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New Auraria Project: MSU Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building

Downtown Denver’s steadily growing Auraria Campus is about to get another new building: the Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building.

Slated for the southeast corner of Auraria Parkway and 7th Street, the new $70 million academic facility will feature 142,000 square feet in four floors. Here’s a Google Earth image with the site outlined in yellow:


Metro State’s new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building is critical to help Colorado remain a national leader in the aerospace sector. According to the Metro Denver EDC, Colorado ranks third in the country behind California and Florida in the space economy, and metro Denver ranks first in the nation in total private-sector aerospace employment. The new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building consolidates the university’s aviation and aerospace-related programs into a state-of-the-art facility for training workers skilled in advanced aerospace design, manufacturing, and assembly. Here are some images of the project, courtesy of Anderson Mason Dale Architects:

North elevation along Auraria Parkway, with the recently completed MSU Student Success Center‘s cantilevered wing visible to the left:


West elevation with Auraria Parkway on the left and 7th Street in the foreground:


South elevation looking northeast:


South and east elevations looking northwest:


Construction should begin later this year, with completion set for 2017.

Auraria: CU Denver Academic Building One Update #2 (Inside the Infill Edition)

CU Denver’s new Academic Building One project has been moving along quickly since its groundbreaking in February 2013. Ryan did an update on the project in July as the building’s structure was topping out. Today, we have a special “Inside the Infill” update as I had a chance to take a hard-hat tour of the project a few days ago.

Here are some exterior shots showing that the building is well on its way to being finished. CU Denver’s new building will consolidate services for CU Denver students like financial aid, admissions, and the registrar’s office into one building (they’re currently scattered across several buildings on the campus), plus add new classrooms. First, the view from Speer Boulevard and Larimer Street looking west:

and the view from the opposite side of the building near 12th Street looking east:

Let’s head inside! The main lobby features stairs to the second floor and a big wall of glass facing Speer Boulevard:

In addition to a variety of spaces for student academic services, the ground floor also features a fast-casual restaurant space with a large outdoor patio along Larimer Street. Here’s a photo taken from the restaurant space overlooking its patio and skyline view:

The second floor on the Speer Boulevard side of the building features a huge glass wall that floods a student lounge and computing area with natural light…

… and offers stunning views of a portion of the Downtown skyline, including the Four Seasons tower and two other CU Denver buildings—the College of Architecture and Planning building at 14th and Larimer (center-left) and the Lawrence Street Center (center-right):

The building’s location at the corner of Speer and Larimer represents a continuation of Denver’s efforts to create a stronger connection between Downtown and the Auraria Campus. One of the seven transformative projects in the Downtown Area Plan is Connecting Auraria. Locating the new CU Denver building right up against the Speer and Larimer rights-of-way helps to close the gap in the urban fabric between the campus and Downtown and makes the walk across Speer Boulevard feel shorter.

The view from the west side of the building offers a nice look across the athletic fields at the historic Tivoli Student Union:

Finally, CU Denver Academic Building One includes several large lecture halls including what will be the largest lecture auditorium on the Auraria Campus capable of holding over 270 students:

CU Denver’s Academic Building One will open in August 2014 in time for the Fall semester.

New Auraria Project: CU Denver Academic Building One

New development on Downtown Denver’s Auraria campus continues with the groundbreaking this week of a new University of Colorado Denver facility, currently referred to as CU Denver Academic Building One. A permanent name will eventually be given to the $60 million building in time for its completion in August 2014.

This is the fifth new building constructed on the Auraria campus within the past few years. Despite the recent recession and decreasing funding for higher education from the state, the Auraria Higher Education Center and its three institutions: the University of Colorado Denver, the Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Community College of Denver, have managed to find ways to partner with the private sector and/or otherwise secure funding for new facilities outside of the state’s general fund. The recent Auraria building boom has been critical in helping the campus and its institutions struggle to keep up with expanding student enrollments. Even more buildings for the campus are planned for the future.

The new CU Denver Academic Building One will include 146,000 gross square feet of space designated for student affairs, financial services, admissions, and the registrar’s office, and some new classrooms for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Once the new building is complete, space currently used for those functions in other buildings will be remodeled to accommodate new classrooms and other academic uses.

Here’s a GoogleEarth image (left) showing the building’s key location at the corner of Speer and Larimer, and a drawing (right) of the project’s site plan, courtesy of CU Denver:


The following images, courtesy of project architect Anderson Mason Dale, show various perspectives of the new building:





For more information on the project, including videos about the building and the groundbreaking ceremony, click here to go to the CU Denver Communications website.

Metropolitan State University: Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center Final Update

Today we will be covering yet another completed project over at the Auraria Campus. The Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center by Metropolitan State University is complete and open for students and visitors. Here at DenverInfill, we have covered this project very actively and even got an inside look when it was under construction. Click on the links below to follow this development start to finish!

Auraria Update: Hotel Learning Center 

Auraria Update: Hotel & Hospitality Learning Center

Auraria Projects Update

Auraria Projects Update #2

Inside the Infill: Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center

Auraria Projects Update #3

Here is an overall look of the development from the backside. For being located in Auraria, the scale of this project is larger than most of the buildings around it and, just like the Student Success center, it is architecturally unique with setbacks, different colored brick and a more modern glass design.

