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DenverInfill Walking Tours to Benefit Doors Open Denver – Register Today!

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be offering three special DenverInfill Walking Tours over the first three weekends in April to benefit Doors Open Denver, the city’s premier annual urban exploration event.

Those of you who read DenverUrbanism know that I’m on the Denver Architectural Foundation board of directors and serve on the Doors Open Denver planning committee. We’ve been featuring at DenverUrbanism a daily “building preview” post to promote Doors Open Denver 2015.

The three different walking tours (nine tour dates in total) will help raise funds for Doors Open Denver and build excitement heading into Doors Open Denver weekend on April 25-26. The tours are:

The City Transformed: Expert Tour of Denver’s Civic Center District
This two-hour walking tour explores the ongoing transformation of Denver’s historic Civic Center area and the nearly $1 billion in new investments in the district over the past few years. From new justice centers and museums, to park and plaza improvements, to building renovations and infill developments, Denver’s Civic Center is booming! Learn how the Civic Center has evolved over the past century from a quaint 19th Century neighborhood to a City Beautiful Era planning masterpiece to the cultural and civic heart of Denver and the region today, and what lies ahead for this area rich in history, symbolism, and iconic architecture. The Civic Center tour will be offered:

Friday, April 3, 10:00 AM – Noon – Register Here
Saturday, April 11, 1:00 – 3:00 PM with a Social at Cap City Tavern from 3:00 – 5:00 PM – Register Here


The City Transformed: Expert Tour of Denver’s 14th Street
This two-hour walking tour spans the 0.7-mile length of Denver’s thriving 14th Street, from the modern public art in the Wellington Webb Municipal Building Plaza to the historic bell in the tiny Old Denver City Hall Plaza at the foot of Larimer Square. In between, 14th Street offers big-city facilities like the Colorado Convention Center and the Denver Performing Arts Complex along with a mix of hotel, office, residential, and educational uses in an eclectic array of historic and modern structures and a snazzy new streetscape. Learn how 14th Street will continue to transform through high-rise developments and transportation investments in the near future. The 14th Street tour will be offered:

Saturday, April 4, 1:00 – 3:00 PM with a Social at Edge at the Four Seasons from 3:00 – 5:00 PM – Register Here
Sunday, April 12, 2:00 – 4:00 PM – Register Here


The City Transformed: Expert Tour of Denver’s LoDo and Union Station Districts
This two-hour walking tour explores Downtown Denver’s oldest and newest districts—the dynamic duo of LoDo and Union Station. The historic preservation and restoration of over 100 century-old brick warehouse and mercantile buildings into restaurants, shops, offices, hotels, and residential lofts transformed LoDo from skid row into a thriving mixed-use neighborhood. Add a major league baseball stadium, $500 million in new transit infrastructure, new parks and plazas, a renovated Denver Union Station, and $1 billion in new office, hotel, and residential projects, and what you get is an international model for urban revitalization. Learn how this all happened and what’s still to come for the LoDo/Union Station area. The LoDo/Union Station tour will be offered:

Sunday, April 5, 2:00 – 4:00 PM – Register Here
Friday, April 10, 10:00 AM – Noon – Register Here
Friday, April 17, 10:00 AM – Noon – Register Here
Saturday, April 18, 1:00 – 3:00 PM with a Social at Terminal Bar (Union Station) from 3:00 – 5:00 PM – Register Here
Sunday, April 19, 2:00 – 4:00 PM – Register Here


Tickets are $25 each and all proceeds benefit Doors Open Denver. Each tour is capped at 20 people maximum, so REGISTER TODAY!! A couple of the tours are almost sold out and once a tour is sold out, it’s sold out. The links above take you directly to the Eventbrite registration page for that specific tour date where you can purchase tickets with a credit card.

I’m excited about these tours and I’m looking forward to sharing with you the many exciting things that are happening in Downtown Denver from an urban planning, development, and architectural perspective! Tours will happen rain or shine and don’t forget to bring your camera!

April 3 Edit
Please note: Due to popular demand, we switched the Civic Center tour on Friday, April 17 and the 14th Street tour on Sunday, April 19 to LoDo/Union Station tours. Now, all three tours on the weekend of April 17, 18, and 19 are LoDo/Union Station tours! The lists above have been edited to reflect these changes.

Union Station: 17W Update #3

Another lot bites the dust in the Denver Union Station neighborhood! These two photos are pretty self-explanatory on what the status of construction is. Excavation and shoring has begun making this project fully under-construction!

2015-03-30_17W-02 2015-03-30_17W-01

If you need a refresher on the project make sure you check out 17W’s post history.

Cherry Creek: 245 Columbine Update #1

It’s time to wrap up ‘Cherry Creek week’ where we have visited new apartment, condo, and office developments. All of these projects are bringing more people to live and work in Cherry Creek helping make it a great, thriving, urban district. Now you might be asking, where are the visitors going to stay? Fear not, a new hotel is underway!

245 Columbine has gone through many changes since we first announced the project back in May 2013. It first started as a 7-story, 90,000 square foot office building. Then it went through a big design change with ground floor retail, and a residential component.

Now, 245 Columbine has broken ground as a 7-story, 155 room botique hotel run by Sage Hospitality. The hotel will feature 5,900 square feet of ground floor retail, a rooftop pool deck, and a below-grade, speakeasy style bar. Designed by JG Johnson Architects, here are some updated renderings courtesy of BMC Investments.

2015-03-27_245ColumbineRendering-01 2015-03-27_245ColumbineRendering-02

As a refresher, an abandoned post office stood on the 245 Columbine site leaving quite the eyesore. Here are a couple photos of the building back in 2013 when it still stood on the site.

