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Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Update #1

On January 25th a large, ugly parking lot was eradicated from Upper Downtown; a district that is cursed with blocks of surface parking. Now, a new 25-story highrise is underway and is climbing quickly!

SkyHouse has now risen five-stories with twenty more to go. Excavation and drilling has commenced for the parking garage that will sit behind the main structure. Rumors have it that another tower crane will be used to build the garage. Here are some pictures of the project looking towards Downtown Denver.

2015-07-26_SkyHouse-01 2015-07-26_SkyHouse-02

The street level, along Broadway, is going to be a great sight once SkyHouse is complete. It’s amazing what kind of impact this project is already having!

2015-07-26_SkyHouse-03 2015-07-26_SkyHouse-04

At about a floor a week, this project is rising quickly; topping out around late November / early December. I’m sure our next update will be when the first glass panels go up.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #4

Downtown Denver’s skyscraper-to-be has a new piece of red, crane-base-like, equipment on site. That’s right, folks. A red tower crane will soon be flying above the 1144 Fifteenth site helping build a 603 foot, 42-story office tower!

2015-07-25_1144Fifteenth-01(I'm getting my picture taken!) 2015-07-25_1144Fifteenth-02

Can you guess what type of crane this is going to be?

New Cherry Creek Project: 351 South Jackson Street

The Cherry Creek residential boom continues with yet another apartment project on the boards. Located a block away from the 297-unit 360 South Monroe project, Gables Residential, the same developer of 360 South Monroe, purchased a 1.3 acre parcel at 351 South Jackson Street to develop another 242-unit apartment project.

351 South Jackson is located in a district named the Alameda Triangle, which is densifying rapidly. Here is an aerial with the project site outlined. There is a small building on the corner of South Jackson Street and East Dakota Avenue, belonging to the Colorado Private Reserve, which will be demolished to make way for this project.


Gables Residential will build both an 8-story and 12-story tower on this site. Here are two renderings of the project courtesy of the Denver Business Journal.

2015-07-24_351SJacksonRendering-02 2015-07-24_351SJacksonRendering-01

This is the third phase of Gables Cherry Creek, with 360 South Monroe being the first. The second phase, consisting of 127-units, is currently working its way though the city to get all of the necessary approvals. Gables Residential is anticipating a January ground breaking for 351 South Jackson Street with completion in late 2018.

New Cherry Creek Project: Alexan Cherry Creek

A 164-unit apartment project is taking over a one-story parking structure, in an already dense area of the Cherry Creek Neighborhood! Trammell Crow partners recently broke ground on an 8-story apartment building, named Alexan Cherry Creek.

As you can see in this aerial, there is already a lot of existing density along with a lot of new projects underway; The Steele Creek Apartments and the 1st and Steele apartments. The site for the project is outlined in yellow.


Alexan at Cherry Creek will neighbor an existing office building which is receiving a ground floor remodel to include retail. A parking structure will be incorporated in the new 8-story structure and will offer parking for office, retail and residential tenants. Here is a final rendering of the project courtesy of the Denver Business Journal.


Completion for this project will be mid-2017 with construction underway this month. Stay tuned for the first update!

Union Station: Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #2

Back in April, we updated you on the 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex stating that construction has commenced. Developed by Continuum Partners, the 12-story, 200-room Kimpton Hotel and 5-story, 53,000 square foot office project now has a very tall, red tower crane on site.

Why such a tall crane? Luffing jib cranes, the one’s you typically see in tight urban areas, are significantly more expensive, and are typically in shorter supply around the midwest. Also, given the size of the site, this project would potentially need more than one luffing jib crane. That being said, a top slewing crane was erected. Because of the long boom, it has to clear its neighbors, The Platform and The Triangle Building, giving it a height of over 240 feet. Here are some photos of the crane I took with my phone last night.

2015-07-22_Kimpton-01 2015-07-22_Kimpton-02

That gives us a total of three tower cranes in the Union Station neighborhood with another one coming soon. It might be time for another census!

Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #1

It’s official: Another ugly surface parking lot has been eradicated from Downtown Denver!

This time, it’s in the Golden Triangle district, where Eviva Cherokee, an 18-story, 274-unit apartment tower has recently broken ground on a parcel along Cherokee Street between W. 12th and W. 13th avenues. Here’s the site from this morning:


This project brings much-needed density to the interior of the Golden Triangle near the Museum District where an unfortunate concentration of surface lots has persisted for decades. Most new high-rise development in the Golden Triangle in the recent past has tended to be located around the neighborhood’s perimeter. Eviva Cherokee helps change that. Cherokee Street is turning into a pretty neat higher-density urban street with EnV Denver under construction, the Prado, and a string of mid-rise condo projects developed in the 1990s.

