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Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #7 (Inside the Infill Edition)

Last week, DenverInfill had the privilege of touring 1601 Wewatta; a 10-story, 280,000 square foot office building going up in the Union Station neighborhood. The series of updates for 1601 Wewatta is quite unique. In our last ‘Inside the Infill’ update, DenverInfill toured the project when it was bottomed out; a huge hole in the ground. In this update, we visited the project when it is topped out and nearing completion. A big thanks to Dave Klebba of Hines for giving us a great and thorough tour.

First, we will start out with the ground level. Work has started on the plaza along with the stone and glass facade steadily going up.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-01 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-02

For a refresher, here are updated renderings of both the plaza and finished building.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-BuildingRendering 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-PlazaRendering

The lobby of 1601 Wewatta is very tall and open. There will be two elevator banks serving both the parking garage and the main 10-story office portion.


Here is a rendering of what the lobby is expected to look like when complete.


Like any office project under-construction, there isn’t much to see on the upper floors. However, there is one thing that sets 1601 Wewatta apart from the rest.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-04 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-05

Terraces. On floors three, four and seven, there is outdoor space offering fresh air and views of the surrounding area. Here are some shots off of the third floor terrace.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-07 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-06

The seventh floor terrace offers a great view of the Millennium Bridge.


No tour is complete without venturing to the top floor. Here are some views we were lucky enough to get on a clear day!

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-10 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-11

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-09 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-12

1601 Wewatta is making great progress and greatly contributes to the new urban fabric of the Union Station neighborhood. In the summer we will swing by and take a look at the completed project!

Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #6

Between the time we did our last update on 1601 Wewatta and just this last weekend, a significant element has been added to the 10-story building.

New glass is starting to rise and from the looks of it, the glass is going to be clear. This will be a great contrast to its neighbors, 1900 16th Street and the DaVita World Headquarters, which have light and dark blue glass facades.

2015-01-22_1601Wewatta-01 2015-01-22_1601Wewatta-02

If you need a refresher on what the 1601 Wewatta will look like, head on over to our announcement post where we have multiple renderings.

Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #5

While I was up in the air taking pictures of the Triangle Building, I turned around to get a great photo of 1601 Wewatta. The building has one more floor to go before it is topped out; reaching an equivalent height of its neighbor, Cadence.


Here is a bonus shot looking down the 16th Street Mall. It’s worth nothing that the street wall on the South side is now complete from Chestnut Street all the way to Broadway!


The Union Station neighborhood is quickly becoming very dense, giving it a very urban feel. It’s exciting to see all the progress!

Union Station: The Triangle Building Update #7

I was out and about on this chilly Sunday morning taking some aerial photos around downtown and figured it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by in the Union Station neighborhood.

As we saw in our last update, the Triangle Building looks pretty sharp from the ground level. Today, I some unique perspectives of the building from around seven and ten stories up.


Here is one more perspective, just higher than the roof. Here you can clearly see the triangular shape of the building.


The glass facade is climbing quickly on the Triangle Building. I’m sure we will see a complete exterior within the next few weeks!

New Union Station Project: Hilton Garden Inn

A new hotel is coming to Downtown Denver’s booming Union Station district.

Denver-based Focus Property Group is planning to build a 12-story Hilton Garden Inn on their property at 20th Street and Chestnut Place. The new hotel will have an L-shaped footprint that wraps around the historic Denver Hose Company No. 1 building that will be fully restored and incorporated as part of the project. Here’s a Google Earth aerial on which I’ve outlined the approximate location of the new hotel development:


The floors in the tower’s base will contain the lobby and registration areas, banquet and meeting rooms, a fitness center, and other hotel amenities. The tower’s upper floors will contain approximately 200 hotel rooms. Parking will be accommodated on two underground levels, and the hotel will also include a swimming pool and a rooftop lounge. Here is a rendering of the preliminary design, courtesy of JG Johnson Architects:


A really exciting component of this development is the restoration of the historic Denver Hose Company No. 1 building, which sits right at the corner of 20th and Chestnut. Built in 1883, the small 3,224 square foot structure served the Denver Fire Department until the early 1920s, after which it became a print shop and later on a welding shop. The building has been vacant and deteriorating for years, but in order for a full restoration and reuse to be economically viable, it had to be included as part of a larger project. Fortunately, that time has finally arrived. The Hilton Garden Inn’s restaurant will make its home in the historic building.

