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Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Final Update – Part 1

The time has come to move SkyHouse Denver into the completed category. Construction is starting to wrap up and residents will begin to occupy the units in November. As you probably noticed by the title, we are going to be breaking this project up with two separate parts. Today, we will be focusing on the interior of SkyHouse.

A huge thank you to Ashley Cattolica of Fitzgerald Petersen Communications and Carmen Miller of Simpson Housing for giving DenverInfill a tour of this project!

Let’s begin the tour with the ground floor. This is the resident entrance to the building which contains computers for new residents to fill out applications, a seating area, the leasing office, and a 24 hour concierge.


Heading up into the tower, here are two main living areas. The first photo is a studio unit and the second a one bedroom unit. Every unit features floor to ceiling glass, stainless steel appliances, real wood floors, and a private patio.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-05 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-03

Here is a the bedroom of the same one bedroom unit pictured above.


The top (25th) floor houses most of SkyHouse’s amenities. A large community room, with a large kitchen, and a fitness room are two of the notable indoor amenities.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-10 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-11

The outdoor rooftop terrace features great Downtown Denver views, and ample space for residents.


The pool resides on the south side of the roof. As you can see in the first photo, there is plenty of sunlight to go around.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-08 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-07

Let’s wrap up with a couple of views from the 25th floor. Looking east, we can see Uptown and northeast Denver. Looking West, we get a great view of Downtown Denver with the mountains in the background.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-09 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-12

For part two, we will be exploring the finished exterior of SkyHouse Denver. Stay tuned!

Lower Highland: Alexan LoHi Update #2

Today, we have a quick update on the Alexan LoHi project going in at West 32nd Avenue and Tejon Street. As a refresher, this project will contain 106 apartment units with 10,000 square feet of retail.

We mentioned back in August that demolition was complete, and the site was ready for construction. As of this weekend, crews were working on installing the tower crane, which should now be fully erected. Here is a picture of the crane going up.

Alexan LoHi will be built over the next 15 months, with completion in December 2017.

Central Platte Valley: AMLI Riverfront Green Update #2

Back in June, we announced that AMLI Riverfront Green was moved from the “proposed” category to “under-construction”. The seven-story, 304-unit apartment project is now moving right along.

Excavation is nearly complete and the foundation should start to go in soon. Since there is a four and seven-story structure going in, we should see both concrete and wood framing when this starts to go vertical. We might be lucky and even get a tower crane.


The Downtown Denver boom keeps on rolling along!

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #14

Today, we are going to check out the two tallest towers going up in the entire Denver metro area: The Confluence and 1144 Fifteenth. We are going to start the day off with The Confluence, a 34-story 288-unit apartment tower.

Since our last update, announcing that the tower was halfway up, The Confluence has gone up eight stories bringing it to a total of 25 stories. That means this project still has nine stories plus a mechanical penthouse to go!

2016-09-16_theconfluence-04 2016-09-16_theconfluence-03

Along with the tower structure, the facade is also steadily climbing. We now have a good idea of what the completed tower is going to look like. Don’t worry, the orange is temporary and is just the first layer to the grey paneling.

2016-09-16_theconfluence-01 2016-09-16_theconfluence-02

Ken has a wonderful view of The Confluence going up. Thanks for the awesome photos Ken!

2016-09-15_confluenceken-01 2016-09-15_confluenceken-02

Last but not least, here is a panoramic view we haven’t posted in a very long time. From Diamond Hill Overlook, this tower makes a huge impact. The panorama is also very large, so make sure you click to embiggen.


Next up, 1144 Fifteenth!

Union Station: 1709 Chestnut Update #6

Staying around the Union Station neighborhood, we would like to report that 1709 Chestnut now has a foundation in place and will start going vertical! As a refresher, this project will contain 500 apartment units in both a 12- and 24-story tower.


How exciting!

Union Station: Pivot Update #9

We haven’t visited Pivot since May so it’s time to do another update! Over the past four months, a lot has happened at the site so let’s take a tour around the entire project.

