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New River North Project: Flight

Another piece of Zeppelin Development‘s TAXI master plan is falling into place with the construction of FLIGHT, a 140,000 square foot office building that will be the corporate headquarters for Boa Technology. The new four-story building will sit along Ringsby Court just north of the adaptive reuse FREIGHT building and opposite the newly opened FREIGHT Residences.  The approximate location of FLIGHT is outlined on the Google Earth aerial image below.


FLIGHT will feature the strong horizontal forms and oblique geometry that defines the architecture of the TAXI campus, thanks to Dynia Architects. Courtesy of Zeppelin and Dynia, here is a rendering of FLIGHT looking south toward Downtown, with the FREIGHT Residences on the right and Ringsby Court on the left:


Boa Technology will occupy 100,000 square feet of the building with the remaining 40,000 available for other tenants. In addition to housing Boa’s offices, the new facility will also include the company’s research and development department and a prototype engineering and testing laboratory. The four-story structure will feature a two-story atrium, a 13,000 square-foot green roof, outdoor meeting spaces, and parking for 100 bicycles. The project is seeking LEED Silver certification and will include a 170 kw solar photovoltaic array that will offset about 20 percent of the building’s electricity use.

Construction on FLIGHT is now underway with completion planned for late 2017.

Union Station: 16 Chestnut Update #6

16 Chestnut is moving right along. Excavation is nearly complete and there are now two crane bases on the site!


These two cranes should go up within the next few weeks.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #14

Less than a month ago we visited 1144 Fifteenth at the ground level. Today, we are going to check it out from a farther-out perspective as it’s starting to make an impact on the skyline level.

Let’s start out with a view from Speer Boulevard, just north of Wewatta Street. Here we can see the almost-complete 1401 Lawrence project and a rising core directly to the left. The 10-story structure is now visible from a distance. After 12-stories, the steel structure will start to rise.


In addition to a great view of The Confluence, Ken also has a great view of 1144 Fifteenth. Thanks again, Ken, for the awesome photos!

2016-09-15_1144fifteenthken-01 2016-09-15_1144fifteenthken-02

Our next update on 1144 Fifteenth will be when the concrete structure transitions to steel. See you then!

Edit – 9/17/2016 1:15pm

I spy with my telephoto lens, a bunch of glass getting ready to go in. Not only will we start to see steel go up real soon, glass work will also start on the parking garage!


Union Station: 16th & Wewatta Hotel/Office Complex Update #9

Work is progressing fast over at 16th and Wewatta. Both the Hotel Born and office building at 1881 16th Street are starting to shape up.

The brickwork on the 12-story Hotel Born is nearly complete and looks sharp. It adds a facade color the Union Station neighborhood has yet to see and it nicely contrasts with its neighbor, The Platform. The brickwork on the 5-story office building is also steadily going up.

2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-02 2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-04

The office building complements the public space around the commuter rail canopy from both a scale and materials standpoint. It will be very exciting to see retail, and a walk-through to 16th Street, at the base of the commuter rail canopy.

2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-03 2016-09-15_16thwewattahoteloffice-01

The 16th and Wewatta intersection now features four (three pictured) very distinct buildings. Next time you are in the neighborhood, make sure to look up!


The 200-room Hotel Born is expected to open early 2017 along with the office building.

Lower Highland: Riverview at 1700 Platte Update #3

Good progress is being made at the Riverview at 1700 Platte Street project site in Denver’s Lower Highland district. Platte Street is a lively, walkable, urban corridor that features late-19th-century brick commercial structures, late-20th-century apartment buildings, and new 21st-century office buildings, all with ground-floor restaurants and shops. The new Riverfront development will add 210,000 square feet of offices and 9,300 square feet of street-level retail to the mix.

In our Update #2 in July, excavation was just getting started. Now, shoring walls support a large hole in the ground where the project’s two levels of underground parking will go. We have just one photo to share with you today, but it’s a big panorama, so click/zoom/scroll to enjoy at full size!


The Nichols/Galvanize 2.0 building was directly behind me as I took this shot looking northeast, with Platte Street on the left and the South Platte River on the right.

Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #16

Today we have a special update on 1401 Lawrence, the 22-story office tower under construction at 14th and Lawrence streets in Central Downtown. The project is nearing completion and one of the last major items on the to-do list for the building exterior is installing the anchor tenant sign. The anchor tenant is the Polsinelli law firm that is taking over 86,000 square feet of the 300,000 square foot building with an option to lease as much as 130,000 square feet.

Here’s a photo from earlier this morning showing the Polsinelli sign laying on the ground. 14th Street has been closed for the past two days as workers prepared for the sign installation and removed the construction hoist elevator.


You’ll note in the photo above that the art screen that covers a portion of the parking garage has been installed.

