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Union Station: 16 Chestnut Update #3

Construction activities are underway at the 16 Chestnut site in Downtown Denver’s booming Union Station district.

In October 2015, East West Partners announced they were moving forward with their proposed 16 Chestnut office project, thanks to next-door neighbor DaVita agreeing to lease about two-thirds of the building for additional corporate headquarters space. Since then, the project has been going through the development review process with the city. This afternoon, East West Partners confirmed that the project is under construction. In our Update #2 post, we reported that East West Partners was aiming for construction to begin in July 2016; they beat their deadline by a few weeks!

The 19-story tower will fill the last undeveloped corner at the Millennium Bridge and will provide a significant sense of enclosure to RTD’s adjacent light rail and MallRide platforms. This is the perfect opportunity to share with you this lovely image from Ryan of the 16 Chestnut site from a few months ago:


Today, workers started prepping the site and the adjacent streets for construction activities, and we have a hot-off-the-iPhone photo to prove it:


In the photo above, in addition to the activities at the 16 Chestnut site, we can also see three other projects under construction: the 12- and 24-story 1709 Chestnut project on the opposite side of RTD’s Chestnut Pavilion, the 4-story 1975 18th Street project, and the three-tower 13-story Pivot project with its flagship Whole Foods on the ground floor.

The Union Station district’s build-out continues at a remarkable pace!

Cherry Creek: Alexan Cherry Creek Update #2

Alexan Cherry Creek has been making steady progress since our last update in the winter. This project features three levels of underground parking, which will be utilized by residents along with retail and office tenants of 3300 East 1st Avenue, so it’s expected that construction will take a little bit longer.

Before we get around to the pictures, we have a huge, refined rendering of the project. Thanks to Andy of Shears Adkins Rockmore, the project’s architect, for the rendering! Make sure you click to embiggen.


Alexan Cherry Creek is currently up to the ground level, with most of the underground structure complete. From here, it will go vertical eight stories and end up providing 164 apartment units to the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

2016-06-11_AlexanCherryCreek-01 2016-06-11_AlexanCherryCreek-02

Expected completion of this project is around mid-2017. The Cherry Creek boom keeps on rolling!

Central Platte Valley: AMLI Riverfront Green Update #1

Another infill development in Downtown Denver has moved from the “proposed” to the “under construction” category.

In the almost-built-out Riverfront Park area, construction recently started on AMLI’s Riverfront Green project at 18th and Little Raven. Riverfront Green will add 304 residential units in a seven-story building that steps down to four stories along Little Raven. Click here for our first post on this development back in July 2015.

Before we get to the construction photos, we happen to have brand new renderings of Riverfront Green, thanks to John from Studio PBA and Andy from AMLI.

View from Little Raven and Bassett Street:


Corner of 18th and Bassett:


Construction just got started, so the project is still early in the hole-in-the-ground stage.

View from Bassett Street:


View from 18th and Little Raven:


We will swing by Riverfront Green in the fall to check in on the construction progress.

Speer: Speer Boulevard Apartments Final Update

Back in December 2014, we provided some renderings of a project going up on the triangular parcel bound by Speer Boulevard, 6th Avenue and Grant Street. We didn’t have any posts of the construction progress as some projects slip through the cracks, with all of the infill going on, but today we are going to take a look at the completed project.

The Speer Boulevard Apartments, now known as Gables Speer Boulevard, features 211 apartment units contained in a six story building. Because of the triangle shaped lot, this project has some neat perspectives. On one side of the street, the building looks very slender and comes together on the corner. Across the street, you get the full picture and see that it runs up to the property line on both Grant and Speer Boulevard.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-04 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-03

The facade is made up of dark paneling, stucco, and brick broken up throughout the project. It looks very balanced and the neutral colors compliment each other nicely.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-01 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-02

Here is one last street level perspective looking southeast along Speer Boulevard.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-07 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-08

We don’t get a lot of new projects along the Cherry Creek River but it’s always neat when we can use it as a foreground for infill photos!

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-06 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-05

In my opinion, this project looks sharp. The colors are neutral, with both light and dark elements, it has clean lines, and features a very balanced facade. I would take this project over the gas station that used to sit here!

New Lower Highland Project: Platte Fifteen

Lower Highland’s booming Platte Street is set to receive another new infill development to add to its pedestrian-oriented mix of historic and contemporary buildings.

Platte Fifteen is a proposed five-story, 160,000 square foot project planned for the corner of 15th and Platte Street. Currently, about three-quarters of the one-acre site is covered by a surface parking lot, with the balance occupied by a 20,000 square foot building holding Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers on the ground floor and Confluence Kayaks in the basement. Below is a Google Earth aerial showing the site location:


The Platte Fifteen project is being developed by Crescent Real Estate and MDC Property Services with Legend Partners handling the retail leasing and Newmark Grubb Knight Frank managing the leasing of the office space. Denver-based OZ Architecture is designing the project. Thank you to everyone at OZ for providing the excellent images and assistance!

