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Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Final Update – Part 2

Let’s completely wrap up SkyHouse Denver with a final look at the street-level and exteriors. SkyHouse, a 25-story, 354-unit apartment tower, started construction back in January 2015. DenverInfill has extensive coverage of this project:

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Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Final Update – Part 1

SkyHouse makes a very large impact along Broadway and takes up one of the many surface parking lots that have riddled this area for years.

2016-09-28_skyhouse-09 2016-09-28_skyhouse-03

Looking straight up, we can see that the facade is mostly blue-green glass with concrete stripes that run along the entire height of the building. The base and first three-stories are beige which adds a nice contrast to the rest of the building.

2016-09-28_skyhouse-11 2016-09-28_skyhouse-02

Workers are putting on the final touches of the parking garage that sits directly behind SkyHouse. This garage features ground floor retail along with public parking.

2016-09-28_skyhouse-04 2016-09-28_skyhouse-06

Here are two closeups of the garage. In the beginning, we weren’t sure what the garage was going to look like, but it turned out great. The brown brick, ground floor retail, and lights along the entire structure make this superior to a lot of garages around Downtown Denver.

2016-09-28_skyhouse-05 2016-09-28_skyhouse-08

Lastly, here is the street level of the apartment tower. The landscaping is nearly complete and the sidewalk is now open along Broadway. The ground-floor retail pads have been spoken for, so we should start to see tenants move in within the next couple months as well.

2016-09-28_skyhouse-01 2016-09-28_skyhouse-10

SkyHouse opens up to residents November 1st, with leasing already underway. For floor plans and additional information, make sure you visit their website. Welcome to Downtown Denver, SkyHouse!

Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Final Update – Part 1

The time has come to move SkyHouse Denver into the completed category. Construction is starting to wrap up and residents will begin to occupy the units in November. As you probably noticed by the title, we are going to be breaking this project up with two separate parts. Today, we will be focusing on the interior of SkyHouse.

A huge thank you to Ashley Cattolica of Fitzgerald Petersen Communications and Carmen Miller of Simpson Housing for giving DenverInfill a tour of this project!

Let’s begin the tour with the ground floor. This is the resident entrance to the building which contains computers for new residents to fill out applications, a seating area, the leasing office, and a 24 hour concierge.


Heading up into the tower, here are two main living areas. The first photo is a studio unit and the second a one bedroom unit. Every unit features floor to ceiling glass, stainless steel appliances, real wood floors, and a private patio.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-05 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-03

Here is a the bedroom of the same one bedroom unit pictured above.


The top (25th) floor houses most of SkyHouse’s amenities. A large community room, with a large kitchen, and a fitness room are two of the notable indoor amenities.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-10 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-11

The outdoor rooftop terrace features great Downtown Denver views, and ample space for residents.


The pool resides on the south side of the roof. As you can see in the first photo, there is plenty of sunlight to go around.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-08 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-07

Let’s wrap up with a couple of views from the 25th floor. Looking east, we can see Uptown and northeast Denver. Looking West, we get a great view of Downtown Denver with the mountains in the background.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-09 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-12

For part two, we will be exploring the finished exterior of SkyHouse Denver. Stay tuned!

Lower Highland: Alexan LoHi Update #2

Today, we have a quick update on the Alexan LoHi project going in at West 32nd Avenue and Tejon Street. As a refresher, this project will contain 106 apartment units with 10,000 square feet of retail.

We mentioned back in August that demolition was complete, and the site was ready for construction. As of this weekend, crews were working on installing the tower crane, which should now be fully erected. Here is a picture of the crane going up.

Alexan LoHi will be built over the next 15 months, with completion in December 2017.

New River North Project: Flight

Another piece of Zeppelin Development‘s TAXI master plan is falling into place with the construction of FLIGHT, a 140,000 square foot office building that will be the corporate headquarters for Boa Technology. The new four-story building will sit along Ringsby Court just north of the adaptive reuse FREIGHT building and opposite the newly opened FREIGHT Residences.  The approximate location of FLIGHT is outlined on the Google Earth aerial image below.


FLIGHT will feature the strong horizontal forms and oblique geometry that defines the architecture of the TAXI campus, thanks to Dynia Architects. Courtesy of Zeppelin and Dynia, here is a rendering of FLIGHT looking south toward Downtown, with the FREIGHT Residences on the right and Ringsby Court on the left:


Boa Technology will occupy 100,000 square feet of the building with the remaining 40,000 available for other tenants. In addition to housing Boa’s offices, the new facility will also include the company’s research and development department and a prototype engineering and testing laboratory. The four-story structure will feature a two-story atrium, a 13,000 square-foot green roof, outdoor meeting spaces, and parking for 100 bicycles. The project is seeking LEED Silver certification and will include a 170 kw solar photovoltaic array that will offset about 20 percent of the building’s electricity use.