Here are a few photos from my recent tour of the site, thanks to Josh from Focus Properties. First, the outside of the Hose Company No. 1 building:



The Denver Hose Company No. 1 building is a designated Denver Historic Landmark, so the city’s Landmark Preservation Commission must give its approval to the project. So far, the LPC has approved the mass and scale of the new tower, with additional approvals for both the new construction and the restoration of the historic building still to come. The inside of the old building is currently kind of dark and scary, but one day in the near future it will be a beautiful, light-filled restaurant space.


A non-historic building, currently occupied by Home Run Self Storage, is also present on the site. The part of this non-historic building next to the historic Hose Company building will be demolished to make way for the new Hilton Garden Inn and its porte-cochere, while the part closer the middle of the block will remain on an interim basis and be leased as office space. Focus Property Group, which owns the entire block except for the Xcel Energy electric substation and a few slivers of right-of-way owned by the city near the railroad tracks, will ultimately build three projects on the block, all facing Chestnut Place. After the Hilton Garden Inn, the second project would occupy roughly the middle third of the block and would replace the remaining part of the non-historic building. One concept for the second project that Focus is considering is to build another hotel that could share the porte-cochere with the Hilton Garden Inn. The third project, perhaps an office building, would occupy the larger rectangular site at the 19th Street corner.

The proposed Hilton Garden Inn project schedule calls for the (partial) demolition of the Home Run Self Storage building this coming spring 2015, with construction on the hotel and restoration of the historic building getting underway by summer 2015. Completion of the project is targeted for late 2016.

We’ll keep you updated on this exciting project as the hotel design is refined and we get closer to construction!

Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #4

A lot has happened over at the 1601 Wewatta site since we last toured the big hole back in April. There is no longer a hole in the ground and the building has risen over half way up!

Standing at six stories out of a total of ten, 1601 Wewatta is already making a huge impact along 16th Street and Chestnut Street.

2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-01 2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-02

If you remember from the renderings of the project, the front of the building, on Wewatta Street, features a curved facade with a plaza in front. Here you can see that taking shape.

2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-03 2014-12-07_1601Wewatta-04

1601 Wewatta should be topping out at 10-stories within the next couple of months with the stone and glass facade following shortly.

Union Station: The Triangle Building Update #6

Since our last update in September, The Triangle Building, located at 16th Street and Wewatta, has topped out at 10-stories, and the glass facade has started to go up.

One unique feature of the Triangle Building is its very sharp edges, which heavily contrast the curvy Gates building across the street. Just this fall, Wewatta Street has gone under a huge transformation, which you can see in the second photo. It’s amazing what a difference two buildings can make.

2014-12-07_Triangle-01 2014-12-07_Triangle-03

Here are two additional views of the building. Once the clouds cleared, the glass reflected a great deep blue sky.

2014-12-07_Triangle-04 2014-12-07_Triangle-02

Progress is quickly being made on the Triangle Building. I’m sure within the next few weeks, the glass facade will reach the top of the building; we will check back then!

Union Station: 17W Update #2

Two weeks ago in our Update #1 on Holland Partner Group‘s 17W development, we shared with you a new rendering of the project.

Not only are we happy to report that the project’s sleek updated design is the work of Denver-based Davis Partnership, but the good folks at Davis have also provided us with two additional renderings to enjoy.

Here is a view of the project from the corner of 17th and Wewatta, next to RTD’s Wewatta Pavilion:


The development features three 10-story towers rising above a 3-level base. As shown in the image above, two of the towers are parallel to Chestnut and Wewatta, with the third tower spanning the width of the block facing 18th Street. Here is the view from the corner of 18th and Wewatta, with 18th on the right and Wewatta on the left:


Whole Foods is planning a 56,000 square foot flagship store on the ground level facing the 17th Street Promenade. 17W is expected to break ground Spring 2015.