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Curtis Park-Five Points: The Lydian Update #4

This week is all about milestones. The Lydian, an eight-story mixed-use project in the Curtis Park-Five Points neighborhood, now has a tower crane installed at the project site; a major milestone for any project.

For this update, we have two photos of the new tower crane at sunset. These photos also give us a great perspective of what is going on in the hole. Excavation is complete and foundation work should be starting any day.

2016-10-25_thelydian-01 2016-10-25_thelydian-02

The Lydian will be a great addition to the Welton Corridor and the neighborhood. For a refresher, head on over to our announcement post for renderings and additional details.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #16

Denver’s new skyscraper in the making has reached another milestone. The concrete parking structure for 1144 Fifteenth has topped out and steel, for the first floor of offices, is starting to go up!

As of today, four steel beams have started framing the 13th floor. If you are having a hard time seeing it, the steel beams are on the left side of the first photo.

2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-02 2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-03

Heading to the street level, we can see that the glass facade is quickly progressing on the northwest side of the tower.

2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-04 2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-05

As a bonus, here is a photo taken by one of our awesome DenverInfill readers.


Steel structure almost always rises faster than concrete, so we should see brisk vertical progress moving forward. How exciting!

New River North Project: HUB

A new mixed-use office/hotel development is slated for the block bounded by Walnut, 36th, Blake, and Downing streets in Denver’s popular River North (RiNo) district. Known as HUB, the 8-story project is being developed by Elevation Development Group with Jones Lang LaSalle handling the leasing. Here’s the location outlined on a Google Earth aerial:

The HUB project breaks down as follows: An L-shaped office building containing 250,000 square feet of space will cover the whole half-block along Walnut and part of the half-block along Blake closest to 36th Street. A 150-room boutique hotel will sit at the corner of Blake and Downing across the street from RTD’s 38th and Blake Station to complete the block. HUB will also include 27,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor.

Automobile parking will be located on part of the ground floor as well as on levels 2 and 3, with a total of 437 spaces to serve both the office and hotel functions. Ample bicycle parking will also be provided. A large outdoor garden between the office and hotel towers will top the parking podium, with 50,000-square foot office floor plates located on levels 4 through 8. This site plan, courtesy of the development team, shows the basic layout of the project:


HomeAdvisor announced in July 2015 their plans to relocate their corporate headquarters from Golden to Downtown Denver. After a year-long search, they have chosen to move to HUB as an anchor tenant, taking 58,000 square feet on the top two floors.

Here are several renderings of HUB, courtesy of Gensler, the project architect.

View of HUB from the corner of 36th (left) and Walnut (right) looking north:

View of HUB from Walnut (left) and Downing (right) looking west. On the right edge of the image is a glimpse of the hotel at Blake and Downing.


The design of the hotel is not as far along as the office component, but here is a conceptual rendering of the hotel looking south from the train station across Blake Street:


The outdoor garden space on the fourth floor between the hotel and office towers will include nice views of the mountains:


The site has been recently cleared of its former industrial uses and some utility work has already been completed. This is the site currently looking east from 36th and Blake:


The retail, parking, and office components will be built concurrently, with the opening planned for early 2018. Completion of the hotel component will lag by approximately 6 to 12 months.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #15

We have a very exciting update for 1144 Fifteenth today. Almost exactly a month ago, we said we would revisit this project under two conditions:

  • If the steel structure starting rising above the parking structure.
  • If the glass facade started going up.

Today is all about the glass, as we spotted the new facade going up on the Lawrence side of 1144 Fifteenth. Here are two closeups of the new glass. Since the parking structure will be fully enclosed, some screening will be used for ventilation.

2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-02 2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-03

If you look closely, you can also see some of the paneling start go up on the corner of the building.

2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-01 2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-04

Seeing how there is glass lined up on every floor, I’m sure significant facade progress will be made in the next few weeks.

Lower Downtown: Market Station Update #3

The design for Market Station—the name for the mixed-use development that will replace RTD’s vacant Market Street Station at 16th and Market—continues to be refined.

Today, our update consists of a fresh batch of renderings, thanks to Continuum Partners and their design team, El DoradoBOKA Powell, and Dig Studio. Click and zoom on each image to see at full resolution!

Corner of 16th and Blake:


Corner of 17th and Market:


Internal retail paseo looking towards 16th Street:


Internal retail paseo looking towards 17th Street:


According to the developer, everything is still on track for the start of construction in late Spring 2017.

