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This website provides an overview of the urban infill development activity that occurred in the greater Downtown Denver area from 2000 through 2009, plus other cool urban-Denver things like the Special Features.

Please note: Because this website—an ambitious attempt to catalog Downtown Denver's development scene during the first decade of the 2000s—has not been updated since its "retirement" in 2009, some of the projects listed here as proposed may be now completed, while others may have been cancelled long ago. Similarly, project information and renderings may now be inaccurate, incomplete, or no longer applicable. Visitors should therefore view the project-related material on this website as an archive of sorts of a decade-long development boom, and not as a resource for current development information.

The DenverInfill Blog, however, continues to highlight new infill construction within Denver's urban core, while its companion blog, DenverUrbanism, launched in 2010, features news and commentary about all the other aspects of urbanism that make for great cities, such as multi-modal transport, urban design and placemaking, a pedestrian-focused public realm, sustainability, and the many plans, policies, and programs that support those ideals.

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Downtown Districts. Start here to take a virtual tour of Downtown Denver and many of its urban infill projects from
2000-2009.  Select any of the 178 blocks in Downtown to learn about the built environment on that block.



Center City Districts. Not only was Downtown busy with infill developments, but the adjacent Center City districts were booming as well.  Check out the growth and activity in the districts bordering Downtown.



DenverInfill Blog. Visit the Blog to keep up on Denver's urban infill projects and a wide variety of other urbanism issues from around the Denver area.



Special Features. A collection of features on a variety of Downtown sites and topics, such as construction updates on major buildings, topical photo galleries, past and future plans, and more. 



Infill Scoreboard. This section presents a tally of many of the infill projects in Downtown Denver and the Center City districts tracked by DenverInfill.com from 2000 - 2009, with brief statistics on each.



The Big Picture. Take a look at overview maps of the entire Downtown and adjacent Center City districts area and the location of the urban infill projects tracked on this site.



DenverInfill FAQs. Here you'll find some background on this site such as who created DenverInfill.com, criteria used for projects that are included, and a lot more.



Site Changes. Check this section to how DenverInfill.com evolved over the course of its first few years from 2004 through 2006.



Links To Other Sites. Visit other websites related to urban growth and development in Denver and other cities around the country, urban planning, architecture, transportation, and other topics of similar interest.




Interested in checking out Downtown Denver's infill projects and its urban redevelopment scene?  DenverInfill has teamed up with Denver History Tours to provide informative walking and driving tours of the Downtown Denver area with a real estate development and urban planning focus.  We offer three DenverInfill tours: a 2-hour, 2.25-mile walking tour of Lower Downtown and the Central Platte Valley, a 2-hour, 2.25-mile walking tour of 14th Street and the Civic Center area, and a comprehensive 3-hour driving tour of the greater Downtown Denver area and its urban infill developments. Or, if you're interested in learning about Denver's rich history and culture, Denver History Tours is the best in town, offering a variety of walking and driving tours focused on Denver's intriguing past and historic buildings and districts. To inquire about arrangements for a DenverInfill or Denver History tour of central Denver, please contact Kevin at Denver History Tours at 720-234-7929 or e-mail him at kevin@denverhistorytours.com.




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