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New River North Project: Revolution 3600

The remarkable revitalization of the River North Art District continues with the announcement of another major infill project: Revolution 3600, a 5-story, 150,000 square foot mixed-use development planned for the corner of 36th Street and Brighton Boulevard.


Revolution 3600 is being developed by a team led by Ed Haselden with Anderson Mason Dale serving as the project architect, Jones Lang LaSalle handling office leasing, and Haselden Construction as the builder. The mixed-use project’s two main components include approximately 120,000 square feet of office space on floors 2-5 and around 20,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The 37,500 SF property is mostly vacant land except for a small 1950’s-era industrial building previously occupied by Industrial Motors & Machining, which recently moved to a new location two miles away.

A couple of renderings: Revolution 3600 looking east at the corner of Brighton Boulevard and 36th Street, followed by the view looking south along Brighton Boulevard. All renderings are courtesy of Anderson Mason Dale.



A highlight of the ground-floor commercial uses is the proposed Market Hall that will combine up to eight food purveyors into an 8,700 SF open-floor space that doubles as the building lobby. Additional ground-floor uses include a 6,000 SF restaurant space at the 36th Street corner and a similar-sized space for a retail tenant.

Revolution 3600’s proposed Market Hall interior and a view of the building’s Brighton Boulevard elevation with ground-floor commercial spaces:



Automobile parking for 238 spaces will be accommodated on two underground levels accessed via the alley. Bicycle parking will also be provided.

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2017.

River North: Modera River North Arts Update #1

The proposed Modera River North Arts project has broken ground in the RiNo district. Here are a two shots from a few days ago:



Located along Blake Street between 28th and 29th Streets, Modera River North Arts will add 183 new homes along the soon-to-be-converted Blake Street with bi-directional bike lanes and within a short distance of the 38th and Blake transit station.

Summer 2016: Central Denver Tower Crane Census

Happy first day of Summer readers! Back by popular demand, we are going to start the week and season off with a tower crane census. There was a lot of crane action going on over the weekend so this will be a fun census. All of the tower crane photos, with the exception of one, were taken on Saturday for an accurate count; even though the count is going to be tricky.

This census is for tower cranes only. The self erecting cranes (cranes without a ladder mast or cab) on smaller builds are not counted.

Why tricky? Let’s start out with tower crane number zero. As I got down to the Union Station neighborhood, workers were taking down the crane at Union Tower West. As much as I would love to count this, this crane has been completely taken down.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-09 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-03

Let’s move the count in a positive direction. One and Two belong to Pivot.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-23 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-10

Three and Four are for 1709 Chestnut. The second tower crane for this project wasn’t up on Saturday but it should be complete today.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-05 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-08

Tower crane number Five belongs to the 16th and Wewatta Hotel and Office Complex.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-12 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-11

The Confluence offers tower cranes Six and Seven. As a bonus, they were jumping the south tower crane over the weekend.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-06 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-22

Number Eight belongs to 28th and Vallejo and, since this is a Central Denver census, Alexan West Highlands brings number Nine to the table.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-07 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-20

I forgot the memory card for my other camera before I went up to take this photo so here is number Ten, belonging to Modera River North, in cell-phone-picture fashion.


I said out loud, “No! What are you doing? I have a census to do…” as I saw what was going on at Dairy Block. A tower crane taking down another tower crane is not a sight we see everyday. Unfortunately, I can only count one for Dairy Block bringing the total up to Eleven.


Twelve and Thirteen, belonging to 999 17th Street, are nicely tucked away in Central Downtown.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-13 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-14

1144 Fifteenth claims number Fifteen with Le Meridien / AC bringing the number up to Sixteen. If you look closely in the first photo, you can see the south tower crane for The Confluence continuing to jump itself.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-15 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-17

Seventeen belongs to the rare luffing jib over at SkyHouse. I’m sure number Eighteen, at Alexan Uptown, will be taken down very soon.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-18 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-02

Number Nineteen is working hard at Eviva Cherokee with Twenty and Twenty-One helping build the twin 30-story Country Club Towers.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-21 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-01

Last but not least, Twenty-Two stands tall above the Alexan Cherry Creek site. After a five hour tower-crane-spotting hike, I forgot to take a current picture of this one but trust me, it’s still there.


As I was editing these photos last night, my wife nicely told me that she spotted one for Tennyson Place in Berkeley last month. After reviewing her phone picture footage, that brings our final total to Twenty-Three. Sorry, I don’t have a current photo of this one.

That’s a lot of tower cranes and about the peak number we are going to see this year. Our previous census, back in 2013, featured ten tower cranes with around three up in Cherry Creek at the time. 2016 has significantly more construction activity as the boom keeps on rolling!

