I may have mentioned this project in the past but I don’t believe I’ve separately blogged about it, so…

Downtown Denver’s Central Platte Valley district is getting another park! There are already two parks in the CPV: Commons Park for the humans, and the Denver Skate Park for the humans + skateboard. The new one is for the dogs.

The Railyard Dogs Park will occupy a slightly-less-than-one-acre triangle of land at 19th Street and the railroad tracks, just north of the Manhattan. The rest of the undeveloped block bounded by 19th, Little Raven, 20th, and the tracks will be developed as a future phase of East West Partners’ Riverfront Park project.

Here’s a rendering:

Railyard Dogs Park will be a City of Denver off-leash dog park, and will feature an artificial turf that incorporates a bit of real grass, similar to what the Broncos play on at the new Mile High Stadium. This will prevent the turf at Railyard Dogs Park from getting all worn and dug up by the romping canines, and will help make it easier to clean and keep it looking nice all year long.

The new park will cost about $500,000 and will be funded by the Riverfront Park Community Foundation, private donations, and by contributions from sub-contractors working on other East West Partners projects in the valley. The project’s construction timeline hasn’t been finalized, but it should be complete within the next year or two.

For more information or if you’d like to make a donation, please check out the project website at http://railyarddogs.typepad.com/.