Special Features

A collection of special pages covering a variety of topics relating to Downtown Denver's past, present, and future.



Lower Downtown's painted signs

Lower Downtown's Historic Painted Commercial Signs Explore what commerce was all about in Denver a century ago  through the exceptional collection of original painted brick wall signs found throughout Lower Downtown.



Exploring LoDo's historic alleys

The Alleys of Lower Downtown The gritty back alleys of Lower Downtown are exposed for what they are... a valuable contributor to Downtown Denver's history and urban character.  See them here.



Time lapse photos of the new Hyatt

Hyatt Hotel Construction Time Lapse Photos.  View construction progress photos of Denver's newest high-rise, the 37-story Hyatt Denver Convention Center Hotel, from the same vantage point taken over a period of several months.



Down comes the old postal annex

Postal Annex Building Demolition.  The former Postal Annex building in Lower Downtown is finally making way for new development.  View photographs of the deconstruction of this large building.



More time lapse photos of the Hyatt

Hyatt Hotel Construction Time Lapse Photos...Part 2.  Here are a few more time lapse construction photos of Downtown Denver's newest high-rise hotel... this time from the perspective of a nearby office tower.



Time lapse photos of the Residence Inn

Residence Inn Hotel Construction Time Lapse Photos.  More construction photos... this time of the Residence Inn hotel under construction at 18th and Champa in Downtown Denver... as seen from a nearby high-rise.


  Photo tour of the 16th Street Mall

Downtown Denver's 16th Street Mall.  Take a virtual stroll from one end to the other down the 1.5 mile long 16th Street Mall in the heart of Downtown Denver.   

  The countdown to Grand Opening

Hyatt Convention Center Hotel Grand Opening Countdown.  Enjoy a special look at the countdown to the grand opening of the new 37-story, 1,100-room hotel officially known as the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center.   

  A look into Downtown's future?

Downtown Denver Buildout Scenarios.  To kick off the update of the Downtown Area Plan, planning students calculate what Downtown might look like after the all the surface parking lots are gone. 

  The story behind Downtown's blocks

Downtown Denver Block Numbers.  Here's a brief historical overview about how Downtown Denver was platted and an explanation behind the block numbers used throughout the Downtown Main Map section of this website.

  The architectural gems of Downtown

Downtown Denver Historic District.  There's LoDo, and then there's the Downtown Denver Historic District, a collection of 43 of some of the most beautiful and architecturally-significant buildings in Downtown Denver.  Explore all 43 here.

  Comparing our Downtown to others

Downtown Denver Peer Cities Analysis.  To help Denver improve its downtown, planning students evaluate the downtowns of 16 peer cities to Denver to learn how those cities' experiences could be applied to Downtown Denver.

  Construction photos of the Glass House

Glass House Construction Photos.  The twin tower 23-story Glass House in Downtown's Central Platte Valley was the first high-rise project in the former rail yards behind Union Station. View construction photos of this landmark project here.

  Interior photos of the Fontius Building

Inside the Fontius Building.  Check out photos of the interior of the long-blighted Fontius Building at 16th and Welton after its acquisition by Evan Makovsky but before any restoration work had begun.

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