Lower Highland: 1615 Platte Update #1

In May 2016 we announced that Unico Properties had proposed a new mixed-use development, 1615 Platte Street, next to the Highland Bridge. 1615 Platte Street is a 90,000 square foot, four-story project with about 80,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. The new building will wrap around the Highland Bridge’s circular ramp to help enclose the space within and around the ramp and make it feel more like an outdoor room, and to serve as the counterpart to the historic Zang Building (also owned by Unico) to frame the bridge’s plaza at Platte Street. Here’s a rendering from Open Studio Architecture we presented in May:


Since May, the site has been cleared and construction has begun. Let’s take a look!

In July, the site was fenced off in preparation for the demolition of the two surface parking lots and two small commercial structures that occupied the site:


In August, the property was fully cleared:


In September, site excavation began:

Now in October, excavation at the site continues…

while shoring walls for the project’s underground parking levels are going in next to the recently completed Lab on Platte…


as well as along the site’s I-25 frontage.


To wrap up this post, here’s a big panorama of the site as of this weekend:


If you zoom in on the panorama at full resolution and look between the Lab on Platte and the Nichols/Galvanize 2.0 Building, you can see the Riverview at 1700 Platte project under construction.

Lower Downtown: 14 Wynkoop Update #1

In July, we announced that Seattle-based Unico Properties is continuing to expand its presence with a proposed mixed-use project, 14 Wynkoop, located along Cherry Creek between Wazee and Wynkoop streets. Just like the 1600 Market Hotel, 14 Wynkoop is also making its rounds through the Lower Downtown Design Review Board (LDDRB). For full details on this project, please head on over to our announcement post.

In its next round of design review, 14 Wynkoop has an approval with conditions. From the submittal documents, here are the conditions:

  • That the corner column at the ground floor on Wazee Street be replaced with a rectilinear pier in plane with the glazing above.
  • That the storefront and garage/loading doors at the ground floor on Wazee Street be recessed no more than 5’-0” from the building façade.
  • That the projecting balconies on the south elevation be inset balconies

Besides those three conditions, this means we are getting very close to the final design from a massing, materials and facade standpoint. Designed by OZ Architecture, here are some new renderings of the project. As stated above, one of the conditions is that the balconies are to be inset on the south elevation, which is pictured below. Between the glass and brick, 14 Wynkoop is going to make a great impact along Cherry Creek.

2016-10-07_14wynkoop-01 2016-10-07_14wynkoop-02

Here is the Wazee Street view and the main entrance to the building at the street level.

2016-10-07_14wynkoop-03 2016-10-07_14wynkoop-04

I am sure we will see one more round of renderings before this project starts. Overall, this is turning out to be a great project!

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #7

If you feel like we just did an update on 999 17th Street, you wouldn’t be wrong. Back in late August, we reported that the project is quickly rising. So what has changed in six weeks?

The apartment / garage structure is now up seven-stories, and a blank wall, which will be shared by the office building, is starting to go in. 999 17th Street is also starting to make an impact to the street wall along 18th Street.

2016-10-02_999-17thstreet-02 2016-10-02_999-17thstreet-01

Here is the real reason why we have an update for this project today. Deep into Downtown Denver’s urban fabric, 999 17th Street is now starting to peek out. You can also see the main apartment structure starting to go up. We will be utilizing this vantage point throughout this project’s build.


There are still numerous surface lots in Downtown Denver but it’s nice to see an entire half block of parking eradicated for this project!

Union Station: 16 Chestnut Update #7

Near the end of last week, and over the weekend, two new tower cranes were erected in the Union Station neighborhood for the 16 Chestnut project.

First let’s start out with some awesome pictures Ken took of the larger tower crane going up.

2016-10-02_16-chestnut-05-1-5 2016-10-02_16-chestnut-06-1-5


Here are the two Potain tower cranes, which are now fully built, from the 18th Street Pedestrian Bridge. With two tower cranes, we should see this building go up fairly quickly.

2016-10-02_16-chestnut-02 2016-10-02_16-chestnut-04

Union Station still reigns as the tower crane capital of Downtown Denver!

2016-10-02_16-chestnut-01 2016-10-02_16-chestnut-03

New tower cranes are always an exciting start to the week!