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Union Station: The Coloradan Project Update #1

Back in November, we announced a new 342-unit condo project proposed in the Union Station neighborhood. Recently, the project, named The Coloradan, showed up on the Denver Planning Board and is going to go under review with a staff recommendation of ‘Approval with Conditions’.

But, that’s not the only great news for this great project. We also have some new, super high resolution renderings thanks to Chris Frampton of East West Partners!

First, let’s start out with the street level. As a disclaimer, these renderings, especially at the street level, are not final. There will still be minor tweaks as the project goes through the review process.

Make sure you click to embiggen as each rendering is at a very high resolution.

2016-04-30_TheColoradan-01 2016-04-30_TheColoradan-05

Next up, the view from the Commuter Rail canopy. The Coloradan has a large setback which breaks up the mass, making it more friendly and visually appealing at the street level.

2016-04-30_TheColoradan-03 2016-04-30_TheColoradan-02

Here is the view from 18th and Wewatta Street. The transparent building in the foreground is the 13-story Pivot project.


And finally, the 19-story project rendered into a real life aerial photo.


The last rendering is very special to me because I flew the aerials for GBD Architects, the project’s architect, back in January. It’s really neat to see what came out of it. Here is the original photo, without The Coloradan, for reference.


Since this project is still under review, we don’t have a construction timeline just yet. However, we are going to have a neat post coming up in regards to The Coloradan on DenverUrbanism. Stay tuned!

Golden Triangle: Eviva Cherokee Update #4

Eviva Cherokee in the Golden Triangle neighborhood is starting to make quick vertical progress. Rising up 18 stories with mostly a glass facade, Eviva Cherokee will have a huge impact on the neighborhood from both a height and materials perspective.

Here is the view of the project from Cherokee Street. The concrete structure is now up five stories with the enclosure on the parking garage underway.

2016-04-27_Evivia-03 2016-04-27_Evivia-04

Eviva Cherokee doesn’t take up the entire half block of Cherokee between 12th and 13th Avenue as Dozen’s restaurant sits on the corner. This keeps the footprint of this project slightly smaller than what we have seen elsewhere in Downtown Denver.

2016-04-27_Evivia-01 2016-04-27_Evivia-02

Most of you are probably looking at the parking garage enclosure gritting your teeth but let me put your mind at ease. We saw the same thing over at the Steele Creek Apartments in Cherry Creek. It looked exactly like what you see above but it was treated upon completion.

2014-09-28_SteeleCreek-01 2015-10-21_88SteeleCreek-01

The glass facade will be the next major milestone with this project. We will swing back around when the first glass goes up!

New Jefferson Park Project: Decatur Point

A new apartment project known as Decatur Point is under construction in the booming Jefferson Park neighborhood west of Downtown.

Located at the northeast corner of Decatur and W. 27th Avenue and reaching north to W. 28th, the 5-story complex will include 203 apartment units. The project site is outlined on this Google Earth aerial:


Construction started in 2015 and is being developed by Riverpoint Partners. The following renderings, provided by Craine Architecture, illustrate the new development’s design. This first image shows the proposed view from the corner of W. 27th and Decatur looking northeast:


A pool and outdoor deck area on the second floor span over a vehicle access drive:


The development includes 218 automobile parking spaces (1.07 parking space/unit ratio) located on one underground level and on the ground floor. Eleven 2-story townhome units, the leasing office, a coffee bar, and the residential lobby wrap the ground-level parking on all but the alley side of the building. Decatur Point will also include 132 bicycle parking spaces.

Levels 2-5 contain the apartment units with the pool and an outdoor courtyard located on the second floor and a “sky lounge” on the fifth floor.

Construction is expected to be completed in Fall 2016.

Speer: Country Club Towers Update #3

Let’s head over to the Speer neighborhood and check in on the twin 30-story towers that will define the South Central Denver skyline. Since the tower cranes went up in September, the Country Club Towers are now starting to go vertical!