Eviva Cherokee is being developed by the Integral Group with The Beck Group‘s Denver office handling the architectural design and general contractor duties.


The tower includes two-story townhomes along a portion of the Cherokee Street frontage and a number of amenities on the 6th and 7th levels that include a fitness center, conference and business center, swimming pool, sun deck with barbecue grills, sports bar area, and interior/exterior lounge areas for socializing. The building will be skinned with high-performance floor-to-ceiling glass and is targeting a LEED-Gold certification.

Eviva Cherokee is expected to open in Fall 2016.

Downtown Denver Non-Residential Projects: June 2015 Update

Earlier this month we took a look at the dozens of multi-family residential projects developed in Downtown Denver since 2010. Today, we are focusing on Downtown’s non-residential development projects—that is, office, hotel, civic, and institutional uses—during the same time period. We did something similar in September 2014, but that was for office projects only.

1144 15th Street (left) and 1401 Lawrence (right) office developments. Image courtesy of DenverInfill reader Elizabeth W.

1144 Fifteenth Street (left) and 1401 Lawrence (right) office developments. Image courtesy of DenverInfill reader Elizabeth W.

As with our recent residential analysis, projects included are those within a 1.5-mile radius of the historic D&F Tower at 16th and Arapahoe, which works well as a geographic center for the Downtown area. Click on the image below to view in full size our June 2015 Downtown Denver Non-Residential Projects map and table. Use this link to view/download a high-resolution PDF version (6 MB) formatted for printing at 11″ x 17″.


Please note: The gross square footage figures listed are approximate. All projects are new construction with the exception of the Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station and the Marriott Renaissance Hotel at the Colorado National Bank building. These two adaptive reuse projects were included to provide a more complete look at the Downtown hotel development market.

Office: Since 2010, approximately 3.2 million square feet of office space has been completed or is currently under construction in Downtown Denver. That represents roughly a 10% increase in the total Central Business District office inventory. The number of publicly announced Downtown office projects that have not yet broken ground is now down to just a handful. This is probably a good thing, as it makes sense to see how quickly the nearly 2 million square feet of space currently under development is absorbed. Fortunately, there are a lot of positive factors driving demand for office space in Downtown these days, such as the increasing number of firms who recognize their employees want great access to transit and an engaging, walkable work environment.

Hotel: 1,430 new hotel rooms have been added since 2010 with another 983 currently under construction. All of these, with the exception of the Fairfield Inn Lower Highland, are in the core Downtown area within easy walking distance of the Colorado Convention Center and/or RTD’s free MallRide or MetroRide. If and when the two hotels in the Proposed category are completed, they will put the number of hotel rooms in the Downtown core over 10,000 for the first time. Meanwhile, tourism numbers for Denver are setting records, business is booming at the Colorado Convention Center, and Downtown hotel occupancy rates are very strong.

Civic/Other: The public and institutional sectors have been busy investing in Downtown Denver, with over 3 million square feet of space added through numerous civic buildings, museums, and educational and health facilities.

The Proposed section for all three use categories is limited to those projects we’ve covered already on DenverInfill. Of course, there are more developments “in the pipeline” than these, but projects that haven’t been made public can be hard to quantify, so we’re not attempting to do so as part of this assessment.

In summary, Downtown Denver is firing on all cylinders. A strong office market fueled by companies moving Downtown for its desirable transit/walkable environment? Check. A strong hotel market driven by booming convention center business and Downtown urban tourism? Check. A steady stream of public and institutional projects reflecting our community’s desire to keep Downtown the civic heart of the city and region? Check. An off-the-charts Downtown multi-family residential market reflecting strong demand for an urban lifestyle? Check. Like all booms, this one will someday come to an end. Hopefully it will be a “soft landing” as they say. For now, however, the sheer magnitude of new infill development in Downtown Denver since 2010 (my rough estimate: $5 billion) is staggering; a sign that we must be doing something right.

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #7 (Above the Infill Edition)

Let’s wrap up the week with a quick update on The Confluence, a 34-story, 288-unit apartment project going up in the Central Platte Valley. As mentioned in the title, this post will be full of aerials.

Who am I kidding? It was a fantastic sunset last night after the storms rolled through and The Confluence site happened to be in a few frames as I was flying my quad around. So as I write you saying that excavation is underway at The Confluence and there is a big hole in the ground, you probably have already moved on, distracted by the aerial photos below. Just make sure you click to embiggen!



Have a great weekend DenverInfill readers!