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Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #5

Talk about quick progress! The 16th and Wewatta Hotel and Office Complex is rapidly rising. As I was in the area, I decided to take a few photos of the progress. Another update never hurts, right?

The hotel structure is now over halfway up, at seven stories. It will eventually top out at a total of 12 stories and feature a dark brick and glass facade.

2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-09 2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-02

For the sake of comparison, the 12-story Hotel Born will be roughly as tall as the Triangle Building, and the grey blank wall of The Platform.

2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-04 2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-10

The office portion is currently up four stories and will top out at five stories. You can also now clearly see the opening between the two buildings which will be used by pedestrians to access the commuter rail platforms.

2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-01 2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-03

To wrap up, here are four shots of the project from the commuter rail canopy. This project is just starting to close in the space between the canopy and the 16th Street Mall. Ground floor retail will be featured along the inside of the commuter rail canopy.

2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-07 2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-08

2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-05 2016-04-03_HotelBornBlockA-06

We should see this project topped off by mid-summer with the facade following behind. Tomorrow, we have an exciting post coming up. Stay tuned!

Union Station: 1709 Chestnut Update #2

It’s official! The project at 17th and Chestnut Street is underway. Right on the edge of the Union Station light-rail station, a 12 and 24-story tower will start rising over the next year or so. As a refresher, here are some preliminary renderings from our announcement post. This development will feature approximately 500 apartment units.

Edit 04/04/16 – 1:20PM – Here are some slightly refined renderings of 1709 Chestnut thanks to our friends at Shears Adkins Rockmore.




Here is what the site looks like as of this weekend. Excavation and drilling is now underway, with heavy construction equipment starting to move onto the site.

2016-04-03_1709Chestnut-01 2016-04-03_1709Chestnut-02

To show how large of a site this is, and how much impact this building is going to have on the neighborhood, here is a very high resolution aerial I took back in February. Make sure you click to embiggen!


The project site is directly across the street from Pivot.

The empty parcels in the Union Station neighborhood are filling up fast!

Union Station: Pivot Update #7

When we visited Pivot last month, we featured some aerial views of the project. For this update, we are going to check out the project from the most important view of any urban development, the ground level.

Pivot is not a small project by any means. Three 11-story towers containing 640 apartment units, over two levels of retail and parking, all on an entire city block is no small feat. At this moment, each tower is at a different height, with the tallest up 9-stories with three to go.

2016-02-21_Pivot-01 2016-02-21_Pivot-08

Pivot will primarily have a glass facade with stone and concrete elements mixed in. The concrete and stone facade is going up first which you can see in the photos below. I’m sure we will start to see glass go up in the next few weeks.

2016-02-21_Pivot-07 2016-02-21_Pivot-06

With 1601 Wewatta, Cadence, Pivot, and Union Tower West, the Wewatta Street wall is starting to become very impressive!

2016-02-21_Pivot-05 2016-02-21_Pivot-04

When topped off, Pivot will be the same height as its neighbor Cadence, which is to the right in both photos below.

2016-02-21_Pivot-02 2016-02-21_Pivot-03

We will come back to Pivot once we start see the glass facade go up. Stay tuned!

Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #4

Hanging around Union Station, let’s check in on Continuum Partner’s project over at 16th and Wewatta. This two building, hotel and office, project is starting to quickly take off.

The hotel structure, in the first picture, is three-stories up. Topping out at 12 stories, this building will reach the height of the grey blank wall on The Platform tower behind it. In the second picture, we can see that the office portion is two-stories up. It will top out at a total of five stories; the same height as both the North and South Wing buildings.

2016-02-21_16Wewatta-04 2016-02-21_16Wewatta-05

This project is going up right on the edge of the commuter rail canopy and we can now see exactly that! Ground floor retail, in both the office and hotel buildings, will line the edge of the canopy creating a great enclosed space for commuters and visitors.