As we described in our first update, this site is incredibly hard to access. So, we are going to start with some ground level photos and finish with aerials. All of the underground and foundation work is now complete and the podium for the west tower is now up to four-stories.

2016-04-03_CountryClubTowers-05 2016-04-03_CountryClubTowers-06

Here are two more photos of the podium for the west tower going up.

2016-04-03_CountryClubTowers-07 2016-04-03_CountryClubTowers-10

The podium for the east tower just broke ground level and is also starting to go vertical. The shared podium should top out this summer.


Hard to follow the ground level photos? I completely agree. Queue the aerial photography. Here are four elevations looking east over the project site. Hopefully this helps you decipher what is going on from what we described above.



Now that these towers are out of the ground, we should start to see them rise fairly quickly. These will make a huge impact from both a skyline and street level point of view.

As a fun little bonus, how tall will the Country Club Towers be exactly? Just a few feet shorter than the Rocky Mountain Tower, also known as the ‘Darth Vader’ tower, that sits in Glendale. However, Denver scores two towers around the same height.


How exciting!

Union Station: 1709 Chestnut Update #2

It’s official! The project at 17th and Chestnut Street is underway. Right on the edge of the Union Station light-rail station, a 12 and 24-story tower will start rising over the next year or so. As a refresher, here are some preliminary renderings from our announcement post. This development will feature approximately 500 apartment units.

Edit 04/04/16 – 1:20PM – Here are some slightly refined renderings of 1709 Chestnut thanks to our friends at Shears Adkins Rockmore.




Here is what the site looks like as of this weekend. Excavation and drilling is now underway, with heavy construction equipment starting to move onto the site.

2016-04-03_1709Chestnut-01 2016-04-03_1709Chestnut-02

To show how large of a site this is, and how much impact this building is going to have on the neighborhood, here is a very high resolution aerial I took back in February. Make sure you click to embiggen!


The project site is directly across the street from Pivot.

The empty parcels in the Union Station neighborhood are filling up fast!

Arapahoe Square: Alexan Arapahoe Square Project Update #2

When we announced Alexan Arapahoe Square, it was in a very preliminary design phase with little detail associated with it. Back in August, we received a refined rendering of the project, thanks to the good folks at Kephart, but some details were still unclear, such as a construction timeline.Today, we are very excited to share the final renderings, along with the important details of Alexan Arapahoe Square.

Trammell Crow Residential is planning a 355-unit apartment project, contained in a 13-story building over at 22nd and Welton Street. Here are the latest renderings thanks to Trammell Crow Residential, the developer and Kephart, the architect.


So what exactly changed since the last set of renderings? Not a whole lot regarding materials, massing, and color scheme.


However, these new renderings give us new perspectives and the context around Alexan Arapahoe Square. As you can see, there isn’t a lot of high or tall density around this project, so it will definitely have a huge impact on the area.


Now for the good details. Trammell Crow Residential is planning on acquiring the land, and breaking ground in June; that’s two months away! The first of the 355-units are planned to lease in December 2017 with total completion in August 2018. The average unit size will be 780 square feet. See you in June!

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Final Update

Another great looking project is now complete in Capitol Hill. MOTO (Middle of Town) apartments feature 64-units over a six-story building and two ground floor retail pads. We had a total of three posts on this project, which you can visit below:

New Capitol Hill Project: 820 Sherman

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #1

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #2

MOTO brings some different designs to the table. It sits on two inclines: one along 8th Avenue and the other on Sherman Street, which gives the building a unique perspective when looking at it from the intersection. Along with that, the every-other-floor setbacks and dark paneling, much like its neighbor, bring a nice contrast to the surrounding buildings.

2016-04-01_Moto-01 2016-04-01_Moto-09

The four-stories of apartments sit on a two-story podium, which is used for parking and ground floor retail. Because of the sloping streets, the podium blank walls vary in elevation making them more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

2016-04-01_Moto-08 2016-04-01_Moto-03

Here is a good visual of the sloping podium along 8th Avenue. Can you tell which part of the picture is truly straight?


