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Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Update #2

From an old office building, to dirt lot, to busy construction site, 701 Sherman is starting to rise! As a quick refresher, RedPeak is developing a 7-story, 105-unit apartment building in one of the least dense areas of Capitol Hill.

Since our last update, a tower crane has been installed on site and work on the third floor has begun. Here are two pictures of the project from last weekend.

2015-08-24_701Sherman-02 2015-08-24_701Sherman-01

Stay tuned as we visit more Capitol Hill and Golden Triangle projects this week!

Speer: Country Club Towers Update #1

Back in June, DenverInfill announced a very large project going up in the Speer neighborhood: twin 30-story towers containing 558-units.  After twelve years in the making, the Country Club Towers are finally becoming a reality.

I regret not following this project sooner given the logistics of how these buildings are going to rise. From demolition to preserving some of the original facades, site preparation is now mostly complete. As of this last weekend, there was a giant hole in the ground.


Let’s bring back the project timeline, with the present day highlighted. Shoring and excavation are underway and we should see a pair of tower cranes on site by mid-October.


After seeing how narrow and tight this project is, we will have to get more creative with our future updates and incorporate some aerial photography! Our next visit will be when the tower cranes are up.

Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Update #2

Happy Friday DenverInfill readers! To end the week, we are going to take a quick peek at SkyHouse Denver which is starting to climb up along Broadway.

This week, I am conveniently working a block away from SkyHouse, giving me a great opportunity to step outside and check out the project. The structure is now up to the 10th floor, with fifteen more to go.


If you like tracking projects on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis make sure you check out this project’s webcam. Here is a screenshot from today.


Courtesy of OxBlue:

Have a great weekend!

New Five Points-Curtis Park Project: 2810 Welton Street

Throughout the past few months, we have covered some large scale infill projects along the Welton Corridor: , and . Today, we are announcing something a little different: a small, narrow infill project between 28th and 29th Street along Welton.

Located only a block away from the 27th and Welton light-rail station, here is an aerial with the project site outlined.


All of the information for this project is contained in this document from the Landmark Preservation Commission. This project will take up two parcels, 2810 and 2812 Welton Street. The existing structures on site (the white single family home) will be demolished to make way for 2810 Welton. Here is a Google Street View image of the site.


We have some very preliminary renderings of 2810 Welton Street which were approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission with conditions. This means the design and massing will be refined over time. Again, for full details of this project and approval conditions, head on over to the submittal documents.

2810 Welton Street will rise a total of five-stories, with the top two floors set back. The first and second floor of this building are intended for retail and business use with three floors of apartments on top. The square footage and unit count of this project is currently unknown.

2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-01 2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-02

2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-04 2015-08-18_2810WeltonRendering-03

2810 Welton is very preliminary as developers and financials still need to be lined up. However, finding these kinds of submittals show how strong the momentum is to develop the Welton Corridor.

Arapahoe Square: Alexan Arapahoe Square Project Update #1

A few weeks ago we announced a new 12-story, 353-unit apartment project going up in Arapahoe Square. As a project moves through the development review process, some of the first things that usually get refined are the design and massing.

Today I have a new, more refined rendering to share with you thanks to Sarah Van Severen of Kephart, the architect firm behind this project. One of the largest changes in this revision is the facade color. Instead of a solid color throughout the building’s facade, it is now broken up with lighter colors on the street level. According to Kephart, the colors for this project are not quite final and will be tweaked more in the coming weeks.


Here is the preliminary rendering for a comparison:


Project updates are always a good sign of a development moving forward. I’m sure we will have a groundbreaking date the next time we visit this project!

New Berkeley Project: Tennyson Place

Infill is rising in all shapes and sizes around Central Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill and, in this case, Berkeley already have a solid fabric with very few open lots. Over on West 39th Avenue and Tennyson Street, an empty lot will soon be filled.

To get your bearings straight, here is an aerial with the project site outlined.


According to the press release, Tennyson Place, developed by Darell Schmidt of Allante Properties, will feature 81 ‘class-A’ apartments, contained in a five-story building with two levels of underground parking. Here are some exterior and street-level renderings of the project, thanks to Nathan Jenkins at OZ Architecture.

2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C5 2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C6

2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C7 2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C8

We also received a couple interior renderings of both the apartments and community area. Amenities will include a club room and lounge, fitness center, individual balconies, and a 1,900 square-foot rooftop patio.

2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C3 2015-07-27_TennysonPlace_C2

The developer is still aligning financials and investors to break ground on this project, making the construction time frame unknown. Stay tuned for more information!

UPDATE: Construction of the below-grade parking garage is slated to begin in September.

Arapahoe Square: Renaissance Stout Street Lofts Final Update

Earlier this year, the Renaissance Stout Street project in Arapahoe Square wrapped up and is now open for residents and patients. Back in early 2013,  The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless broke ground on a five-story, 78-unit affordable housing project, and we here at DenverInfill have followed it since. Here are our previous updates featuring this project:

New Arapahoe Square Project: Renaissance Stout Street Lofts

Spring 2013: Downtown Denver Tower Crane Census

Arapahoe Square: Renaissance Stout Street Lofts Update #1

Arapahoe Square: Renaissance Stout Street Lofts Update #2

Sitting on the intersection of 22nd and Stout Street, the Renaissance Stout Street Lofts takes up most of the half block between 21st and 22nd Street. The facade is comprised of brick for the ground floor, which enhances the street presence, with paneling on the upper floors.

2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-02 2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-03

2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-05  2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-01

The main entrance to the residences and Stout Street Health Center is set back from the street with a little plaza fronting the building. Here are some street level shots of the project.

2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-04 2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-06

2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-07 2015-08-14_StoutStreetLofts-08

The Renaissance projects, developed by The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, are indented for former homeless families and individuals as well as working households with lower incomes. Head on over to their website for the full list of what they do!

Union Station: Pivot Update #4

Formally known as 17W, Pivot, in the Union Station neighborhood, has started to rise above the street level. Once complete, Pivot will provide the neighborhood with a flagship Whole Foods and 640 apartment units, broken up in three 11-story buildings, on top.

Here are a couple of photos looking over the project site. Pivot will be approximately the same height as Cadence, which is on the right of Pivot in the first photo. There is nothing like a great Colorado sunset behind a construction site!

2015-08-13_Pivot-01 2015-08-13_Pivot-02

Pivot is, and will always be the largest residential project going up in the Union Station neighborhood as the empty lots are filling up quick!