Today is Photo Update Day at! Thanks to Vicki, a DenverInfill regular, here are a bunch of photo updates of a number of projects from the east side of Downtown.

First up… Bank of Denver (Project #15 in the Uptown district). Project completed:

Next… 450 E. 17th Avenue (Project #16 in Uptown). Project completed:

Also in Uptown… 920 E. 17th Avenue (Project #18). Project completed:

Next… The Milan (Project #5 in City Park West). Project nearing completion:

From Capitol Hill… Strada Flats (Project #1). Project under construction:

And from the Golden Triangle district… Golden Row (Project #3). Project (first phase) completed:

Finally… 1135 Broadway (Project #6 in the Golden Triangle). Project mostly complete:

Thanks, Vicki!

I can’t get around to take updated photos of all the Downtown projects as often as I’d like, so If you have a recent high-quality photo of a project tracked here on DenverInfill, send it on in and contribute to the cause!