Let’s get in closer and walk around the project. MOTO brings a design that is fairly new to Capitol Hill; industrial, which we have seen all over the River North neighborhood. It’s a refreshing change to see this design around here.

2016-04-01_Moto-04 2016-04-01_Moto-07

The parking garage and ground floor retail frontage also have a very industrial look.

2016-04-01_Moto-06 2016-04-01_Moto-05

MOTO, at six-stories, adds some great height and density to this area of Capitol Hill, which is dominated by surface parking lots. It also brings a refreshing design, which we have never really seen in this neighborhood, and ground floor retail to help activate this intersection. What a great win for Capitol Hill!

Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Update #3

Let’s head on over to Capitol Hill and check on a fairly large residential project, 701 Sherman; a seven-story, 105-unit apartment building, developed by RedPeak. Since our last update in August, 701 Sherman has made a lot of progress and is nearing completion!

Designed by Craine Architecture, this project adds a different color scheme in an area consisting of mostly red and beige bricks. The dark brick and paneling, along with the significant height, make this building stand out around this slightly barren area of Capitol Hill.

2016-03-30_701Sherman-06 2016-03-30_701Sherman-01

On the first four floors, on a portion of the building, there is a beige brick accent instead of a white accent, like what we saw in the initial rendering.

2016-03-30_701Sherman-04 2016-03-30_701Sherman-05

Contrary to what we saw in the rendering, the dark theme is consistent throughout the project.. There is also a more defined setback along Lincoln Street.

2016-03-30_701Sherman-03 2016-03-30_701Sherman-02

701 Sherman is slated for completion around May of this year. Stay tuned for a final update around then!

New Colorado Center Project: Colorado Center Phase 3

Every once in a while, there are projects just outside of our usual ‘DenverInfill territory’ that catch our attention and are worthy of a mention. In the past we covered projects such as Aria Denver, and One Observatory Park, which break the mold of their surroundings adding quality, urban development to the area.

Today, we are going to head on over to the Colorado Center, located on Colorado Boulevard and Buchtel. The Colorado Center is the southernmost dense pocket on the Colorado Boulevard corridor and has been ripe for more density ever since the light rail station opened just south of it. At an occupancy of 96%, the Colorado Center has a third phase now under construction.

I’ve had this post drafted since August, but it got buried with all of the crazy infill that’s been going on around Downtown Denver. As I visited this project a couple of weeks ago, I decided that it’s time to finally dig up this post and update you on what’s going on.

Let’s start off with an aerial with the site in question outlined. I zoomed out a little bit to show the pattern of density in this area. Colorado Boulevard is a fairly large and dense commercial corridor with low-density/single family homes surrounding it on both sides.


The third phase of this project will consist of a retail, residential and office component. Here is an overview rendering of the third phase, courtesy of Tryba Architects. We will break down the details of each project element below, with additional renderings.


The residential and retail component will be on the south side of the project, closest to the transit station. These buildings will consist of 269 apartment units and 40,000 square feet of new retail space.


Here is an additional rendering of the planned 15-story residential tower.


The second 15-story tower will contain 210,000 square feet of class AA office space over a 7-story parking structure.


So what is going on today? Back in August, there was an official groundbreaking ceremony for the office portion of this project. Since then, excavation, foundation, and the cores have been completed with the main structure starting to go up. Here are some photos from two weekends ago.

2016-03-27_ColoradoCenter-05 2016-03-27_ColoradoCenter-06

The cores for the office building have topped out at 15 stories, which gives us a good gauge on how tall this building is going to be. This will definitely add some significant height to this already dense area.

2016-03-27_ColoradoCenter-03 2016-03-27_ColoradoCenter-04

I’m sure we can all agree that this is much better than the surface parking lot that’s been on this site for many years!

2016-03-27_ColoradoCenter-02 2016-03-27_ColoradoCenter-01

This is only the beginning of the Colorado Center expansion. With office and residential components so close to the Colorado Boulevard light-rail station, this project is a great TOD win for Denver!