New River North Project: DriveTrain

A nearly 3-acre property between Brighton Boulevard and Arkins Court in Denver’s hot RiNo district is the site of a proposed mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development called DriveTrain. Named in honor of former occupant Drive Train Industries and in a nod to River North’s industrial heritage, DriveTrain will include four buildings totaling over 350,000 square feet of space. To be developed by Tom and Brooke Gordon, the DriveTrain parcel is outlined on the Google Earth aerial below:


(As discussed in our previous post, an adjacent parcel across 33rd Street will accommodate another component of Tom and Brooke Gordon’s vision for this area: River Row Homes at DriveTrain.)

The designer of the DriveTrain site and the project’s four buildings is RiNo-based OZ Architecture. Thanks to the good people over at OZ, we are pleased to present the DriveTrain site plan and architectural rendering below, as well as additional details about the DriveTrain concept and program:


Overall, DriveTrain will include:

  • Approximately 220 residential units spread across three of the four buildings, offering a mix of for-sale condominiums ranging in size from big penthouses to micro-units, as well as affordable rental units targeted to artists that feature studio space on the lower level with living space above.
  • A 120-room boutique hotel
  • Incubator office space designed for creative companies seeking a collaborative working environment
  • Restaurant and retail spaces on the ground floors of all four buildings
  • A central landscaped courtyard for outdoor amenities and restaurant patio seating

DriveTrain’s site contains four internal parcels, as shown on the site plan above:

  • Parcel B: Condominiums in a 65,000 square foot, 6-story building overlooking Arkins Court and the South Platte River
  • Parcel C: A mix of uses in the development’s largest building at around 135,000 square feet in a 6-story structure facing 32nd Street
  • Parcel D: The boutique hotel in a 9-story, 100,000 square foot building facing Brighton Boulevard
  • Parcel E: The artist’s units in an 8-story building containing around 80,000 square feet overlooking 33rd Street

The view from 33rd and Arkins Court looking south toward Downtown Denver:


Parking at DriveTrain will be located underground and will be available to not only tenants and residents of DriveTrain, but to the general public as well, providing access to the new River North Park and the neighborhood’s other amenities. DriveTrain will also be a 10-minute walk from the 38th and Blake station on the A Line.

Groundbreaking for DriveTrain is expected to occur in early 2017 with the project’s four buildings completed and open by late 2018.

New River North Project: River Row Homes at DriveTrain

A significant new redevelopment project—DriveTrain—is coming to Denver’s booming River North (RiNo) neighborhood at the former Drive Train Industries site on Brighton Boulevard. The DriveTrain development consists of two components, with this post focusing on the smaller of the two: River Row Homes at DriveTrain.

River Row Homes at DriveTrain includes 23 rowhomes situated on an approximate one-acre parcel along Arkins Court at 33rd Street. Here’s the site outlined on a Google Earth aerial:


Over at DenverUrbanism, we’ve been reporting on this area in several posts relating to new infrastructure in RiNo. The River Row Homes at DriveTrain will be surrounded (literally) on all sides by some of that new infrastructure: the redesign of Arkins Court into the River North Promenade to the north, the construction of a new 33rd Street/Delgany Festival Street to the west and south, and the development of River North Park to the east. This site plan from the project’s website shows the arrangement of the row homes on the site:


DriveTrain is being developed by Iselo Investment Partners, owned by Tom and Brooke Gordon, and the architect for the River Row Homes is Sprocket. Below are a couple of renderings, courtesy of Sprocket:

View looking south with Arkins Court in the foreground:



The River Row Homes at DriveTrain is scheduled to begin construction this summer and be complete in 2017.

The second component of the DriveTrain development is substantially larger and more ambitious, and the focus of our next DenverInfill post.

River North: Industry Denver Apartments Update #1

Construction activities at the Industry Denver Apartments site have begun.

To recap from our initial post on this project, Industry Denver Apartments is a nine-story project that will feature 274 apartments on six floors atop a three-level parking structure containing 349 spaces for automobiles and 88 spaces for bicycles. On the ground floor, the residential lobby, a fitness center, leasing office, and three townhomes will wrap the parking on the sides facing Brighton Boulevard and the historic Industry Denver office building.

The Industry Denver Apartments project is part of the larger Industry Denver development that includes 120,000 square feet of office space in a two-phase renovation/adaptive reuse of a 1939 produce warehouse, and 72,000 square feet of office space plus a 300-car parking garage in a recently completed new-construction third phase. We published this conceptual master plan rendering (courtesy of Industry Denver) at DenverUrbanism in 2014, but it may be helpful to show it here to illustrate the entire Industry Denver development. The Industry Denver Apartments are on the right:


Here are two photographs of the preliminary construction work at the site:



In the second photo, the recently completed parking structure/office space Phase III is visible to the right of the blonde-brick historic warehouse.

