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Union Station: Pivot Update #4

Formally known as 17W, Pivot, in the Union Station neighborhood, has started to rise above the street level. Once complete, Pivot will provide the neighborhood with a flagship Whole Foods and 640 apartment units, broken up in three 11-story buildings, on top.

Here are a couple of photos looking over the project site. Pivot will be approximately the same height as Cadence, which is on the right of Pivot in the first photo. There is nothing like a great Colorado sunset behind a construction site!

2015-08-13_Pivot-01 2015-08-13_Pivot-02

Pivot is, and will always be the largest residential project going up in the Union Station neighborhood as the empty lots are filling up quick!

Union Station: Union Tower West Update #3

Back in May we announced that construction had commenced on Union Tower West; a 12-story, 180-room hotel and 100,000 square foot office tower. Today, we have a quick update on the project.

An orange Piener 405 tower crane has been installed on site bringing the total crane count to four in the Union Station neighborhood. Here are some pictures I took Monday evening of the new crane. You can also see that 17W is beginning to rise above street-level!

2015-08-04_UnionWest-01 2015-08-04_UnionWest-02

If you feel like geeking out on the capabilities of this particular crane, make sure you check out its fact sheet!

Union Station: Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #2

Back in April, we updated you on the 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex stating that construction has commenced. Developed by Continuum Partners, the 12-story, 200-room Kimpton Hotel and 5-story, 53,000 square foot office project now has a very tall, red tower crane on site.

Why such a tall crane? Luffing jib cranes, the one’s you typically see in tight urban areas, are significantly more expensive, and are typically in shorter supply around the midwest. Also, given the size of the site, this project would potentially need more than one luffing jib crane. That being said, a top slewing crane was erected. Because of the long boom, it has to clear its neighbors, The Platform and The Triangle Building, giving it a height of over 240 feet. Here are some photos of the crane I took with my phone last night.

2015-07-22_Kimpton-01 2015-07-22_Kimpton-02

That gives us a total of three tower cranes in the Union Station neighborhood with another one coming soon. It might be time for another census!

Union Station: Union Tower West Update #2

A month ago, we posted about the groundbreaking of Union Tower West; a mixed use 100,000 square foot office and 180-room hotel project going up on the corner of 18th and Wewatta Street.

The 12-story project is now fully under-construction, taking up another empty lot in the booming Union Station neighborhood. One picture tells the whole story. Excavation is underway and heavy construction equipment has started to move on site.


For more project details and renderings of Union Tower West, head on over here.

Two Tower Cranes Go Up Around Downtown Denver!

You read that right! It’s the weekend of cranes and we, here at DenverInfill, had our cameras ready to document two great, geeky events.

Going up right in the heart of the Union Station neighborhood, a red tower crane has been erected at the 17|W site.

2015-04-18_17WCrane-01 2015-04-18_17WCrane-02

In an area of Downtown Denver that has been longing for some new density, Central Business District scores a yellow tower crane at the SkyHouse Denver site.

2015-04-18_SkyhouseCrane-01 2015-04-18_SkyhouseCrane-02

What an exciting weekend for construction! The next tower crane we will see go up any day now is over at Alexan Uptown, where a red base has been sitting on site for a couple weeks.

Union Station: Union Tower West Update #1

The Union Tower West project announced back in October 2014 has broken ground!

Union Tower West, located at the corner of 18th and Wewatta adjacent to the new Union Station Transit Center, is being developed by Portman Holdings and will feature 100,000 square feet of office space and a 180-room hotel. The ceremonial groundbreaking party was held on April 9.

The hotel will be operated by the InterContinental Hotels Group as part of their Hotel Indigo brand, according to this press release. The Hotel Indigo Denver will be the first Hotel Indigo location in Colorado, and represents the third upscale hotel brand to announce a first-in-Colorado location in Downtown Denver in the past few months. The rendering below, courtesy of project architect John Portman & Associates, hasn’t changed much since our October post, except the Hotel Indigo logo now appears on the side of the building.


I stopped by the site today to see if any construction activity has started since the ceremonial groundbreaking six days ago and, indeed, found a bulldozer pushing around a pile of dirt while two construction workers nearby were setting up some equipment. It’s not much, but it’s a start!


Union Tower West is scheduled to be complete late 2016.


Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #1

We have an exciting week here on DenverInfill! A lot of new projects are now under construction giving Downtown Denver a whole new wave of infill. Let’s kick off the week with the 16th and Wewatta Hotel / Office Complex.

Announced just over a year ago, Denver Union Station is getting a 12-story, 200-room, Kimpton Hotel and a 53,000 five-story office building right at the tip of the commuter rail platform. As a refresher, here are a couple of renderings from our announcement post.

2014-03-05_block-A_rendering2 2014-03-05_block-A_rendering1

This project will fill in the last portion of Block A; with The Platform taking the other portion. Here is a fun little comparison photo from January 2013 to present day. At one point, the 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex project site was in clear view from this vantage point. It is quite the amazing sight to see what has been accomplished in just over two years.

DUSCanopy2.1.26 2015-04-13_16WewattaHotelOffice-02

Heading down to the street level, you can clearly see that caisson drills have been moved on site along with an official construction fence wrapped all the way around.


The empty lots around Denver Union Station are filling up quick and we couldn’t be happier with the full buildout of Block A.

Union Station: 17W Update #3

Another lot bites the dust in the Denver Union Station neighborhood! These two photos are pretty self-explanatory on what the status of construction is. Excavation and shoring has begun making this project fully under-construction!

2015-03-30_17W-02 2015-03-30_17W-01

If you need a refresher on the project make sure you check out 17W’s post history.