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Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #5

999 17th Street is moving right along. With hardly any underground work, the apartment structure, 1776 Curtis, is already up three stories in a mere two months. This includes the parking structure, which takes longer to build.

Before we begin, we finally have some final renderings of the 27-story apartment building, courtesy of Davis Partnership Architects, the project’s architect. As we can see from the renderings, there will be a shared six story parking deck with ground floor retail and an amenity deck on top. Final designs for the office building have not yet been released.


The apartment building is built right to the corner of 18th and Curtis Street taking away a huge hole in Central Downtown.


Let’s check in on the progress. In the first photo we can clearly see 999 17th Street’s neighbor, 1001 17th Street. So what does a 1970’s era building have to do with this project? The apartment tower (315-feet) and 1001 17th Street (330-feet) will be roughly the same height. This gives us a great idea of how much impact this building will have at both a street level and skyline perspective.

2016-05-26_99917th-05 2016-05-26_99917th-04

The apartment building will be a single structure between the residential units and parking deck. Right now, it is indistinguishable between the two uses.

2016-05-26_99917th-01 2016-05-26_99917th-02

The office building, which will be just taller than the Hotel Monaco next door, has not yet started but will be completed in the same time-frame as everything else. This will also fill in a gap and help complete the street wall along 17th Street.

2016-05-26_99917th-03 2016-05-26_99917th-06

999 17th Street is going to be a fun project to watch due to the fact it is going up in the densest part of Downtown Denver and filling in one of the largest holes in the Central Downtown urban fabric.

Lower Downtown: Dairy Block Update #8

Workers are making good progress on the Dairy Block project in Lower Downtown Denver. Our last update was about two months ago, so let’s check in on this major project.

Below is an updated ground-floor plan, courtesy of McWhinney, the project developer. The yellow areas are retail/restaurant spaces. As you can see, Dairy Block will add a substantial amount of retail space to Lower Downtown, including numerous stores that will front the project’s pedestrian alley and Blake Street passage (blue). The reddish area in the upper right at 19th and Wazee is the project’s hotel, and the entries to the upper-level office spaces are in green. The block of  yellow in the lower right at 19th and Blake is the historic Windsor Farm Dairy building, and the block of yellow in the lower left at 18th and Blake are also historic properties. Those historic buildings’ ground-floor spaces will be reconfigured to provide entries facing the street, the alley, and the Blake Street passage.


Let’s start at 18th and Wazee and work our way clockwise around the block.

Approaching the Wazee/18th Street intersection, with Coors Field two blocks beyond:


The corner of Wazee and 18th:


In the center of the Wazee block face—the area above the blue dumpster—is the main entry for the upper-floor offices.


Moving closer to 19th Street, we see the main entry to the Dairy Block’s hotel component, known as The Maven, an independent property managed by Denver’s Sage Hospitality. Note the difference in floor-to-ceiling heights between hotel uses (left) and office uses (right). Here’s an updated rendering of The Maven, courtesy of Johnson Nathan Strohe, the hotel architect.



Now at the corner of 19th and Wazee, we see The Maven is almost topped out.


Along the 19th Street side of the project, we get a good view of the pedestrian shopping alley and how the office floors span across the alley to connect to the project’s new Blake Street building.


The Blake Street building is the furthest along. Here are three views, moving from 19th Street toward 18th Street, of the new building’s integration with the adjacent historic properties.




From the corner of 18th and Blake, we look back at where we started: the 6-story office component at 18th and Wazee.


The Dairy Block will provide a major infusion of pedestrian activity and energy to a part of LoDo that’s been fairly dead (blame: surface parking lots). Here’s a final overview rendering, courtesy of Shears Adkins Rockmore:


Let’s wrap this up with two final images I took about 10 days ago from Coors Field that nicely illustrate the Dairy Block’s contribution to the healing and enhancement of Lower Downtown’s urban fabric.



We’ll check in again on Dairy Block’s construction progress this summer.

Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #15

Both 14th Street and Lawrence Street are closed today to allow for the disassembly of the tower crane at 1401 Lawrence, the 22-story office building that recently topped out. A new crawler crane doing the disassembling has been placed in the middle of the intersection:


An additional smaller crane is situated about mid-block on Lawrence to assist:


High above the streets of the Mile High City, brave workers disconnect the first piece of the boom:


Almost detached…




To see what happened next, watch our video:

Back in February 2015, we covered this same tower crane being assembled. Goodbye, tower crane. Hello, new high-rise!

New Cherry Creek Project: 235 Fillmore

With the popularity of Cherry Creek on the rise, we can expect more infill going in around the neighborhood. Directly across the street from Civica Cherry Creek, a new office project has been proposed and site work has already begun.

The new office building, located between 2nd and 3rd Avenue on Fillmore Street, will be filling in a fairly small parcel. When you look at the aerial, you will see there are existing buildings on site. A two-story retail building, named the Cherry Creek Plaza, stood on this site, and has been demolished.


Back in April, I snapped these photos of the demolition wrapping up. Present day, the site is cleared ready for excavation to commence.