Now we’re going to take a walk around Auraria Parkway. This building adds a very nice street wall and since it is pushed right up to the property line, the building curves with the road maintaining the wall effect. The landscaping along the sidewalk is very appealing and the building provides a very welcoming feel with the glass walls along the road.



Just like the Student Success center, there are long hallways with glass walls. This provides great natural light and cuts down on lighting costs. Not to mention, it breaks up the facade and looks neat!


Time to walk under the hallway and into the courtyard. Here you can see a lighter color of brick being used along with a different pattern of glass. You will also be able to park or valet your car in one of the 75 structured parking spaces. The parking system is very easy with a quick in and out system. There is also a common patio area for students and guests to meet outside and enjoy our Colorado air.


This LEED-Certified project includes 150 guest rooms as well as classroom space for students perusing a hospitality major at Metropolitan State University. This development is a great start for completing the Auraria master plan and a great new building for the university. This is the first hotel at Auraria and its great for students coming out of state to stay right on the downtown campus.

Community College of Denver: Student Learning and Engagement Building Update #2

Since my last update in April, the Community College of Denver’s Student Learning and Engagement Building has made quick and significant progress. In the past months, the structure has topped out and the brick facade has been crawling up the building at a rapid pace.

This building blends in very well with the typical Auraria architecture and building heights. The only difference are the ‘green’ aspects being used in this building; chilled beams, radiant floors, and a green roof.


This building has quite the presence in the sea of parking it is seated in. An important project for filling in a gap helping recreate an urban feel at Auraria. When riding on the light rail towards campus, the Learning and Engagement Building almost creates a street wall along Colfax making the Auraria campus feel more filled and closed in.

Here is a mock-up of what the exterior is going to look like. It’s very similar to the other buildings on campus which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Student Learning and Engagement Building is expected to be complete by the summer session of 2013. It’s always nice to see another parking lot filled around the Auraria campus.

Metropolitan State University: Student Success Center Final Update

Over at Auraria, the Metro State University Student Success Center is complete and open for the students. You can follow its progress from start to completion right here!

Auraria Update: Metro State Student Success Building

Metro State Student Success Building Design

Metro State Student Success Building Groundbreaking

Auraria Projects Update

Auraria Projects Update #2

Auraria Projects Update #3

The 4-story, 145,000 square foot building will be used for student support / administrative services such as registration and student success as the name of the building suggests. This building breaks the mold from the other buildings at Auraria in every aspect. It’s glassy, has more cutting edge architecture, and it isn’t comprised of red brick.


The Student Success center has a great street presence on Auraria Parkway while also creating great street wall. Originally the campus was built to be isolated from Downtown Denver with buildings facing inwards and lawns for the edges. Now these buildings are outward facing recreating the urban fabric between downtown and Auraria.


This is the first step in the Metro State’s neighborhood plan. The plan calls for a landscaped quad along with six buildings in this area. What a great start to reconnecting our urban fabric on the North side of Auraria.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science Expansion Update

If you have been by City Park lately, you have probably noticed a red tower crane hanging out with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. There is an annex being built connecting to the museum. This is a five level expansion with two of the floors underground. This is how the breakdown will work. The two underground floors are going to be for the Rocky Mountain Science Collections, the ground floor will have science studios for schoolchildren, and the second floor will feature a science center for early learners. That leaves the top floor which will contain a new gallery for temporary exhibits. Life on Capitol Hill did a great article with the full details that can be found here. Renderings can be found here, and here courtesy of GH Phipps.

Now for some pictures! Given there are two sub-levels in this project, it is very hard to see what is actually going on down there. The fence wraps around very far outside the actual site but from general observation, it looks like an elevator core is rising and there is a gigantic hole where they are building the underground section (where the mobile crane is located).



One of the things I love about this museum is the park at its feet as well as the view of Denver from it. Here is a little bonus picture of that wonderful Denver view.

That little ‘crane forest’ is the St. Joseph’s expansion in Uptown which we will be covering in the next post or two!

Community College of Denver: Student Learning and Engagement Building Update

Back on January 12th, 2012 the Community College of Denver broke ground on their own Student Learning and Engagement building. This is a very similar idea to what Metro State did with their Student Success Center. This development will be a 4-story, 87,000 square foot building located on the corner of 7th Street and West Colfax Avenue.

Basic structure work is being completed. The elevator cores appear to be topped out. In the picture on the right you can see the steel that is lined up ready to be put in place on the building. Always a neat sight when a building is just getting off the ground.


None of the true building’s elements are showing but for only being three months in, quite the progress has been made. The rooms will also have a great view of the Denver skyline. Just from the ground you can see that there is a pretty unobstructed view.


This building is designed by OZ Architects as well as Boora Architects (rendering below can be found by clicking the Boora link) with construction performed by G. H. Phipps. This will be home to Community College of Denver’s admissions, registration, financial aid, a testing center, the cashiers office, advising, and their own student success program. No details have been released about LEED certification but the college is being rewarded a $100,000 energy rebate for having ‘green’ elements such as chilled beams, radiant floors, and a green roof. They are expected to be completed with this project by summer session of 2013.