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New River North Project: Larimer Row

A new 28-unit row home project is under development in the River North District near 34th and Larimer. Here’s a Google Earth aerial with the site outlined in yellow:


The project being developed by BLVD Builders; their project architect is EV Studio. Here are a site plan, axonometric view, and rendering of Larimer Row, courtesy of BLVD Builders and EV Studio:




Larimer Row is already under construction and should be finished later in 2015. For more information, please visit the project website:

River North: DRIVE 2 Final Update

DRIVE 2 in the TAXI Development is complete! Ryan has been keeping us posted on the project for almost a year and it’s time for the final update. When we last checked in with DRIVE 2 in July, the 60,000 square foot office and event space was still under construction. For the final update, we’ll take a look at some of the unique spaces and finishes inside the DRIVE 2 building. Thanks to Chris Woldum and Justin Croft of Zeppelin Development for the tour!

Before we go inside, here is a photo of DRIVE 2’s main façade. You can see that some tenants are making good use of the garage doors; there is one open on both the second and third floors. The building is LEED certified and, like the rest of the properties in the TAXI development, features sustainable landscaping with native plants and grasses.


DRIVE 2 houses a variety of creative small businesses tenants, along with coworking and shared office spaces, like the one pictured below.


There is a private event space on the fourth floor that holds up to 200 people, offering some amazing views of the downtown skyline through the signature garage doors. The doors open onto a spacious balcony.



Many of the finishes in DRIVE 2 are carried over from other Zeppelin Development projects in the RiNo area. If you’ve been to The Source, you may recognize the aluminum two-by-fours that are used as railings throughout the DRIVE 2 building.


The yellow polycarb trim pictured below houses DRIVE 2’s insulation, a unique design choice that is a callback to the same finish in the TAXI buildings.


Whimsical yellow stripes crisscross the floors, lest you forget that you are on the site of the former Yellow Cab Company’s terminal.


Skylights in the ceiling and frosted glass panel inserts in the floors allow natural light to penetrate all the way to the center of the building.


If you‘re passing through RiNo, take a quick peek at the DRIVE 1 and DRIVE 2 buildings now that they’re complete. They’re an awesome addition to this up-and-coming neighborhood.

River North: DRIVE 2 Update #2 (Inside the Infill Edition)

It is time for the second part of our DRIVE 2 tour! We are going to go inside the walls and check out the progress, floor-plans, and exciting views this new, 60,000 square foot building offers! Thanks to Chris Woldum of Zeppelin Places for the great tour!

The 60,000 square foot space is going to be occupied by mostly start-ups and small businesses therefore, efficiency is key in DRIVE 2. On the ground floor, offices will feature a mezzanine level to help maximize the space. Vertical space is also conserved with all of the HVAC systems running through the steel beams. A good example of this is shown in the second picture.

2014-06-29_Drive2-02 2014-06-29_Drive2-14

Natural light is also a huge key player in DRIVE 2. As you may have noticed in our last update, there are several garage doors on each floor of the building along with many windows. This gives each corridor and office a great amount of natural light.

2014-06-29_Drive2-11 2014-06-29_Drive2-15

2014-06-29_Drive2-09 2014-06-29_Drive2-03

Speaking of the garage doors, there are a couple of different purposes for them. Tenants can control the garage doors to open up the office to the elements, letting in fresh air and additional sunlight. Some garage doors lead out to balconies and some have ledges where you can drink your morning coffee and watch the trains go by, or get that afternoon report done on your laptop. This is definitely not a feature you find in the majority of new office developments!

2014-06-29_Drive2-12 2014-06-29_Drive2-10

Even though DRIVE 2 is a four-story building, it is far enough from Downtown Denver to offer some spectacular views.You can see both Downtown Denver, and the ever growing Union Station skyline. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the huge BNSF train yard that sits right across from DRIVE 2, but you can get a glimpse of it through the above photos!

2014-06-29_Drive2-05 2014-06-29_Drive2-06

2014-06-29_Drive2-08 2014-06-29_Drive2-07

DRIVE 2 is looking to wrap up construction and start moving in tenants at the end of July! Zepplin Development has a lot on the boards for TAXI which we are very excited to cover! Stay tuned!

River North: DRIVE 2 Update #1

In the next two updates, we are going to be heading over to the TAXI development to check in at Drive 2. Back in January, when we first covered this project, it was just a steel shell that was not quite topped out. Now, the 60,000 square foot project is almost complete. In this update, we will be looking at the outside of the project and tomorrow, we will have a special ‘inside the infill’ edition of this project as we take a look inside!

Drive 2 is very similar to its neighbor Drive. In fact, they share the same height, facade, and have a level horizontal window line between both buildings. Here’s a fun fact about this project: Originally, there was supposed to be a single building spanning the entire length of Drive and Drive 2. Because of the economic conditions, the first 40,000 square foot ‘Drive’ was built. Fast forward to present day, there are two separate buildings. However, Drive 2 was designed in a way to look like it was broken off from the original Drive building! This is a very neat and subtle architectural element!

2014-06-29_Drive2-01 2014-06-29_Drive2-16

2014-06-29_Drive2-20 2014-06-29_Drive2-19

Here are a couple more pictures of Drive and Drive 2 from the back side. From this prospective, you can clearly tell these buildings are twins. In the foreground of the first picture sits the tenant pool which is made from two shipping containers!

2014-06-29_Drive2-18 2014-06-29_Drive2-17

Coming up next, we go inside Drive 2 to look at floor-plans and views from this exciting, new development!