River North: The Source Hotel + Market Hall Update #1

Let’s make a quick stop in River North over at The Source. Back in August we announced a new addition that was going to take over some of the surface parking at the very popular marketplace. The expansion includes a new 19,000 square foot market hall, 100-room hotel, and 300-space structured parking garage.

Currently, work is wrapping up on the structured parking garage that sits right behind The Source. Here are two photos from the front of the development. The next phase of construction will take out the dirt lot you see in the second photo.

2016-02-21_SourceHotel-01 2016-02-21_SourceHotel-02

The base of the parking garage will eventually be covered by the new market hall, which will have a seamless transition to and from the historic warehouse. We will visit this project again once the market hall, and hotel are underway. Stay tuned!

River North: The Freight Residences Final Update

Let’s head over to Denver’s River North neighborhood and check in on the completed Freight Residences located at Zeppelin Development’s TAXI compound. Today, we are going to look at the completed four-story, 49-unit project both inside and out.

Freight’s architecture is right in line with the rest of the TAXI development; an industrial look with a corrugated metal facade and bright accent colors. The residences in Freight are geared more towards families which means there are one, two, three, and four bedroom units. No Zeppelin development would be complete without their famous garage doors, located on the first and top floor units.

2016-02-21_Freight-18 2016-02-21_Freight-17

It may look a little barren now but, come spring, the front landscaping will feature native wildflowers and grasses that will go around and under the pathways. Water drainage from the roof will go directly into this little detention area. The large concrete blocks you see in the second picture are directly from their concrete-mixing neighbors to the north. When there is leftover concrete in the trucks, these large forms are made and are typically used for roadways and construction. Zeppelin saw an opportunity to reuse these forms for landscaping.

2016-02-21_Freight-19 2016-02-21_Freight-16

Orange is the theme at Freight Residences. Here is part of the lobby that will be used for kids, workshops, events, and a collaborative work environment.


Did I mention orange? The hallway on the third floor is painted what I like to call “traffic cone” orange. The floor also looks orange but it is just polished concrete reflecting the walls and ceiling.

2016-02-21_Freight-14 2016-02-21_Freight-13

Freight has a very interesting unit layout. On the east half of the building, two-story townhomes are stacked on top of each other. The smaller units are located on the west side of the building, along with additional townhome units. Because of this, there are only two access points for all of the units: the ground floor and third floor.

Thanks to Chris Woldum of Zeppelin, DenverInfill was able to get an inside look at Freight. Starting off with the townhome units, we can see that they feature an industrial look with very open floor plans and polished concrete floors. The same orange we saw above is also featured as an accent in all of the units.

2016-02-21_Freight-15 2016-02-21_Freight-10

The garage doors offer a great opening for each unit’s outdoor space. Every townhome unit has a garage door leading out to either the front, if you are on the first two floors, or a private rooftop patio, if you are on the top two floors.

2016-02-21_Freight-08 2016-02-21_Freight-07

Some of the townhomes feature both an east and west view that can be directly seen from each end of the unit. The master bedrooms have a unique, open layout, as you can see in the second photo.

2016-02-21_Freight-09 2016-02-21_Freight-12

The one-bedroom units come in just shy of 600 square feet but feel very open with only one central wall spanning from the floor to ceiling.


How about the views? Looking west, you get a great view of the mountains with the freight yards less than a block away.

2016-02-21_Freight-04 2016-02-21_Freight-03

To the south, you get views of the TAXI site as well as the Union Station skyline.

2016-02-21_Freight-05 2016-02-21_Freight-06

Most apartments going up around Downtown Denver feature very similar floor plans, and have very limited large units. Freight breaks that mold with family-sized units and unique floor plans.

New River North Project: Modera River North Arts

A new apartment community is coming to Blake Street in Denver’s booming River North/Ballpark neighborhood.

Mill Creek Residential, a national multifamily developer based in Dallas, Texas, has been busy in Denver, recently developing The Casey and The Douglas and currently building Modera River North at 29th and Brighton Boulevard. Next up for Mill Creek is Modera River North Arts, a proposed 183-unit housing development along Blake Street between 28th and 29th streets. Here’s a Google Earth aerial showing the proposed location:


Modera River North Arts will rise five floors and include approximately 229 parking spaces.

The following rendering is courtesy of Studio PBA, the project architect:


Construction is expected to begin later this spring with completion set for 2017.