05-26-2013_245Columbine-02 05-26-2013_245Columbine-01

Since then, the old post office has been torn down and excavation is now underway for the two floors of underground parking. This is what the project site looked like last weekend.

2015-03-27_245Columbine-01 2015-03-27_245Columbine-02

The density going up in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, all the way up to Colorado Boulevard, is incredible. Our ‘Cherry Creek week’ only covered a portion of the projects going up in the area which means there will be another week coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Cherry Creek: 250 Columbine Update #4

250 Columbine is the only project under construction in Central Denver that features high-density condos. Given the current demand for condos and for-sale housing in general, 250 Columbine already has 80% of the 80 units under contract.

Another component of 250 Columbine is an 8-story, 70,000 square foot office building. The glass and stone facade is almost complete on the office portion, with work still underway on the residential side. From both a distance and up close, this project makes a significant impact in Cherry Creek North.

2015-03-26_250Columbine-01 2015-03-26_250Columbine-02

2015-03-26_250Columbine-03 2015-03-26_250Columbine-04

Because of the zoning in Cherry Creek, 250 Columbine steps down to three-stories along Third Avenue. Here is a picture of the project at Third Avenue and Columbine Street.


Seeing a condo project in the works is always exciting. Now, we only need about 100 more of these to keep the housing shortage at bay here in Denver! Cherry Creek week keeps trekking on. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow!


Cherry Creek: Steele Creek Apartments Update #4

For our next leg of ‘Cherry Creek week’, we are going to visit the Steele Creek Apartments, going up on the intersection of 1st Avenue and Steele Street. Since our last update, this project has really started to shape up.

The 12-story, 250-unit apartment building makes quite the statement on the east side of the Cherry Creek neighborhood, with a brilliant glass and brick facade. One concern from our last update was how the base was going to be treated. Let’s take a look at some before and after photos.

2014-09-28_SteeleCreek-01 2014-09-28_SteeleCreek-02

As you can see, this is a great improvement!


Here are some additional photos around the project. One easily forgotten element of the Steele Creek Apartments is the 8-story portion that goes along 1st Avenue. This adds some great density along a street that is lined with parking lots.

2015-03-25_88SteeleCreek-03 2015-03-25_88SteeleCreek-04

2015-03-25_88SteeleCreek-05 2015-03-25_88SteeleCreek-02

The Steele Creek apartments are another huge win for the Cherry Creek neighborhood!

Cherry Creek: 1st and Steele Apartments Update #2

For our next ‘Cherry Creek week’ update, we are heading a block east to look at the, now rising, 1st and Steele project. As a refresher, this is a 12-story, 185-unit apartment building.

The underground parking is now complete and the concrete strucutre has started to rise above street level. As of this weekend, workers were working on the second floor.

2015-03-23_1standSteele-01 2015-03-23_1standSteele-02

The 1st and Steele apartments are going up across the street from 88 Steele Creek, another 12-story apartment project which we will be visiting in our next update! The scale of the two buildings will be very similar, adding some great density to First Avenue.


Now that this project is above street level, we should see it rise fairly quick. Stay tuned!

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #4

It’s been a few months since we’ve had ‘Cherry Creek week’ here on DenverInfill. As you may know, Cherry Creek is going through a significant boom bringing in over 250,000 square feet of office space, 80 condo units, over 500 apartment units, and 150 hotel rooms. To kick off an infillicous week, let’s start off with 100 Saint Paul, an 8-story, 149,000 square foot office building.

Since we last visited this project, it was a steel shell in the making. Now, the glass and stone facade is nearing completion with the building coming together very nicely. Along Saint Paul Street, 100 Saint Paul offers 14,000 square feet of ground floor retail with a terrace for tenants on top.

2015-08-23_100SaintPaul-02 2015-08-23_100SaintPaul-01

Here is a view of the project from 1st Avenue looking east. Talk about a huge impact! If you don’t remember what this site looked like before, head on over to our announcement post.


100 Saint Paul is a significant project for Cherry Creek. Not only does it bring more office tenants to the neighborhood, it also has a remarkable impact along First Avenue, which is densifying quickly. We should see this project wrap up within the next couple of months.

Union Station: 1601 Wewatta Update #7 (Inside the Infill Edition)

Last week, DenverInfill had the privilege of touring 1601 Wewatta; a 10-story, 280,000 square foot office building going up in the Union Station neighborhood. The series of updates for 1601 Wewatta is quite unique. In our last ‘Inside the Infill’ update, DenverInfill toured the project when it was bottomed out; a huge hole in the ground. In this update, we visited the project when it is topped out and nearing completion. A big thanks to Dave Klebba of Hines for giving us a great and thorough tour.

First, we will start out with the ground level. Work has started on the plaza along with the stone and glass facade steadily going up.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-01 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-02

For a refresher, here are updated renderings of both the plaza and finished building.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-BuildingRendering 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-PlazaRendering

The lobby of 1601 Wewatta is very tall and open. There will be two elevator banks serving both the parking garage and the main 10-story office portion.


Here is a rendering of what the lobby is expected to look like when complete.


Like any office project under-construction, there isn’t much to see on the upper floors. However, there is one thing that sets 1601 Wewatta apart from the rest.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-04 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-05

Terraces. On floors three, four and seven, there is outdoor space offering fresh air and views of the surrounding area. Here are some shots off of the third floor terrace.

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-07 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-06

The seventh floor terrace offers a great view of the Millennium Bridge.


No tour is complete without venturing to the top floor. Here are some views we were lucky enough to get on a clear day!

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-10 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-11

2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-09 2015-03-14_1601Wewatta-12

1601 Wewatta is making great progress and greatly contributes to the new urban fabric of the Union Station neighborhood. In the summer we will swing by and take a look at the completed project!