New River North Project: DRIVE 2

Back in August 2012, we looked at a mixed-use office project, in the TAXI development, called DRIVE. After about a year since DRIVE has been completed, and fully leased, Zeppelin Development has broken ground on a new office project right next door to DRIVE. The new mixed-use office building, DRIVE 2, will be very similar to its neighbor; providing new-generation work spaces for both small entrepreneurial businesses and mid to large size companies.

Here is a map with the project site outlined. The building directly north of the site is the first DRIVE office building which is situated just behind the original TAXI redevelopment.

In the first picture, you can see the completed and fully leased DRIVE office building. DRIVE 2 will be almost identical to its neighbor in both massing and exterior materials. The new building will feature 50 glass garage doors to provide natural light, a 2,500 square-foot rooftop conference center and a bike shop.


DRIVE 2 broke ground in late October and is quickly making its way out of the ground. The elevator cores have already topped out at 4-stories and the steel structure is not too far behind. Here are some additional pictures of the project.


The 60,000 square-foot office building is expected to be complete by Spring 2014.

River North: Block 32 at RiNo Final Update

Just down the street from the Denargo Market project, Block 32 at RiNo, formally known as RiNo Center, on 32nd Street and Brighton Boulevard is complete and open for occupancy. As per my final update tradition, you can follow its progress here:

RiNo Rising: Part III

RiNo Center Update 

Standing 4-stories tall, the 205-unit apartment building has a very unique color scheme which comfortably fits the area it stands in. I was reminded of shipping containers when looking at this building which also is a reoccurring theme in the River North / Upper Ballpark neighborhoods.


Infill is a great thing, especially on streets like Brighton Boulevard which has some great potential. Urbanists and many other people agree that a key part of any major city is how the people interact with the city at the street level. With parking in the front, a dedicated driveway, and a water drainage ditch separating most of the property from the sidewalk, unfortunately, this project lost a huge opportunity of having a good street presence along Brighton Boulevard.


The River North neighborhood has a lot of potential and opportunity to become Denver’s next hip new neighborhood. It will be interesting to see what new projects come online along Brighton Boulevard in the future especially when the 38th and Blake commuter rail station opens!

River North: The Yards at Denargo Market Final Update

Today we are going to head over to the River North neighborhood and take a look at the newly completed ‘Yards at Denargo Market’ project. Formally known as the ‘Denargo Market Apartments’, this 301-unit apartment project has been complete for quite some time now so it’s time to take one final look at it here on DenverInfill. We only had three updates for this project but you can follow the progress here:

Denargo Market Apartments Update

Denargo Market Apartments Update – Addendum

Denargo Market Apartments Update #2 

Welcome to the Denargo Market! What used to be an open-air market in the 1940s and then a  fenced-off industrial area, the Denargo Market is now a new River North district with hopes of redevelopment. Whether you are on Brighton Boulevard or Delgany Street, you can clearly tell where the Denargo Market sits with signs all around its border.


When travelling north along Brighton Boulevard, it’s pretty hard to miss this apartment building, especially at night. Along with the street signs, there is a ‘Denargo Market’ neon sign fixed on top of the apartments that glows red.


Here are some additional views of the building. In addition to the ‘Denargo Market’ sign, the ‘Yards’ sign also lights up at night. The facade is pretty standard fare compared to other low-rise buildings in this area: broken up with some brick mixed in and a somewhat jagged roof-line.


I have heard concerns about the exposed parking garage and many agree that it should be covered. There is hope though! You can clearly see there is a huge field behind the garage portion of the building which will be developed one day thus hiding the garage from sight!


The Yards at the Denargo Market is a great first step in the Denargo Market redevelopment program. With its proximity to Denver Union Station and the soon-to-be 38th and Blake commuter rail station, we should see more development and density added to the River North neighborhood over the next few years!

New River North Project: Greenbox

With the current development boom we are in, there are residents moving in and around Downtown Denver at a rapid pace. Apartment unit sizes are shrinking in these new developments and one question comes up for new residents: Where am I going to store my things? Many downtown residents have skis, snowboards, seasonal clothing and various large objects that typically wouldn’t fit comfortably in an apartment. Downtown storage for the past couple decades has been pretty sparse and the current storage facilities reside in old warehouses waiting to be redeveloped. Located at 3310 Brighton Boulevard, Greenbox is changing this. Built from the ground up, this LEED-Certified storage facility is aesthetically pleasing and brings a nice face to Brighton Boulevard.

I met with Josh Fine of Focus Property Group for an inside look of Greenbox’s progress and learned some great information about this development. The street front will set this apart from the standard facilities we all know. There are three flex units facing Brighton Boulevard that can be used for a small office or even retail space. Josh explained how these were going to be just as easy to rent as a storage unit along with amenities such as heating, cooling and WiFi. You would be able to use this space the same day you filled out the rental application. This is great for a start-up business, gallery, or first time retail store owner.


Greenbox will feature 690 storage units, 51 of which will have drive up access. The average unit size will be around 66 square feet ranging from a 5×5 cubby to a 15×20 drive up unit. The cubby units will also come with shelves so you can utilize your space more efficiently.


I personally have never seen a storage facility under construction. It’s a very simple construction process and doesn’t require heavy steel or concrete framing. Construction is up to the third floor and has a great view of the city before it is closed in.


It’s nice to see specialized projects like this being developed around our urban core. This allows residents to fully utilize their immediate surroundings versus driving all the way out to a suburb for these services. There are future phases of Greenbox as well which we will cover here on DenverInfill. Thank you Josh for the excellent tour!