2016-02-21_16Wewatta-07 2016-02-21_16Wewatta-06

With these buildings now going vertical, the 16th Street Mall street wall is starting to get very impressive from the Millennium Bridge to Union Station.

2016-02-21_16Wewatta-03 2016-02-21_16Wewatta-02

To end this post, I give you one last shot of the commuter rail canopy from a gorgeous February day.


The completion of Block A, consisting of this project and The Platform, is a momentous step in completing the Union Station neighborhood build out. We will check back in a couple of months when both buildings are nearly topped out.

Union Station: Union Tower West Update #6

Earlier this month, we took some aerial photos of the Union Tower West project. In just a couple of weeks, a lot has happened over at this project site that’s worthy of another update.

One of the facade features on Union Tower West is a glass curtain wall covering the entire building. Workers have started to install the glass which will break up the brick and stucco facades around this project.

2016-02-21_UnionTowerWest-04 2016-02-21_UnionTowerWest-01

It’s not very often we see concrete and steel structures mix. Because this is a hotel and office project, the hotel has a concrete shell while the office portion has a steel shell.

2016-02-21_UnionTowerWest-02 2016-02-21_UnionTowerWest-03

Union Tower West has two more floors to go until it tops out at 12 stories. It’ll be a great sight to see the glass facade go up over the next few weeks!

Union Station: 1975 18th Street Update #2 & Union Tower West Update #5

It’s not very often we update two projects in one post. However, when the same parcel has two different projects, and we’re looking at it from the sky, both can be featured in a single photo.

In the foreground, foundation for 1975 18th Street is underway. Behind it, Union Tower West is halfway up with a little bit of the glass facade showing on the northwest corner of the building.


Here is one more aerial peeking just above Alta City House.


That’s all for the aerial coverage this week but I guarantee there will be more coming soon!

Union Station: Pivot Update #6

Over the last four months, since our last update, construction for Pivot has started to take off with the structure quickly going vertical. For today’s update, I have a special treat for you: aerial photos of the project.

I recently got a new flying platform where I have full control of the photos I am taking versus guessing and hoping to get the framing right. That being said, these aerials may look a little more refined than the ones we have used in the past. Starting off, here are two different elevations of Pivot. The dirt lot across the street is for 1709 Chestnut, which is currently in the pre-development phase.

2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-01 2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-02

Coming down a little more level with the cranes, we can see that Pivot is up nine stories with four more to go. The photo on the right is a fun, vertigo-inducing shot looking straight down on the 17th Street Gardens, light-rail plaza, and two of the last remaining dirt parcels along Chestnut Place.

2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-03 2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-04

I have three more project updates this week that will contain aerial footage. Stay tuned!

Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #3

Let’s end the week by visiting another project that has finally made it out of the ground: The 16th & Wewatta Hotel / Office Complex. This project consists of a 12-story, 200-room hotel and a 5-story, 53,000 square foot office building. Originally, the hotel was branded as a Kimpton but that has changed to Hotel Born.

Work has commenced on the first level above ground! Here is a site photo and a street level view.

2016-01-05_16thWewattaHotelOffice-01 2016-01-05_16thWewattaHotelOffice-02

Looking straight down the commuter rail canopy is a view that will never get old. As this project climbs, this view will be forever changed.


Now that this project is above ground, we will start to see how the hotel and office building interact with each other at the end of the commuter rail canopy. Have a great weekend DenverInfill readers!

Union Station: 1709 Chestnut Update #1

Back in October, we, here at DenverInfill, announced  a very exciting project going up in the Union Station neighborhood: 1709 Chestnut. It’s a development that will provide over 500 residential units, contained in 12 and 24-story buildings, on a parcel just steps away from Denver’s light-rail system.

This past weekend, I observed what could possibly be pre-construction activity over at the site. The street lamps along 18th Street have been taken down and an excavator is now on site.  Here are a couple of photos from Sunday.

2016-01-05_1709Chestnut-02 2016-01-05_1709Chestnut-01

Empty parcels are filling up quickly around Union Station!