Downtown Denver's 16th Street Mall



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Photos were taken in October, 2005.

Downtown's Main Street. The 16th Street Mall is where people go Downtown to eat, shop, work, have fun, or just hang out.  With Downtown Denver being rather linear in shape--some 20 blocks long but only 5 or 6 blocks wide--the Mall serves as the critical spine that makes Downtown a success.  Being both a transit and pedestrian mall is also key to the Mall's appeal.  If you don't feel like walking those 3 or 13 blocks to your destination, just hop on the free mall shuttle.  But if you want to enjoy the city on foot, like many did on this sunny Saturday in October, then the 16th Street Mall is the place to be.





01. Exploring Denver's 16th Street Mall on a beautiful autumn afternoon

02. We'll start at Commons Park and head south, ending at Denver's Civic Center

03. The Millennium Bridge viewed from Commons Park

04. Some public art in the plaza at the north end of the bridge





05. Take the stairs or ride the elevator to cross over the the railroad tracks

06. Looking back at Commons Park, the Highland neighborhood, and beyond

07. A close-up of the ped bridge over the Platte and a new bridge soon to cross I-25 

08. The view of Downtown from the top of the Millennium Bridge





09. Through the cables, a view down the 16th Street Mall

10. The "C" line light rail briefly parallels the Mall before it ends at Union Station

11. Union Station, where the "C" line trains and the Mall shuttles come together 

12. Construction activity at the site of the future EPA Regional HQ building





13. Looking back at the Downtown side of the Millennium Bridge

14. Another view looking back at the bridge, the light rail tracks, and new condos

15. Light rail drops you off on the right and the Mall shuttle picks you up on the left

16. Another view of the EPA building under construction at 16th & Wynkoop



17. Looking through the LoDo portion of the Mall towards the Civic Center end

18. Restaurants and shops at 16th & Blake

19. The Market Street Station mall shuttle stop

20. The entrance to Market Street Station's under-ground bus terminal


21. Looking back at the Millennium Bridge and the Lower Downtown

22. The Tabor Center at 16th & Larimer

23. At 16th & Lawrence, a view of Writers Square and its shops and restaurants

24. A bit of maintenance work in front of the ESPN Zone


25. A great people-watching spot at the chess-boards-as-public-art

26. Just one of dozens of outdoor restaurant patios along the Mall

27. Lots of people out and about on this nice day

28. Another look back at the Highlands neighborhood and the Bridge


29. Shuttle busses aren't the only form of transport allowed on the 16th Street Mall

30. Every block has a way-finding sign and map at the mall shuttle stop

31. The mall's maintenance folks do a great job of keeping the Mall clean

32. The Downtown Ambassadors help answer questions and provide extra security    


33. The purple and yellow color scheme can be found throughout the Mall 

34. The Mall's sidewalks are a great place to see...

35. street performers...

36. and tourists...


37. and interesting characters...

38. and four-legged friends...

39. and just plenty of people and activity

40. The gold dome of the State Capitol is still about five blocks away


41. The shuttle stop at 16th & Welton

42. The city's main Visitor's Center is at 16th & California

43. The trees along the Mall show their fall colors

44. Looking back as a mall shuttle bus approaches


45. The "D" line light rail crosses the Mall at Stout and California streets

46. The "D" line train rounding the corner in front of the Colorado Convention Center

47. The free mall shuttle busses stop at every block along the Mall day and night

48. The busses run as frequently as every 30 seconds during peak hours


49. The Denver Pavilions shopping center is a popular stop along the Mall

50. The Pavilions includes a busy 15-screen movie theater...

51. and many well-known retailers like Virgin Records...

52. and NikeTown, just to name a few


53. The Mall also includes many local shops and plenty of pushcart retailers

54. The Mall is lined with a nice mix of historic buildings and modern towers

55. The are a lot of places to sit and rest along the Mall

56. Looking toward the Civic Center end of the Mall and the State Capitol


57. Denver's tallest, the 56-story Republic Plaza at 16th & Tremont

58. The southern end of the Mall, Civic Center Station and the State Capitol

59. A zoomed in shot looking down the Mall from Civic Center Station

60. A final look back at the Millennium Bridge about 1.5 miles away

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