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Sun Valley: CDOT Headquarters Update #1

It was just a couple of days ago we published our first post on the new CDOT Headquarters building proposed next to the Decatur-Federal transit station. Today, we have a quick update due to having received a few new renderings that more clearly show the proposed structure. Thank you to everyone at CDOT and RNL Design for providing the new images!

Landscaped plaza and rain garden at the southeast corner of the project:


Overhead view looking northwest:


We can see clearly from these new renderings that the main pedestrian entry to the building is at the southeast corner, putting it in a good location for access to the light rail station across the street. However, let’s take a closer look at the site and the issue of pedestrian access to the train station:

The nearest crosswalks over W. Howard Place are at Federal and at Decatur. No one leaving the CDOT building, and I mean no one, is going to walk over to either Federal or Decatur to cross the street via the crosswalk to get to the transit station. They will either cut through the tree lawn immediately south of the building entry and cross the street there, or follow the diagonal sidewalk to the corner of the property next to the access drive and then cross the street. Neither of these situations is considered safe and both would be technically jaywalking, right? With increased automobile traffic along W. Howard Place after the building opens, and with RTD buses using the street to access the station’s bus gates, providing a safe way for CDOT employees and guests to cross the street conveniently from the building entry is critical.

Here’s where CDOT, RTD, and the City can prove their commitment to prioritizing pedestrians over vehicles, encouraging transit ridership, and working towards Vision Zero: 1. Add a sidewalk across the tree lawn immediately south of the building entry to connect to the sidewalk along the north side of W. Howard Place; and 2. Add a mid-block crosswalk directly at that point to provide pedestrians with convenient and safe access between the building entry and the transit station. You know, something like this:

Is that messy from a traffic engineering perspective? Probably. Will it cost a little extra money? Most likely. Is it the right thing to do? Definitely.

New Sun Valley Project: CDOT Headquarters

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is planning a new five-story 175,000 square foot office building immediately adjacent to the Decatur-Federal station on RTD’s W line.

The new building in the Sun Valley neighborhood just southwest of Downtown Denver will house both CDOT’s statewide Headquarters as well as its Region 1 office (the Denver metro area is CDOT Region 1). Currently, both the Headquarters and Region 1 offices are located in southeast Denver in separate old, inefficient buildings that are in serious need of upgrades. By constructing one modern, efficient facility for both offices, CDOT will realize significant savings on building operations and maintenance and provide a better working environment for its employees. The new facility will be financed through the use of Certificates of Participation—the same process used by the state to finance the History Colorado Center and Ralph Carr Colorado Judicial Center projects—which does not involve funds budgeted for highway construction. Here’s a site plan, courtesy of CDOT:


CDOT is acquiring the land for their new Headquarters from the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, the owners of Mile High Stadium. Currently, the site is used as surface parking for stadium events. The new CDOT facility will include a parking garage with around 500 spaces that will be available to the public for evening and weekend stadium events.

Here are a few early conceptual models of the new building, courtesy of CDOT. The project architect is RNL Design and JE Dunn will be the general contractor.

2016-08-28_cdot-hq-rendering1 2016-08-28_cdot-hq-rendering2


From an urbanist perspective, this is a good move by CDOT. Their current Headquarters and Region 1 buildings are not particularly convenient to public transit. The new location will allow visitors and the 700-plus CDOT employees who will work in the new building direct access to light rail and several major bus lines along Federal and Colfax that stop at the Decatur-Federal station. The site is also adjacent to the Lakewood Gulch and Platte River trail systems.

Construction is expected to begin in November 2016 with completion slated for early 2018.

Uptown: Colorado Health Foundation Update #3

Back in May, the Colorado Health Foundation headquarters was just a steel structure. Now, the building is starting to take shape!

This is a neat little infill project. It has a great presence along 18th Avenue, and features a unique roof-line. We can also start to see the facade go up on all sides of the building. If you need a refresher for what the final product will look like, make sure you check out the rendering.

2016-08-21_COHealth-03 2016-08-21_COHealth-01

Here is one more photo looking straight on the project. Here we can see the glass curtain wall that will be at the entrance of the building.


The Colorado Health Foundation headquarters should be complete later this year.

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #6

Since our last update in May, 999 17th Street has doubled in size and is now up six stories. This is a milestone for this project because the parking structure tops out at six stories.

From here, the apartment structure will be setback from the parking structure and go up another 21 stories, ultimately topping out at 27 stories.

2016-08-21_99917thStreet-02 2016-08-21_99917thStreet-01

GE Johnson Construction has a great webcam overlooking the project site. Here is a recent image from it:

Courtesy of GE Johnson Construction

Courtesy of GE Johnson Construction

999 17th Street is trekking right along and is starting making a huge impact along 17th and 18th Street!

