River North District

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Note: future RTD transit lines reflect general proposed alignments. Final alignments will be determined after additional environmental analysis and land acquisition negotiations.

The River North area has recently gained its identity as a distinct district developing north of Downtown along the South Platte River.  Almost entirely industrial in nature, for decades the River North district has been isolated from the rest of the city by a tangle of rail yards and viaducts, keeping it out of the public spotlight and off the radar screen of the development community. But times have changed.  The River North area has recently been discovered for its fascinating mix of authentic industrial grittiness and an historic urban feel that, along with the amenity of the South Platte River and a location remarkably close to Downtown, has made it one of the city's hottest emerging districts.

The River North district features the former Denargo Market, once Downtown's wholesale hub for fresh produce, and many other historic properties that reflect the commerce of Denver's past.  River North also boasts a vibrant arts scene, as the district's varied industrial and commercial buildings make great spaces for artists to live and work and display their efforts.  The Platte River bikeway and the reconstruction of the Broadway and Park Avenue West viaducts have helped reconnect the district with Downtown, and River North's proximity to both Union Station and several future transit stations further ties the district to the rest of the city.

River North's transformation from an isolated industrial enclave into a thriving mixed-use district gives the city another Downtown-adjacent district that offers an eclectic urban setting with its own unique character and charm.

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Brighton Flats


The Brighton Flats is a project being developed by Urban Neighborhoods.  The project will include 127 residential units, including live/work units, retail and commercial space, and structured parking.  The project will consist of two buildings, one fronting Brighton Boulevard and the other fronting Arkins Court.  The Arkins building will have a maximum height of 65 feet while the Brighton building will top off at 95 feet.  Construction timeline is unknown.


Jefferson at CityGate


Jefferson at City Gate at 2890 Brighton Boulevard is the first residential development along this stretch of Brighton Boulevard, perhaps ever.  Developed by Jefferson Properties, the Jefferson at City Gate project consists of 241 rental apartments in a 4-story building.  The project was completed in March 2004.  The project architect was Looney-Ricks & Kiss Architects, with a design that recalls the industrial history of the area.


Rail Yard Marketplace


The Rail Yard Marketplace project is located at the intersection of Park Avenue West and Globeville Road.  Formerly the site of a concrete plant, the Rail Yard Marketplace project consists of retail space in three buildings, with surface parking. The second phase of this project started construction in Spring 2007 and is planned for completion Fall 2007.  Image credits 1-2: Archived photos (03/2006): 1 2


Phase 2


The TAXI project is a residential and commercial development at the site of the former Yellow Cab terminal.  Phase 1 was the conversion of the 28,000 sf terminal into offices and studios. Phase 2, the first new construction phase, began in late 2005. Phase 2 consists of a new 550' long 3-story structure featuring commercial flex spaces on the first two floors and 43 residential units on the top floor.  Project website/Image credits 1-2:


Future Phases

The TAXI project will include a total of five phases, with Phases 2 -5 consisting of new construction.  While the master plan for the 15-acre TAXI site is still evolving, the entire build out could include as many as 250 residential units and hundreds of thousands of square feet of flex commercial and retail space. See DenverInfill Blog December 18, 2006. Project website/Image credits 1-2:


Renaissance Riverfront Lofts      MAP

The Renaissance Riverfront Lofts is a 100 unit residential project targeted to the homeless and working poor.  The 4 story structure will be built at 3400 Park Avenue West adjacent to the Rail Yard Marketplace.  The project is being developed by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and the Renaissance Housing Development Corporation.  The architect is Christopher Carvell Architects.  Construction to begin in Fall 2007.  Image credits


Denargo Market


The Denargo Market Redevelopment will include a total of 2000 residential units on 32.56 acres.  The general development plan application has been filed with the city and is currently under review by the planning office as of 02/2007.  Start of construction is probably at least a year or two away, and build out of the project could take a decade.  The project is being developed by Cypress Real Estate Advisors.  See DenverInfill Blog October 5, 2006. Image credits 1-2:       

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