The structure for the north tower has been steadily rising and has four more floors to go. The masonry facade is also starting to go up on this tower.

2016-09-14_pivot-08 2016-09-14_pivot-02

The west facing tower is the most complete with most of the glass installed on both the ground level and upper floors.

2016-09-14_pivot-03 2016-09-14_pivot-04

The east facing tower is also progressing quickly with a good portion of the building that’s fully enclosed.

2016-09-14_pivot-01 2016-09-14_pivot-07

Let’s end the tour with the 17th Street side of Pivot. The ground floor is beginning to look very sharp with a mixed wood and glass facade. This is where the Whole Foods, and the main entrances will reside.

2016-09-14_pivot-05 2016-09-14_pivot-06

Pivot is coming together nicely but still has a ways to go. The entire project is expected to complete late next year.

Union Station: 1975 18th Street Update #4

Since June, 1975 18th Street has progressed nicely. The building has topped out and most of its features are starting to take shape, including the facade. Before we get to the photos, let’s start out with a rendering refresher.


Here are the two corners of the building along Chestnut Street. The paneling and brick have started to make their way up.

2016-09-12_197518thstreet-01 2016-09-12_197518thstreet-02

Here is what isn’t pictured in the rendering. The building goes back along 18th and 19th Street.


1975 18th Street should be complete later this year.

Union Station North: The Huron Final Update

Wait, Union Station North? The Prospect neighborhood recently received a new name, and even got a sign at the entrance. As far as DenverInfill goes, the previous post titles will not be changed, as it was still ‘Prospect’ at the time, but the neighborhood category will reflect this change.


Now on to the infill! The Huron, formally known as The Residences at Prospect Park, is now complete with residents moving in. Since the project’s announcement back in December 2012, DenverInfill has covered every step of the way.

New Prospect Neighborhood Project: Residences at Prospect Park

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Summer 2013: Downtown Denver Hole-in-the-Ground Census

Prospect: Residences at Prospect Park Update #2

Prospect: Residences at Prospect Park Update #3

As mentioned in Update #3, this building is very long; almost an 1/8th of a mile. Here are both corners of the building looking down Huron Street.

2016-09-12_thehuron-01 2016-09-12_thehuron-04

Given the length of the building, it’s hard to highlight some neat features along the street level so here are two sections of the project. One of the cores which, to me, resembles its close neighbor, the Flour Mill Lofts, and the exposed steel and glass entrance of the building. These features are all very fitting for the neighborhood.

2016-09-12_thehuron-02 2016-09-12_thehuron-03

One of my favorite views in Downtown Denver resides in this neighborhood; a great view of the Four Seasons and the soon to be seen 1144 Fifteenth Street.


The fence remains up as there is still some landscaping to be done, but we are calling this complete in our books. The Huron contributes 296 apartment units to the neighborhood. Welcome to Union Station North!

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Final Update

As new projects are starting along the Welton Corridor, in the Five Points-Curtis Park neighborhood, some are beginning to wrap. Today, we are going to visit the completed 2460 Welton project also known as The Wheatley at Five Points. We had pretty extensive coverage on this project, which was announced back in June 2014:

New Curtis Park-Five Points Project: 2460 Welton

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2460 Welton Update #1

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2460 Welton Update #2

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Update #3

Five Points-Curtis Park: 2460 Welton Update #4

The Wheatley features two types of residential units, 14 for-sale townhomes, and 84 rental apartments, and ground floor retail. Comparing to the rendering, the project came out almost exactly as expected. The dark paneling on top of the town homes is positive change, as it adds more contrast to the roof-line.



Here are two more photos of the completed project. Landscaping was just starting to go in when I took these pictures and should be nearly complete present day.

2016-08-21_TheWheatley-01 2016-08-21_TheWheatley-03

The Wheatley complements the neighborhood nicely from a scale and design standpoint. It also features for-sale and rentals in one project, which isn’t very common. Overall, this is a great piece of infill!