’s Prospect district. Here’s the site and a rendering to refresh your memory:

Today we’re happy to report that 2100 Delgany just started construction!

I’m not going to let Ryan have all the fun taking construction photos, so today I walked over to the site and took a few shots. Here’s the view from 21st Street…

…and the view from Wewatta Street:

2100 Delgany should be finished by next summer/fall.

New Prospect Project: 2100 Delgany

Planning is underway to develop one of the last remaining parcels in Downtown Denver’s Prospect district. A development application for a project known as 2100 Delgany was submitted in late December 2012 to the Denver planning office and is currently working its way through the development review process.

2100 Delgany is a 187-unit, six-story apartment project with underground parking planned by Mill Creek Residential. Mill Creek is the same firm currently under construction with the 2300 Walnut project that Ryan provided an update on in January. As you may have guessed, 2100 Delgany will be located at the corner of 21st and Delgany behind Coors Field. Here’s a Google Earth aerial image where I’ve outlined the site in question. Click/zoom to embiggen:

The architectural firm designing 2100 Delgany is Denver-based Shears Adkins Rockmore. Here are a few renderings of the project courtesy of SA+R.

On the left, a view of the project from the corner of 21st and Delgany looking east towards Coors Field. On the right, the view from near Delgany and W. 29th Avenue looking back towards 21st and Delgany:


On the left, the southeastern side of the project from the elevated portion of Wewatta near Park Avenue West. On the right, a view from roughly Union Station looking northeast:


Assuming the project gets underway later this summer, 2100 Delgany will likely be completed in late 2014.