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New Westwood Project: Westwood Crossing

By José Esparza

Westwood Crossing is a new, mixed-use community to be located at 3390 West Alameda Avenue at the southwest corner of Irving Street in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood. The project will include 98 affordable apartments and 5,109 square feet of ground-floor office or retail space within a four-story building. The project site is outlined in the Google Earth aerial below:


Westwood Crossing will be constructed only one block away from the Terraza Del Sol project already underway and being developed by Gorman & Company, Inc. The two projects will bring dramatic change to the commercial area along Alameda between Federal Boulevard and Morrison Road.

The commercial space will be available to non-profits providing services to residents and the community. The spaces could also be leased to small business, insurance brokers, CPAs, attorneys, architects, artists, etc. Of the 98 apartment units, 22 units will be one-bedroom, 57 units will be two-bedroom, and 19 units will be three-bedroom apartments.

The renderings below are courtesy of the project architect, Lewis Himes Associates.

Corner of S. Irving and W. Alameda Avenue:


Commercial spaces at the western end of the building along Alameda:


Notable amenities include a physical fitness center, a great room with large screen television, a community kitchen, a kids’ playground and temperature-controlled storage units for residents.

Westwood Crossing is designed to meet the Enterprise Green Community criteria, which will result in lower energy costs for residents and a healthy living environment.

McDermott Properties has developed over 2,813 affordable apartments and concentrates its activity on Colorado’s Front Range, with projects ranging from Brighton to Colorado Springs with a concentration of projects in the Denver metropolitan area. Westwood Crossing will be managed by ComCap Asset Management, a company affiliated with McDermott properties.


José Esparza came to Denver in 2011 to study urban planning. He attained a BS in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a MURP from the University of Colorado Denver. Currently, José is Executive Director of West Community Economic Development Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit in west Denver, and serves on the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Prospect: Residences at Prospect Park Update #3

The Residences at Prospect Park project has been under construction for over a year now and it’s been a little over a year since our last update, so let’s take a look at how the development is coming along.

This is a long structure—stretching about one-eighth mile in length—partly due to the original platting of the area. The part of the Prospect district west of Huron Street was laid out as Hoyt and Robinson’s Addition to Denver of 1871 (resurveyed in 1875). For some reason, George E. Hoyt and William D. Robinson designed their plat with north-south blocks running 950 feet in length, with no east-west streets north of West 29th Avenue. Compare this to the standard 400-foot block lengths in most of Downtown. Extending almost three-quarters of the block length is the Residences at Prospect Park.

Work on the development has been moving along and it appears to be on pace for an opening in early 2016. Photographing the project at street level is difficult due to the length of the building and the narrow 40-foot Huron Street right-of-way width, but here goes:



I like this last shot with the Four Seasons in the background:


We’ll visit the Residences at Prospect Park one last time in the spring for its final update and include, perhaps, a cool drone-view photo from Ryan.

Lower Downtown: Dairy Block Update #5

Just a few blocks away from Union Station, work is progressing on a very prominent Lower Downtown project: Dairy Block, formally known as Z-Block. This project is taking up a large amount of surface parking while keeping to the true historic form of Lower Downtown.

First let’s take a look at the hole in the ground. The last time we visited this project, the two tower cranes were just going in. Now, construction is in full swing as the three levels of underground parking are beginning to rise. It looks like they have one more level before going above street level.

2015-11-17_DairyBlock-02 2015-11-17_DairyBlock-01

Keeping up with the aerial theme, I noticed Dairy Block was in the set of photos I took this last weekend! You can’t see it yet, but this project will fill in another gap of Lower Downtown’s already established urban fabric.

Stay tuned for many more aerials throughout the week!

Union Station: Union Tower West Update #4

Today I have a special update for Union Tower West. Not only are we going to look at it from the ground, but we also got a great aerial advantage of this project. As a refresher, Union Tower West is a 12-story, 180-room hotel, 100,000 square foot office building. From a height prospective, this project will join the Cadence, Triangle Building, 1601 Wewatta class.

Over the last couple of weeks, the elevator and stairwell cores have started to go vertical, with the parking structure tagging along. There will be three stories of above-ground parking, which is almost complete.

2015-11-16_UnionTowerWest-04 2015-11-16_UnionTowerWest-01

2015-11-16_UnionTowerWest-03 2015-11-16_UnionTowerWest-02

How about some aerials? It was a great, clear weekend to get some high visibility drone photos. There is some serious crane action going on in the Union Station neighborhood!

A few more projects still need a final update in the Union Station neighborhood, making those our focus this week. Stay tuned for those updates and some more aerials!

Prospect: The Casey Final Update

The Casey is a new apartment community at 21st and Delgany in the Prospect district that opened earlier in the year. To retrieve all of our posts on The Casey (previously known as 2100 Delgany), use the handy tag link below:

2100 Delgany

Let’s wrap things up with a few photos! First, the Casey’s main entry at the corner of 21st and Delgany:


Center of the building near the parking garage entry:


The view down Delgany Street and the nice street wall formed with the Metro Apartments on the left:


That’s it! Another empty hole in Denver’s urban fabric has been repaired and a few hundred more people now call Downtown Denver home.

Lower Highland: Fairfield Inn and Suites Update #1

Back in June we announced that construction had begun on a new Fairfield Inn and Suites hotel at the corner of W. 27th Avenue and Wyandot Street in Lower Highland. Recently, we stopped by to take a couple of construction update photos:

View from W. 27th Avenue:


View from across Speer Boulevard from near 26th and Zuni:


It looks like this project is on pace to open next spring.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #8

For this update of 1144 Fifteenth, the 40-story office tower Hines is building at 15th and Arapahoe, let’s go way above the site and take a peek down into the construction pit where the underground parking and the core of the structure are going in. For more about the building’s foundation, check out Ryan’s Update #7 post. A big THANK YOU to DenverInfill reader S. Autrey for  the photos!

2015-11-13_1144-15th-birdseye1 2015-11-13_1144-15th-birdseye2

These photos also give us a bird’s-eye view of little stretches of the new Arapahoe and Lawrence street protected bike lanes. With 15th Street also having a protected bike lane, 1144 Fifteenth will be surrounded by some of the best bicycle infrastructure in Downtown Denver!



We’ll check in at 1144 Fifteenth when the building begins climbing above ground level.

Upper Downtown: SkyHouse Denver Update #3

Three months ago, Skyhouse Denver was just peeking above the ground, beginning to make a statement at 10 stories. Fast forward to present day, the structure height has doubled with the glassy facade following directly behind. Let’s take a look!

We all know that Upper Downtown is riddled with a giant sea of surface parking creating Downtown Denver’s largest no-man’s-land. Back in 2008, One Lincoln Park started to break the mold with a 32-story condo tower providing 177 units. Now, seven years later, Skyhouse takes up another large surface parking lot.

With only two more stories to go, this project is starting to make quite the impact. With the 1970’s and 1980’s architecture surrounding Skyhouse, we can surely appreciate a refreshed, modern design in this district.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-01 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-02

The facade is composed of blue/aquamarine glass which has only been seen on two other residential buildings here in Denver: Glass House and The Spire.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-03 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-06

Looking at the project from above, you can see that excavation for the detached parking structure has begun. If this follows the other Skyhouse projects around the country, the precast parking structures go up fairly quick.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-04 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-05

So what about the Broadway street level? I think we can all agree this makes a great difference.


Skyhouse Denver will be topping out within the next few weeks. The rooftop will be set back from the main structure and will have some interesting architectural features. Head on over to our announcement post for a rendering refresher!