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #13

1144 Fifteenth Street is starting to make a huge impact along 15th Street. Since our last update in June, the tower crane has been jumped, the core is climbing its way up onto the skyline, and the parking structure is almost topped out. Let’s take a look!

The parking garage is now up nine stories with only three more to go. Once the concrete structure of the garage tops out, the steel structure will begin for floors 13 through 40; 42 with the mechanical penthouse.

2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-04 2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-03

The transformation of 15th Street is a fantastic sight. It’s amazing what three buildings (Le Meridien / AC, aLoft, 1144 Fifteenth) can do to a streetscape.

2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-02 2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-01

Our next update for 1144 Fifteenth will be when the steel structure starts, which should be in the next few weeks.

Edit: 08/23/2016 – 7:25AM

Here is an awesome bonus photo from DenverInfill reader S. Autrey. If you look closely at the core, you can see where the parking structure will eventually top out. The setback in the core is where the office portion will begin.


Curtis Park-Five Points: The Lydian Update #3

Today we have a quick update on The Lydian, formally known as 2560 Welton project; an eight story mixed use building which will contain 129 apartment units, 15,000 square feet of office, and 10,000 square feet of retail. When we last visited this project in June,  site preparations were underway.

Present day, excavation is nearly complete and a tower crane base sits on site! I’m sure we will see the red tower crane go up within the next couple of weeks.

2016-08-17_2560Welton-01 2016-08-17_2560Welton-02

This site was a surface parking lot for many years. We are glad to see it go! The Lydian should take around 12-16 months to complete.

Cherry Creek: Civica Cherry Creek Update #3

Back in May, we reported that demolition of the existing buildings for Civica Cherry Creek, a five / seven story, 112,000 square foot office project, was about to begin. Now, the site has been cleared and excavation is now underway.

First, let’s start with an overview of the site looking west. As you can see, the existing buildings have been completely demolished.


Here are two photos looking at the front of the project from Fillmore Street.

2016-08-16_CivicaCherryCreek-01 2016-08-16_CivicaCherryCreek-02

Construction should be fairly quick as Schnitzer West LLC, the developer, is expecting the project to be complete by next summer.

Visualizing the Cherry Creek Boom From an Aerial Perspective

As we all know, Cherry Creek is currently going through a very large boom adding hotels, retail, apartments, condos and offices. Since the neighborhood is fairly small, in regards to land size, it is easy to map out from a low elevation aerial perspective. This is where my drone comes in handy!

Let’s begin with some numbers. From when we started reporting on the boom back in 2013, there are 626 Apartments, 80 Condos, 524 Hotel Rooms, 351,000 square feet of office space, and 194,600 square feet of retail getting added to the neighborhood. This does not include proposed projects. That’s a lot of development for Cherry Creek!

Now to the aerial. Each colored dot represents a project that is either under construction or complete; this visual does not include proposed projects. RED is retail, BLUE is office, GREEN is hotel, and YELLOW is residential.

Obviously, click to embiggen.

Here is the same aerial with the project labels removed.

Finally, for those who like a clean aerial, here is the original panorama.

With the compact size of this neighborhood, it will be fun to explore various aerial perspectives in the future as the boom rolls on. Stay tuned for a lot of infill coming your way this week!

New River North Project: Revolution 3600

The remarkable revitalization of the River North Art District continues with the announcement of another major infill project: Revolution 3600, a 5-story, 150,000 square foot mixed-use development planned for the corner of 36th Street and Brighton Boulevard.


Revolution 3600 is being developed by a team led by Ed Haselden with Anderson Mason Dale serving as the project architect, Jones Lang LaSalle handling office leasing, and Haselden Construction as the builder. The mixed-use project’s two main components include approximately 120,000 square feet of office space on floors 2-5 and around 20,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The 37,500 SF property is mostly vacant land except for a small 1950’s-era industrial building previously occupied by Industrial Motors & Machining, which recently moved to a new location two miles away.

A couple of renderings: Revolution 3600 looking east at the corner of Brighton Boulevard and 36th Street, followed by the view looking south along Brighton Boulevard. All renderings are courtesy of Anderson Mason Dale.



A highlight of the ground-floor commercial uses is the proposed Market Hall that will combine up to eight food purveyors into an 8,700 SF open-floor space that doubles as the building lobby. Additional ground-floor uses include a 6,000 SF restaurant space at the 36th Street corner and a similar-sized space for a retail tenant.

Revolution 3600’s proposed Market Hall interior and a view of the building’s Brighton Boulevard elevation with ground-floor commercial spaces:



Automobile parking for 238 spaces will be accommodated on two underground levels accessed via the alley. Bicycle parking will also be provided.

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2017.