Construction on FLIGHT is now underway with completion planned for late 2017.

Auraria: CU Denver Wellness Center Update #1

With today’s official groundbreaking ceremony, the CU Denver Wellness Center is under construction!

Utility relocation work occurred at the development site at the corner of Speer Boulevard and Auraria Parkway earlier in the summer in preparation for construction. For the past month or so, the project site—formerly a surface parking lot—has been fenced off awaiting today’s start of construction. Here’s a photo I took of the site a few weeks ago:


According to the University’s webpage dedicated to the new facility, the new CU Denver Wellness Center will offer a variety of amenities including:

  • Commuter lounge featuring a student kitchen, coffee shop, wellness information desk, lockers, study rooms, game rooms, and a lounge areas
  • Wellness suite with consultation, conference and reflection rooms
  • Fitness center that includes a three-court gymnasium, a six-lane lap pool, a 10,000-square foot cardio and weight room, three-story rock-climbing wall, two group fitness studios, and locker rooms
  • Outdoor amenities featuring social spaces and a bike repair shop

The CU Denver Wellness Center will cost about $42 million and is being paid for primarily by student fees approved by CU Denver students in a 2015 election.

We have some new renderings to share with you, courtesy of CU Denver. The project was designed by Anderson Mason Dale and SmithGroupJJR.

12th Street elevation looking east:


Aerial view looking southwest, with the Speer Boulevard/Auraria Parkway intersection at center foreground and the recently completed CU Denver Commons building on the left and the MSU Hospitality Center and Marriott SpringHill Suites hotel on the right:


Sidewalk-level view of the center’s Speer/Auraria corner at night with the rock-climbing wall on display:


The new CU Denver Wellness Center should be completed in time to open for the Spring 2018 semester.


Central Platte Valley: AMLI Riverfront Green Update #2

Back in June, we announced that AMLI Riverfront Green was moved from the “proposed” category to “under-construction”. The seven-story, 304-unit apartment project is now moving right along.

Excavation is nearly complete and the foundation should start to go in soon. Since there is a four and seven-story structure going in, we should see both concrete and wood framing when this starts to go vertical. We might be lucky and even get a tower crane.


The Downtown Denver boom keeps on rolling along!

Union Station: 16 Chestnut Update #6

16 Chestnut is moving right along. Excavation is nearly complete and there are now two crane bases on the site!


These two cranes should go up within the next few weeks.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #14

Less than a month ago we visited 1144 Fifteenth at the ground level. Today, we are going to check it out from a farther-out perspective as it’s starting to make an impact on the skyline level.

Let’s start out with a view from Speer Boulevard, just north of Wewatta Street. Here we can see the almost-complete 1401 Lawrence project and a rising core directly to the left. The 10-story structure is now visible from a distance. After 12-stories, the steel structure will start to rise.


In addition to a great view of The Confluence, Ken also has a great view of 1144 Fifteenth. Thanks again, Ken, for the awesome photos!

2016-09-15_1144fifteenthken-01 2016-09-15_1144fifteenthken-02

Our next update on 1144 Fifteenth will be when the concrete structure transitions to steel. See you then!

Edit – 9/17/2016 1:15pm

I spy with my telephoto lens, a bunch of glass getting ready to go in. Not only will we start to see steel go up real soon, glass work will also start on the parking garage!


Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #14

Today, we are going to check out the two tallest towers going up in the entire Denver metro area: The Confluence and 1144 Fifteenth. We are going to start the day off with The Confluence, a 34-story 288-unit apartment tower.

Since our last update, announcing that the tower was halfway up, The Confluence has gone up eight stories bringing it to a total of 25 stories. That means this project still has nine stories plus a mechanical penthouse to go!

2016-09-16_theconfluence-04 2016-09-16_theconfluence-03

Along with the tower structure, the facade is also steadily climbing. We now have a good idea of what the completed tower is going to look like. Don’t worry, the orange is temporary and is just the first layer to the grey paneling.

2016-09-16_theconfluence-01 2016-09-16_theconfluence-02

Ken has a wonderful view of The Confluence going up. Thanks for the awesome photos Ken!

2016-09-15_confluenceken-01 2016-09-15_confluenceken-02

Last but not least, here is a panoramic view we haven’t posted in a very long time. From Diamond Hill Overlook, this tower makes a huge impact. The panorama is also very large, so make sure you click to embiggen.


Next up, 1144 Fifteenth!