Here is another set of photos to document the status of some of the urban infill construction projects in the Downtown Denver area. These photos were taken this past week by my friend Rob.

24 Walnut (3-story, 29-unit townhomes) in the Ballpark district:

Blake 27 Brownstones Phase II (120 brownstone and condominium units) also in Ballpark:

1740 Franklin (5-story, 16-unit condominiums) in City Park West:

Lombard Gate (4-story, 9-unit condominiums) in Curtis Park-Five Points:

RiverClay (6-story, 60-unit condominiums) in the Jefferson Park district:

Metroview (3-story, 8-unit townhomes) also in Jefferson Park:

Ayr on 29th Lofts (4-story, 20-unit condominums) in the Highland district:

Highlands Vista (3-story, 6-unit townhomes) in Highland:

Confluence Heights (4-story, 24-unit condominiums) in Highland:

Wyandot Overlook (4-story, 15-unit condominiums) in Highland: