On April 22, Denver launches B-Cycle, an ambitious bicycle-sharing program that will provide hundreds of bikes for rent at around 30 locations in the Downtown area and another dozen or so locations elsewhere in the city, such as Cherry Creek and the University of Denver.

Seeing the B-Cycle stations installed around Downtown over the past few weeks has been exciting. Here are two that I pass on my walk to work:

B-Cycle station at 16th & Platte B-Cycle station at 16th & Little Raven

As the B-Cycle website states, about 40% of all trips Americans take are less than two miles in length… perfect for a bicycle trip! B-Cycle gives Denver citizens another viable transportation option, and is one more step in the process of transitioning our automobile-dependent society into one that relies on multiple modes of transportation that are healthier and more environmentally and economically sustainable.

Here’s a map of just the Downtown locations. You can view an interactive map of all B-Cycle station locations on the B-Cycle website.

B-Cycle station locations in Downtown Denver

The Downtown Denver Partnership and the City of Denver are committed to improving the environment in Downtown for bicycles. Adding the B-Cycle program only reinforces that need and strengthens the argument for committing more of our public rights-of-way to non-motor vehicle uses.