Prospect District

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The Prospect district is the new name for an old industrial area which once housed Italian railroad workers and, for most of the 20th Century, gritty warehouses.

North of the Platte River, the area is occupied by primarily three uses: the tranquil City of Cuernavaca Park with its oval footpath, the former Mail Well Envelope manufacturing plant, and a sprawling city maintenance yard.  South of the Platte is a booming new residential area that will eventually hold about 2,000 residential units. Several historic conversions are taking place in the area too.  The Prospect district is also one of those areas where the metro street grid and the diagonal downtown street grid collide, adding to the interest of this unique enclave in the shadow of Coors Field. 




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Flour Mill Lofts Phase 2


The Pride of the Rockies Flour Mill (the shorter of the two buildings shown in the photos) was built in 1920 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.  For years, the flour mill sat abandoned and covered in graffiti in the equally-desolate Central Platte Valley. Then, in 1998, the building was thoroughly restored and converted into 17 lofts. Phase 2 of the project, a new structure, was built in the spirit of the original, and houses 30 residential units.                                                      




The Ajax was the first building completed in what was to be a 7-building development called Prospect Place, but the project was cancelled before any of the other six buildings could start construction. The Ajax contains 49 condominium units on 4 floors. The first photo to the left shows the overall site plan for the Prospect Place project.


Jack Kerouac Lofts


The Jack Kerouac Lofts was developed by Dana Crawford and her development firm, Urban Neighborhoods.  The Kerouac Lofts are named in honor of the famous "beat" poet who frequented the industrial areas along the Platte River.  The Kerouac Lofts features 60 units on 4 floors.  Construction was completed in early 2006.  Image credits: 1:


The Metro (South Phase)


The first building to be finished in the Metro Apartments development was Building One, located south of W. 29th Avenue.  Building one has 162 units on 4 floors as well as structured parking.  The entire development totals 410 units and was completed in 2003. 


The Metro (North Phase)


The northern portion of he Metro Apartments includes two buildings.  Building Two, located at Huron Street and W. 29th Avenue, has 88 units and Building Three, located at Fox Street and W. 29th Avenue, has 160 units and structured parking.


Diamond at Prospect


Diamond at Prospect is a new apartment complex located at the corner of W. 30th Avenue and Fox Street, immediately north of the Metro Apartments.  The Diamond at Prospect is being developed by Trammell Crow Residential and contains 142 units on 4 floors.  The project was completed in 2006. Archived photos (04/2005): 1


Inca 29 Urban Brownstones


Inca 29 Urban Brownstones is a 28-unit brownstone project located at the corner of W. 29th Avenue and Inca Street.  The project consists of 4 building sets of attached dwellings, with a short frontage on W. 29th Avenue, and the majority of the units facing Inca Street.  The project broke ground in 2006 and was completed in June, 2007. Image credits: 1:
Archived photos (11/2005): 1


Alexan Prospect


The Alexan Prospect development is a proposed 400-unit apartment complex covering approximately five acres of land that wrap around the Ajax Lofts (see # 1) to the north, west, and south. The project will occupy the area originally planned for the remaining unbuilt six buildings in the Prospect Place project. The Alexan Prospect's 400 units equals approximately the number of units that would have been completed under Prospect Place.

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