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Union Station: 16 Chestnut Update #7

Near the end of last week, and over the weekend, two new tower cranes were erected in the Union Station neighborhood for the 16 Chestnut project.

First let’s start out with some awesome pictures Ken took of the larger tower crane going up.

2016-10-02_16-chestnut-05 2016-10-02_16-chestnut-06

Here are the two Potain tower cranes, which are now fully built, from the 18th Street Pedestrian Bridge. With two tower cranes, we should see this building go up fairly quickly.

2016-10-02_16-chestnut-02 2016-10-02_16-chestnut-04

Union Station still reigns as the tower crane capital of Downtown Denver!

2016-10-02_16-chestnut-01 2016-10-02_16-chestnut-03

New tower cranes are always an exciting start to the week!

Union Station: 16 Chestnut Update #6

16 Chestnut is moving right along. Excavation is nearly complete and there are now two crane bases on the site!


These two cranes should go up within the next few weeks.

Union Station: 1709 Chestnut Update #6

Staying around the Union Station neighborhood, we would like to report that 1709 Chestnut now has a foundation in place and will start going vertical! As a refresher, this project will contain 500 apartment units in both a 12- and 24-story tower.


How exciting!

Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #9

Work is progressing fast over at 16th and Wewatta. Both the Hotel Born and office building at 1881 16th Street are starting to shape up.

The brickwork on the 12-story Hotel Born is nearly complete and looks sharp. It adds a facade color the Union Station neighborhood has yet to see and it nicely contrasts with its neighbor, The Platform. The brickwork on the 5-story office building is also steadily going up.

2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-02 2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-04

The office building complements the public space around the commuter rail canopy from both a scale and materials standpoint. It will be very exciting to see retail, and a walk-through to 16th Street, at the base of the commuter rail canopy.

2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-03 2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-01

The 16th and Wewatta intersection now features four (three pictured) very distinct buildings. Next time you are in the neighborhood, make sure to look up!


The 200-room Hotel Born is expected to open early 2017 along with the office building.

Union Station: Pivot Update #9

We haven’t visited Pivot since May so it’s time to do another update! Over the past four months, a lot has happened at the site so let’s take a tour around the entire project.

The structure for the north tower has been steadily rising and has four more floors to go. The masonry facade is also starting to go up on this tower.

2016-09-14_pivot-08 2016-09-14_pivot-02

The west facing tower is the most complete with most of the glass installed on both the ground level and upper floors.

2016-09-14_pivot-03 2016-09-14_pivot-04

The east facing tower is also progressing quickly with a good portion of the building that’s fully enclosed.

2016-09-14_pivot-01 2016-09-14_pivot-07

Let’s end the tour with the 17th Street side of Pivot. The ground floor is beginning to look very sharp with a mixed wood and glass facade. This is where the Whole Foods, and the main entrances will reside.

2016-09-14_pivot-05 2016-09-14_pivot-06

Pivot is coming together nicely but still has a ways to go. The entire project is expected to complete late next year.

Union Station: 1975 18th Street Update #4

Since June, 1975 18th Street has progressed nicely. The building has topped out and most of its features are starting to take shape, including the facade. Before we get to the photos, let’s start out with a rendering refresher.


Here are the two corners of the building along Chestnut Street. The paneling and brick have started to make their way up.

2016-09-12_197518thstreet-01 2016-09-12_197518thstreet-02

Here is what isn’t pictured in the rendering. The building goes back along 18th and 19th Street.


1975 18th Street should be complete later this year.

Visualizing the Union Station Boom From an Aerial Perspective

Last month, we posted an aerial showing the Cherry Creek boom from a unique aerial perspective. Today, we are going to do the same exact thing in the Union Station neighborhood. This is for projects behind the historic station that are under-construction or have been completed after 2012.

Here is the annotated aerial with the key in the upper right corner. This is a tricky angle as you can’t see all of the development (such as Triangle Building and 1601 Wewatta), but it gives you a good idea of what has gone up in just four years.

Here is a clean aerial for your viewing pleasure.

Now for the mind blowing part. This photo was taken from the top of the DaVita World Headquarters back in 2012. Not a single project, except for Cadence, was under-construction let alone complete.


How about a bonus photo? I turned my trusty drone towards Downtown Denver and captured this really neat perspective of Coors Field!

We have a lot of infill posts coming your way this week!

Union Station: The Coloradan Update #4

Just a couple of weeks after announcing that The Coloradan had broken ground, work has progressed nicely. The gravel lot has been completely torn up, more heavy machinery has been moved onto the site, and construction has officially begun. I’m sure excavation will commence any day now.

Here are two photos from today, a perfect Colorado day.

This will be an exciting project to see go up!

Union Station: The Coloradan Update #3

Along with our groundbreaking announcement for The Coloradan, a backhoe and trailer have already been moved to the site. A construction fence is also wrapped around the entire site!

2016-08-21_TheColoradan-01 2016-08-21_TheColoradan-02

Goodbye vacant Block B, hello Union Station condos!