Today we’ll begin our review of the five most-nominated “worst parking lots” in Downtown Denver. After I’ve profiled all five, then will have the vote.

Some of the five have physical conditions that are just atrocious. Some have slightly better conditions but have locations that significantly disrupt the flow of Downtown’s urban form. Some have both. Needless to say, the five we’ll be looking at are just the tip of the iceburg. Almost 30 different parking lots were nominated, and virtually no one ventured into Northeast Downtown (aka Arapahoe Square), that sea of asphalt between 20th and Park Avenue that could easily dominate any “worst parking lot” competition.

Anyway, starting in no particular order, here’s our first candidate for Downtown Denver’s Worst Parking Lot: Block 039 in Lower Downtown.

Here’s a color aerial:

The property in question is owned by Blecker LLC (“Bleaker” would be more appropriate) and the parking lot is managed by Central Parking Systems. Here’s a composite of images from the site (click and expand to view at full size):

The large chunks of loose asphalt are a nice touch, don’t you think?