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New Arapahoe Square Project: 21st and Welton Apartments

Lennar Multifamily Communities has submitted plans to the City of Denver for an 18-story, 329-unit apartment project on Welton Street between 21st and 22nd streets in a particularly parking lot-infested section of the Arapahoe Square district. Here’s the site outlined on a Google Earth aerial, followed by a Google Street View image:



The following rendering shows the Welton Street side of the building, with 22nd Street at left and 21st Street at right. All images presented below are from project documents submitted in January to the Denver Planning Board and are preliminary and conceptual in nature and are subject to further modification and refinement. RNL Design is the project architect.


Preliminary plans show the project stacking up as follows:

The ground floor includes leasing office, lobby, and building services near the 21st Street corner, a little over 4,000 square feet of leasable retail/restaurant space near the 22nd Street corner, and about 40 motor vehicle parking spaces in the center and rear. Levels 2, 3, and 4 would each contain 120 additional parking spaces, for a grand total of approximately 400 spaces for the storage of private automobiles. Over 30 motorcycle/scooter spaces would also be provided. The preliminary plans do not indicate how bicycle parking will be accommodated.

Level 5 contains over 3,000 square feet of indoor tenant amenity space and over 20,000 square feet of outdoor amenity space including a pool, lounge and landscaped areas, as well as about 20 residential units. Level 6 includes over 3,000 square feet for a fitness center and another 21 residential units, while Levels 7 through 18 provide the remaining 288 residential units. Level 17 also includes some indoor and outdoor tenant amenity space.

Here are all four corner perspectives:

22nd and Welton:


22nd and alley:


21st and alley:


21st and Welton:


A timeframe for project construction is currently unknown.

New River North Project: Modera River North Arts

A new apartment community is coming to Blake Street in Denver’s booming River North/Ballpark neighborhood.

Mill Creek Residential, a national multifamily developer based in Dallas, Texas, has been busy in Denver, recently developing The Casey and The Douglas and currently building Modera River North at 29th and Brighton Boulevard. Next up for Mill Creek is Modera River North Arts, a proposed 183-unit housing development along Blake Street between 28th and 29th streets. Here’s a Google Earth aerial showing the proposed location:


Modera River North Arts will rise five floors and include approximately 229 parking spaces.

The following rendering is courtesy of Studio PBA, the project architect:


Construction is expected to begin later this spring with completion set for 2017.

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Final Update – Part 2

Moving forward from an awesome Broncos weekend, we have some infill to catch up on! We are going to briefly head back to Cherry Creek to look at another great infill project on the brink of completion: 250 Columbine. But didn’t we already do a final update on 250 Columbine? Back in October, we only covered the office building as the residential portion was still under construction.

Let’s start by looking back at all of our posts mentioning 250 Columbine.

New Cherry Creek Project: 250 Columbine

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Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Final Update – Part 1

250 Columbine was a unique project from the start because it contained 80 condo units, which are a very rare sight around Denver. For a couple of years, this was the only new condo project under construction in Central Denver. With Council Bill 15-0811 passing, hopefully we will see more condo units go up in the near future.

How about some pictures. The residential units sit down Columbine Street towards Third Avenue with the office building fronting Second Avenue.

2016_01_24_250Columbine-02 2016_01_24_250Columbine-01

At street level, this project is great. It has good massing, and an ample supply of ground floor retail. Towards Third Avenue the building steps down to three stories, from seven, to comply with the Cherry Creek zoning.

2016_01_24_250Columbine-03 2016_01_24_250Columbine-04

Here are two more views of 250 Columbine from Third Avenue. The red crane in the background is for the 245 Columbine hotel.

2016_01_24_250Columbine-05 2016_01_24_250Columbine-06

250 Columbine was one of the first projects to break ground after the initial wave of development in Cherry Creek was announced. It’s great to now see it complete! Lastly, to prove how high the demand is for condo units in Central Denver, there are only three units left for sale in this building.

Union Station: 1975 18th Street Update #2 & Union Tower West Update #5

It’s not very often we update two projects in one post. However, when the same parcel has two different projects, and we’re looking at it from the sky, both can be featured in a single photo.

In the foreground, foundation for 1975 18th Street is underway. Behind it, Union Tower West is halfway up with a little bit of the glass facade showing on the northwest corner of the building.


Here is one more aerial peeking just above Alta City House.


That’s all for the aerial coverage this week but I guarantee there will be more coming soon!

Union Station: Pivot Update #6

Over the last four months, since our last update, construction for Pivot has started to take off with the structure quickly going vertical. For today’s update, I have a special treat for you: aerial photos of the project.

I recently got a new flying platform where I have full control of the photos I am taking versus guessing and hoping to get the framing right. That being said, these aerials may look a little more refined than the ones we have used in the past. Starting off, here are two different elevations of Pivot. The dirt lot across the street is for 1709 Chestnut, which is currently in the pre-development phase.

2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-01 2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-02

Coming down a little more level with the cranes, we can see that Pivot is up nine stories with four more to go. The photo on the right is a fun, vertigo-inducing shot looking straight down on the 17th Street Gardens, light-rail plaza, and two of the last remaining dirt parcels along Chestnut Place.

2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-03 2016-01-30_Pivot-Aerial-04

I have three more project updates this week that will contain aerial footage. Stay tuned!

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #3

Today I have a very quick update on a great Central Downtown project: 999 17th Street. On Saturday, a new red tower crane started to go up on the project site! Here is a quick aerial of the progress. The jib was just getting delivered as I took this photo.


We will head on over to the project site and check on the progress once the new tower crane is fully assembled!

Cherry Creek: Alexan Cherry Creek Update #1

Back in July, we announced a new 8-story, 164-unit apartment building that was replacing a single story parking garage in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. Since the announcement, construction is now underway for Alexan Cherry Creek.

Excavation for this project is complete and work for the foundation and underground parking structure has begun. Judging by the size of the hole, there will be three levels of underground parking which will be shared with residents and the offices around this project.

2016_01_24_AlexanCherryCreek-02 2016_01_24_AlexanCherryCreek-01

There is also a top-slewing tower crane on site that will be there for most of 2016.


A lot of work still has to be done to get this project out of the hole. Once it is out of the ground, we will swing back around for its next update!

Cherry Creek: Coda Update #3

Density is the new trend over in Cherry Creek North. Rising to 12-stories, the same height as its neighbor the Steele Creek Apartments, Coda, formally known as the First and Steele Apartments, is making its mark in the neighborhood.

The structure has topped out with the facade working its way up. Coda will feature a prominent glass curtain wall, which you can see is well underway, along with paneling and more glass features around the rest of the building.

2016_01_24_Coda-04 2016_01_24_Coda-02

Here is one additional view of the front of Coda from East 1st Avenue and Steele Street.


There is a lot of new density and glass going up in this corner of the Cherry Creek neighborhood. Here is an early 2014 and present day shot from the same vantage point.

2014-01-26_100SaintPaul-01 2016_01_24_Coda-06

Even a 12-story building can have a huge impact on the street level. Looking down Steele Street, and west down First Avenue, we can clearly see that this project provides some great density.

2016_01_24_Coda-01 2016_01_24_Coda-05

Coda will provide Cherry Creek North with 185 apartment units and is expected to complete mid-late 2016.