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Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #6

It’s Tower Crane Tuesday at DenverInfill!


If you like watching a tower crane be assembled, I suggest you head down to the 1401 Lawrence site as soon as possible.

Like its tower crane, 1401 Lawrence is going vertical!

1:50 PM Update:


3:15 PM Update:



Thursday 10:30 AM Update:


Thanks to DenverInfill reader S. Autrey, we have two final images showing the tower crane in its finished state—and a pretty sweet view of the LoDo/Union Station skyline as well!

Saturday 2:00 PM Update:



Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #6

Between the time we did our last update on 1601 Wewatta and just this last weekend, a significant element has been added to the 10-story building.

New glass is starting to rise and from the looks of it, the glass is going to be clear. This will be a great contrast to its neighbors, 1900 16th Street and the DaVita World Headquarters, which have light and dark blue glass facades.

2015-01-22_1601Wewatta-01 2015-01-22_1601Wewatta-02

If you need a refresher on what the 1601 Wewatta will look like, head on over to our announcement post where we have multiple renderings.

Golden Triangle: Museum Center + The Art Hotel Update #5

Let’s visit the Golden Triangle neighborhood and check in at the Museum Center + Art Hotel project. Just like the Hyatt Place / Hyatt House, we can now see some of the facade elements on the building.

This project has been topped out for a while now, at 9 stories, and the tower crane has since been taken down. A lot is going on with the facade with a mix of stone, glass and paneling, but given all of the different architecture styles on this stretch of Broadway, this building fits right in.

2015-01-19_ArtHotel-03 2015-01-19_ArtHotel-01

Here is an above view of the project. There are still fences at the street level however, from this angle, you can tell that the pedestrian interaction with this building is going to be excellent!


The Museum Center + Art Hotel is expected to open sometime in March. Stay tuned for a final update!

Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #5

While I was up in the air taking pictures of the Triangle Building, I turned around to get a great photo of 1601 Wewatta. The building has one more floor to go before it is topped out; reaching an equivalent height of its neighbor, Cadence.


Here is a bonus shot looking down the 16th Street Mall. It’s worth nothing that the street wall on the South side is now complete from Chestnut Street all the way to Broadway!


The Union Station neighborhood is quickly becoming very dense, giving it a very urban feel. It’s exciting to see all the progress!

Union Station: The Triangle Building Update #7

I was out and about on this chilly Sunday morning taking some aerial photos around downtown and figured it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by in the Union Station neighborhood.

As we saw in our last update, the Triangle Building looks pretty sharp from the ground level. Today, I some unique perspectives of the building from around seven and ten stories up.


Here is one more perspective, just higher than the roof. Here you can clearly see the triangular shape of the building.


The glass facade is climbing quickly on the Triangle Building. I’m sure we will see a complete exterior within the next few weeks!

River North: DRIVE 2 Final Update

DRIVE 2 in the TAXI Development is complete! Ryan has been keeping us posted on the project for almost a year and it’s time for the final update. When we last checked in with DRIVE 2 in July, the 60,000 square foot office and event space was still under construction. For the final update, we’ll take a look at some of the unique spaces and finishes inside the DRIVE 2 building. Thanks to Chris Woldum and Justin Croft of Zeppelin Development for the tour!

Before we go inside, here is a photo of DRIVE 2’s main façade. You can see that some tenants are making good use of the garage doors; there is one open on both the second and third floors. The building is LEED certified and, like the rest of the properties in the TAXI development, features sustainable landscaping with native plants and grasses.


DRIVE 2 houses a variety of creative small businesses tenants, along with coworking and shared office spaces, like the one pictured below.


There is a private event space on the fourth floor that holds up to 200 people, offering some amazing views of the downtown skyline through the signature garage doors. The doors open onto a spacious balcony.



Many of the finishes in DRIVE 2 are carried over from other Zeppelin Development projects in the RiNo area. If you’ve been to The Source, you may recognize the aluminum two-by-fours that are used as railings throughout the DRIVE 2 building.


The yellow polycarb trim pictured below houses DRIVE 2’s insulation, a unique design choice that is a callback to the same finish in the TAXI buildings.


Whimsical yellow stripes crisscross the floors, lest you forget that you are on the site of the former Yellow Cab Company’s terminal.


Skylights in the ceiling and frosted glass panel inserts in the floors allow natural light to penetrate all the way to the center of the building.


If you‘re passing through RiNo, take a quick peek at the DRIVE 1 and DRIVE 2 buildings now that they’re complete. They’re an awesome addition to this up-and-coming neighborhood.

Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #5

Construction work on First Gulf Corporation’s 1401 Lawrence tower is moving along steadily. Here’s a photo from a few days ago:


Also, here’s a ground-floor plan (courtesy of First Gulf Corporation and the Beck Group) showing the location of the main lobby, parking entry, and the project’s two restaurant/retail spaces:


With such a high percentage of the building’s sidewalk frontage consisting of transparent restaurant/retail space, this project should be a nice addition to the pedestrian experience.

Lower Highland: The Lab on Platte Update #3

Continuing our updates of infill projects along Lower Highland’s historic Platte Street is The Lab on Platte, a 73,000 square foot office building tucked in between I-25 and the Denver Beer Company. Back in July, excavation for the project had just begun. The project has since topped off and is coming along nicely:



The Lab on Platte creates a nice street wall along I-25!