2016-04-03_CherryCreekProject-01 2016-04-03_CherryCreekProject-02

While we don’t have any final renderings of the project, we found some plans submitted to the city, thanks to the good folks at BusinessDen. Here is what we currently know about 235 Fillmore:

The project will consist of 55,100 square feet of office space along with 9,000 square feet of retail. It crosses two zones, C-CCN-5 and C-CCN-7, meaning it will rise three-stories towards 3rd Avenue and seven-stories towards 2nd Avenue. The project is required to have 104 parking spaces; 105 spaces will be provided underground. Judging by the documents submitted to the city, this project will look a lot like 100 Saint Paul, with the step down in height and mostly glass facade.


As soon as we receive more information on this project, including official renderings, we will post it here. Stay tuned!

Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #6

It’s been only five weeks since Ryan gave us Update #5 on this project being developed by Continuum Partners, but two new milestones have been reached on this highly visible project on 16th Street next to the Union Station commuter rail platforms.

First, both the 12-story Hotel Born (by Kimpton) and the 5-story companion office building have more-or-less topped out:



Wait, what’s that visible in the second photo? Yes, another milestone: brick!


The hotel’s valet/drop-off drive will be located via Wewatta in the gap between the hotel tower and the 21-story Platform apartments next door:


Let’s wrap up this post with two additional photos because, why not?



Have a great weekend, Denver!

Union Station: Union Tower West Update #7

Staying in the Union Station neighborhood, let’s check in on Union Tower West, a hotel and office tower going up across the street from Pivot. From the initial renderings, we were very unsure on how the building would actually look from a materials standpoint.

That being said, every time I pass by this building, it exceeds all of my expectations. A brilliant blue glass facade is climbing up the structure and is now to the office level. The bottom four floors without glass are dedicated to parking. A four-story sheltered canopy will front the building with metal screening around the rest of the parking deck.

2016-05-11_UnionTowerWest-02 2016-05-11_UnionTowerWest-04

After 18th Street, Wewatta Street curves right were Union Tower West is going. To compensate for that, the sheltered plaza comes into play with the main building setback from the curve.


The back of the building has the same facade as the front however, there are no structural setbacks. The 1975 18th Street affordable housing project will cover up the back of the parking structure.


Union Tower West is going to be a complete success in the Union Station neighborhood with great height, form, and materials. I cannot wait to see the final product!

New Lower Highland Project: 1615 Platte

A new office development is planned for Lower Highland’s historic Platte Street next to the Highland Bridge.

Seattle-based Unico Properties, whose Denver office has been very active in the past few years acquiring properties throughout the Denver-Boulder area, has submitted plans to the city for a new office/retail development at 1615 Platte Street. The development site is comprised of four parcels totaling 29,304 square feet of land area. Currently, two surface parking lots and two small structures occupy the site. The Google Earth image below shows the approximately outline of the property:


According to city records and a recent article in the Denver Business Journal, the new development will consist of a 4-story building containing 80,000 of office space, 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail, and parking for approximately 200 automobiles. The property is zoned C-MX-5 (C = Urban Center Neighborhood Context, MX = Mixed-Use, 5 = Five stories maximum). Unico’s proposed 16th and Platte project will be consistent in height with the nearby historic properties to the south and the several new office developments along Platte Street that include The Lab on Platte, Galvanize 2.0 and Riverview at 1700 Platte.

Developing the 16th and Platte parcel is part of an assemblage by Unico of properties along Platte Street. Recently, the firm acquired the historic properties to the south, including the Root Building at 15th and Platte (which is on the National Register of Historic Places), the Big Chief Bottling Company Building in center of the block, and the Zang Building at 16th and Platte.

The following renderings are courtesy of the project architect, Open Studio Architecture. Bird’s-eye view of the 16th and Platte corner looking north:


Platte Street view looking west:


View from the Highland Bridge looking east:


The project is still under review with the Denver planning office, so these renderings may not be the final version.

Here’s a photo I took this morning from across the highway of the project site:


Unico plans to begin construction on the development later this summer.

Cherry Creek: Civica Cherry Creek Update #2

Back in March we provided updated renderings and information for the Civica Cherry Creek project; going up at 2nd and Fillmore Street. As we all know, the iconic Wizards Chest will be demolished, however, they have found a new location on 4th and Broadway in the Baker neighborhood.

For this update, we are going to take one last look at the existing structures that sit on this project site. As a disclaimer, these photos are a few weeks old and the project site has changed.

Edit: 05/09/2016 6:50pm – As of today, the project site still remains the same as the photos below.

2016-04-03_CivicaCherryCreek-01 2016-04-03_CivicaCherryCreek-03

A stretch of single story office and retail buildings will also be replaced by the 112,000 square foot project.

2016-04-03_CivicaCherryCreek-06 2016-04-03_CivicaCherryCreek-05

As a refresher, this is the building that will replace the existing structures. The retail space will not be lost in the neighborhood as 11,000 square feet of retail will be provided.


The Cherry Creek North neighborhood is urbanizing quickly and is truly becoming Central Denver’s second urban center. Given that work is already underway for Civica Cherry Creek, we will have a second update, with current photos, in the near future.

Lower Highland: Riverview at 1700 Platte Update #1

This is a quick update to the recently announced Riverview at 1700 Platte project. Work has started on the development that will add a new 210,000 square foot office building to Lower Highland’s historic Platte Street. The existing structure located on the property—the former Empire Staple building—no longer exists. Here’s a shot from this afternoon:


Once the site is cleaned up, we’ll probably see excavation for the project’s two levels of underground parking begin soon thereafter.