Last June, when I first blogged about the disgrace that is the Fontius building, I asked you to send an email/letter about the situation to the Mayor, to members of City Council, and to the newspapers. Many of you did, and it helped spark the movement that today has formalized as the Revitalizing the Core Task Force. About a month ago, in my first Call to Action, I asked you to send a letter to the newspapers to state your support for the mission of the Task Force. Again, many of you came through. Today, I am asking you to once again fire off an email in support of Downtown revitalization.

Let me put it very simply: We are at a stage in the Revitalizing the Core process where we need to demonstrate the degree to which the general public is supportive of the Task Force’s efforts to finally get something done about Certain Blocks Which Shall Remain Nameless, as well as all the many other streetscape, safety, and maintenance issues that affect the Downtown core. If it can be shown that there is not just tepid public acceptance, but an outcry of citizen support for these initiatives, then that will significantly increase the likelihood that our municipal leaders will forge ahead knowing that they have the support of Denver citizens.

So, here’s the next step in our campaign: Please send an email to the following people that says, in so many words, “I support the mission of the Revitalizing the Core Task Force to promote the development of vacant sites in Downtown and to improve the physical quality of Downtown Denver’s built environment.”

John Hickenlooper, Mayor, City & County of Denver
[email protected]

Tracy Huggins, Executive Director, Denver Urban Renewal Authority

Jim Basey, Denver Urban Renewal Authority Board of Commissioners
[email protected]

About 1,300 people read this blog every day. If even 10% of you were to send an email to these two individuals, it would have a huge impact. Imagine the impact if 50% of you were to respond! At this point, it’s about quantity, not quality. Both DURA and the Mayor’s office will be tracking the number of comments they receive about this issue, so please, let’s overwhelm them! Please use the links above to send a message to our public leaders that you support positive change in Downtown Denver.