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New Uptown Project: 5280 Senior Residences

Downtown Denver’s Uptown neighborhood, one of the hardest hit from the surface parking lot infestations of the 1970s and 1980s, is healing nicely. Most of the recovery, however, has occurred in the northern part of the district near Benedict Fountain Park. Fortunately, a new infill development in the southern part of Uptown will be coming soon to help the cause!

BusinessDen recently reported that the Burgwyn Company, known for providing affordable, seniors, and veterans housing in Denver, is planning a new $30 million, 99-unit project called 5280 Senior Residences for the corner of 16th and Pennsylvania, currently occupied by an asphalt-paved black hole in the urban fabric. Here’s the site:


5280 Senior Residences is being designed by OZ Architecture. While a rendering is not yet available, OZ reports the development will have 6 stories above ground and one level of underground parking. Also included will be a great room, game room, exercise room, cyber café and a private courtyard with grills and fireplace.

What a nice addition to Uptown! We’ll keep you posted as the design is finalized and the project moves toward construction.

Union Station: Union Tower West Update #2

A month ago, we posted about the groundbreaking of Union Tower West; a mixed use 100,000 square foot office and 180-room hotel project going up on the corner of 18th and Wewatta Street.

The 12-story project is now fully under-construction, taking up another empty lot in the booming Union Station neighborhood. One picture tells the whole story. Excavation is underway and heavy construction equipment has started to move on site.


For more project details and renderings of Union Tower West, head on over here.

Uptown: Alexan Uptown Update #2

It has been 14 months since we have announced the Alexan Uptown project going up on the half block between 19th and 20th Avenue along Logan Street. Construction has commenced and there is now something new on the Uptown skyline.

A red Potain tower crane has recently gone up on the site. We here, at DenverInfill, love tower cranes and are always glad to see them go up! In the first photo, you can also see the yellow SkyHouse tower crane in front of Republic Plaza.

2015-05-04_AlexanUptown-01 2015-05-04_AlexanUptown-02

Workers are busy pouring the foundation and underground levels of this project. Alexan Uptown will have one underground and four above ground levels of parking.

2015-05-04_AlexanUptown-03 2015-05-04_AlexanUptown-04

Alexan Uptown will provide the Uptown neighborhood with 372 apartment units in a 12-story building while eliminating one of the worst parking lots in the area.

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Final Update

Back in late 2012, DenverInfill annonced a new project that was going to carry on the task of helping fill in the Ballpark / Arapahoe Square neighborhood. As we all know, these two neighborhoods are cursed with large parking craters that ultimately hurt Downtown Denver’s urban fabric. With 2020 Lawrence wrapping up, Legacy 22nd, now known as Point 21, started to take off. Below, you can click through the links and read through this project’s story; from exisitng buildings on site to construction activity to, now, the final product.

New Ballpark Project: Legacy 22nd

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #1

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #2

Summer 2013: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #3

Ballpark: Legacy 22nd Update #4

Point 21 rises a total of six-stories and provides the Ballpark neighborhood with 212 apartment units. Let’s start off with a photo showing the project from Larimer Street. This is a great example of what an urban neighborhood should contain: a great street, in this case Larimer Street, sporting healthy ground floor retail with residential units lining the streets behind.


Point 21 takes the entire half block along Lawrence Street with a very large setback in the middle, where the amenity deck and parking ramps are located. On both corners of the block, this project appears to be two buildings eliminating the visual of a large, overbearing street wall of apartments.

2015-04-23_21Lawrence-01 2015-04-23_21Lawrence-03

2015-04-23_21Lawrence-02 2015-04-23_21Lawrence-04

New projects around the Ballpark and Arapahoe Square neighborhood have tapered off for the time being but I would expect another wave to commence soon, given Downtown Denver’s hot rental market. Welcome to Ballpark, Point 21!

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #2

Swinging back to Capitol Hill, let’s take a quick look at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Sherman Street where the MOTO Apartments have started to rise. To refresh your memory, this is a 64-unit apartment building rising a total of six-stories.

Here are some pictures of the progress! Most of the wood framing is complete along with the base. Within the next few weeks, we should start to see the unique facade go up. Head on over to our first update for a rendering of this project.

