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Spring 2014: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census

It has been 7 months since our last ‘hole-in-the-ground’ census and as new projects have started to take off in the past couple of months, there are fresh new holes scattered around the Downtown Denver area. This census will exclude Cherry Creek and will focus on Downtown Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods. In this census, I will give a brief description of each project along with a link to access all of the previous posts associated with that project. Let’s begin!


Golden Triangle | 16-stories | 224-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Env01

28th and Broadway

Golden Triangle | 7-stories | 200-units | Apartments

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-8thBroadway-01

3Hyatt House / Hyatt Place

Central Downtown | 21-stories | 361-rooms | Hotel

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Hyatt-02

4Triangle Building

Union Station | 10-stories | 220,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-02 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Triangle-01

51601 Wewatta

Union Station | 10-stories | 300,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-1601Wewatta-02

6Galvanize 2.0

Lower Highland | 4-stories | 76,000 sq ft | Office

03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-01 03-30-2014_HoleCensus-Galvanize-02

That’s a lot of infill going vertical this year! If you looked closely at both 8th and Broadway and 1601 Wewatta, tower crane bases are up at each site! We should see those cranes up within the next month or so!

Union Station: The Platform Update #5

One of the most exciting parts of any infill project going up is seeing the first sign of the facade. When we looked at The Platform for the very first time, we noted the 21-story building was going to have a primarily white facade which is a rare sight here in Denver. Most of the new developments around Downtown Denver are either mostly glass, or earth-toned. A new white building will look very sharp!

Here are some pictures of the new facade going up. The ground floor will have floor to ceiling glass but from the second floor up, this is what the facade will look like.


The Platform will look great next to the new Union Station rail canopy!


As of right now, The Platform has risen up to 13-stories with eight more to go! If you haven’t been in the area lately, this building is beginning to have a huge impact in the Union Station neighborhood!

New Union Station Project: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex

DenverInfill is happy to report that a major project in Downtown Denver’s Union Station redevelopment area is moving forward. Continuum Partners, part of the Union Station Neighborhood Company team responsible for developing several of the key parcels next to Denver’s massive Union Station Transit Center project, announced plans today for a significant mixed-use project along Denver’s 16th Street Mall near the historic station.

One of the prime development sites next to Denver Union Station has been the L-shaped parcel located at the east corner of 16th and Wewatta Street, immediately adjacent to Union Station’s new dramatic white canopy Train Hall, where several RTD commuter rail lines (starting early 2016) and Amtrak trains (starting a few days ago) arrive. A portion of that parcel is already under construction with The Platform at Union Station, a 21-story apartment building. Continuum’s new project represents not only the final piece of this L-shaped parcel to be developed, but a major project in its own right for Downtown Denver. Here’s the site outlined on a Google Earth aerial:

Continuum’s project consists of several components:

  • A 12-story, 200-room Kimpton Hotel that includes over 8,300 SF of meeting rooms, adjacent pre-function space, street-level and rooftop outdoor patios, and two locally based restaurants with podium-level outdoor spaces.
  • A 53,000 SF, five-story boutique office building with 12,500 SF  floor plates designed for smaller firms looking to locate in the Union Station area, plus three ground-floor retail spaces.
  • A two-level, 210-space underground parking structure of which 100 spaces will be reserved for general public parking, thanks to financial support from the Denver Urban Renewal Authority.

Here are some excellent high-resolution project images, thanks to the great team at Continuum and their design partners at Semple Brown Design and BOKA Powell. First, a view of the hotel/office complex looking east at the corner of 16th and Wewatta, with the 16th Street Mall to the right and Wewatta Street to the left (for all images, click/zoom to view in full 2400-pixel-wide size):

Here’s a view looking north, with the 16th Street Mall in the foreground and the Millennium Bridge on the far left edge:

Of course, one of the coolest aspects of this project is that it has two fronts: one facing 16th Street, the other facing the commuter rail platforms at Union Station. Here’s a view looking from under the big white Union Station canopy towards the Kimpton Hotel (right) and office building (left):

Finally, another important aspect of this project is that it will provide a public walkway in between the hotel and office buildings that goes directly from the commuter rail platforms to the 16th Street Mall and a planned RTD Mall Shuttle stop. Here’s the view from the 16th Street Mall looking into that walkway towards the canopy-covered Train Hall:

Continuum’s 16th and Wewatta hotel/office complex is planned to begin construction June 2014 and be completed by late 2015.

