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Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Update #3

Three months ago, Skyhouse Denver was just peeking above the ground, beginning to make a statement at 10 stories. Fast forward to present day, the structure height has doubled with the glassy facade following directly behind. Let’s take a look!

We all know that Upper Downtown is riddled with a giant sea of surface parking creating Downtown Denver’s largest no-man’s-land. Back in 2008, One Lincoln Park started to break the mold with a 32-story condo tower providing 177 units. Now, seven years later, Skyhouse takes up another large surface parking lot.

With only two more stories to go, this project is starting to make quite the impact. With the 1970’s and 1980’s architecture surrounding Skyhouse, we can surely appreciate a refreshed, modern design in this district.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-01 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-02

The facade is composed of blue/aquamarine glass which has only been seen on two other residential buildings here in Denver: Glass House and The Spire.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-03 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-06

Looking at the project from above, you can see that excavation for the detached parking structure has begun. If this follows the other Skyhouse projects around the country, the precast parking structures go up fairly quick.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-04 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-05

So what about the Broadway street level? I think we can all agree this makes a great difference.


Skyhouse Denver will be topping out within the next few weeks. The rooftop will be set back from the main structure and will have some interesting architectural features. Head on over to our announcement post for a rendering refresher!

Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Update #2

Happy Friday DenverInfill readers! To end the week, we are going to take a quick peek at SkyHouse Denver which is starting to climb up along Broadway.

This week, I am conveniently working a block away from SkyHouse, giving me a great opportunity to step outside and check out the project. The structure is now up to the 10th floor, with fifteen more to go.


If you like tracking projects on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis make sure you check out this project’s webcam. Here is a screenshot from today.


Courtesy of OxBlue:

Have a great weekend!

Upper Downtown: Hyatt Place/Hyatt House Hotel Update #6

Let’s head on over to an area of Downtown Denver that hasn’t seen any form of development for many years. Over the past two years, we have been following a 21-story 361-room dual-brand hotel project: Hyatt House / Hyatt Place.

The structure has topped out and most of the facade is now complete. The only other element that is missing on the exterior are the logos on the blank walls. Here are some views from the southwest side of the building.

In regards to the blank walls, the one facing 13th street might get covered up in the near future with another hotel project, and the one on 14th street is a great blank canvas for possibly a mural, if allowed.

2015-08-07_HyattHouse-07 2015-08-07_HyattHouse-06

2015-08-07_HyattHouse-05 2015-08-07_HyattHouse-04

The 14th Street side is where this project really stands out and has a great street presence. In the corner, a glass facade rises up the entire building length with the street-level enclosed in glass.


Looking southeast on 14th Street towards Colfax, you can clearly see how much of a presence this building has. A pointed roof is always a welcome change on our skyline.

2015-08-07_HyattHouse-02 2015-08-07_HyattHouse-01

White Lodging is expecting a completion date of around November of this year, which will be the next time we look at this project for a final update.

Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Update #1

On January 25th a large, ugly parking lot was eradicated from Upper Downtown; a district that is cursed with blocks of surface parking. Now, a new 25-story highrise is underway and is climbing quickly!

SkyHouse has now risen five-stories with twenty more to go. Excavation and drilling has commenced for the parking garage that will sit behind the main structure. Rumors have it that another tower crane will be used to build the garage. Here are some pictures of the project looking towards Downtown Denver.

2015-07-26_SkyHouse-01 2015-07-26_SkyHouse-02

The street level, along Broadway, is going to be a great sight once SkyHouse is complete. It’s amazing what kind of impact this project is already having!

2015-07-26_SkyHouse-03 2015-07-26_SkyHouse-04

At about a floor a week, this project is rising quickly; topping out around late November / early December. I’m sure our next update will be when the first glass panels go up.

Two Tower Cranes Go Up Around Downtown Denver!

You read that right! It’s the weekend of cranes and we, here at DenverInfill, had our cameras ready to document two great, geeky events.

Going up right in the heart of the Union Station neighborhood, a red tower crane has been erected at the 17|W site.

2015-04-18_17WCrane-01 2015-04-18_17WCrane-02

In an area of Downtown Denver that has been longing for some new density, Central Business District scores a yellow tower crane at the SkyHouse Denver site.

2015-04-18_SkyhouseCrane-01 2015-04-18_SkyhouseCrane-02

What an exciting weekend for construction! The next tower crane we will see go up any day now is over at Alexan Uptown, where a red base has been sitting on site for a couple weeks.

SkyHouse Denver Breaks Ground!

Goodbye parking lot, hello SkyHouse!


Upper Downtown: Hyatt Place/Hyatt House Hotel Update #5

The Hyatt Place / Hyatt House project is making great progress. Since our update in August, the structure has risen significantly and the facade is starting to make its way up.

The building is now up to 16-stories with five more to go. Here are two shots looking down 14th Street and Glenarm Street. It’s amazing what kind of impact this project is already having on the 14th Street corridor.

2015-01-18_HyattHouse-01 2015-01-18_HyattHouse-02

Here are two views of the project we haven’t seen in the rendering. I was surprised to see the building ‘L’ shaped.

2015-01-18_HyattHouse-04 2015-01-18_HyattHouse-03

The Hyatt House / Hyatt Place should top out within the next few weeks. We will check back in around then!

Upper Downtown: Hyatt Place/Hyatt House Hotel Update #4

Great progress is being made at the intersection of 14th Street and Glenarm. Since our last update in May, the dual branded Hyatt House / Hyatt Place has started to rise quickly. As a refresher, this hotel will be providing 346-rooms to Downtown Denver and will rise a total of 21-stories.

Given these photos are a little over a week old, the structure is now up around five-stories. Even at this height, it’s already having a great and positive impact to the streetscape.

2014-08-17_HyattHousePlace-01 2014-08-17_HyattHousePlace-04

Here are some shots of the project along the street level. As you can see in the left photo, there are no buildings 21-stories or taller along the south side of 14th Street; this is going to make a fairly prominent statement to this end of the skyline. Only 19-stories to go!

2014-08-17_HyattHousePlace-03 2014-08-17_HyattHousePlace-02

The Hyatt House / Hyatt Place is a great project for many reasons: it allows the capacity for more visitors staying in Downtown Denver and it vastly helps repair the urban fabric of Upper Downtown. I am very excited to see this building topped out!