A few hours later, the sign is upright and getting attached to the crane cables:


Finally, the lift! It took about 10 minutes to raise the sign up to the roof edge of the building. The video below, in real time, is about nine minutes long, which would be really boring to watch, so here it is significantly sped up so that it lasts just one minute. Thanks Ryan Dravitz for your video whiz-bangery!

Yes, it’s a little wobbly, but you try holding an iPhone over your head for nine minutes!

When we next update 1401 Lawrence, there’s a good chance it will be an insider tour.

Colorado Center: Colorado Center Phase 3 Update #1

Back in March, we explored a new territory (for DenverInfill) that’s receiving a significant amount of development. Along Colorado Boulevard, next to the Colorado light rail Station and Interstate 25, hundreds of residential units, over 40,000 square feet of retail, and more than 200,000 square feet of office space is planned.

For today’s update, we are going to focus on the 15-story, 210,000 square foot office building that’s been steadily going up. Since March, the tower has topped out and the glass facade is nearly complete. Architecturally, this tower fits in with the rest of the Colorado Center.

2016-08-21_ColoradoCenter-02 2016-08-21_ColoradoCenter-01

There are some new proposals for this area that we are currently gathering information on. Stay tuned for another update!

Sun Valley: CDOT Headquarters Update #1

It was just a couple of days ago we published our first post on the new CDOT Headquarters building proposed next to the Decatur-Federal transit station. Today, we have a quick update due to having received a few new renderings that more clearly show the proposed structure. Thank you to everyone at CDOT and RNL Design for providing the new images!

Landscaped plaza and rain garden at the southeast corner of the project:


Overhead view looking northwest:


We can see clearly from these new renderings that the main pedestrian entry to the building is at the southeast corner, putting it in a good location for access to the light rail station across the street. However, let’s take a closer look at the site and the issue of pedestrian access to the train station:

The nearest crosswalks over W. Howard Place are at Federal and at Decatur. No one leaving the CDOT building, and I mean no one, is going to walk over to either Federal or Decatur to cross the street via the crosswalk to get to the transit station. They will either cut through the tree lawn immediately south of the building entry and cross the street there, or follow the diagonal sidewalk to the corner of the property next to the access drive and then cross the street. Neither of these situations is considered safe and both would be technically jaywalking, right? With increased automobile traffic along W. Howard Place after the building opens, and with RTD buses using the street to access the station’s bus gates, providing a safe way for CDOT employees and guests to cross the street conveniently from the building entry is critical.

Here’s where CDOT, RTD, and the City can prove their commitment to prioritizing pedestrians over vehicles, encouraging transit ridership, and working towards Vision Zero: 1. Add a sidewalk across the tree lawn immediately south of the building entry to connect to the sidewalk along the north side of W. Howard Place; and 2. Add a mid-block crosswalk directly at that point to provide pedestrians with convenient and safe access between the building entry and the transit station. You know, something like this:

Is that messy from a traffic engineering perspective? Probably. Will it cost a little extra money? Most likely. Is it the right thing to do? Definitely.

New Sun Valley Project: CDOT Headquarters

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is planning a new five-story 175,000 square foot office building immediately adjacent to the Decatur-Federal station on RTD’s W line.

The new building in the Sun Valley neighborhood just southwest of Downtown Denver will house both CDOT’s statewide Headquarters as well as its Region 1 office (the Denver metro area is CDOT Region 1). Currently, both the Headquarters and Region 1 offices are located in southeast Denver in separate old, inefficient buildings that are in serious need of upgrades. By constructing one modern, efficient facility for both offices, CDOT will realize significant savings on building operations and maintenance and provide a better working environment for its employees. The new facility will be financed through the use of Certificates of Participation—the same process used by the state to finance the History Colorado Center and Ralph Carr Colorado Judicial Center projects—which does not involve funds budgeted for highway construction. Here’s a site plan, courtesy of CDOT:


CDOT is acquiring the land for their new Headquarters from the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, the owners of Mile High Stadium. Currently, the site is used as surface parking for stadium events. The new CDOT facility will include a parking garage with around 500 spaces that will be available to the public for evening and weekend stadium events.

Here are a few early conceptual models of the new building, courtesy of CDOT. The project architect is RNL Design and JE Dunn will be the general contractor.

2016-08-28_cdot-hq-rendering1 2016-08-28_cdot-hq-rendering2


From an urbanist perspective, this is a good move by CDOT. Their current Headquarters and Region 1 buildings are not particularly convenient to public transit. The new location will allow visitors and the 700-plus CDOT employees who will work in the new building direct access to light rail and several major bus lines along Federal and Colfax that stop at the Decatur-Federal station. The site is also adjacent to the Lakewood Gulch and Platte River trail systems.

Construction is expected to begin in November 2016 with completion slated for early 2018.