Denver Union Station Update #125

Amtrak’s return to Denver Union Station was a great event and we were able to get a great look at the new train hall canopy. In case you missed it, head on over to DenverUrbanism to check it out! In this update, we are going to revisit the canopy during the day.

Even during the day, this structure is awe striking; not to mention very large. While walking through the platforms, you will notice that  this train hall will serve both as a very functional train station and a great open public space.



Shelter from the weather was a very popular subject when the station was under construction and, given the station is almost complete, Amtrak will have the only covered platforms. Is this a bad thing? Yes and no. When it is precipitating it would be nice to have some kind of shelter. Shelter, however, can be found everywhere. there are large areas of the train hall that are covered, including platform 1 which is reserved for the A-Line to Denver International Airport. You can also seek shelter under Amtrak’s platform 3, which is a central point between all of the other platforms, inside the historic structure and down in the underground bus facility. I was more concerned about the ice that was under all of the platforms. Because of the brand new concrete, ice melt cannot be used yet. Fear not, I was assured by a Denver Transit Partners supervisor that this will not be a problem next winter.


Here are two additional pictures of the station: The covered walkway to the historic station, and the 18th Street pedestrian bridge. The metal fence over the tracks on the pedestrian bridge looks sharp and will still be able to provide a great view to watch trains go to and from the station!


Last but not least, here is an example of the signage that will be used throughout the station. It is very straight forward with different icons and colors depending on the mode of transportation you are taking.

This will be the last time we visit Denver Union Station’s train hall canopy until its grand opening on May 9th. We will see you then!

Denver Union Station Update #124

In case you haven’t already checked out Ryan’s fantastic photos—and time lapse video!—of Amtrak’s return Friday night to Denver Union Station, please do so over at DenverUrbanism.

Great job, Ryan! And congratulations to Amtrak and to the entire Denver Union Station project team. The next milestone for the Union Station project is May 9 when Wynkoop Plaza and RTD’s underground Union Station Bus Concourse will open.

Union Station: Elan at Union Station Update #3

One of the most exciting projects in the Union Station redevelopment field has started to go vertical! The structure of Elan at Union Station, formally known as 20th and Chestnut, has broken the street level and looks like it is going to be taller than we anticipated.

What do I mean by ‘taller than we anticipated’? The ground floor of Elan at Union Station is going to house Downtown Denver’s first full service grocery store, and instead of the standard floor-to-ceiling height used in apartments, approximately 10 feet, the ground floor will have a floor-to-ceiling height of 28 feet. Because of that, the building will have the presence of a 7-story building while still only rising 5-stories. Here are some pictures of the project site.



Construction keeps moving forward in the Union Station neighborhood! I’m sure many residents around this area are looking forward to this project’s completion.

Union Station: The Triangle Building Update #3

If you thought there was a lot of construction activity in the Denver Union Station neighborhood, hold on because there’s even more that’s coming our way! Back in December, we reported that heavy equipment had begun mobilizing on the Triangle Building site.

Two months later, the site is buzzing with activity. Nothing says progress like a big hole in the ground! With the Triangle Building, 1601 Wewatta, and The Platform all under construction, there is 500,000 square feet of office space and 288 residential units going up within the radius of a single block!


The 10-story office building has a long way to go but it’s always nice to see that construction has commenced! Completion is expected around May of next year.

New Union Station Project: 1975 18th Street

A new 108-unit affordable housing project is planned for Downtown Denver’s Union Station district.

The project located at 1975 18th Street will occupy the southeast side of Chestnut Place between 18th and 19th streets just a block from the Union Station multimodel transit center that will open in a few months. The development will share the block with Xcel Energy’s steam plant and a triangular parcel slated for development as possibly an office building or a hotel. Here’s the site outlined in yellow on a Google Earth aerial:

The project is being developed by Atlanta-based Integral Group, with financial assistance from the City and County of Denver and the Colorado Housing Finance Authority. Of the 108 rental units, 68 units will be reserved by covenant for a period of 60 years for residents making less than 60 percent of the area median income, with the remaining 40 units at market rates. Here’s a rendering of the project, courtesy of the Integral Group:

1975 18th Street is planned to begin construction in June 2014 with completion in September 2015.