2015-04-19_Moto-02 2015-04-19_Moto-01

With Capitol Hill, as a whole, almost completely built out, there are still voids in its fabric scattered throughout the neighborhood as you get closer to Broadway. Luckily, this problem is starting to get rectified with projects such as this one! MOTO is expected to open within the next couple of months.

Two Tower Cranes Go Up Around Downtown Denver!

You read that right! It’s the weekend of cranes and we, here at DenverInfill, had our cameras ready to document two great, geeky events.

Going up right in the heart of the Union Station neighborhood, a red tower crane has been erected at the 17|W site.

2015-04-18_17WCrane-01 2015-04-18_17WCrane-02

In an area of Downtown Denver that has been longing for some new density, Central Business District scores a yellow tower crane at the SkyHouse Denver site.

2015-04-18_SkyhouseCrane-01 2015-04-18_SkyhouseCrane-02

What an exciting weekend for construction! The next tower crane we will see go up any day now is over at Alexan Uptown, where a red base has been sitting on site for a couple weeks.

Cheesman Park: The Amaranth Final Update

Formally know as the ‘Residences at the Gardens’, The Amaranth is now complete. As a refresher, this is a 7-story 156-unit apartment building at the intersection of 11th and Gaylord. Here is the coverage we had on DenverInfill for this project. It’s always neat to see the progress that has been made over the past 24 months!

New Cheesman Park Neighborhood Project: Residences at the Gardens

Cheesman Park: Residences at the Gardens Update #1

Cheesman Park: Residences at the Gardens Update #2

Now for a final look of The Amaranth. The Cheesman Park neighborhood has an interesting mix of density; from single family homes to towers rising over 20-stories. The Amaranth is right in the middle of the two, setting a great example of how density should be built in the central neighborhoods. The building rises four-stories with a three story setback making this project blend in very well with its surrounding density. Here are some overall and street level shots of the completed project.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-10 2015-04-15_Amaranth-13

2015-04-15_Amaranth-11 2015-04-15_Amaranth-12

Thanks to Mike Gerber of MGL Partners and Melanie of Greystar, we were able to get an inside look! The lobby features a large and open community space along with the leasing office.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-03 2015-04-15_Amaranth-01

The finishes in the apartments are very similar to what we have seen in other recently completed projects: high ceilings, hardwood floors, high end appliances, and very functional floorplans.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-08 2015-04-15_Amaranth-09

We, here at DenverInfill, always like a good rooftop view. Luckily, The Amaranth features a 7th floor amenity deck that looks over the Botanic Gardens. Here are a few pictures of the rooftop deck.

2015-04-15_Amaranth-07 2015-04-15_Amaranth-06

2015-04-15_Amaranth-05 2015-04-15_Amaranth-04

The Amaranth is now open with residents already moving in. For more details and leasing information, head on over to their website.

Lower Downtown: Z Block Update #2

There’s more good news for Z Block, the office/hotel project slated for Wazee Street between 18th and 19th Street.

In our Update #1, we reported on how the development was reconfigured to include a hotel component and we presented several new renderings. Today, we’ve got two more exciting things to share with you about Z Block, but first, here’s a reminder of how nicely this development by McWhinney, Sage Hospitality, and Grand American fits in with its historic neighbors (image courtesy of Shears Adkins Rockmore):


The big news is that Z Block has scored an anchor tenant for the project: Prologis will be moving is Operational Headquarters from northeast Denver to Z Block, taking the top two floors of the office portion. Prologis is a global leader in industrial development and the company’s decision to move to LoDo is another huge win for Downtown Denver. There have been a number of high-profile corporate relocations to Downtown announced recently (like Liberty Global’s HQ move from Douglas County to the Triangle Building); let’s hope this trend continues!

With all the positive momentum this project has, it’s not surprising to see that the site is being readied for construction. This photo from today shows the small 1930s-era building on the property being removed; it’s a non-contributing structure to the LoDo historic district.


Even better, how about this photo showing that we officially have one fewer surface parking lots in Downtown Denver!


Finally, how about an extra-big, whole-block panorama bonus photo:


Z Block should be completed by late 2016.