Platte Fifteen includes approximately 14,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor and around 135,000 square feet of office space on the upper four levels. Courtesy of OZ Architecture, let’s start with this overview rendering of the project showing the Platte Street (left) and 15th Street (right) corner:


The ground-floor retail spaces and building entry along 15th Street at the corner are set back by almost 20 feet with a covered paseo to provide extra room for pedestrians:



As this ground-floor diagram shows, the project features retail spaces facing both 15th and Platte streets. The development includes a few ground-level parking spaces plus two underground parking levels with a total of 236 automobile and 74 bicycle parking spaces. The vehicle entry is along Platte Street approximately where the current parking lot driveway is located:


View of the building lobby:


The four office levels will include about 10,000 square feet of outdoor space including terraces along Platte Street and a rooftop deck along 15th Street with great views of Downtown Denver:



Here is a building stacking diagram for the 15th Street elevation:


One very cool aspect of this project will be its use of Cross Laminated Timber. Platte Fifteen will be the first large-scale office building in Denver to be built using this construction technique that brings the warmth and aesthetics of large timber beams common in historic buildings into a modern open floor plan environment in a high-tech, sustainable way.


Here’s one more overview rendering with Platte Street in the foreground and 15th Street on the right:


Through a contextually scaled building with a modern glass and brick design and pedestrian-friendly ground-floor uses, Platte Fifteen will nicely anchor an important corner in Lower Highland and increase the vitality of what is already one of Downtown Denver’s most appealing and walkable mixed-use districts.

Construction should begin in 2017 with completion scheduled for late 2018.

2016-06-10 Edit: Gross building square footage revised to 160,000 SF per new information received from the developer.

New Cherry Creek Project: 155 Steele

The Pauls Corp, developer of Via and 100 Saint Paul, grabbed another piece of land in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood across the alley from their recently completed 100 Saint Paul office project.

Located between 1st and 2nd Avenue along Steele Street, 155 Steele is proposed as a 155-unit condo building. You heard that right, for-sale condos! Here is a Google Earth aerial with the project site outlined.


There is an existing retail building on site that used to be a restaurant and temporary housing for FirstBank as 100 Saint Paul was under construction. This will be demolished to make way for 155 Steele.


While we don’t have multiple renderings of this project just yet, here is a teaser courtesy of The Pauls Corp. This rendering suggests that the 155 units will be contained in a 10-story building and, while the materials are still unknown, the facade will feature light and dark colors. The project architect is not yet known.


Construction for 155 Steele is still a little bit out as pre-sales are going to begin around the summer of 2017; pricing details have not yet been released. We will keep you posted as soon as we receive more details on this project. Stay tuned!

New Capitol Hill Project: Saint Francis Apartments at Cathedral Square

Today we have some exciting development news over in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. On Washington Street, between East 14th Avenue and Colfax, a permanent homeless housing project has broken ground. Not only does it eradicate a surface parking lot, it provides low income/homeless housing for the neighborhood. Here is a Google Earth aerial with the project site outlined.


As you can see from the aerial, this block has a lot of surface parking with only two retail buildings fronting Colfax Avenue. Google Street View shows us how much of a dead zone this area is.


This is a joint project between Saint John’s Cathedral and the Saint Francis Center, a non-profit that has been helping the Denver homeless since 1983. The building will rise six stories and provide 50 one-bedroom units that will be approximately 500 square feet each.

This project will also feature a parking podium on the first floor, and 2,600 square feet of community space on the second floor. No plans for ground floor retail have been mentioned. For the full application and details of this project head over here. There are a bunch of preliminary, small renderings on the Saint John’s Cathedral website and we have one very high resolution rendering to share with you today, courtesy of Fox 31 DenverHumphries Poli Architects is the project’s architect.


The construction time frame for this project is still unknown, but since it has broken ground we can expect 12-18 months until completion.

EDIT – 06/10/2016 10:20am

Here are two more renderings courtesy of Humphries Poli Architects.



Union Station: 1975 18th Street Update #3

Union Station’s first mixed-income residential project is starting to make some progress. As a refresher, this is a four story, 108-unit apartment combining both market rate and low income units.

The concrete podium is now complete with the wood framing now up two stories. Here are two perspectives of the project from 19th Street.

2016-06-08_197518thStreet-01 2016-06-08_197518thStreet-02

1975 18th Street has one more floor to go until it is topped out. This project takes the entire half block between 18th and 19th Street along Chestnut Place.

2016-06-08_197518thStreet-04 2016-06-08_197518thStreet-03

How about some bonus pictures? As I was out taking photos, there were trains everywhere; from light rail to the freight lines. Each photo features five trains, how wonderful!

2016-06-08_197518thStreet-05 2016-06-08_197518thStreet-06

1975 18th Street is expected to finish later this year.

Curtis Park-Five Points: 2560 Welton Street Update #2

Work has officially begun at 2560 Welton Street in the Curtis Park-Five Points neighborhood. This project will have a huge impact on the transit-connected Welton Corridor by adding 130 apartments, 15,300 square feet of office space, and 9,266 square feet of retail contained in a 8-story building. As a refresher, here two current renderings of 2560 Welton Street courtesy of Craine Architecture, the project’s architect.

2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-01 2015-12-16_2560WeltonRendering-03

The site has been cleared, heavy construction equipment has been moved onto the lot, and excavation has commenced.

2016-06-07_2560Welton-01 2016-06-07_2560Welton-02

This is very exciting news for the Welton Corridor as multiple projects are starting and wrapping up this year!