Downtown Main Map

While this site primarily focuses on development within Downtown Denver (represented by the red line on the map), the need for infill development in the surrounding areas is also great.  Many of Denver's Center City districts were severely impacted by the same rampant deconstruction and asphalting that affected Downtown during the mid- to late-20th century. Fortunately, these Center City districts have experienced a significant level of infill development over the past decade or so.  For more information, please click on a district name on the map to go directly to that district's page or, for an overview of all of the Center City districts featured here on, go here: Center City Districts 

Downtown Denver itself has seen steady infill development as well, yet dozens of parking lots and underdeveloped parcels remain.  Each of the 172 blocks in Downtown has its own individual web page, organized by Downtown's six main districts: Lower Downtown, Central Downtown, Upper Downtown, Union Station, Arapahoe Square, and Civic Center. Click on one of the districts to zoom in on that part of Downtown, where you can then select a block to begin your exploration of Downtown Denver and its infill possibilities.

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